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Donnabella Mortel was born an entertainer. As a child, basking in the spotlight, she utilized every outlet available- including leads in musicals, dance recitals she wasn't even old enough for, ice skating performances, beauty pageants that she won, and runway shows where she refused to walk down with anyone else. But none should be fooled by her girlish appearance; Donnabella was a tomboy growing up. She spent her childhood climbing buildings, lighting firecrackers, and building forts with her boy cousins. She also played every sport that was offered. Donnabella was born and raised in Seattle, WA. She became the cheerleading captain for Seattle Preparatory, where she excelled academically and commenced after her junior year. She continued as a cheerleader through her years at Seattle University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Criminal Justice specializing in Forensic Psychology and a B.A. in Humanities. Upon graduation, she mentally prepared for law school and worked at a law firm. Meanwhile, she became a professional dancer for the NBA with the Seattle SuperSonics. Teased by the energy of entertainment, Donnabella packed her bags and courageously relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her childhood dreams. During her short time in Hollywood, Donnabella has acted in many projects including Hoodrat Warriors, Pillow Talk, and Egg in a Shell. She is also writing and recording with MiddiWest Music. Most recently, Donnabella is proudly representing Los Feliz in Donald Trump's 2012 Miss California USA Pageant.
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