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Drama, Action, Adventure, Western
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John Huston
Walter Huston as Howard
Tim Holt as Curtin
Barton MacLane as McCormick (as Barton Mac Lane)
Alfonso Bedoya as Gold Hat
Arturo Soto Rangel as Presidente (as A. Soto Rangel)
Manuel Dondé as El Jefe (as Manuel Donde)
José Torvay as Pablo (as Jose Torvay)
Margarito Luna as Pancho
Storyline: Fred C. Dobbs and Bob Curtin, both down on their luck in Tampico, Mexico in 1925, meet up with a grizzled prospector named Howard and decide to join with him in search of gold in the wilds of central Mexico. Through enormous difficulties, they eventually succeed in finding gold, but bandits, the elements, and most especially greed threaten to turn their success into disaster.
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My Favorite Movie: Learn To Lose and Laugh My Friends
Spoilers Ahead:

Greed is not presented as a force beyond conquering. It is a grave error to see this as simply a movie about greed by moralists. Curtain and Howard defeat it easily, Howard more easily because of his age and nearness to death. Dodds is destroyed; he is consumed until nothing of his personality remains. We see the predilections that led to this outcome. Notice his vanity with the haircut, hardly a necessity when begging, and his chasing after the prostitute. The little scene of his cruelty to the lottery boy all seem to be quite trivial and innocuous. Sadly, they are the inclinations that grow into monstrous proportions once the piles of gold begin to accumulate. Notice, Dodds is the one who wants it split up every night, this triggers hiding one's stash, always on the lookout for discovery. Huston takes some of the real bite out of greed and its partner murder by having the bandits arrive just when they are about to shoot Cody. Again, Cody is conveniently killed in the battle, again, sparing us from seeing the murder all three of them were about to commit for their gold. The voting to kill him is a nice reminder not to enshrine democracy, the majority is often wrong. Do not fall in love with the consensus of idiots.

Dodds begins spiraling out of control whenever temptation falls on him. Howard leaves to help the natives, Dodd's complaints about the extra burros is just a subterfuge for stealing Howard's goods which also is why Dodds endorsed Howard leaving with such enthusiasm. This is not good enough; he projects his greed onto Curtain and convinces himself he has to kill him to survive. As before, with his stash, earlier predilections in Dodds are growing getting more and more dangerous. After he thinks he killed Curtain, watch the fire grow and grow as he mocks having a conscience, trying to convince himself. You do not need me to tell you what the growing fire signifies. Do not feel sorry for Dodds at the waterhole where the bandits kill him; he would have joyfully shot all of them if he had any bullets. Many people think the natives slow down or wreck the film, they are there to remind us of the poor and suffering surrounding these gold mad maniacs.

The point of the movie is not that greed is evil; it is how to handle losing things which is an existential fact of human life. First Howard then Curtain laugh at losing everything, having it blown by the Hand of God back to where it came from. When they were saying what they would do with the money, listen to the beautiful music, re-prised again when Curtain talks about picking fruit with the poor and sleeping, singing under the stars. This is the film's message: a simple, basic spartan life free of desire. It is so hard within an economy that thrives upon creating eternal desire and boundless wants. The message is not just that greed is evil; it is how much do you require to be happy? Happiness is from within where all true wealth is, its reification into material goods will only be like drinking sea water; it makes you thirstier. Lose and laugh, my friends, for the last laugh is on all of us. We too blow away in the wind, love and goodness are all we can ever take with us. They are meant to be given to all we meet. MY FAVORITE MOVIE

"He who possesses is himself possessed." Nietzsche

"All that is not given is lost." A Hindu Saying
A great tale about the darker side of human nature...
There are already a lot of reviews for this film and it's in the Top 250 list on IMDb, so I don't feel quite as much need to talk about his film in great depth--after all, it's all been pretty much said. This is an exceptional film for many reasons--most notably because it looks into the darker side of human nature--something you don't often see in films during this era.

The film begins in Mexico. Two Americans (Time Holt and Humphrey Bogart) are stranded there and haven't a peso between them. Their needs are few--they just want to get enough to buy a meal and find a place to flop. Through this first portion of the film, both men seem like decent enough sorts and the audience tends to empathize with them--even when they are involved in a vicious brawl with Barton MacLane--you feel the guy has it coming when the two give him a beating.

Later, however, their prospects change when they hit on the idea of hooking up with an old coot (Walter Huston) who seems to know a lot about gold mining. The three take off for the Mexican wilderness--and much like the story "Heart of Darkness", the good and bad within them is slowly revealed--all brought about by greed.

What I particularly liked about this film is what a great professional Humphrey Bogart was. His character was extremely flawed and later in the film he was very easy to hate. Many stars of the day probably wouldn't have accepted this less role of a less than honorable man. Nor, I think, they would have been so willing to play a guy who wasn't all that macho.

Apart from Bogart, the acting all around was very good, the script exciting and insightful and the direction just dandy. One of the best films of the era.
Bogart's Best Performance in one of the top 10 films of all time!
When I first saw this film, I just couldn't stop thinking about it and what an experience it was to watch such a magnificent film. Humphrey Bogart, one of my favorite actors plays the role he was born to play in his best performance ever, not to mention John Huston's best as well who has shown us his brilliance in directing 'The Maltese Falcon' in 1941. This is a film about greed and how it can drive you over the edge.

The story begins with Bogie as Fred C. Dobbs, an American down on his luck; asking people for money in order to eat a meal. He ends up asking the same person three times which happens to be the director John Huston. Bogie then meets Curtin (Tim Holt) when they're both offered a job but doesn't go as planned. They then meet the old man (Walter Huston) who happens to be an expert in gold digging and this gives them an idea on how to get their hands on some real dough, but nothing is as easy as it looks, especially when dealing with strangers, bandits and insanity while looking out for your share of the gold.

This movie has such brilliant performances especially from Bogart and Huston and has a script you will never forget. I think this movie is one of the greatest films I've ever seen and it is defiantly in my list of top 10 favorite films. Winning best supporting actor (Walter Huston), best director, best screenplay, and nominated for best picture which went to 'Hamlet' staring Lawrence Olivier who also won best actor that year. Why this movie didn't win best picture and why Bogart wasn't even nominated for best actor will remain a mystery to me forever.

I personally envy the experience of someone who gets to see this movie for the first time!
What can I really add about this film classic? It has a great story, a great cast, and some of the most memorable moments ever filmed in glorious black and white. The story is at heart about the nature of man, and its message is two-fold. First, that man is very capable of being consumed by greed and self-interest, as represented by the character so convincingly played by Humphrey Bogart. Second, that man is also a creature capable of honesty, wisdom, and integrity, as represented in the characters of Curtain and Howard. Many people see this film only as a condemnation of mankind but it is really a very honest depiction of the forces of good and evil within each of us and the whole issue of individual choice. Philosophy aside, don't miss this film. There are so many highlights such as the famous scene in which banditos face Bogart and his pals and Alphonse Bedoya utters the famous line about "badges, badges, we don't need no stinkin' badges." Walter Huston gives a gem of a performance as a wily prospector who has seen it all.....the effects of gold on man and the hardships caused by questing for gold. Pure movie magic!
One of the best acted movies ever....
I first saw this gem when in high school, with two other buddies. It was showing at a local college for free, so being three geeks with nothing else to do, off we went...what we saw, was a movie riddled with scenes that never ever leave you, ever!! Funny, that one of my buddies last name happened to be Curtin (like the Tim Holt character), so for weeks afterward's, whenever the other amigo and myself would run into him, we would just have to yell.."Couiten!....Couiten!!....COUITEN!!!!!" a la the unforgettable scene where Bogart is in a panic, trying to find the erstwhile Tim Holt.

Another favorite scene is when Tim Holt, who turned in a very believable, professional performance, sees the Gila monster go under a rock, which just happens to be the hiding place of Bogarts share of the gold. Holt starts to turn the rock over when Bogart sees him and thinks he is stealing his booty. While holding a gun on Holt, and calling him a liar and a thief, Bogart starts to nervously reach under the rock, and Holt says.."Go ahead Dobbs, I want to see this!...they never let go do they Howard? Even if you cut'em in half, they hang on till sundown. But it doesn't matter much to the victim, cause he's already dead...." Just a great scene! Suspense to the max!

And something about the scene where the uninvited prospector is killed by bandits, and Holt along with Huston, reads aloud, a letter from his wife they find in his wallet. To see these three, hard bitten men, who only minutes prior were planning to kill this man to protect their secret, now saddened by his death, and clearly moved by the letter, is so poignant, and unexpected, it, along with the music, can move one to tears.

I could go on, but those who have seen it know what it is I'm trying to say, and those who haven't....just see it! Walter Huston is worth the effort, to see what a real actor is. For you kids who have heard the "No stinkin badges" line, and are brave enough to watch a black and white movie, yes, this is where it came from....
One of the best Treasure Hunt films.
Dobbs, a young man is jobless and searching for a way out. He tries his best ways to earn some money. He meets a friend Bob Curtin, who is in the similar situation. They come across an old man Howard talking about the treasure (gold) on the mountain of Sierra Madre. The three team up and decides to on a treasure hunt. But, it was not as easy as find the gold, pack it up and take to the bank. They start mining. But, troubles start when their treasure piles up. Greed, jealous and distrust pile up along with their treasure.

This film was one of the most expensive films made those times. Did not perform well at the box office at the initial release. Yet, the movie is a masterpiece.

Nominated for 4 Oscars, but won 3 of them. Father and Son received the Oscars in this movie. Father was the Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Walter Huston) and son for the Best Director (John Huston). Director also makes his cameo appearance in the beginning of the movie. He is the same person that hero asks for arms three times.

A must watch for movie maniacs. Highly recommend.

The treasure that this movie is
The Treasure of Sierra Madre is a reflection on some of the most basic human values. Greed for money, trust in friends, courage and loyalty, always helping the needy are some of themes that manifest themselves on the screen during different times. The acting is brilliant in this movie. Humphrey Bogart is spot on with his portrayal of an impecunious bloke, who wants an opportunity to make it big, and his transformation from that to a mistrusting, nefarious lunatic. Tim Holt and Walter Huston complement Bogart wonderfully and act as models of rectitude and self-righteousness. The bandits and the Indians put in captivating performances. The scene at the end ,when Holt and Huston's characters laugh at the game fate put them through just to set them off to the next chapters in their life where they can feel contented, served as a fitting end to an impressive movie by John Huston.
Bogart's best
Bogart's career has been overrated from its very beginnings, promoting him into an acclaimed actor much faster than he deserved with some serious role on the silver screen. Such a role finally came with John Huston's „The treasure of Sierra Madre", a rough script about the effects of the „golden rush" on three typical American thugs. True grit as it is, the story drew the best from the actors, resulting in some memorable scenes and everlasting messages at the very end. „The treasure of Sierra Madre" is a serious movie and the most serious role of Bogart's career.
A classic morality tale masterfully directed by John Huston
Much before Sergio Leone, this to me was one of the earliest revisionist Westerns. John Huston was a maverick, and this movie was a classic. One of the early Westerns that turned the genre on it's head. Grubby looking, unsympathetic characters with shades of Grey. Nothing really redeeming about the main characters, who were basically guys driven by greed and an urge for survival in the harshest climes. The only character with some ethics seems to be the old prospector Howard( played by Walter Huston). Humphrey Bogart's Dobsie is as anti hero as it comes, a man whose greed and paranoia get the better of him. This is a classic, a fascinating character study of men, driven by greed and vanity.
Will you stake a fellow American to a meal ??
This movie is based on the novel written by the mysterious B. Traven, which chronicles the exploits of two down-and-out Americans living in Mexico that join up with a gold prospector. They all go into the mountains of Mexico looking for gold.

The movie (and book) is a critique of the capitalist system (B. Traven apparently worked during the industrial boom at the turn of the 19th century in Mexico). This movie's basic premise is the demise of humanity through greed, that even honest and well intentioned people fall victim to it.

This is a classic American movie directed and written by John Huston. This is by far one of Humphrey Bogart's best acting role. The stand out performance of the movie is Howard the prospector. The role is played to perfection by Walter Huston (John Huston's father). The prospector is wily, talkative, wise, down to earth and a naturalist. The trio is rounded up by the youthful and idealistic Bob Curtain (played by Tim Holt, whose father Jack Holt has a bit part when Howards is talking to the hobos at the flophouse).

When all is said and done, this movie is probably remembered most for the lines spoken by the bandit Gold Hat, played by Mexican actor Alfonso Bedoya.

"Badges ??

We ain't got no badges.

We don't need no badges.

I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges !!!"

-Celluloid Rehab
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