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USA, France
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator
Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor
Edward Furlong as John Connor
Robert Patrick as T-1000
Earl Boen as Dr. Peter Silberman
Joe Morton as Miles Dyson
S. Epatha Merkerson as Tarissa Dyson
Castulo Guerra as Enrique Salceda
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Janelle Voight
Xander Berkeley as Todd Voight
Ken Gibbel as Douglas
Robert Winley as Cigar-Smoking Biker
Peter Schrum as Lloyd
Jenette Goldstein as Janelle Voight
Storyline: Nearly 10 years have passed since Sarah Connor was targeted for termination by a cyborg from the future. Now her son, John, the future leader of the resistance, is the target for a newer, more deadly terminator. Once again, the resistance has managed to send a protector back to attempt to save John and his mother Sarah.
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He's back.
Probably the greatest science fiction / action film ever Terminator 2 is almost the greatest sequel ever. That goes to Camerons other opus Aliens. In fact Cameron is so good at sequels Titanic 2 would probably be something to look forward too rather then fear. Unlike another Amityville Horror film.

T2 takes place several years after the original. Sarah Connor has had her child - the young John Connor. Unfortunately she also came off as slightly nuts while raving about robots taking over the world and so she is locked up in a mental hospital. While this is happening another Terminator has been dispatched, this time to kill John himself. The T 1000 is a liquid metal Terminator capable of reforming into different shapes. Thankfully to combat our meltable foe Arnie returns, this time as the good guy to protect John and his mother.

Its hard to review Terminator 2. Its just far too good for words. The villain played by Robert Patrick is probably the most villainous of all villains, the action is probably the most action packed of all action sequences. Plus it will also make you cry at the end. An action film. Seriously. OK just me then. Still a kind of bizarre situation where you find yourself close to shedding tears for a toaster with legs. But Terminator 2 manages it. In fact you feel Terminator 2 could do anything and get away with it. A bit like a woman in that respect.

I don't know how Cameron created my two favourite films of all time. I'm sure God had something to do with it. Id like to thank him but I'm far too bust watching this film to pray.
The movie of my childhood!
The movie of my childhood! What else to add? .. It turns out that there is. I can not say that he was, so to say, "grown" in this movie. Net. But I remember perfectly, as requested by his or her parents to allow me to see him. As they agreed, but only on condition that I have a good night's rest day because the film was shown late at night. Remember, as I discuss every minute detail of this film. What's surprising is the same, and I can say about the second part of the film. Therefore, do not be surprised to find exactly the same comment. Well, what else to add? That this film was good and challenging? So it is and so everybody knows. What he is the originator of "downsizing brains" whole generation. It is already known to me. To that ... that ... that ... it is endless. But it's best to describe the movie will be like: a Movie, with a capital letter. This film aware of the existence of which should be educated to all people of our planet. More nothing to add.
The reason why I live and breathe...
What can I say about "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" that hasn't been better said already? All I can say is that when I first saw the movie (at only 9 years of age) it had an effect on me. It blew me away! It opened up my eyes, and even at the tender age of 9, made me realize what I wanted to do with my life: I wanted to make movies, and I wanted to make movies like "T2".

As I'm watching the film, I glance over at another patron and this woman, her eyes wide, was gripping the arms of her chair so tightly I thought they were going to break. When I saw that reaction, that mind-numbing, adrenaline rush of pure excitement, knowing that that movie had them completely, that is when I knew I wanted to make movies and give people that same reaction.

And now, over 10 years later, "T2" is still my favorite film of all time and I watch it religiously. I have written several scripts and treatments all because of "T2" and I have tried to match that exquisite balance of wonderful story/interesting characters/jaw-dropping effects/non-stop action.

"T2" was the sole-guiding factor in my life - because of it, I KNEW I wanted to make movies in any way, shape or form.

If you'll excuse me, I seem to be running out of air. Gotta watch "T2" a little bit more...
The more Perfect film
It's worth gushing about. The fact that Ahhnold is now the Governor of my California state simply adds facets to its viewing. It makes him look good, rather than the other way around. It adds laughs. T2 is, as you know, a great great film. Fans of this film have testosterone, smiles and admiration every time we talk about this film. When we think about this film - the "time out!!", the T1000's brilliant, silvery, relentless fearless tactics, Sarah's ice-blooded cause("Men like you..."), and that damn tow truck, that damn Liquid gas transport... ("Hasta la...) we have seen a film that has no scenes anywhere that suck. None. How many films can you say that about??

If you think the perfect film is one you can bring your girl to, you don't enjoy movies enough.
Probably the best Action movie ever made.
This is probably the best Action film of all time. It has all the ingredients for being considered the best of the best.

First of all, back in 1991, this was the "ultimate" movie with spectacular f/x and action sequences. Nowadays, the movie does not look dated and still manages to shock me with it's surreal nightmarish post-apocalytic settings and monstruous robot action.

The f/x are great, great but that's not the best thing about the movie; "Terminator 2" spends a lot of effort on the fantastic plot and character development. There's no need of extreme use of f/x because the characters have interesting backgrounds and you really get into them. The plot is simply great. It's a futuristic tale involving the end of the world at the hands of technology and at the same time, a war between humans and machines.

The action is non-stop and lets you wanting for more. I couldn't have enough of Arnold and co., spectacular guns, amazing explosions, and memorable chasing sequences on the freeway, motorcycle, etc. This movie ranks high on the fun factor and entertaining factors.

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers a kickass performance. Every time he says "Hasta la Vista Baby!", "No Problema", and the other trademark lines my skin crawls. It's part of pop culture and fits perfect for the movie's feeling. Linda Hamilton who is sexy as hell delivers a brave and solid performance. Special mention for Edward Furlong who delivers a great performance. But Robert Patrick steals the show as the villain. He was impressive.

James Cameron created one of the best movies of all time and brings us the best possible action ever seen on movies. Also, there's room for glorious gore and non stop violence.

Not else much to say but, I truly recommend it for everyone. It's one of those movies that will change your point of view towards cinema.
Terminator 2 One Of The Best Sci-Fi Movies Ever Made
Terminator 2 Judgment Day is a big improvement over the original. Writer/Director James Cameron returns along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton from the first one. The story picks up many years after the original that finds Sarah Connor (played with vulnerability and intensity by Linda Hamilton) in a mental institution and her now punk teen son John (played to a tee by Edward Furlong) who's living with foster parents. John's world comes crashing down however with the arrival of a terminator (played once again by Arnold Schwarzenegger who does a great job in the role) whose been sent from the future to protect the young soon to be leader of the resistance from a deadly time traveling cyborg known as the T-1000 (played to perfection by Robert Patrick) an advanced prototype which makes it that much more dangerous. Soon The Terminator is in a race against time to protect Sarah and John from a formidable foe it may not be able to defeat. The whole cast are exceptional in their roles especially Schwarzenegger who does a fantastic job as the Terminator, Linda Hamilton still proves to be a perfect Sarah Connor, and Robert Patrick makes for an effective villain. He may not have much dialogue but Patrick makes the best of his villain role in the movie. Well done. Director James Cameron continues the story from the original and gives us a worthy sequel that is much better than the first one. From the intense action which is pretty much non stop, to the acting, to the characters, the story, the suspense, thrills, and some small does of humor this sequel makes for an enjoyable movie to watch. The special effects are amazing especially considering they didn't have the technology we do today. Despite some flaws when dealing with the time-traveling plot and some over acting at times the good more than outweighs the bad. Overall Terminator 2 is one of the best sci-fi movies ever made with plenty of action, chases, explosions, fist fights, amazing special effects, solid performances, a compelling story, and some humor that sure to please any fan of the series or genre. Go see it. Terminator 2 does not disappoint.
Movie that everyone should see!
Greetings from Lithuania.

WOW! The best word that describes this movie is "wow"! Not only to say that this is the best Action movie of all time, this is probably one of the greatest movies ever made . The people in my country watched this film when there where limited VHS cassettes at all. And again, my favorite Director did an timeless epic-masterpiece. Yes, an epic. Every scene in this movie is beyond the perfection. The timeless plot. Groundbreaking effects. Unforgettable "Hasta la vista, baby." .

Perfect direction for a sci-fix action film. When the action starts, you're in for the ride of your life. There never be the same movie like T2. What else I can say about this film? A Must see for everyone.
Astonishing And Mesmerizing
Without a doubt, "Terminator 2" is one of the best movies ever made and perhaps the very best action film bar none.

The concept is absolutely superb and the execution could not have been better. It is indeed a sequel, but it can be watched without seeing the original because it really plays out as a stand alone movie.

The Terminator is a great character and the way that John interacts with it is really beautiful. The cast is all wonderful and could not have done a better job with their roles. Linda Hamlton is great as a tough, strong woman, Arnold is great as the machine that has a hard time understanding humans, Edward Furlong is great as the wide-eyed teen who is fighting for his life, and Robert Patrick is great as an emotionless killing machine. Everything is just so right.

Another thing that I must mention is the special effects. They were absolutely astonishing for the time. We had never seen anything quite like it in a movie before. Even today the effects are great.

Individual scenes are all so memorable with this movie. From the motorcycle chase, to the hospital escape, to the liquid metal scenes, to the introduction of the Terminator, to the final battle and destruction of the terminators, everything is so perfect and memorable.

The end is so great as well. I'm pretty sure I shed a tear when I first saw it and when the credits began to roll with the road in the background after Linda Hamlton's monologue, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It is that moving.

If you have not seen this, everything else should be put on hold and this should be priority number one.
One of the all time greatest sci-fi movies
Even after fifteen years since the film came out, the special effects, and intensity still roar and excite to this day.

Arnold Swartzenagger leads the cast in a brilliant tale of futuristic cyborgs, and robots sent from the future to terminate in the past.

If you've seen the first film, then you'll be able to follow the sequel much better, but to be honest, you don't really need to see either the first or third to follow this one. And, quite frankly this is the best of the three. I'm not really much for science fiction, but this is one of the few that I really do enjoy. Robert Patrick gives a chilling performance as the 'bad' robot sent to destroy John Connor (Edward Furlong), and terminate T-1000 (Swarzenagger), who is ironically there to protect the son of the woman he was sent to kill in the last film.

The whole film is almost non-stop intense, and there are times when you're heart will jump out of your chest, because it gets so nerve racking.

Edward Furlong, in his debut role, gives an amazing performance as the son of Sarah Connor, and the leader of the future.

I would give it a 10, however, there are times when the movie tends to slow down, for long periods of time and can get a bit boring. However, the rest of the time it's nothing but thrills and nerves at your doorstep, for an entertaining ride in the future, past and present. A great sci-fi film, that will never let you down.
Great, but not the best
This is many Terminator fans' favorite installment, but I don't believe it topped the original. Maybe I just liked seeing Arnold as the bad guy for a change in that movie, but it just seemed funner.

T2 soars on many levels. Special effects to knock your socks off, but sometimes less is more. Arnie in the original I thought was more menacing than the T-1000. It could be Arnold's mere appearance to however.

The chase scenes in this movie are awesome, as is the exciting climax.

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