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Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance
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Alfred Hitchcock
Cary Grant as Roger O. Thornhill
Eva Marie Saint as Eve Kendall
James Mason as Phillip Vandamm
Jessie Royce Landis as Clara Thornhill
Leo G. Carroll as The Professor
Josephine Hutchinson as Mrs. Townsend
Philip Ober as Lester Townsend
Martin Landau as Leonard
Adam Williams as Valerian
Edward Platt as Victor Larrabee
Les Tremayne as Auctioneer
Philip Coolidge as Dr. Cross
Patrick McVey as Sergeant Flamm - Chicago Policeman
Storyline: Madison Avenue advertising man Roger Thornhill finds himself thrust into the world of spies when he is mistaken for a man by the name of George Kaplan. Foreign spy Philip Vandamm and his henchman Leonard try to eliminate him but when Thornhill tries to make sense of the case, he is framed for murder. Now on the run from the police, he manages to board the 20th Century Limited bound for Chicago where he meets a beautiful blond, Eve Kendall, who helps him to evade the authorities. His world is turned upside down yet again when he learns that Eve isn't the innocent bystander he thought she was. Not all is as it seems however, leading to a dramatic rescue and escape at the top of Mt. Rushmore.
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"I'd invite you to my bedroom if I had a bedroom."
Allow me to add my voice to the overwhelming praise for this classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller; one of the legendary director's best. Cary Grant stars (in the last of four collaborations with Hitchcock) as an advertising executive mistaken for a spy and chased cross-country by foreign agents, as well as the police. What follows is one classic scene after another, including the famous scene where Grant is chased by a crop duster. James Mason and Martin Landau make excellent villains. Eva Marie Saint is the sexy double agent who shares some sizzling scenes with Cary. The two had palpable chemistry. Healthy doses of comedy help make this such an enjoyable watch. A great cast, a rousing score by Bernard Herrmann, and flawless pacing by Hitch are among the many elements that make this one of the most fun and exciting movies ever made.
Good but not quite one of the greatest films of all time
Considered one of the best of Hitchcock's films I find that I'm not that big a fan of the film. Its not that it's a bad movie, rather I think that the film has been ripped off and re-staged so many times that any power the film might have had is rather dissipated. Its kind of like watching Citizen Kane or some other film that is said to have changed the way movies are done and finding that they don't play all that well. The reason is, like North by Northwest that they changed the rules and have been so copied it hard to see what was so revolutionary about them. As it stands now the story of Cary Grant being mistaken for someone else and having to flee from both the police and the bad guys is exciting, especially in its set pieces, but the rest of it isn't anything special and has the feel of been there and done that especially when compared with Hitchcock's other films. Most certainly worth seeing, just be prepared to wonder what all the shouting is about.
Don't Miss the Bus
North By Northwest is classic Hitchcock and is a moive not to be missed.

There are only a few minor mishaps--> I rank the movie a little lower than perhaps it deserves because the video version has some faded colors. This may be fixed if re-released in a remastered version. However, it may also be due to film deterioration (as color movies shot on one real of Kodak) rather than 3, fade over time).

The other minor goofs are caused my the time period of the 1959 and the recent jumps is special effects technology. The actors over blue screens are very obvious in parts.

This mistakes cause this not to be a perfect movie, but it is still a classic. There is great acting and a great story. You should be engaged and intrigued, and always surprised and what will occur next. It is also very non-predictable as nobody is safe at anytime, so basically anything can occur in the story.

At the same time, the story flows easilly and logically from place to place. (unlike Hitchcock's earlier "Secret Agent" were locations are not fully explained, North by Northwest fully utilizes the locations and uses them to add to the story).

Other little idosyncronsies further add to the story as art, airlines, the UN, Mt. Rushmore (plus the fact that 100 pines were planted on an MGM sound-lot to make it look like the surrounding "Rushmore" woods), and a reference to Shakespeare (the title) all add to the story.

Originally known as "The Man in Lincoln's Nose", North By Northwest will not disappoint.

However, don't miss the bus as Hitchcock makes his appearance before the appearance of Grant, whom the role was written for and whom shows valid reasons for why the James Bond producers wanting him for the James Bond role. (he did not get that role because he would only do 2 or 3 bond movies)

Rating: 8

Viewed: on tape
remarkably fresh, incredibly intense, ends a bit too fast
SPOILERS Everybody loves Hitchcock. It's strange, but irrelevant of how many times you've seen his films, you always find something new in them. Whether it's Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, Jimmy Stewart in his wheelchair, or Cary Grant scoring on a train, Hitchcock has got some of the most famous actors of the time to confirm their legend status with his films. Hitchcock's films are also remembered for the forever spoofed or replayed scenes which we know and love. The birds on the climbing frame, the shower scene, the Mount Rushmore climb, all these and many more have been given tribute by Matt Groening's 'Simpsons' and in modern culture, you don't get many higher tributes.

Written in 1959, 'North by Northwest' is one of Hitchcock's more memorable films. Remembered more for the already mentioned Rushmore scene, the film boasts some genuinely amazing performances, as well as some of Hitchcock's masterful tension. Intense and powerful, it also contains some absolutely superb lines and one of the finest train journeys of all time. It's a brilliant film, ruined ever so slightly by the final 30 seconds which feel rushed and incomplete. Still, at over two hours long, there is so much going for this film that you'll never grow tired of it.

Roger O Thornhill (Cary Grant) is just a regular, financially secure advertising executive for a major film. Accidentally mistaken for a spy, Thornhill's life takes an unexpected turn when he is kidnapped and taken to see the evil Phillip Vandamm (James Mason). Plied with alcohol and thrown into a car, Thornhill finds that staying alive has become a new chief priority. Chased by Vandamm and the police at the same time, Thornhill now must uncover the truth behind the mistaken identity and discover just what it is he is meant to know.

Led by the enigmatic Grant, 'North by Northwest' is a brilliant film for two key reasons. Firstly, the entire cast are on top notch form. As the unfortunate Thornhill, Grant is exquisite and lights up the screen for every second that he is on screen. At the same time, both Mason as the bad guy and Eva Marie Saint as the love interest fulfil their roles perfectly. They add humour, they add intensity, and most importantly they add intrigue to roles which are stunningly created by writer Ernest Lehman.

The second reason for the film's brilliance is the simple way that you are twisted and turned and completely stunned by certain key events. Times like the legendary plane chase, the magnificent realisation of the truth behind Saint's character, all add together to produce a film which is actually rather special.

In fact, aside from one or two incredibly sickening lines, the only real problem with 'North by Northwest' is that ending. Rushed and confused, it feels like Hitchcock has cut ten minutes out of the end to reduce the film's length. This is obviously not the case and it's just been written badly, but the haste with which the film just stops is a mild irritation, if purely because your so hyped up on adrenaline from the rest of the film. In a way, it's a bit like watching live sport only for someone to turn off the match with ten minutes left and tell you the final score. Sometimes a calming down period and a proper resolution are needed, and sadly in 'North by Northwest' this never appears.

In possession of some of the most famous film moments in history, Hitchcock's 'North by Northwest' is a brilliant film. Well written and acted, it is a roller-coaster ride which never lets off until it's disappointing rushed conclusion. With so much intensity throughout, it feels weird that the film does climax in such a way, but ultimately for the two hours plus before hand, you can forgive the creators for their impatience. Beautiful to watch, and powerful throughout, 'North by Northwest' is justifiably one of Hitchcock's finest.
Classic Hitch.
A classic film of a classic 'Hitchcockian' case of mistaken identity, this is essentially a remake of THE 39 STEPS - but considerably expanded to make use of glorious technicolour and to emphasize the paranoia that can develop from a man feeling pushed to his very limit by events and circumstances maliciously controlled by others. As usual, Hitch has a cameo in his own film: #Man Missing Departing Bus, at the very beginning!

Overgrown mummy's boy but successful advertizing executive Roger O. Thornhill (Cary Grant) is mistaken for 'George Kaplan,' a CIA-created 'legend' (the intelligence community's jargon for the name and biography invented to hide operatives' real identities) designed to decoy Van Dam (James Mason), agent provocateur of an unspecified foreign power, away from their genuine agent's activities. To prove his innocence, Fairburn must be 'Kaplan' so as to draw Van Dam and his men out and expose them. Nevertheless, 'the memorable scenes' are indeed memorable: the cropduster and the dénoument dangling off Mount Rushmore.

Glamour is provided by the very fine Eve Marie-Saint, who demonstrates that 'they just don't make 'em like they used to' ... women simply do not have that glamorous mystique anymore (nor do cameramen have soft-focus lenses, apparently); nowadays, what you see is what you get: very little subtlety, but a lot of bare flesh and squelchy kissing. Come on, film-makers, do leave us something to the imagination - that's what the nickelodeon chaps made films to be all about, remember!

I first saw this film when I was 13, in a hotel in St. Dogmaels in Wales. A boy & girl combo came into the TV room and the film managed to desist their squelchy kissing. An elderly couple entered during the ad-break and the chap rather pompously asked if we could switch over for The News. The rest of us thereupon trooped down to the cellar-room, where, unheated (this was still Britain in the 1970s), the remainder of the film was viewed and thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, the cold probably added to the film's atmosphere ...

Stalwart and calm Leo G. Carroll, the 'professor,' played this same sort of rôle again the followed decade, as 'General Waverley,' stalwart and calm commander of the United Network for Communications & Law Enforcement - "When one has manners, one need never apologize ..." Quite so!
one of Hitchcock's experiments in timing
Just as Hitchcock used the elements of suspense and timing in Psycho, they are at work here again in North by Northwest. Grant, the lead character, is in the middle of some giant spy thriller adventure, running all over the country ( scope the different venues - the UN building, an auction house, farm fields, trains, and the thrilling climax at an American landmark...) In Psycho, what the audience thinks is the lead character is killed off early in the movie... here in N by NW, it's a different kind of timing experiment - the hero of the movie (and the viewer!) are kept in the dark, caught up in the intrigue until three quarters of the way through the movie. When Cary Grant (and the viewer) are filled in on what is really going on, it's an easy transition to complete the rest of the movie, and the plot sort of changes over to a "will the good guys beat the bad guys ?" plot, and the viewer has to be able to buy into some of the things that happen... I think this is another of Hitchcock's experiments in timing. As usual, there are the usual inside jokes planted here & there through-out. The love/hate relationship between Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant makes for an interesting love story, and what a spectacular ending!
Up And Upwest
Alfred Hitchcock dished something up more then fifty years ago that would change the way cinema looked today. North By Northwest was that film, and whilst at the time I can only imagine it was fantastical, it still holds up today, trumping most films that come out in the twenty first century. It's fast paced action, it's mystery and twists and turns and all the charm from its actors are what carry this film into cinematic history.

North By Northwest is one of the greatest films ever made, both for its historic placement and it's utterly great story. It proves to be something more then a film, it's more of an adventure for the audience; we travel with Roger through this fantastic thriller, becoming apart of his venture. Possibly the greatest action adventure film ever made.
Simply Magical Moviemaking
Possibly the greatest ever thriller, NbNW combines terrific acting, dialogue, cinematography, music and storyline. But the real standout is the editing. If there was ever a film that merited the cliché "a nonstop thrill ride", it's this one. The pace never slackens. I particularly like how it cuts straight from the Mt Rushmore face to the train bunkbed. I hate the anticlimactic, overlong, hokey endings of most thrillers. The final scene (scenelet) is very short, romantic dénouement, à la James Bond. How refreshing.

Oh, the champagne dialogue in this movie is simply premier cru, darlings! Eve: "You don't believe in marriage." - Thornhill [indignant]: "But I've been married twice." - Eve: "See what I mean?" Or take this repartee... Vandamm: "Seems to me you fellows could stand a little less training from the FBI, and a little more from the Actors' Studio." - Thornhill: "Apparently, the only performance that'll satisfy you is when I play dead." - Vandamm: "Your very next role. You'll be quite convincing, I assure you."

The dialogue is also very risqué for a 1950s film in places. In the dining car, for example, Thornhill: "The moment I meet an attractive woman, I have to start pretending I have no desire to make love to her." This thinly-veiled propositioning of Eve/Eva for sex, which sounds banal these days, would have been outrageously shocking to its original 50s audience. Likewise, "I'm a big girl." - "Yeah, and in all the right places, too." A cliché now, but imagine its impact then. "I've heard nothing but innuendoes," says Vandamm at one stage. He's right; there are plenty in this movie's verbal and visual imagery.

This dialogue, and the general production design, conspire to create product that, unlike other Hitchcock thrillers like Rear Window and Psycho, doesn't appear dated now. The design is ultramodernist, which is reflected in the architecture of the locations like the NYC UN HQ and the Rushmore lodge.

A convoluted plot is usually the result of bad scripting or an attempt to mask a movie's deficiencies in other areas. As usual, Hitchcock keeps the plot dead simple and doesn't complicate matters by trying to explain. It's just some kind of meaningless Cold War spy thing. This perfectly suffices, for it's quite incidental to the thrilling chase that forms the core of the film. What seem like hokey, incredible contrivances, such as Eve's coming on so strong to Thornhill in the dining car (when we think her unaware that he's not a real murderer) are soon enough fascinatingly demystified. (She's in cahoots with Vandamm, or, as we later find, an undercover agent trying to expose him!)

Fantastic performances from Cary Grant, James Mason, Eva-Marie Saint and a much-underused Martin Landau. If there's one criticism, it's that Cary Grant is preternaturally unflappable as the urban sophisticate plunged into a living nightmare. He always retains his self-assured, even arrogant, panache and never panics. In fact, with that ever-present twinkle in his eye, he seems to be getting perverse enjoyment from his own misfortunes. However, his modulated performance remains just the right side of comicality.

Eva-Marie Saint is camera-loved as the lethal seductress. She seems the perfect Bond girl. Had her star risen a few years later, I'm sure she'd have been captivating Connery. In fact, this movie shows that Hitchcock could have directed James Bond. It's no secret Bond's film incarnation was modelled to some extent on Cary Grant's supersuave persona in this film.

A young-looking Martin Landau is effective as the menacing sidekick, although it's only in the final scene in the Rushmore lodge that he has any quality screen time or lines. James Mason underplays the role of the polished, oleaginous villain perfectly. His very British voice and demeanour conveys menace by suggestion, not overt declaration. He too, like Saint, would have been ideal in a Bond film. He doesn't sound ridiculous mouthing lines like, "A bit naughty, using real bullets!" [my paraphrase]

[Continuity: In the scene in Eve's hotel room, Thornhill calls for the valet to sponge and press his suit. He's told it'll take 20 minutes and a guy comes to collect the suit a minute later. He pretends to take a shower, whilst Eve absconds. Thornhill leaves immediately, and he doesn't return to the hotel. However, in the next scene, we see him wearing the same suit, perfectly sponged and pressed. There's no way he could have returned to the hotel to collect the suit.]
Paging Mr. Kaplan… Mr George Kaplan..
"North By Northwest" is probably well.. many things! Probably the best mistaken identity film ever made, the film with the most exciting chase sequences (Man vs. plane!), the most awesome set pieces made (Mount Rushmore!) the funniest "goof" on screen (kid holding his ears when the gun goes off!) and probably my favorite Hitchcock movie ever. Cary Grant is just amazing in this totally insane plot of mild-mannered ad executive getting thrust into a ridiculous game of underworld espionage, where he's forced to run from planes, gets tied up in a drunk driving rap, is nearly run over by a semi AND has to fight off James Mason and Martin Landau! Ah well, if you're gunning for a blonde as smoking as Eva Marie-Saint, wouldn't you? A lot of this is so over the top to be taken totally seriously, and mostly it's just pure popcorn fun. And cinema doesn't get any better or snarkier then the auction scene. A must see, if you're foolish enough for not having seen it yet.
North By Northwest
If you are a Hitchcock fan, as I am, then this may be the best Hitchcock of all. "North By Northwest" has a little bit of everything: suspense, love, mystery, thriller intrigue, danger, and justice. Eva Marie Saint (Eve Kendall) has never been more beautiful, or more endearing as she is in this movie.

Years ago I didn't really care for Cary Grant, but he has a way of growing on you, movie by movie, and he is never better that he is in this role as Roger O. Thornhill. I loved James Mason and a young Martin Landau in this movie as well. Well worth the 2 hours and 16 minutes of your time.
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