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Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Luc Besson
Jean Reno as Léon
Gary Oldman as Stansfield
Natalie Portman as Mathilda
Danny Aiello as Tony
Peter Appel as Malky
Willi One Blood as 1st Stansfield man
Don Creech as 2nd Stansfield man
Keith A. Glascoe as 3rd Stansfield man (Benny)
Randolph Scott as 4th Stansfield man
Michael Badalucco as Mathilda's Father
Ellen Greene as Mathilda's Mother
Elizabeth Regen as Mathilda's Sister
Carl J. Matusovich as Mathilda's Brother
Frank Senger as Fatman
Storyline: After her father, mother, older sister and little brother are killed by her father's employers, the 12-year-old daughter of an abject drug dealer is forced to take refuge in the apartment of a professional hitman who at her request teaches her the methods of his job so she can take her revenge on the corrupt DEA agent who ruined her life by killing her beloved brother.
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Don't die not to watch this film!
"The Professional" is one of my favorite films. It is deliberately amazing, so I am fall in love with this film. Can a person fall in love with a film? Yes, I am. Despite the fact that 18 years have passed since the release of the film, its fame is still intact, and it is still watched by many person, also I am one of them. I watch it again and again. It makes me cry whenever I watch it especially, at the end of the film. Intercalarily, I love its soundtrack so much, because its melody affects me so bad. The film shows that there is a real love. One can understand the real love from relationship between Mathilda and Leon. Why I love Jean Reno is this film, and also I admire acting of Natalie Portman even she is at a young age in the film. My advice to anyone is that do not die not to watch this film!
Charming and brutal
IMDb Top 250: 33

I think a big part of why this film was so good is that it could've been so bad. Consider the alternate film this may have been: an icy, one- dimensional hit-man somehow pairs with a bratty young girl to face a drugged police character in this summer's brainmelting blockbuster.

But it's not that. It came out as Leon: The Professional.

Leon is a special film. It channels classics like Taxi Driver, Batman, and many many New York films but has its own unique identity. Part thriller, part drama, the film is touching and exciting, and reels you in from its stellar first scene and takes you for a fantastic adventure.

The story, while having the possibility of being off-putting, works. Sure you can question the relationship between Leon and Mathilda (depending on the cut of the film you saw, I saw the International cut and everything was fine), but I found it more reasonable than say the relationships in Doctor Zhivago and Lolita. Anyway, the story- it's original and takes many turns, but stays on track and never slows without reason.

A story only goes so far: the biggest success of Leon is its 3 main characters. Jean Reno IS Leon, I can't see anyone doing any better. As the cold, solitary hit-man who is handed a very different responsibility, we grow to love Leon with his quirky persona of houseplant caring, movie watching and chair sleeping. He is an iconic character with his sunglasses and low voice. His developed duality is remarkable to behold.

Leon is complimented by the fiery Mathilda played by the extraordinarily young Natalie Portman, the smoking, swearing kid who grew up with a tough life. As unbelievable as her choices may seem on paper, I totally got behind her reasoning and never found her to do anything horribly distasteful. The duo of killer father and eager daughter is one of the greatest in film.

That leaves the sick Stansfield as the target of the duo's revenge. Played by Gary Oldman, one of the greatest actors of all time, the psychotic, pill-popping shady cop is truly despicable, with his scenes of drug consumption and Beethoven rant to be extremely unsettling.

The bread and butter of film is great. There are many shots that I found interesting and unique, and the cinematography and editing is all top notch. The music, decidedly the most French thing about the whole film, is juxtaposed to anything happening on-screen and helps make the film's identity, especially in the bonding scenes between Leon and Mathilda.

There is a double-edged sword about the film. We see Leon's killer side, and we see him as an awkward caregiver, like in the dress-up game. This mix keeps the audience guessing and keeps the film entertaining. It all culminates in a poetic ending that couldn't be any better or more satisfying.

From start to finish, Leon is awesome. It has artistic credibility, awesome action scenes, great characters and acting, as well as the brick and mortar that makes film work. I had never heard of it before seeing the Top 250, and I don't know why it isn't bigger. See this film!

Professionalism at its best!
Wow! I loved this film. Jean Reno and the young Natalie Portman compliment each other's characters so well. I found it touching that a hit-man could find it in his heart to make room for an abused, lost little girl, after her whole family was shot to death by the great GARY OLDMAN. I am very proud of Gary because he did such a wonderful job portraying the drug addicted chief of police who loved to kill those who valued life. What a wicked character, and how extraordinary his acting skills are. Natalie was great in this film, and she was a mere child. Some people may think that a hit man would never come to the rescue of a child especially if she is not a relative, but that's the great lesson of this story. Jean's character, Leon, has the ability to shoot anyone for money, anyone that is except for women and children, and that, I find was a good twist. It was best said in the classic story "BEOWULF." Beowulf says to Unferth, "Yes, I do have evil in myself, but I do not let it out. Even evil people can do good. Truly good people find good where they can." How true. Good job to everyone in this film.
Leon: The Professional (1994) - Natalie Portman is Smoking at Age 12 in this Movie, and Jean Reno Drinks Too Much Milk!
Written and directed by French filmmaker Luc Besson, "Leon: The Professional" is thrilling hit-man movie on the outside, but a touching friendship story on the inside. The movie begins with Leon, portrayed by Jean Reno, a hit-man who takes in a 12-year-old girl named Mathilda, portrayed by a young Natalie Portman in her feature film debut, whose family has been murdered by a corrupt DEA agent, portrayed by Gary Oldman. With the help of a friendly mobster, by Danny Aiello, and this weird 12-year-old girl, Leon will try his best to protect from this corruptive agent. "Leon: The Professional" is a mixture of action and heartwarming drama. This movie takes us on explosive action scenes, while warming our hearts with the friendly chemistry between Leon and Mathilda. Jean Reno delivers the best performance of his career as the milk-obsessed hit-man. Natalie Portman makes a pretty-well portrayal for her big-screen debut. Gary Oldman steals the show as the murderous and mischievous agent of corruption. Danny Aiello makes a sweet and tough impression in his character, as well. The dialogue is sharp, the direction is well-managed, the acting is well-crafted, and the action scenes are thrilling. This movie also has a big heart, when talking about this unlikely friendship between this hit-man and a little girl. It's a cinema favorite for all you movie buffs. It has a well-crafted premise, and this is a movie that really works. This movie is definitely a must-watch. "Leon: The Professional", in my review, "an impressive mob story, with unique elements".
A brilliant film that helped define a genre
I love this film. I loved it when I saw it in the 90s and I love it today. In fact, after watching it again 5 or 6 years ago, we named our first born son Leon because of this film. He's not chosen a career path yet...No spoilers here, just to say if you like gritty and cinematic but great acting and quirky, disturbing yet somehow still believable characters mostly mixed up by chance and misfortune in a great story. Then this is for you.

I also noticed some people giving it a rating of 1 because they felt it was a 7.5 not an 8.7...please don't do that, you idiots. Just vote what you think is fair and leave it alone. The voting system levels itself out, you just f*ck it up trying to play God.

WATCH THIS'll not regret it. And if you don't like it, you shouldn't be allowed to vote because you clearly have something wrong with you and should have people controlling your internet access.

But if you do like Way of the Gun afterwards, it's nearly as good in a slightly different way.
That was an excellent one.
I have a quite specific criteria for rating a movie. It is by how memorable it is. It is by how much it shows you moments, dialogs, situations that get into your mind and which you think over and over again after the movie, without necessarily finding a deep philosophical meaning in them. Moments that left you enough of an impression to force you review and analyze them thoroughly. This film gives me what I am looking for. Leon and Mathilda are excellent characters and you really embrace their personalities, their spirit, their hardships, you watch their actions with agony and feel their will for carrying on in a cruel,unforgiving world. Stansfield is also excellent as the villain and shows the other side of the coin, that is how easy it is to fall into immorality and how much power that can give you in the system we live today. Go and watch that movie. I promise it will be memorable.
I don't think I have ever seen a movie more than I have Léon: The Professional
LTP speaks to me, not only through dialogue, camera or score but through aesthetic. Yes, aesthetic. LTP has influenced every fiber of my (aesthetical?) being since first being exposed to it at age nine when I tried to grow Leon's beard. I couldn't believe it when my mum told me that growing a beard would be impossible. With my dreams crushed, I swore LTP out of my life forever.

I revisited it again at age thirteen, convinced that I was at the peak of mental maturity and beard-growing abilities. I believed I understood this film on a deep- artistic-philosophical level, I wrote personal essays on the films philosophical merit for high-school, I recommended it to all of my tween friends but then assured them that they "probably wouldn't understand it's depth anyway". In attempt to find people who just GOT the film y'know, I turned to the streets; making alleyway handshake deals of USB's containing a pirated LTP movie file to other like-minded intellectuals. "Trust me Gustav, all it takes is just one taste," I said to Gustav, "Please leave me alone weird short red-head girl, I don't know you. And my name is Jeremy!" Jere-Gustav replied. That Gustav always had a sense of humour. Anyway, it didn't really work out, not even the streets were ready.

At fifteen I watched LTP three more times within that year. With what little pocket money I had, I bought a replica of Léon's sunglasses, beanie and the little pot plant that Mathilda had. I even wore my dad's old black coat for dramatic effect, shoulder pads still intact. I also had decided to postpone my deep-philosophical- artistic tirade attempts; instead I focused solely on channeling my Inner Léon Look™.

Sixteen years old, I was dedicated to replicating Léon as a person. I tried taking stray children under my wing, knocking on apartment complex doors screaming for Mathilda or the male equivalent; Mathias. Neither was found. I suppressed my many crushed hopes and dreams by watching LTP four more times, within a week.

It wasn't until I was seventeen that I realised I had forgotten my original wayward ways; I no longer thought about the philosophy of LTP, or the mind bending obstacles it creates for the viewer to ponder over, or even the foreshadowing that we will forever wish we thought of first as a stylistic device. Now at almost nineteen, I realise this is probably because Léon: The Professional doesn't truly quell any hidden meanings to decipher. It's simply put; a goddamn awesome action flick that focuses on a father/daughter like relationship and ends with sweet sweet avenged death. A film/movie/flick doesn't need to bend the laws of physics itself to be rated five out of five stars or ten out of ten stars or one hundred fresh tomatoes. My former years were wasted trying to justify why I loved it so much, when I just needed to accept the fact it was no 2001: A Space Odyssey, and that's okay. It explains why I have stuck with the Léon aesthetic. This isn't really a review, just a long-winded story about how I came to a conclusion about my feelings for this movie.

TLDR: Renno and Portman r gr8, story is cool, not that deep, aesthetic is nice, Luc Besson is an everyday genius, boom bang, cry, fin. Repeat.
Monumental piece of cinema
*****Classic ****Excellent ***Good **Fair *Tragic


Leon is fast, lively, dark and magnificent all the way. At running just over 2 hours, Leon tells the story of a 12 year-old orphan girl who is taken in by a ruthless assassin who -at her request - trains her in the art of the hit man. At the heart of this masterpiece lies substance and ferocity that is done in such style and flair you would be blown away.

Beeson, who, previously had directed such films as Nikita and The Big Blue has simply crafted a film that no other director in Hollywood could have crafted. The music, acting, direction and story all pay off brilliantly and shed a light that hadn't been seen before. Take for example the acting, genuinely moving and emotionally charged. Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman all excel with dynamic and star powered performances. Gary Oldman is as brilliant as ever before making Stansfeild a corrupt and violent character one wouldn't want to cross. As for Reno's and Portman's performances they remain unchallenged.

Beeson delights when coming to the big action sequences. Fast, brutal and stylish in approach are the Beeson payoffs. The music plays like a self taught orchestra, scene after scene has a meandering and thoughtful score.


Leon is full of memorable scenes and characters. Beesons direction is top class and the front running performances are perfect.
Favorite Movie of all-time (here is why)
I saw this movie in the theatre in 1994 and I really like it then, but at the time I wouldnt be able to tell you why. The next time I saw the movie was at home on TIVO, in December 2001 and I fell in love with the film all over again.

Firstly, the theme of the movie - Isolation and Redemption - The characters Leon and Mathilda had no one who loved them in this world and were very much alone (mathilda did have her 4 year old brother but that was all she had)The characters were dealing with a similar lonlieness even thought heir worlds were very different.

Secondly, the scripting in the film really hit me. When a bloodied, beaten Mathilda turns to Leon after meeting him only once or twice, she says to him "Is life always this hard or just when your a kid?" Leon pauses and his response to her was not what anyone would expect. The whole movie is well scripted and blows me away.

Thirdly, The cinematography is top notch. When Mathilda arrives at Leons door and she pleads to enter and when the door opens bathing her in light is simply breathtaking. The close-ups on the characters and the way the camera is held over their shoulder as they talk with each other really gives it a personal feel to allow you to empathise with the characters. I could go on about the cinematography more but I have more.

Fourth, the music by Eric Serra. I really enjoyed the music more and more with each viewing as I came to realize that the soundtrack was orchestrated specifically after each scene was filmed and then the music was designed to match what was happening on screen. Sometimes, I watch the movie and just pay close attention to the details in the music. It creates a whole new perspective.

Fifth, the acting and the casting. Jean Reno plays Leon so perfectly. You really can sense what the character is about. The soft spoken hitman who is like a child in many ways but extremely skilled at his job. Natalie Portman plays the street wise Mathilda who has to pull off one hell of a performance. Many say it is her best role and I agree. Much of the acting by both of these characters is done with simple facial expression. The dialogue between these two leaves you wanting to see more. Danny Aiello as Tony. Gotta love Tony. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Its open to debate and thats the way it is intended. Gary Oldman as Stansfield - The bad cop - what can you say? he plays the role over the top and is perfect and nuts.

Sixth, Luc Besson, director, writer and visionary who saw the potential of this film and went for it. How could anyone expect a movie that has a hitman who protects a twelve year old girl who falls in love with him and wants to be trained as an assassin to be a great film? Luc and Co. realized the dre am and brought the right people on board to make this very special film. I am amazed that it even came to be. He rested 50% of the acting chores on a 12 yr. old girl with no acting lessons or experience - his film depended on her and he was a little worried, no doubt. But he showed her what he needed from her and she gave everything she had... and it shows.

All I can say is this movie is like a song that I never grow tired off. I know there are others who fell the same way. Feel free to email me and join the Leon fan club on yahoo. 10 out of 10, of course.

Very well executed
This film was absolutely amazing. I have spent hours re-watching various scenes and noticing all the perfection with which they are acted and directed. It's not the violence or action sequences that make this movie so great (although they are well done...), but rather moments like where Mathilda knocks on Leon's door. It would be so easy to just film the door opening, but instead we see light illuminating Natalie Portman's face, symbolizing something angelic. And the moment has so much more meaning.

I know a lot of people who have seen this film because they are action fans. I'm not. But I'm glad I finally found it, because it's a wonderful film in so many other ways.
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