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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Craig Johnson
Woody Harrelson as Wilson
James Robert Miller as Bearded Man
Kimora Collins as Granddaughter
Sandy Oian-Thomas as Dog Lover
Shaun Brown as Laptop Man
Andrew Hawtrey as Commuter
Lauren Weedman as Cat Lady
Richard Ooms as Edwin (as Richard G. Ooms)
Tonita Castro as Nanny
Brett Gelman as Robert
Judy Greer as Shelly
Storyline: Harrelson stars as Wilson, a lonely, neurotic and hilariously honest middle-aged misanthrope who reunites with his estranged wife (Laura Dern) and gets a shot at happiness when he learns he has a teenage daughter (Isabella Amara) he has never met. In his uniquely outrageous and slightly twisted way, he sets out to connect with her.
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It May Have Been a Good Graphic Novel
This is a story about how Woody Harrelson is a jerk, but everyone else is too, and they punch him. This is supposed to elicit sympathy from the audience. When his father dies, he reaches out to ex-wife Laura Dern, because hey, you know, sympathy sex. He discovers that when she had left him, had an abortion and gone into a drug-fueled spiral, she hadn't had an abortion, but had given out the kid for adoption. They track her down, stalk her a bit in a non-threatening manner, and deal with people being jerks and punching Woody Harrelson. Eventually, Dern moves to Australia, Harrelson shacks up with a young, beautiful woman and things turn out well for him, despite the fact that he is still a jerk -- he just doesn't punch anyone. By the standards of this particular Cinematic Universe, this makes him a Good Person who Deserves All Good Things and gets them.

In short, this is a bad movie with good performances. There are quirky individuals and snide commentary about how people are jerks, but nothing changes, and you are left with numerous questions about what is going on. How does Wilson live? Why can he take off to go stalk various relatives without worrying about money? Aren't there any adults anywhere? If it weren't for Harrelson's straightforward, oblivious idiocy, this would be unwatchable.
Harrelson has a field day
Wilson (2017) *** Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern, Isabella Amara, Cheryl Hines, Judy Greer, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Margo Martindale. Harrelson has a field day as a well-intentioned misanthropic man who attempts to rekindle a romance with his ex (Dern) and learning that they have a daughter who he wants very much to be reunited with in spite of his non-filter spillage of whatever's on his mind much to his detriment. Based on Daniel Clowe's graphic novel the film attempts to make such an unpleasant sort, sort of pleasant thanks largely to the wait-and-see-how-this-goes direction by Craig Johnson in allowing the characters to show themselves for who they are, warts and all. Frequently funny and surprisingly tender at times the well-meaning protagonist scores albeit with a prickly defense mechanism that indeed can be grating.
The man who'd lost everything, is set to redefine his life.
From the director of 'The Skeleton Key', I can see his style of filmmaking as I'd watched these two films of him. That makes him a stylish filmmaker of his own style. This kind of story narration is not for everyone. But surely there are people for it. This is not a very good film, but simply a good film.

It revolved around a character who is kind of an anti-social. He has lost everything one by one in his life and now his close buddy who moved far away and then his father who has just died. So he decides to find his ex wife, and with that he comes to know some long hidden secret. Going after it, his life forever changes which is what covered in the remaining film.

It was Woody Harrelson's show. But I quite liked Laura Dern as well. It was a long time after seeing her in this kind of absorbing role, yeah, except recently from 'Wild'. And there was Judy Greer, who was not bad either. So the casting was fantastic and the story was a lot better than you could judge it from its poster.

Not an unusual storyline, but well adapted from the graphic novel of the same name. You might get impressed by it, so I say try it, despite low ratings. Anyway, I had a nice time with it. A sweet and short film, which's mostly out of real world logics. But serves its purpose, that's entertaining its audience.

True to the Graphic Novel
A slice of life is how I describe these movies, where one sees the common and mundane in a certain context.

Wilson is the story of an average misunderstood man from another time who is shown as hurting and caring but perseveres to try and find meaning in his otherwise drab existence. An average man who, by today's standards, is the bogeyman but as this poster can attest, speaks of an era where people were unique and opinionated instead of self-absorbed and indifferent.

I am looking forward to a second viewing to further see the depth of Harrelson's Wilson. And if there are other Clowes/Eightball fans out there who haven't seen Wilson yet, I recommend it. I also hope The Death-Ray and Ice Haven are made into movies.
"I always wondered why I was like this. Now I know."
"Why do people live in the suburbs...It's like living death." As expected Woody Harrelson puts in another good performance. The overall story and script is, for the majority of the picture, honed very well and provides an abundance of memorable lines and nice moments. The whole concept of the film/book and the protagonist's tribulations are good entertainment value. There are some nice observations of modern life and the few remaining individuals who refuse to fall victim to it,and/or jump in with the crowd.

"This is my house." "How can you tell?" However, this film goes quite swimmingly until the bleak final quarter. The humour and observations turn sour, and perhaps this is realistic. The world we are presented with in the second half is bitterly cold and populated with brutal individualistic yet conformist aimless souls. After having been presented with the horrible ex, the daughter, as well as the sadistic ex's sister, the final quarter shows the formerly irrepressible Wilson succumbing to the mundanity of modern life as he settles in with his new modern girlfriend.

"Was I wrong?" By the end of the film, his stubbornness to remain himself is replaced with the realisation that it doesn't help to be right (or for that matter free, or himself) and indeed it's probably worse. This character portrait is colourful and entertaining, but the the fun is suddenly deflated and it brings the viewer shuddering down into reality as Wilson is forced to accept the drab existence, the technology, and the pointlessness of modern life.

"Insert ass rape joke here." The tragic ending of Wilson using skype, or indeed even considering moving to Portland.
I'm not a psycho, lady.
Wilson (Woody Harrelson) is a neurotic loner who has a dog for company. He has a habit of talking to strangers that don't want to be bothered. When his father passes away, Wilson tries to connect to his past, including his crack smoking street prostitute ex-wife played by Laura Dern with stringy hair. She gives him information that gives Wilson hope for the future...a quest.

Wilson was a guy you could pity and laugh at with his neurotic tendencies, making the film a comedy which suddenly turns into violence in a few scenes, changing the tone of the film for a moment. We really know very little about Wilson, like his former occupation. He does stuff that is wrong, but doesn't realize how frequently he crosses lines. He lives a life of loneliness with fleeting moments of happiness. The film had its ups and downs and didn't work when it attempted to be a drama.

Guide: F-word. Sex. no nudity.
A sentimental and heartfelt funny comedy that's mixed with drama and sorrow.
"Wilson" is one of those movies as you watch you feel entertained as it's blended with drama and comedy and it's a tale of an underdog guy with a good heart who's just trying to fit into today's world. Woody Harrelson stars as Wilson an old fashioned lonely set in his ways kind of guy who would like to talk instead of sending an email. And of late Wilson's life is in the toilet as his father has just past away. So finally for some connection Wilson relocates his ex wife(Laura Dern)who's middle aged yet still sexy and full of life, and some one night stands begin between the two! To top it off with the frosting on the cake Wilson learns of a teenage daughter(Isabella Amara) that he never meet. In Wilson's brash and blunt crazy ways he makes a reconnect only to have it spin a little bit out of control and change his life. Overall this little comedy drama looks at life, love, and reconnecting with family while in the end it shows it can bring happiness.
Even bad-boy Woody can't make this a comedy.
When titular anti-hero Wilson (Woody Harrelson) says suburbia is a "living death," he could also be talking about himself as a curmudgeon dissing everyone he sees while crying for the family life he's never had. That extreme tonal shift characterizes his bifurcated personality and the film itself.

In other words, this film is so deaf that it is almost impossible to see it as the comedy the producers would like us to experience. Although Harrelson brings his patented innocent bad-boy persona, he can't save the result from mediocre dialogue and inscrutable characterization.

As it all begins, Wilson's voice-over is larded with misanthropy spread over the landscape from a sweet dog lover (Sandy Olan) to any young person he meets, except his long lost daughter, Claire (Isabella Amara). The latter supposedly transforms his life after he seeks her out.

Fawning over his indifferent daughter emphasizes his lack of insight, despite his constant chatter about his disappointment with modern life, frequently spot on, if not unkind. His attempt to reunite with his estimable former wife, Pippi (Laura Dern), shows the other side of solid insight. By the end of the film, I felt I was battered from one side of the ring to the other with no real winner and a definite loser in Wilson.

Jack Nicholson did a remarkable job as a reforming curmudgeon in About Schmidt, as did a score of fine actors playing Scrooge. The film Wilson just doesn't fit because it lacks character focus. That Woody brings the requisite jaded innocence is a given; that the screenplay gives him nothing to hang the character on is a flaw in an otherwise interesting concept about the middle-aged pessimist turned optimist.

Because this film is adapted by the graphic novelist, Daniel Clowes, who created the protagonist, it's fair to say Clowes caught the cartoon-like irony of the comic book but lost the sense of character consistency so much a hallmark of a mature novel set to film. If you want bleak and dark with a light touch, the work of Todd Solondz would fit your needs. Clowes not so much.
omg, this was hilarious!
This movie had me laughing so much I'm gonna have to watch it again because I missed some of the dialog due to not being able to stop laughing. There is a lot of foul language because Woody's character has no filter, and that's part of the humor. Unlike most movies made these days, there's a purpose and method to the language. It's not just foul language for the sake of foul language. Having said that, it's probably best to watch alone, or with someone you know is not sensitive to foul language. Woody does an excellent job with his character, although I get the feeling it wasn't much of a stretch for him. This may be the best I've seen from Woody. Excellent movie!
A meandering character piece
In the beginning of "Wilson," Woody Harrelson's loser character laments the rise of people on social media and zoning out listening to earbuds, mourning the death of human interaction. Then, he shows us the reason why people listen to headphones in public: so they don't get in inane conversations with people like him. As with Ghost World (and Art School Confidential, less successfully) Daniel Clowes adapts his basically plot less comic into a feature length film, shoehorning a plot into what was just a character piece. Really, this is just the misadventures of a socially awkward, overly truthful, but extroverted person. But the pinned on plot concerns Wilson reuniting with his troubled ex, finding their bullied daughter who'd been adopted away, getting in trouble for contacting said daughter, and forming a new relationship with a yoga instructor. When his reunion with his daughter goes south, this previously lighthearted movie becomes too serious. The audience, who was all chuckles before, suddenly didn't know how to react to violent situations and dangerous people. I can't say the movie would have been successful without this situation. IT still concerns a man who it is hard to like. But adding dark elements to a comedy and then returning to the comedy does not seem to work. The seemingly upbeat ending, too, seems fastened on. The filmmakers wanted to end on a note of hope, so they stuck in a rather cliché sentiment that does not add much to either the story or the overall theme. I have enjoyed many movies about oddballs and social outcasts, but this one just does not manage to reconcile its story elements and its themes. I wasn't crazy about the source material either.

PS: Who came up with the advertising image of two men at a urinal? What are people making of it?
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