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USA, Germany
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
J.J. Abrams
Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, retired
Zachary Quinto as Captain Spock
Leonard Nimoy as Captain Spock
Eric Bana as Nero
Bruce Greenwood as Capt. Christopher Pike
Karl Urban as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Zoe Saldana as Captain Nyota Uhura
Simon Pegg as Capt. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
John Cho as Captain Hikaru Sulu
Anton Yelchin as Commander Pavel Chekov
Ben Cross as Ambassador Sarek
Winona Ryder as Amanda
Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk
Jennifer Morrison as Winona Kirk
Storyline: On the day of James Kirk's birth, his father dies on his ship in a last stand against a mysterious alien time-traveling vessel looking for Ambassador Spock, who, in this time, is also a child on Vulcan disdained by his neighbors for his half-human heritage. Twenty-five years later, Kirk has grown into a young troublemaker. Challenged by Captain Christopher Pike to realize his potential in Starfleet, he comes to annoy instructors like young Commander Spock. Suddenly, there is an emergency at Vulcan and the newly commissioned USS Enterprise is crewed with promising cadets like Nyota Uhura, Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov and even Kirk himself, thanks to Leonard McCoy's medical trickery. Together, this crew will have an adventure in the final frontier where the old legend is altered forever as a new version of it begins.
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Bad movie yes. But not because of what everyone else say.
Maybe I'm wrong. I just type what I think. Here it is:

One conversation between Picard and data or Kirk and Spock is more insightful and thought provoking than all American movies produced for the last eight years. Since 9/11 directors are not allowed to make smart movies any more. Actually they only make propaganda films like in world war 2. But the problem is that those films are smart and thought provoking and inspire people even today.

Some powerful people are making the job of their enemies for them. Making the American people dumper. How can anyone believe that Kirk's actions would earn him something other than a kick out of the academy in any reality that such a benevolent institution exist? How can someone abandon a crew mate on a frozen monster infested planet. How can someone linger next to a black hole and fire all weapons on a dying ship endangering his own ship? Because it looks cool? It that what they want to teach? If American boys go to war with mentality like that will they accomplice anything? They'll just going to get killed. Actually all the characters are petty and cruel and act stupidly. Even the last security guard. Is J.J. Abrams that dump? No. he is told to make it that way.

You think that J.J. does not know that the Romulans can warn their people in the past or does not know all the other unbelievable plot holes? He made the movie. And to be fair all of Star Trek had huge plot holes most of all TOS. The plot was always the means to make a philosophical or technological point. Witch here is obviously non existent.

Just like The Vulcan councilman insults his best student (Spock) in front of everybody with no reason and loses him that is how they insult the audience with no reason and loose them.

The point is propaganda films don't need to be stupid and sure as heck don't need to be stupid when they are based on Star Trek. How can you help people protect them selves from terrorist or any treats? By making them dumper and scared or smart and informed?

This is not Star Trek don't compare it with Star Trek. Its nothing. Only Gene Roddenberry can make star trek and he is dead. what he made he made and that is Star Trek.

But there is a good think to come out of it. Peoples attention will be drawn to the Real Star Trek and maybe they'll learn something.

And if you materialize in a sealed tube filed with water you will die. It is worse than materializing in a wall.
Star Trek for Generation Y
Here's the sitch, I'm 40 years old. I grew up with the Shatner and Nimoy universe of Star Trek and loved most of the movie outings they did. I was also a fan of Next Gen and Deep Space Nine, although Voyager and Enterprise, not so much. So I have to say, I wasn't really sold on this version. Being honest, if I hadn't known any previous versions of Star Trek and came at it with fresh eyes, I probably would have loved it. But age and previous knowledge (and love) of Star Trek Lore has probably tainted my view and overall enjoyment of this movie.

I have to say, yes to the action sequences but no to the young 90210 crew and Melrose Place situations. When they said that this was a "reboot", I didn't realize they meant it so literally and I guess that in some way exonerates this version and how the events unfold in the movie. In retrospect, probably the only way they could have gone. I did find the story to be weak and the attention to detail in regards to "real world" science (which the original universe was noted for), very lacking. I'm not sure how realistic it is to promote a cadet to first officer over other already serving commissioned officers. Having Checkov and Scotty as comical characters also didn't work for me but the Kirk/Spock/McCoy characters were pretty good.

For the sheer grandioseness of the action and effects, it may be worth going to see this movie. Some of the sets didn't work for me though, especially engineering, which looked like it was shot on the inside of a massive steel mill or pipe works.

I'm not going to say "if you were a fan of the original, you will be disappointed", because I am sure there are some die-hard Trekkers out there that probably loved this version. So I don't want to stop anyone out there from going to see it. My personal opinion, I was disappointed in this "reboot". My advice to Trekkers is to go in with an open mind. Any previous knowledge of Star Trek Lore needs to be forgotten (which I had trouble doing), to truly enjoy this movie.

This is definitely a Star Trek for the next generation and a parallel universe that I probably won't be participating in again.
Blasphemous erasure of all Trek history. --SPOILERS--
On SNL last week I saw the two actors playing young Spock and Kirk declare that they tried very hard "to stay true to Star Trek canon." This is a gigantic lie.

This film completely rewrites 42 years of Trek history. Everything is different, and they used the cheapest of all plot devices (time travel) to do it. As with all time travel plots, the paradoxes and logical inconsistencies batter you about the head until you just give up thinking. TIME TRAVEL IS SCIENCE FICTION FOR MORONS.

I won't bother to list all the specifics - you can read them here in other reviews, and they are legion. Vulcan is destroyed. There are two Spocks, the younger of which is having an affair with Uhura. Spock's mother and Kirk's father (and billions of other current and future people) are now dead or will never exist. The Federation (somehow) knows about Romulans and Cardassians already. It goes on and on.

Oh, and despite the Burger King commercials, there are no Klingons in the film. Klingons are mentioned a couple of times as a minor plot device.

The short version is this: if you liked Trek before this film, you will not like this film. This film brazenly "reboots" everything you ever knew. None of it ever happened.

I'm ashamed of Leonard Nimoy for selling out for this piece of garbage. Kudos to everyone else from the *REAL* Trek who stayed far away. In my opinion, this film will be rejected by fans as never having happened. This "alternate timeline" will never be true Trek to me, just like Greedo still doesn't shoot first. Retcon it all you want - I will ignore it.
The Lucas Syndrome invades Star Trek
Star Trek is not about the past but rather about the future. This new movie is not the Star Trek that we know and have loved for more than 40 years, is in fact a poor excuse to gain market and to reboot (erase) the series completely. The end result: what will happen with all the Star Trek after TOS? Is already known that this movie connects the Star Trek Countdown comics in order to create an alternative reality since Nero and Spock travel through time but not to our Star Trek time-line, but another alternative reality (SPOILER). Nero's effect on that time-line by killing Kirk's father does affect the alternative reality in this new Star Trek. In addition Spock's interference changes completely the time-line for this parallel (in such way) universe. So, what we are seeing is not our Star Trek but rather a new version of it. Not the best solution since there was a lot of great ideas after Nemesis. This is by far the Lucas Syndrome, "if you are out of ideas, then create a prequel."

(SPOILER) Romulus, Remus and a large part of the Romulan Empire get destroyed in the very late 24th century (see Star Trek Online and Star Trek Countdown) and the result is Nero and Spock arriving at this universe. The time-line here is completely different from our Star Trek, so what we know is no longer canon, since this is like a goodbye to our beloved Star Trek. In its place, what we get? Huge explosions, short skirts, sex, and a movie lacking of morality. Star Trek is not about that, is about a message, is about going forward and explore strange new worlds.

I'm afraid that this movie will eventually erase what we know about Star Trek and the effort of all the productions, writers, casts and all the people related to previous Trek series. I hope fans will realize that shiny explosions and short skirts is not everything... BRING OUR STAR TREK BACK!!! BRING TNG, DS9 and VOY BACK!!!

"Resistance is Futile."
A Huge Let Down for Trekkies - If only...........
First let me say that I have been a lifelong Star Trek fan.That being said I was very disappointed with this movie. I had high expectations with JJ Abrams on board. I fully expected this movie to be true to the Star Trek universe instead of the Action/Sci-Fi movie concept. Star Trek has always been first and foremost a show about relationships and moral/social issues. Action is great but only when it is secondary to the characters we love so much and the story line. I know that I was expecting the movie to not only show how the main character met but how those relationships developed. Basically what we got was a quick introduction to the characters and an action movie with a confusing story line that left many unresolved issues that was not in line with the original series events. While Star Trek has always made use of the time travel concept it appeared it was only used in this movie as a way to work Leonard Nimoy into the movie. The "Nero" story was so weak and the movie was not really at all about the development of the characters we have all loved for so many years. As for the "Nero" story, just killing Nero would not have reversed the time line. We know in the original series that Amanda Grayson (Spock's mom) is alive and that the planet Vulcan was never destroyed completely with only a few Vulcans left to colonize another planet. In the original series, the reference was that Vulcans were a waring people who almost destroyed themselves before they gained control of their emotions. I am still trying to figure this confusing story line out. I suppose that some will say the movie was a success because it was action packed, exciting and appealed to a non-trekkie younger audience. However, I personally feel it was a failure. I admit that the casting was good. However, good casting cannot overcome a bad storyline. My advice, If you are a true Trekkie, wait for the DVD. If you just like action/sci-fi then you will love it. But there was nothing special about this movie. It left me very hollow and thinking about "what might have been" had they made a movie with the characters being central instead of the action/fight scenes. I believe this movie was written and marketed to be new, hip and appeal to teenagers. It is definitely not faithful to the Star Trek genre.
Why does everyone like this movie?
I'm not gonna go on here, there's no point. I just want to point out that everyone is so enamored with this ridiculous movie. OK the acting is great, no doubt. But the childish simplicity of the, they're over looking the obvious, which is that the story is insultingly dumb. And why has no one sunk their teeth in to the fact that this whole movie basically nullifies the whole original series.

That's right it's Dallas all over again! TOS, TNG, DS9 all just some crazy dream in another dimension. I'm no trekkie, but surely that can't sit well on the stomachs of the older fans. Wait do we even care about them?

Oh dear, they decided not to bother with an intelligent look into the building relationships of the characters. No, will just skip over that, and go straight into some more time traveling nonsense so we can put Lenard Nimoy in the film. And then to give the 'past' characters technology not even conceived in the 'future' shows... come on, how can anyone defend this film?

That being said, go and watch it for the brilliance of Simon Pegg and Karl Urban!
Boldly Goes Where Everyone's Been Before.
I love Star Trek. And I hated this remake.

I fault the script by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. These guys do TV. They do action, not character development. Not original ideas.

It's certainly not the cast's fault. Casting was superb. It's the only reason I can find as to why this film is rated 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Not only was Zachary Quinto's Spock a standout, but every time Karl Urban did Bones, I was engaged at warp speed.

Though Chris Pine's Kirk was disappointing. Why make him speak like a big city bad-boy? He's supposedly a farm kid longing for a dad. And where were the Shatnerisms? I only caught one moment where Pine was allowed to unleash his brilliant reinvention of original Kirk, and it left me swooning — just as Kirk is bloody well supposed to.

But I don't blame Pine, I blame the lousy dialogue. And worse, the fact Kirk's character undergoes no transformation. He never faces any consequences for his behavior, other than a few punches. This gets dull fast, and by the time he's being promoted to highest command of the ship (thanks to his one good idea amidst all the mistakes), this lack of evolution has become tedious.

Spock's journey is slightly more interesting, as he turns moody and unprincipled. Though I don't believe this overblown everybody's-gotta-die version of their history laid the foundation for the adult he would later become.

What if this tragedy had actually caused him to make a choice? To veer towards human, and to use his extensive knowledge (wonderfully set up by the learning pods on Vulcan) to become a great Captain? Now that would have shaken things up. Kirk could have become his First Officer, and the writers of all the sequels could have leveraged that role reversal to no end, truly bringing us something new.

But, back to what existed in this (alternate) reality.

Though not very well executed, the idea of starting Kirk and Spock as enemies was brilliant. But how disappointing that the story doesn't make them work for their friendship. Instead, we have a Spock of Christmas Future who can just mind-meld Kirk into brotherly love.

And what if Kirk had chosen not to follow his potential future? What if he refused to take on that inevitable destiny? That would have brought such tension to the rest of the film, because our desire to have him become Captain, and to have them become beloved companions again, would be in real jeopardy.

It also would play truer to Kirk's character at that age. He's the rebel who does the opposite of what he's told. He'd never follow a prescribed future.

That's where the alternate reality plot line could have done more than save the day, as it did here, but make this film shine.

This script is a sorry mash up of other people's good ideas. Right down to Khan II: the wrath of Nero (a waste of Eric Bana's talents), and the red matter/molecular death star, and the mind control slug/bug, now available in easy-to-insert esophagus size.

Well, at least the overacting third crew member sent with Kirk and Sulu to deactivate the interstellar drill… (drill? for Christ's sake boys, don't space cruisers have powerful lasers for that sort of thing?) …is wearing a red space suit.

And what about all those silly slapstick moments busting up the dramatic tension? Like Scotty getting beamed into the water system? The annoyingly Ewok-like lizard creature in the ice planet's space lab? Spock's homicidal shipwrecking of Kirk, instead of putting him in the brig? And in what universe does Starfleet allow bridge crew a little pre-mission make out time out on the transporter pad? I don't even want to talk about the Spock-Uhura affair.

Though in my alternate reality, where Spock chooses his human side, I'd buy it. But it would have to be far more elegant than this.

What we have here nonsense like that deus ex machina moment where Spock Sr. happens to be on the ice planet (Hoth?) at the exact time and place to rescue Kirk Jr. from certain demise by snow-gecko.

And a sequence that beams Kirk and Scotty onto a warp-speed Enterprise. (Isn't science fiction supposed to include science-based innovations, instead of plot-driven drivel?) How about the climax of Kirk insulting Spock's beloved — and recently killed — mother to win command? It's ripped straight from an old episode, but in a way that makes Kirk a repulsive person.

Whatever happened to making characters work to get what they want? To watching them struggle and grow by finding innovative solutions to problems? To using action sequences to discover their humanity and nobility? Oh wait, for a second I think I slipped into a parallel universe where J. Michael Straczynski or Neil Gaiman had written this.

Now that's a Trekiverse I want to go to.
Beam me out (of this movie theater where the new Star Trek movie is playing), Scotty!
For all those who are under 18 and this is their first exposure to the Star Trek saga, I urge you to see the greatest Star Trek movie of them all: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. "Khan" is the standard on which all Star Trek movies and episodes must be measured against. The writers of the new 'Star Trek' movie claim that their inspiration was the 'Wrath of Khan' and would like to think that their new 'update' is equal to the earlier masterpiece. Unfortunately I must report that the new 'Star Trek' is nowhere close to Star Trek II. Quite the contrary, it is a pathetic mess of a screenplay and until you see 'The Wrath of Khan', you cannot understand what I'm talking about.

The new 'Star Trek' attempts to re-imagine the characters from the original TV series when they were young, just beginning their careers. The casting director did well to choose actors who bore a resemblance to the original cast. The writers claim in interviews that they aimed to fill in the back story of the characters by detailing their past histories before, during and right after their initiation at Starfleet Academy as Federation officers. But in actuality, they do the opposite. Take Dr. McCoy, the idiosyncratic chief medical officer—the actor who plays him looks a lot like a young DeForrest Kelley (the original 'Bones') but the comparison ends there. Bones is hardly integrated into the story at all. He doesn't have the humor of the original character nor is there enough of the idiosyncratic charm. In the new 'Star Trek', the character is reduced to a buffoon, chasing Kirk around the ship, trying to inject him with a hypodermic. This is the only time we get to know anything about him.

Now take Uhura. In the original, she was the cool, consummate professional, always guiding the Enterprise through tough waters by way of her technical expertise. Here she is the opposite: unprofessional and overemotional. I was embarrassed when she tries to kiss Spock numerous times in the turbolift after the planet Vulcan was destroyed. Here Spock is trying to cope with the annihilation of six million of his people and all Uhura wants to do is make out! You call that class??? And what about Chekov? All they have the character do is mimic the Russian accent of the original character. How did they make him different or improve on the original? Even worse is Sulu. All he gets to do is parachute down to what looks like the platform of an oil rig where he aids Kirk in a ridiculous fight against some bad guys. I thought Scotty had the most potential of the supporting players. At least he projected the good nature of the original character but it was kind of disappointing when he must rely on Leonard Nimoy (the old Spock) to give him the new warp speed formula.

The new James T. Kirk looks like a young William Shatner but he too lacks the charm of the original. More could have done with Kirk's early days on Earth especially in showing how the future might look. I liked the cop on the flying motorcycle but a peek at a future 'watering hole' seemed quite derivative (check out the first Star Wars where Harrison Ford struts through the intergalactic bar). Depicting Kirk as a rebellious hothead seems part of the original Star Trek lore, but the humor is missing.

The new Spock doesn't at all measure up to the old Spock. The early scene where a very young Spock confronts a group of Vulcan 'bullies' was cute but after that it was all downhill. The problem is that the Kirk-Spock relationship is too heavy-handed. It's one thing to show conflict between the two but when they come to blows, it just seemed so un-Spocklike. Contrast that with Spock's decision to disobey Kirk's command at the end of the "Wrath of Khan". Kirk and Spock are noble characters and somehow the conflict between them seems juvenile and trivial. Or maybe it was a matter of the plot where the stakes weren't high enough. The writers simply did not give the characters an opportunity to display the complexity of the relationship.

Perhaps the worst part of the new Star Trek is the depiction of the villain, the disaffected Nero. I seem to recall that by Star Trek: Next Generation, the Romulans had become a group of worthy adversaries to the denizens of the Federation. But here, the last Romulan, Nero, is a bald guy with tattoos plastered all over his head. All he can do is snarl throughout the movie. Contrast that with Ricardo Montalban's performance as Khan. Again, no comparison! Plotwise, the new Star Trek wasn't clever at all. Beginning with the unnecessary flashback to the tale of Kirk's father's heroism, we're treated to one tired battle scene after another. What's worse is that the film's writers have created a new alternative Star Trek universe. Can you imagine the entire planet of Vulcan being destroyed in any of the earlier movies or episodes? It would never happen. Hey Vulcan is supposed to be populated with some of the smartest guys in the universe and they let themselves be annihilated by a Romulan who looks like a skinhead using a drilling machine that creates black holes!

It was nice seeing Leonard Nimoy reprising the role of the original Spock but I was sad to see just how much the actor has aged. Contrary to all the hype, the new Star Trek lacks the charm, humor and complexity of the some of the earlier incarnations. Go back and check out Wrath of Khan and some of the best of the Star Trek episodes from television. If they decide to make a second 'new' Star Trek, hopefully the studio will hire a group of better writers.
Star Kack
Oh dear. I really wanted to like this movie. I am not a "trekkie", I don't speak Klingon or go to conventions, I am not a virgin and I don't blink profusely in day light. However I love science fiction and I have always enjoyed a bit of Star Trek. What makes Trek different from Star Wars is it is about exploration, about brave new technologies, about encountering strange weird space phenomena and somehow overcoming. Most of the time Star Trek had its own inner logic and they used scientists to help keep it consistent. Not so JJ Abrams. The writers of this nano plot know about as much science as JK Rowling. In fact the plot has more in common with Harry Potter than Star Trek. I do believe in magic. Lets list the sorcery and general dumbness.

*opening scene Kirk's dad had to manually fly the whole enterprise by himself as auto pilot was off-line So while manoeuvring a 20000 ton ship he manages to man all off the phaser batteries to stave off Romulan torpedoes all while chatting away on the phone to his expectant wife. *The Romulan ship is a mining ship - why is it loaded to the hilt with military grade torpedoes? * The Romulan ship is from the future. It came back some 129 years from the future through a black hole. Most scientists don't believe a black hole works that way, it simply crushes matter out of existence at its infinitely dense core. However these are magic black holes which work as time travel plot devices some times and destructive forces at others - when say you need to implode Vulcan or destroy the Romulan ship at the end. *Red matter - plot device. One drop can create a singularity (black hole). Just to be on the safe side lets have Spock carry half a ton of it in his tiny ship - which by the way is a rubbish design. *When does a supernova threaten the whole galaxy. *Why wouldn't the Romulans just flee from the star before it goes supernova in case Spock doesn't get there in time. *Why is Nero so hacked off that Spock failed in his attempt to save his home planet (while risking his own neck at the same time) *Having gone back in time why doesn't Nero warn the Romulans about the supernova. *Why do you need to drill into a planets core in order to destroy it with a black hole? *Why does drilling block all transporter and sub space communication signals? *Why not just shoot the drill out like Spock did at the end of the movie? *If there are 800 or more people on a starship why send just 2 guys in the away team to take out the mining ship? * What was Vulcan doing while it was being drilled. Sitting around with their thumbs up their butt. - not logical. *How does Kirk get promoted to Captain jumping several ranks straight out of the academy. Harry Potter becomes headmaster in his final year at school. *If you can beam trans warp across such great distances of space why do you need space ships at all. * The Romulan ship is about to be destroyed this time by the black hole - why do you need to shoot it up as well that's a bit harsh. *How does Kirk out run the hairy ice monster and when the red ice monster jumps in and kills hairy why does it decide that the comparatively small Kirk would make a better meal? * Vulcans under threat but all our Star fleet is on the other side of the galaxy in some war we've only got cadets. What all of them? YES! What if there was a surprise attack on earth - oh then we're screwed.

other comments about the film Kirk - not bad; Uhuru or should I say a-whore-o; Spock unconvincing; Spock Prime looks old man; Bones very good liked him; Scotty slightly better Scottish accent that Doohan; Checkov - amusing; Sulu uninspiring and pointless; Nero not very Romulan -like; special effects pretty good; sets not great - engineering rubbish; sound effects - like the jump to warp (bit star wars though); music - can't even remember the score; emotion -the star fleets been wiped out all are academy friends are dead SO WHAT! or Vulcan just got destroyed 6 billion of them are dead WHATEVER - hey Spock fancy a some kissin' and lovin' even though you are an emotionless SOB.

A blond bimbo of a film - pretty but vacuous.
Trek fans avoid at all costs!
First of all let me start out by saying I am a Trek fan. I love the original series. Not the kind of fan that knows everything that happened to everybody in every episode on every stardate type of fan, but a fan nonetheless. The last few movies were dull and I never even bothered to watch The Enterprise TV series. When I heard a new movie was in the works I was very happy. Once I heard JJ Abrams was directing my heart sank (still can't forgive him for what he turned Lost into).

First of all the plot is so full of holes the whole starfleet could fly through. Why is it that a cadet crew (some not even cadets yet) are the only ones who can save a planet or two? The movie relies too much on visual effects and too little on plot. The effects got boring after awhile. The time travel thing has been done and done so many times it's obvious the writers can't come up with new ideas. Even if we are to accept this is some alternate universe/timeline, it still doesn't explain how Chekhov aged so closely to Kirk. In the original series he was only 22 and Kirk in his 30's. In the original series no one knew what Romulans looked like or that they were similar to Vulcans, yet it's common knowledge in the film. None of the movie makes sense. You have to have a lack of imagination to truly enjoy this film. Leonard Nimoy doesn't even seem like his old character.

I saw this with both trek and non trek fans and everyone agreed it dragged on too long, was boring & they couldn't wait for it to be over. Star Trek needs to take another long rest and any future movies must not involve JJ Abrams. This is not Star Trek reimagined, it is Star Trek rewritten.
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