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Romance, Comedy, Musical
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Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly
Donald O'Connor as Cosmo Brown
Debbie Reynolds as Kathy Selden
Jean Hagen as Lina Lamont
Millard Mitchell as R.F. Simpson
Cyd Charisse as Dancer
Douglas Fowley as Roscoe Dexter
Rita Moreno as Zelda Zanders
Storyline: In 1927, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are a famous on-screen romantic pair. Lina, however, mistakes the on-screen romance for real love. Don has worked hard to get where he is today, with his former partner Cosmo. When Don and Lina's latest film is transformed into a musical, Don has the perfect voice for the songs. But Lina - well, even with the best efforts of a diction coach, they still decide to dub over her voice. Kathy Selden is brought in, an aspiring actress, and while she is working on the movie, Don falls in love with her. Will Kathy continue to "aspire", or will she get the break she deserves ?
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Easily the finest movie musical of all time
For sheer enjoyment, no movie ever made beats Singin' in the Rain. Donald O'Connor and Gene Kelly remind us why vaudeville was as popular as it was in the 20s, Debbie Reynolds lights up the screen, and Jean Hagen gives the performance of her career-of anybody's career for that matter. If the title dance sequence doesn't get you moving, then there's no hope for you. There are only two down spots, "Beautiful Girl" and the never-ending "Broadway Melody" dance sequence (but the latter is worth it just to see Cyd Charisse). The rest of the movie is flawless.
Sorry, just can't get into it.
There's just something about musicals that I simply cannot buy into. Something very cheesy about them, but Singing in the Rain is at least watchable.

This movie has a cool concept. it's about the transition from silent movies to sound and the problems that arise. Actors/Actresses with unpleasant voices for instance, like Lina Lamont, played by Jean Hagen, will not be wanted in sound movies. That is the basic story here in this film. Lina Lamont has a horrible high pitched voice that needs to be dubbed out. Kathy Selden, played by the beautiful Debbie Reynolds, is chosen to do the voice over for Lina. Of course things don't go as planned and it culminates in an entertaining ending.
Bravo, Bravo!
I love this movie!!! While the music definitely has a 1950s sound to it, it also somehow fits the 1920s, which is what it is portraying. My favorite song from Singin' in the Rain is "Good Morning." I love "Good Morning," because it doesn't really make much sense, yet it fits perfectly in the time it is sung (1:30 am). No one really makes much sense at 1:30 in the morning if they have been up all day.

The casting and direction were done superbly. Gene Kelly is not only good looking, but he also can dance, sing, and act like it is going out of style. He is wonderful in every movie I have seen him in, & I must admit that he is one of my favorite actors of all time!
"Gee I'm glad you turned up, we've been lookin' inside every cake in town."
Just a great piece of Golden Age Hollywood entertainment, and this coming from someone who doesn't generally take in a musical complete start to finish. The 'Singin' In The Rain' number I could watch over and over again, it strikes a wonderful balance of joy, freedom and artistic expression. Besides that, it's flawless, making me wonder if it could have possibly be done in one take. Curious though, if you watch closely, you won't see any 'rain' hitting Gene Kelly's face.

Though it's primarily Kelly's vehicle, I was sure impressed by the little bit of dance time Donald O'Connor got. That 'Make 'Em Laugh' number was funny and bold, and if I had to say, might have been the best part of the film. OK, for me it was, without taking anything away from Kelly, especially the numbers done with the exotic Cyd Charisse. Growing up in the Fifties and Sixties, one would see all of these greats show up on a variety show every now and then, but this movie puts into perspective just how great each performer actually was.

It seems to me the film got away with quite a bit in the sly innuendo department, some cleverly low key and some right out there. The Kelly/Charisse flapper number gets downright steamy at times even while it looks as innocent as all get out. For a head spinning double take, you don't get much more brazen than Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) - "Well I can't make love to a bush."

"Singin' In The Rain" is one of those films that will continue to wear well and entertain audiences for a long time to come. It captures the grandeur of that Hollywood Golden Age without getting overly theatrical and choreographed, and with a great blend of romance and comedy mixed into the story. It's the kind of film they don't make anymore, and in a way, that's just a bit too bad.
Now that's entertainment!
Singin In the Rain is arguably the best movie musical of all time, not just because of the music but because of the entire package - the premise, the comedy, the characters - everything here works together to make you feel better any time you sit down to watch it. It's ironic that this movie was thrown together quickly to capitalize on the success of "An American in Paris", since the improvisational feeling of the movie is one of the things that makes it so much fun. Although this film is number ten on the top 100 films of all time as compiled by the American Film Institute, it wasn't nominated for best picture the year of its release, 1952. Although it did well at the box office, it would be over twenty years before people would look back and realize just what a great motion picture it was. Perhaps that was because the 1970's were such bleak and cynical years, with movies that largely matched that mood, that people were eager to rediscover the fun that a motion picture viewing experience could be.

The movie focuses on that period of time in which the entire motion picture film industry was in nervous transition from silent to talking pictures. Although the movie compresses time in this respect - the transition actually took about three years - it does accurately describe the technical problems of that era along with their comical aspects. There was an overabundance of musicals in the first batch of talking films, many stars did have heavy accents that made their speech undecipherable or voices that came across like nails on a chalkboard like Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) and saw their careers ruined, and early sound technology itself was so fragile that you would often see actors speaking to potted plants or to coat racks with comic effect. The preview of silent picture team Lockwood and Lamont's first talkie, "The Dueling Cavalier", is one of the most hilarious scenes in the film. It is pretty typical of what you would see in such an early talking picture - dialogue going in and out of sync, actors and actresses strutting around and wildly gesturing as if nobody can hear them, and dialogue that still resembled what you would read off of the title cards in a silent film - "I love you, I love you, I love you".

All of this is one of the reasons Singin' In The Rain will never get dated - it is a comic nostalgic look at a very narrow period in time. This movie is fun outside of its comic take on movie history, though. For one, it's hard to say who steals the show the most, since there are so many thieves involved. Most notably there is Jean Hagen - who actually has a very pleasant speaking voice - as the evil silent star who can't accept her days are numbered. Then there is a 27 year-old Donald O'Connor as Cosmo, the studio music director and sidekick of Gene Kelly's character whose youthful exuberance really shines in the number "Make 'Em Laugh" along with all of his goofy facial expressions. He seems to be having as much fun as the audience. Finally, there are all of the great dance numbers and music, capped by probably one of the most famous scenes of all time - Gene Kelly's rendition of the title number that perfectly captures the joy of a man who has just fallen in love and feels he has the world at his feet. You just can't watch this film and not come away with a smile on your face. It is as good for the soul as chicken soup, just a lot more fun.
Signing in the rain
I didn't like the film i thought it was drawn out way to long at the end when you already knew what was going to happen. Im not big on musicals though i thought the artistic aspect of the film was very cool. As well as the ability of the main character to act and dance. I liked how the film used colors as well certain scenes were very vibrant with colors to set the mood while others had a lot of grey in them. I thought the setup for the film was amazing though as well as the editingt. The scenes were immensely large and abstract. Though i don't like musicals i thought a lot of the film was interesting even though i didn't like the music there is a lot of visuals in the film i found to be cool.
My Thoughts on this Musical
As I sit here in a Film class I am taking I understood that I should have an open mind... But a Musical? What was he thinking, Making us watch a musical? Ok, I sat there biasly waiting for the DVD to play the So Called top ten movies of all time, and to my utter amazement and total surprise the movie did not suck. In fact I don't recall ever blinking during the show, it was Funny, Romantic- but not corny, seemed real life- for the most part, and over all quite inspiring to me and my fellow classmates here at The University Of Kansas, KU, United States of America. I must suggest that all those who have ever seen a movie before must buy this movie and add it to their collection of all-time favorites. I garante that any person between the ages of 9months and 120 years will love this show and share the same enthusiasm that I have.
Most entertaining movie ever made!
A perfect movie in every sense, 'Singin In The Rain' has rightly gone down in history as the best musical picture ever. But it is much more than that. A sparkling comedy, with a cast that is 100% perfect, and one of the best movies about movies ever made too.

Gene Kelly's genius has never been more apparent than in this movie, but, as always he never steals the show, in fact here practically having the show stolen from him by Donald O'Connor's gravity defying 'Make 'Em Laugh' and Jean Hagen's unforgettable Lina Lamont. Kelly's title number is the epitome of carefree nonchalance. The guy's in love and he isn't going to let a little rain get in the way. This 'classic' scene is possibly the feelgood moment to beat all others. I defy anyone not to succumb to the Kelly's Irish charm during this number, if you haven't already been won over.

But a musical is just a musical without a decent story. That's where Comden and Green's pertinent screenplay comes in. Using Nacio Herb Brown's songs from the era in which the movie is set we are taken back to Hollywood in transition, a time when silent movies were ousted by the talkies. For what is generally regarded as just a light-hearted song and dance movie 'Singin In The Rain' takes a pretty accurate line and takes a satirical swipe at the studios and the gossip mongers of the day. There were stars, like Lina Lamont, whose careers disintegrated on the advent of talking pictures, and others, like Kathy Seldon, whose stars were beginning to rise. For a while, there weren't enough voice coaches to go round! The race to match the success of 'The Jazz Singer' was truly chaotic, with studios churning out potboiler after potboiler to cash in on the talking picture. It was also a time when MGM itself started it's reign of the musical genre with epic production numbers, and casts of thousands. In a sense,'Singin In The Rain' both lampoons and celebrates it's own ancestry and place in cinema history.

Exhilarating, exuberant, and mesmerising. Still, in my opinion, the most entertaining, and the best, movie ever made!
Oh, Sinnnnnnngin' in the Rain!
This film was not one that I enjoyed; however I could appreciate the elements of the film that deemed it a classic. I'm not a fan of musicals to begin with, and the dialog was pretty corny, but the plot and the choreography was impeccable. This film successfully managed to tell two stories parallel to each other: the romance between Kathy and Don and the way that the industry dealt with the turning point of cinema (sound). The dancing was flawless and the costumes were vibrant and beautiful. Some of the humor was enjoyable. "Make 'Em Laugh" was a funny song and the physical comedy was entertaining. The choreography during the song that Don, Kathy and Cosmo sang together was perfect.
The politics, fakery, wonder, and love are all there…
"Singin' in the Rain" could be considered on the top of movie musicals... It is fresh, imaginative and enjoyable...

Arthur Freed wrote the lyrics to the songs and they were excellent, specially the title number "Singin' in the Rain" which Stanley Kubrick repeated it in his black comedy "A Clockwork Orange," in 1971...

But the mysterious power of "Singin' in the Rain" remains in the script, written by Betty Comden and Adolph Green whose sprightly adaptation were also shown in musicals like "On the Town," "It Always Fair Weather," and "Bells Are Ringing." The film is a brilliant musical, the best picture by far of Hollywood in transition...

It is a gentle satire on the movie modes and manners of the twenties, put together around the problem that faced several actors and studios in their transition from silent films to talkies... This transition is in reality horror and shock to several film stars who failed for not having enough way of speaking, effective word order between image and voice...

"Singin' in the Rain" is the story of a wildly funny sex goddess played by Jean Hagen who steals the classic as an aggressive no-talent squeaky-voiced silent-screen goddess forced to use blackmail to keep her star in the Hollywood sky… Jean was in love with Kelly who wanted to substitute her by the talented chorus girl Debbie Reynolds..

"Singin' in the Rain" is rich in the brilliant way in which it is written and done... Its three production numbers are extraordinary, illuminating the picture with different forms of entertainment and bright colors… The big number 'Broadway Ballet,' is a surrealistic extravaganza filled with magic, huge cast, spectacular use of light, color, costumes and sets, plus a marvelous ballet danced by Kelly and Cyd Charisse...

Gene Kelly became legendary as a choreographer and director... With Stanley Donen, in addition to "Singin' in the Rain," he made "On the Town," and "It's Always Fair Weather." Taken all together, they are constituent element to surpass most of musical achievement...
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