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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Romance
IMDB rating:
Danny Boyle, Loveleen Tandan
Dev Patel as Youngest Jamal
Saurabh Shukla as Sergeant Srinivas
Anil Kapoor as Prem
Jeneva Talwar as Vision Mixer
Freida Pinto as Latika
Irrfan Khan as Police Inspector
Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail as Youngest Salim
Ayush Mahesh Khedekar as Youngest Jamal
Jira Banjara as Airport Security Guard
Sheikh Wali as Airport Security Guard
Sanchita Choudhary as Jamal's Mother
Himanshu Tyagi as Mr Nanda
Storyline: The story of Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to experience the biggest day of his life. With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India's (2000) (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?) But when the show breaks for the night, police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street kid know so much? Desperate to prove his innocence, Jamal tells the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew up, of their adventures together on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangs, and of Latika, the girl he loved and lost. Each chapter of his story reveals the key to the answer to one of the game show's questions. Each chapter of Jamal's increasingly layered story reveals where he learned the answers to the show's seemingly impossible quizzes. But one question remains a mystery: what is this young man with no apparent desire for riches really ...
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This movie is a necessary fake!!
Other than the two little ones who play Jamaal and Salim at their infancy, everything else in this movie is so fake!! Everybody speaks English!! American tourists who just had their merc stripped off give out another 100 bucks(are they stupid?)!! On one hand the movie is set in the dirtiest and most vicious of places in mumbai, on the other hand it has the noblest of all concepts, the Hollywood version of romance!! Other than the two toddlers, the rest of the actors playing the two brothers at different stages in their lives have "Non Resident Indian" stamped over their faces!! Young wannabe criminals don't look like Salim does, neither do they carry colts?!! In beggar camp Latika, while crushing red chillies, wears rubber gloves?!? Well she wasn't exactly doin the dishes in her kitchen was she??

The movie says that the makers took the worst of India in one hand and Hollywood in another and decided to bridge the gap!! But the gap is just too big for one person or a whole generation of people to bridge!!

I did like the youngest of the actors though, the movie remained palatable till they were around!!

I also hope this movie does something to draw the attention of the world to how people in some parts of the world live in abject poverty, don't know what, if at all anything, that will result in though.
What I'm feeling for this film isn't love, it's pure admiration
Slumdog Millionaire, the best film of 2008 by far, I saw this back in December after hearing a little bit about it on the net. I was so excited to see that it was playing at my local theater and I didn't hesitate to see it when it was released. There are a lot of people who are just asking why this film is so popular or loved, the reason why in my opinion is that it's just a happy film. We usually have a best picture winner that is depressing, but instead Slumdog Millionaire just lifts your spirits and makes you cry in joy. I couldn't believe how much I loved this film, after reading a summary on what it was about, I was just confused and wondering if this film was really going to be good. But we have these unknown young actors: Dev Peitel, Freida Pinto and Madhur Mittal who pull in heart wrenching performances and you can't help but love their characters and just keep rooting for them. All in all, this film is a love story. Most film lovers fear those words after Titanic because everyone thought it to be a predictable puppy love story, this love story however is made in strength and faith and you can't help but keep wanting Jamal and Latika to be together. Even though I saw the film a while back, I still remember it like I saw it yesterday.

A title card is presented: "Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 million rupees. How did he do it? A) He cheated, B) He's lucky, C) He's a genius, D) It is written." Jamal is a contestant on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? hosted by Prem Kumar in which he was on the show and won 20,000,000 rupees (about US$500,000). Jamal then explains that, while at least the question about Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan was very simple, he knew the answers of most questions by chance, because of things that happened in his life. This is conveyed in a series of flashbacks documenting the details of his childhood. This includes scenes of him obtaining Bachchan's autograph, the death of his mother during the Hindu anti-Muslim violence, rekindling the memory of the 1993 anti-Muslim attacks in Mumbai by Hindu nationalists in the slums, and how he and his brother Salim befriend Latika. The children are eventually discovered by Maman while they live in the trash heaps. Maman is a gangster who "collects" street children so that he can ultimately train them to beg for money. Salim is groomed to become a part of Maman's operation and is asked to bring Jamal to Maman in order to be blinded. Salim protects his brother, and the three children try to escape; but only Salim and Jamal are able to do so. Latika is re-captured by Maman's organization and raised as a culturally talented prostitute whose virginity will fetch a high price. The brothers eke out a living, traveling on top of trains, selling goods, pretending to be tour guides at the Taj Mahal, and picking pockets. Jamal eventually insists that they return to Mumbai since he wishes to locate Latika. When he finds her working as a dancer in a brothel, the brothers attempt to rescue her, but Maman intrudes, and in the resulting conflict Salim draws a gun and kills Maman. Salim then uses the fact that he killed Maman to obtain a job with Javed a rival crime lord. Salim claims Latika as his own and when Jamal protests, Salim threatens to kill him and Latika intervenes, accepting her fate with Salim.

Years later, Jamal has a position at a call center. When he is asked to cover for a co-worker for a couple of minutes, he searches the database for Salim and Latika. He gets in touch with Salim, who has become a high-ranking lieutenant in Javed's organization. Jamal confronts a regretful Salim on tense terms. Salim invites Jamal to live with him and after following Salem, he sees Latika living there. He talks his way in as the new chef and tries to convince Latika to leave. She tries to discourage him, but on the first day that Jamal waits at the train station, Latika attempts to escape with him, but is recaptured by Salim and Javed's men. One of the men then slashes her cheek with a knife, scarring her as Salim drives off, leaving Jamal with the onlooking crowd. Jamal again loses contact with Latika when Javed moves to another house. In another attempt to find Latika, Jamal tries out for the popular game show because he knows that she will be watching.

I cannot wait for this movie to be released on DVD, it's a terrific uplifting movie that just captures your heart and makes you feel good. I couldn't believe that people were just complaining about the ending dance sequence, it was a TERRIFIC way to end it, to see everything that Jamal went through and that dance just makes you feel happy because you can tell the joy of him having his Latika in his arms. It was a beautiful ending and makes you extremely joyful. The story is brutal, funny, sad, original and beautiful. Danny Boyle, I knew that this director had something special when he made the horror film 28 Days Later, but who knew he could pull of such an uplifting beautifully made film? He picked the perfect actors, made the film wonderfully, and the whole crew seemed to enjoy making this together. Who wouldn't? It was a pleasure to watch on the screen and if you haven't seen this film in the theater, buy it when it comes on DVD, it's one of the most terrific experiences I've had watching a film. We haven't had a film like Slumdog Millionaire and it's one of my new favorite films of all time.

An energetic, stylish and engaging fairytale that has enough about it to cover the main weaknesses it has while you are watching
This film came to the UK on a wave of Oscar hype and critical praise and I was looking forward to see it even though the reasons "why" it was good seemed a bit vague to me. On one hand it seems to be set in the gritty poverty of India, with descriptions of some very unpleasant scenes but then, on the other hand it was described as being uplifting and the feel-good movie of the year. I was curious how this conflicting information resolves itself within one film without off-balancing it.

The overall sweep of the film is very much a rag-to-riches story with love being the real heart of the film even if "money" (or a game-show for money) is the narrative driver and essentially it is modern day fairytale. In this regard it is an excellent film because you are engaged throughout, are totally on the side of the main characters and ultimately the viewer would give anything if they could only end the film happily. In this way it is uplifting and (ultimately) a really cheering film that is worth seeing with an audience because it is one of those things that unites an audience with a common feeling of cheer and goodwill. The method of delivery really helps the plot work because it is colourful, frantic and stylish.

I really enjoyed the fragmented time structure that uses the re-watching of the Millionaire questions in the police station as a trigger for flashbacks. This means we are gripped by several threads/times rather than it being a straight flow. It is not an amazingly unique device but the manner of it being put together prevents it ever being clumsy or obvious by how it transitions from one time to the other. Speaking of delivery and style, the film is understandably an Oscar contender generally thanks to its upbeat nature (after darker material last year and the current downturn in the world, Oscar probably will look for some feel-good stuff) but the areas I think it stands a great chance are those of cinematography, editing and direction. I say this because visually the film is a treat. It captures the colour of India with great camera work that puts us right in the scene. An example is the early chase through the slum, with a frantic camera, plenty of colour (in terms of palate, places and people) and a great visual style with the sun hitting the camera from above as it moves and other effective devices. With this much movement in the camera throughout the film, the editing is key in making these scenes work and it is excellent throughout – even putting the subtitles in a stylish and arresting fashion which helped sell the use of Hindi but does also match the style of the film more than standard text would have. As director Boyle delivers on all this and his use of music is great as well. It does feel like we have the grit and style of City of God but yet also the warm uplifting story of the very best the "underdog" genre can provide.

That it achieves this is a testament to how well the film is delivered because it does have to overcome the fact that the majority of the film presents us with a terrible world of poverty and suffering and then gradually pulls the main characters out of it. This is a problem that the delivery covers but ultimately the viewer is left with some fairly harrowing realities that haven't gone away by the end of the film. I totally understand those who love the film unquestioningly but I do agree with those that take pause on this issue and note that it is an aspect of the film that really doesn't stand up in the cold light of day. You see, it is gritty and it is unpleasant and, although not based on a true story, this is a reality in our world and to see so much of it in a film that ultimately leaves you feeling good about life and happy that everything worked out alright is not a mix that sat particularly well with me. It isn't helped by the dance number over the end credits, which involved lots of people and pushed the "isn't everything great" idea more than the proper conclusion of the story did. I didn't like this part of the credits for this reason and also it would have been nice to see a film based in India that didn't feel it had to "do" Bollywood.

The cast mostly play to the "fairytale" side of the film more than the grit, although the young children are very impressive in the first sections of the story. Patel took a minute to grow on me but, although not the most charismatic of performers, he is really steady as the underdog who is driven. Kapoor is a great villain, driven by a hate that says a lot about the class system in place. Pinto is stunning and has a much stronger presence than Patel. Khan works the investigation scenes well, which was important as these are where the story is told from. There are no real weak links in the performances – the fairy-tale nature of the tale means everyone has to focus on that side of it but they are still good.

The film is not as perfect as you will hear but it is still very good at what it does. It is a wonderfully stylish and slick romantic fairytale that is cheering and uplifting but of course this does give the slight problem that it is a stylish, slick and uplifting film that features horribly real images of cruelty and poverty. It doesn't manage to reconcile this but it is strong enough to make you ignore this for the vast majority of the time, leaving you tense, hopeful and weepy.
one of the worst to get an academy award
This movie is an insult to the viewer's intelligence.

I saw this before the Oscar hype and seriously I found it insulting in so many ways.

The movie's name reeks of colonial overtures. Seriously is it so tough to find a name which isn't downright insulting?

While I agree Hindu-Muslim riots are a reality in India what I found to be utterly derogating was a kid of 6-7 yrs portraying Ram with a bow and arrow with a menacing eyes ready to pounce upon younger version of Jamaal.Even more so as the movie portrays somewhat a contemporary (early 1990s) event which is quite well-documented.

Slums are also a hard reality not just in Mumbai but throughout the whole of India. But even there people exist who help each other, share whatever meager things they have with others etc. even though here portrayed as some dystopia where all they do is blind the kids, run brothels etc.

More than the socio-political portrayal this movie takes all the negative things that has ever happened to anyone in India and make it happen to one single person by which it takes poetic license a bit too far and also tests the very premise of probability theory.

ARR has done far more ear-pleasing compositions than what he has done for this stupid movie.

While I can write a research paper dissecting all the plot holes each one of them larger than the rings of Saturn I won't do it as it's already been done by so many people.

And lo!! behold!! we have 8 Academy awards to show while The Dark Knight and The Wrestler doesn't even get a nomination in many of the relevant categories :(
A boy survives the horrific slums of modern India and must answer questions on a TV game show and prove that it is life and love, not cheating that has given him the answers.
Kudos Danny! This film is the best film I've seen all year. Hands down. It's brilliantly directed, the casting and performances are superb, the story is both riveting and heart warming. The locations are mind bending and the realities of life in modern India are both fascinating and appalling. It's a shocking, thought provoking, make-you-feel-good- to-be-alive kind of film.

The audience broke into applause at the DGA screening. Every one I heard leaving the theater said, "best movie of the year."

This is the "CRASH" of 2009.

I think word of mouth will give it lift off! Too bad it's a limited run. Somebody need to get behind this movie, if for no other reason than it has all the makings of a great, classic feel everything movie.

Thank you Danny and all involved. You made magic!
Bollywood/ Hollywood weak morph.
Basically, Slumdog Millionaire is the transposition of clichéd American cinema into the den of Bollywood. All of the layers and sub-layers are so repeated and overly done that it causes no effect on the viewer. It's the same applied to third world countries, it's a simple deceptive notion.

The love story, with the man running desperately to defend his loved one, with his impositions, maybe a criminal undercurrent with already seen and done mafia innuendos, classical tension moments in which time plays a cruel role already examined. Even the moments that seem to "bring glow" from the cramped, poor slums just seem overly edited and manipulative. In story terms, nothing is actually new in the movie. Thus, nothing is truly exciting, except for those who are relatively new to Hollywood, who are tricked into believing that "glamour" was actually strained from the sets and that India (or at least Indian cinema) is close to whatever Boyle tried to create.

You've seen this thousand times, just in other countries and other cultures. Cool trick, uh?
The Worst Film to Ever Win Best Picture
There have been many overrated movies in recent years (The Queen, Little Miss Sunshine, Babel, Atonement, Juno, etc.), but Slumdog Millionaire has the distinction of being the worst. This so-called film is implausible to the extreme, has virtually no character development, and contradicts its own rags-to-riches message. Danny Boyle tries to hide these flaws with flashy camera-work and editing. But viewers who think when they watch movies will see right through these devices. That says something about the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who singled Slumdog Millionaire out as an outstanding achievement in writing and direction, and even named it the best film of the year. This isn't merely absurd, it's a travesty.
After this film there is only "Punch and Judy" for Danny Boyle. He is not fit to be a director
If the lowest vote were 0 then I would have given it to this stupid flick which has been giving innocent viewers strange ideas about poor people and India.I am really wondering why this stupid movie is compared to a classic of Brazilian cinema "City of God".To my mind it is a very false and incorrect notion.City of God was an absolute Brazilian production with Brazilian setting,Brazilian cast,Brazilian crew.Everything about it was Brazilian in nature.This film is an UK/US co production.It is made by an English man.Its producer Christian Colson is a Briton.The only thing that is Indian is its cast of poor children who must have given a couple of chocolates and a glass of cola to act.Danny Boyle has made a film which does no justice neither to Hollywood nor to Indian cinema.This is the reason why a lot of Indian people are finding his film to be an insult to their country. Danny Boyle has made enough number of bad films in his short career.After this flop film,he should retire and do "Punch and Judy" show.
An average film. Nothing worth the buzz!
I'm honestly surprised about the recognition and buzz about this film throughout the world. And 10 Oscar nominations!! Man.! How are stupidity and ridiculousness instantly absorbed and appreciated by people without hesitation? OK. let me be pragmatic in my turning down this film as average.

Most things about the film is clichéd. Every damn bad thing imaginable in India happens to the protagonist. But the protagonist overcomes them all. In a way, it confirms what many outside India think about India. People rolling in sh*t, dirty slums, caste based riots, begging, cheating, poverty, cunningness blah blah. All packed in one tight container name "Slumdog Millionaire". The only good souls in the movie are Jamal and Latika (and perhaps amitabh who generously signs autograph for a fan drenched in sh*t). We call this type of movies as "mas ala" in India. No logic. Lots of action. Fast paced screenplay. The protagonist finally smile along with his lady-love who does nothing essentially but just dances in a few songs. (Danny has satisfied even this criterion by making the duo dance with a suddenly formed gang in the railway station at the end of the movie) A typical bolly-Hollywood mas ala movie. A few questions.. How can a slumdog get the answers for every damn question from his life and win 2 crores of rupees? How can slum dogs speak such an excellent English to cheat the foreigners by impersonating themselves as guides? And did you notice their perfect slang?! Rupees is never mentioned in millions. Another attempt toplease the western audience rather than attempting to bring about the truth. Truth? damn! who needs it?! Why did Jamal reject the host's help? Why did the show host suddenly turn villainous? Why did Jamal's brother let Latika go at the last minute and get killed after ceremoniously killing the gang leader? My god! height of insanity.

Certain parts of it are awesome without doubt. Music, screenplay, cinematography. The way the slum has been captured in the police- chasing-the-boys scene is really appreciable. A.R.Rahman is God. But these are nothing to justify the hero-worship the movie is getting. I'm not bothered about India being portrayed in this way by a foreigner. I just expected truth and naturalness which are greatly missing. 6 votes!
Sir Richard Attenborough, a British man made a good film in 1982
I am writing this comment as a Russian person who regularly travels to India,Eurupe and USA.So I know the tastes of people from all these regions.My vote for this film is a big zero out of ten.The reason why I am giving it a zero is simple.This piece of madness is an attempt to denigrate the dignity of India and Indian people especially slums. Indian people are very tolerant and they are known for their artistic tastes.No one in India protested when Sir Richard Attenborough made a classic film called "Gandhi" in 1982.That was a film made by a British film.Many people in the world still admire that film for the vivid and honest description of India.Danny Boyle is also an Englishman and even this film's writer Simon Beaufoy is an English but it is a shame they way they have twisted facts to show India in a very bad light.They have completely mutilated the original material which is present in Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup's book Q and A.Since a score of zero is not available,I am giving it a one our of ten as it is a really awful movie.Let me also state why this film is being liked by people in US,UK and elsewhere.Slumdog has come out at a time when Hollywood has almost run out of ideas and India is a big market for American and British products.So this movie is just a tool for Americans and Britishers to put India in a bad light to impose their ideas on Indian audience.
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