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USA, Italy, UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, China
Action, Adventure, War, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Patty Jenkins
Eugene Brave Rock as The Chief
Lilly Aspell as Young Diana (8)
Ann Wolfe as Artemis (as Ann J. Wolfe)
Danny Huston as Ludendorff
Lisa Loven as Menalippe
Lucy Davis as Etta
Gal Gadot as Diana
Elena Anaya as Dr. Maru
David Thewlis as Sir Patrick
Saïd Taghmaoui as Sameer
Ewen Bremner as Charlie
Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta
Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
Storyline: Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when a pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers and her true destiny.
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Over-hyped, far too long and for the majority of its run time plain boring.
All those ratings have got to be fake. I can and will not believe that most people ACTUALLY thought this movie was good.

It took literally until one hour and 14 minutes, half way through the whole film, to FINALLY get some action sequences that are longer than 5 seconds! Everything beforehand is boring preparation garbage and stupid dialogues by uninteresting, cliché characters nobody cares about mixed with some dad-jokes even immature teenagers would heartily yawn at.

The end was also really, really cheesy, completely "ex machina" and bad... seriously, who wrote this crap?

Compared to other action hero flicks this falls super flat on all fronts: Uninspired story and antagonists, far too little action, too much blabbering and cringey PEGI-13 fillers and jokes.

2/10, this movie is utter trash so don't waste your time.
IMDb has failed me.
For as long as I could remember this website was a beacon of light guiding me throughout a vast ocean of bad movies, actors and directors. Tonight, i feel disappointed. This picture was SO AWFUL I don't know even where to begin. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that it has 8.0+ score?

Gal Gadot is beautiful, sexy and physically looks like Diana Prince, but she's not an actress. Well, at least not for a character with this depth. I actually felt sorry for Chris Pine, which is the only salvageable thing in this 2h20min disaster.

The movie has zero continuity, it's so bad written it makes you wonder how these guys ever got into a position to have had the chance to write something like this. It seems as an 11 year old could have written it on the car ride before school.

I don't want even get started on the details, because everything major on this was wrong.

From now on, I'm not sure how I'll trust IMDb again.
An Unfunny Comedy of Errors
First of all, I'm a woman and I'm pro gender equality and both men's and women's rights.. and no this is not about armpit hair or female power. I don't think art owes anyone anything. Here's why this movie sucks on its own merits:

1- Out of all the Amazonians in the movie, Gal Gadot looks the weakest and least fight- ready. She could've hit the gym as in her current physique compared to women twice her age in the movie she looks like the one who had to sleep with the coach to make the team. Her having the only Hamstrings that swing like jelly amid a fight scene full of women in their fifties makes you wonder.

2- Choosing the First World War as a background was a horrible idea! I felt I was watching a war movie gone bad. Depressing, ugly, frustrating and sad to watch to the point of distraction. What happened in WWI was too tragic even for a superhero to fix. Terrible juxtaposition insulting the sensibility of any person who read anything of value about that war.

3- The introduction of how brave a child she was, was way too lengthy and culminating into some of the most stupid scenes I've ever watched. All that hogwash about not telling Wonderwoman who she "really" was ends up getting on your nerves.

4- She sees a mortal from earth for the very first time and all the movie has to allude to in their early conversations is his (according to him) "above average" penis??? Come on!

5- She was annoyingly naive! More like wonder sissy not wonder WOMAN. Hissy fits ooh take me to your leader!

6- The God of war, the super evil devil like character she has to fight is an elderly guy completely out of shape and appears to be more like the God of Arthritis. I thought Gods don't age judging by the fact that she doesn't! Only male Gods do? Now that's sexist.

7- I would like to register here my great disdain (eff you Hollywood) for making the villain in the movie someone with a scarred face. So pretty people can't be villains? In fact all the villains are either old, fat or scarred.

8- My second eff you Hollywood moment came when the spy object of wonder "woman"'s (she was a virgin in the movie so please take note) affection decides to save the world by flying away in a plane loaded with all the lethal gas grenades but lo and behold instead of a million sane solutions he decides to commit suicide for the cause making the plane explode in the air with him in it. I thought this is pretty much the same Jihadi principle of heroic suicide!! Bad, bad, bad! Not to mention that such gas would kill people anyway in that nearby village they were banging on about the entire time. I'm not even gonna go over the scientific bullshit this movie is full of and historical inaccuracies, or plain stupidity because boy oh boy that will take all night .. but just one thing because it's really REALLY getting on my nerves... how does a woman stuff a long sword down the back of revealing dress having the blade go all the way down her ass (if that's even possible at all), then a villain wraps his arm around her back to dance without feeling it? Have the idiots who wrote this scene ever held or seen a real sword? Do they know real swords aren't bendy? Wtf?

9- I'm not sure why there was a Red Indian guy in the British barracks helping an English spy. Why Red Indian? Bring in the Chinese community because the actor looks Chinese? Method in the madness or just madness?

10- The fight scenes are lame and boring. Really boring! In one instance they had to speed the frame to make Gadot look like she's doing something and they didn't even bother mask the fact the scene was sped up digitally.

11- If Wonder "woman" kills the god of war making all the German soldiers have an awakening kissing and hugging each other in great relief they just lost (criiiiinnnggggeee moment), how come WWII started only 19 years later? Did they think we will just forget about that one because it's only a movie? Why not choose the background to be WWII so it'll make more sense (if that's even possible for this movie?) ...

12- I felt I was watching an American wrestling WWF show gone really bad... at one point, the men actually give Wonder "woman" a simple leg up for her to fly high in the air to destroy a tower with her bare fist. Which reminds me, my husband needs me to help give his nuclear rocket a piggyback ride into outer space, so I'll talk to you later.
Not worth the price of admission
I wasted about 45 minutes before I had to leave. That says a lot for me because I am a cheapskate and had paid for a double feature. I couldn't bear to wait through this one for the other.

It was a pretty film, but as with many others in the current generation, fell way short in content. Kind of a beauty is only skin deep kind of thing. My daddy always told me that it was the heart and soul that counts, and this movie has none of that. It was full of tired clichés, presented in a way that made me feel somehow like the director was a cheesy 1950's misogynist trying to make a buck off of girls and women for which he had no real respect.

It is a wonder women allowed themselves to be represented this way, but hey, maybe it redeemed itself in the second half. I just could not waste the time to find out.
Inspirational and heart-wrenching
It's no secret that the DCEU had a rough start. I personally did not like Suicide Squad or Man of Steel and, although I enjoyed Batman vs. Superman, I know that it is not a very good movie. Wonder Woman needed to be good. This universe was in dire need of a win and they absolutely got one with this movie.

First off, Wonder Woman herself was absolutely brilliant in this film. She was bright, hopeful, and innocent and was unbelievably likable. Gal Gadot played her wonderfully and I cannot wait to see more of her. I really felt that I had connected with this character on so many levels. Chris Pine's character was not particularly deep, but I still cared about him and loved his relationship with Diana Prince. They had fantastic chemistry and the way that they taught each other about each other's worlds was brilliant and made for some excellent comedy as well. I was incredibly saddened when Chris Pine's character sacrificed himself at the end of the film and Wonder Woman's tear- jerking reaction was very emotionally involving.

The action was fantastic, but that was no surprise since it looked so good in the trailers. The World War I sequence was ridiculously entertaining and I wish I could have seen more of it. The final sequence with Ares was also extremely exciting.

My favorite scene in the film was when Steve warned Diana not to cross No Man's Land and she climbs the ladder anyway. I got goosebumps all over and was on the edge of my seat. That scene was Grade-A filmmaking. Wonder Woman is extremely inspirational in this movie and that scene embodies her character. Scenes like that were the most memorable for me. As awesome as the action was, the moments that flesh out her character and her relationship with Steve were the best part of the film.

My main issues with the film mostly involve the villains. Dr. Poison seemed like she would be an intriguing character, but felt very bland and the movie never revealed what her true motivations were. General Ludendorff was an actual person in WWI, but his presence felt somewhat unnecessary and I did not feel that he was a great villain. The gas that he used to give him strength was also not needed and felt utterly pointless and out of place in the movie. I liked Ares, but the reveal of who his character actually was somewhat cheap. His motivations for showing the ugly side of humanity were very similar to Heath Ledger's Joker and I did enjoy that. My other main negative was that I also would have liked more emotional moments while Wonder Woman was on Themyscira, but I was satisfied with what we got in that particular part of the movie.

Another great element of this movie was the fact that it stands on its own. There's no forced reveal of any of the Justice League characters nor is there an unnecessary setup for that movie. You could argue that this is because of the time period that this movie takes place in, but I think that Patty Jenkins really wanted to make a film that was separated from the other DCEU movies. I absolutely loved the opening scene in which she opens up a suitcase from Bruce Wayne and views the picture of her from WWI. It was the perfect way to tie the film into DCEU without going overboard. It was also the perfect way to set the stage for Diana Prince's story. The closing scene where she thanked Wayne via Email was also cool.

The movie is also incredibly well-directed. Patty Jenkins is a true talent and I look forward to seeing what else she does in the DCEU and beyond. The movie is colorful, vibrant, and lively and looks utterly gorgeous. I loved the stark contrast between the clean, tropical Themyscira and the dirty, war-torn locations outside of it.

Overall, Wonder Woman really gave the DCEU the push it needed. Wonder Woman now has a fantastic backstory which will really add to her character going forward. I cannot wait to see this character in Justice League and I look forward to seeing the movie many more times.

8/10 Grade: A-
Bad. Really bad.
Warning Spoilers!!!!!! I was very dissatisfied with this movie. I did not live up to the hype or the reviews it was getting. Here is why: I thought it was going to be done as realistically as possible other than the fact there was an amazon goddess. Instead what I got was incorrect Greek Mythology. The movie also presented general Ludendorff as the "main enemy" when actually after Ludendorff was killed Kaiser was still alive so the war was not over. Kaiser also had no board to consult with to negotiate an armistice because Ludendorff and "professor poison" killed them all. As a person who knows about WW1 history I was extremely disappointed. There were also three characters that they tried to implement but were not memorable at all. I can't even remember they're names and I watched the movie half an hour ago. One of them was a sniper who apparently can't shoot! For this point I have to give a little backstory. Professor poison made a mustard gas that substitutes sulfur for hydrogen making gas masks useless. Ludendorff then puts the gas in bombs and the bombs on a plane. There is a moment where all the bombs are exposed while being carted to the plane. It is later revealed that the gas is flammable (well obviously, it's hydrogen!!). So if this sniper guy shot the bombs then they would instantly catch on fire and the death of many (including one of the main characters) could have been avoided.
This is NOT what a Female Lead movie should be like
I never write reviews on IMDb, but I disagree so much with the 8+ rating I had no choice.

The aspect which bothered me the most about this movie, is that it is portrayed as a movie with a strong female lead. I expected Wonder Woman to be this cool warrior, being strong and independent and all that other things strong women should be. But in fact, Wonder Woman was just dragged from location to location by Steve. Every time Wonder Woman showed some fierce or anger, she was being shushed and told to leave (which she did). When Wonder Woman was introduced, the first thing mentioned is how beautiful she is. Further on, where are her muscles???! She is supposed to be a strong warrior, but apparently Hollywoods beauty standards are more important to portray. Another female aspect which was emphasized was her emotional side. In several occasions Wonder Woman portrayed empathy to humans, animals etc. which left her almost crying. The men in her environment told her to let it go (aka don't be such a pussy), while they showed no signs of emotion as the stereotype man. It is like Hollywood had the intention to make a movie with a female lead, but in the process decided that the female should be portrayed as usually is; beautiful, emotionally weak, needs to be controlled.

And now I have not even started with all the other aspects which makes this film so bad. Flat characters with very flat lines. Almost every line is some stupid one-liner full of clichés. The makers started off with WWII but halfway through switched to trenches and gas aka WWI? I guess WWII was not interesting enough. Furthermore, the story followed the typical story line build up, no surprises there. And of course more things which did not make sense at all (the gas in the plane would kill everyone in an area of 130km square if grounded, but hey if I fly it 500 meters up and blow it up no problem). The last line of the film and thus conclusion made the whole film silly: only love can save the world... OH come on!
Why do the heroes always have to be stupid to be brave?
Heroes always gotta be stupid. Referring to Captain America not jumping out of plane and just leaving it to go straight into the ocean. And of course this. Where the hero does the exact same thing. No parachute on board this freaking airplane? Dive it into the sea then jump the hell out at a distance where you can still float to land? Instead of blowing yourself up like a god damn idiot. for no reason at all.

Still. A good movie. Good action blockbuster fun. A few remarks such as told to have it go any higher.

Another fail for DC Comics...
This movie had a great idea that was horribly developed, same problem with other movies from DC Comics.

Characters with no purpose and badly developed, you never even get to understand some of these characters by the end of the movie. To many holes in the plot, a lot of things just don't make sense. Even the "romance" in the movie just seemed rushed and forced.

I think DC Comics needs to start focusing on elaborating their stories and characters, they give too much thought to special effects (only good thing about this movie), so the plot ends up being a confusing, inaccurate, cheesy, ridiculous mess.

I am actually surprised that Patty Jenkins directed this, I love The Killing and Monster (both masterpieces), but this movie has some disappointing directing.
WW = Watta Waste
Zack Snyder strikes again. He wrote the script. It shows!

No character development - this is an origin story. I wanted to see how Diana becomes Wonder woman, what experiences shape her on her journey, is she ever at conflict with her values? There is no single incident that actually affects or moulds her in anyway. Diana is essentially WW at the beginning of the movie. She does not grow into or earn this role. Nothing shapes or impacts her after she is WW either. She falls in love but would she have been a different WW otherwise? NO!

In Iron Man, it took 2/3 of the movie, failures and multiple iterations, for Tony Stark to become Iron Man. His experience in the cave and learning that his weapons are used by terrorists, deeply impact and change him. Spider-man has to live with the guilt of his uncle's death, learn to use his powers, understand the balance of power and responsibility. Thor is born with all the power but it takes a whole movie for him to learn what it means to be a hero. Captain America has to become a leader and earn everyone's respect. Batman, Doctor Strange... there are so many examples of origin stories. The self discovery and growth are not implied, they are core and intrinsic to the story. WW does not have this core - she has an objective which is entirely different. For this reason alone, this movie is an epic fail in my book.

Themyscira: I just hated this in its entirety

- Weird accent. Gal Gadot couldn't fake an American accent, so they had everyone else try to talk like her.

- Young Diana. The primary purpose is to elicit a 'cho chweet' response. She is a demi-god. There is no self discovery... why is she different, stronger than everyone else; how does that affect her?

- The 'train her, don't train her' non-issue. Diana gets combat trained despite her mother (and Queen!) not consenting. The arising conflict should have taken more than 2 lines of dialogue to be resolved. This would have also impacted Diana, her mother didn't want her to learn combat and suddenly wants her to be the best. Why? This is a page right out of Zack Snyder's Martha handbook of resolving issues.

- Fighting. The creative decision was that Amazonians don't fight, they ballet. Every jump, swing from a rope, shooting an arrow, getting off a horse is a dance move. It just looked ridiculous.

Strike a pose: WW literally poses in each and every shot. She has her shoulders pushed back like she is trying to make her shoulder blades meet. It looks unnatural and odd. The poses are the exact same as in BvS. There is...wrists crossed in front of the face, crouching behind the shield, standing in a wide stance and the jumping pose with one knee bent. And they are shot exactly the same as in BvS. They probably just reused clips. They are not poses in the middle of a range of movements. It's pose, pause for 5 secs, next pose, pause for 5, repeat.

Humour: This is not comic relief. They dedicated a continuous 15-20 min segment and it all stems from the cultural differences between the Amazonians and us. The bath scene, sleeping in the boat, the secretary, the clothes trials... all stems from the same issue. It's the same material stretched for 15 mins and frankly gets tiresome.

Villain: In a weak attempt to create twist, the villain is introduced late in the film. There is no time to associate with the character. The villain exists simply as someone to be fought.

Final battle: Visually, this sequence is identical to the doomsday fight in BvS. If someone mashes these 2 scenes up, it will be hard to differentiate one from the other.

The McGuffin: There is no reason given why WW goes into hiding. What is the entire deal with the photograph and the secrecy? There's so much focus on this but it's not resolved.

Gol Gadot: O!M!G! Could there possibly be a better WW? But she's posing and grunting though the entire movie. Very off putting. Her acting skills fluctuate quite a bit too. Perhaps since her character also fluctuates. WW goes from being head strong, doing what SHE wants, to naive and easily persuaded, to emotionally distraught by the horrors of war, to a super hero that's reckless. BTW since she has no clue of the real world, how does she know if she's fighting on the right side? Also considering Amazonians are warriors, for whom battle training is the only form of recreation, why is she horrified by war?

Fight Choreography: Other than the training sequence, the choreography is a close second if not at par with the fights in Captain America 2 but the slow motion ruins it completely. It's not used to accentuate the fight, every punch goes in to slo-mo. If! everything! is! accentuated! nothing! stands! out! This coupled with the grunting just spoils each fight.

Chris Pine: The best thing in the movie by a mile. His is the only character given some depth and Chris Pine did justice to the role.

I understand the cultural, social and contemporary significance of this movie. But that is not reason enough for me to love it. I feel it completely failed to live up to the hype, even though reviews and box office prove contrary. But there may be a silver lining here. All the hype shows the love for WW and how long overdue the movie really is. I'm hoping they are going to make another one soon and I hope it's going to be far better. Isn't that what a superhero movie is about...hope?
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