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Crime, Comedy
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Rawson Marshall Thurber
Thomas Lennon as Rick Nathanson
Laura-Leigh as Kymberly
Tomer Sisley as Pablo Chacon
Nick Offerman as Don Fitzgerald
Matthew Willig as One-Eye
Mark L. Young as Scottie P.
Kathryn Hahn as Edie Fitzgerald
Ed Helms as Brad Gurdlinger
Will Poulter as Kenny Rossmore
Jason Sudeikis as David Clark
Emma Roberts as Casey Mathis
Ken Marino as Todd - Strip Club Owner
Luis Guzmán as Mexican Cop
Jennifer Aniston as Rose O'Reilly
Storyline: After being robbed of a week's take, small-time pot dealer David is forced by his boss to go to Mexico to pick up a load of marijuana. In order to improve his odds of making it past the border, David asks the broke stripper Rose and two local teenagers to join him and pretend they're on a family holiday.
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another road trip comedy
The idea behind this movie is nothing really new. It's a road trip, this time to Mexico. A small time drug dealer, David, owes his supplier. In order to pay the debt, he must deliver a shipment of drugs from Mexico to the US. He "hires" a family to help him to seem less suspicious. They get the drugs then hi-jinx ensues. Of course, they are chased, there's some poll dancing, a huge spider, a lesson on kissing.

All of it was amusing and it was one of Jennifer Aniston's better comedic roles. Kenny was the funniest character, with his naivety and shocked that he wasn't getting paid.

FINAL VERDICT: It was OK, decent for a light weight comedy.
Disappointing but watchable
In the history of "Saturday Night Live", very few have made for strong leading men. With the exceptions of a handful of names like Chris Farley or Eddie Murphy, most SNL cast members that try to become movie stars inevitably end up failing. Jason Sudekis has unsurprisingly found himself in a number of high profile studio features the past few years. Although he certainly stole the show in films like Horrible Bosses and Hall Pass, We're the Miller is arguably Sudekis first real starring role in a studio comedy. Wisely, the screenplay largely offers Sudekis the chance to play in the two modes he does best: smarmy and charming. Playing David Clark, a small-time drug dealer who hires a group of loners to pose as his family so he can smuggle marijuana into Mexico, Sudekis is perfectly suited for the role and the first act indicates that his character is going to make We're the Millers the comedy of the year. Unfortunately, just as the film should be picking up, the script and direction slow everything down. As a road movie, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. It's simply part of the formula. But the sheer obviousness and predictability of We're the Millers ultimately kills the comedy. Maybe it's because I've seen too many comedies of this ilk, but I saw almost every big gag coming a mile away. What could have made for great character-orientated comedy becomes situation-oriented at every turn and what should come across as funny simply comes across as inevitable. Some of the over-the-top situations seem to have the potential to be hilarious, but ultimately end up being groan-worthy or disappointing in execution. To its credit, while the sight gags are fairly lame, there are enough memorable lines in the picture to keep it from being a waste of time. Whether most of the lines were scripted or improvised are anybody's guess, though this is one of the rare cases where dialogue almost completely saves a film. Every time I laughed was the result of a funny line of dialogue as opposed to something that actually happened on screen. It helps that both Emma Roberts and Will Poulter, playing the fake children, can deliver raunchy dialogue naturally without the lines sounding forced. As the fake mother, Jennifer Aniston isn't giving nearly as many good lines as she probably should have been. The potential for her character in particular seems like something that was never fully realized during the production stage. On the other hand, the role is certainly different than the others roles Aniston has played recently so at least she's able to do something else here. The rest of the cast, from Ed Helms to Luis Guzman, is generally wasted in roles that could have been cut down without any effect on the overall story. At almost two hours, the running time is about ten minutes longer than necessary for a silly comedy. At the very least, the ending is interesting enough and not a complete and total cop-out. Given the extreme success of We're the Millers at the box office, there is no doubt in my mind that a sequel will be on the way shortly. Given a bit more originality and less obvious plotting, there is the potential for a better sequel. It's possible I may grow to like We're the Millers more with another viewing. However, for now the flick stands as a disappointment given what could have been. 5/10
surprisingly funny
I came into this movie expecting not-too-good things about it, and might I say I was surprised. It involves a drug smuggler who has to run a job across the Mexican border for a dealer. Knowing he'd look suspicious by himself, he puts together a makeshift "family" with three people he's familiar with:his stripper neighbor, a teenage girl runaway, and a horny teenage boy. They fly to Arizona and rent an RV. Hilarious complications ensue. Despite their characters and predicaments, they are shown to think fast on their feet with the bad guys sometimes, and the bad guys manage to track them down after they get the drugs, and some DEA agents find them and wind up accompanying them on their trip.

90s songs and allusions pop up during this movie. It was fairly funny from start to finish, and the main cast works well together. I think this was a great idea for a movie! *** out of ****
A Fun But Heavily Flawed Romp
"We're the Millers" is a film aiming to be an unconventional and irreverent R-rated comedy and somehow missed its margin by a devastatingly huge amount. The events that happen in this picture should be grounds for genius comedic situations and fresh dialogue snapping one great line after another. Unfortunately, what we get is a lumbering comedy that relies too much on clichés, even despite the fact that the movie clearly wants to be different and edgy. A fake-out family road trip to smuggle a surplus of weed is essentially the plot of the film. I could think of a million funny family satire that could have spawned from that idea. But fortunately, this movie uses on some occasions, very clever moments of inspired comic genius. There aren't enough of them, but whenever a joke hits in this movie, it hits pretty hard. I enjoy a nice big laugh in a movie, even within a movie thats not all that great. I have to say, i loved the choice of casting. It really can't get much better than the people they chose to be the Millers. Jason Sudeikis plays his charming average joe character so playfully, you honestly can't help but fall in love with whatever he does. Jennifer Aniston is… well.. the most perfect woman to ever grace the earth (one man's opinion obviously). Even Ed Helms gets in a couple of yuks! So it goes without saying, We're the Millers is not a bad movie. Its actually worth your while in watching.
You're kidding me, right? Right?!
No one will say this review helped them. I am absolutely astounded it gets as many stars and allocades as it does. "Best comedy"???? Please. This gratuitous profanity ridden (No, I'm not offended; it's just not necessary) piece of crap is not worth the bytes it takes to store.

Sure, you'll get some sophomoric laughs. Who wouldn't laugh if a nerdy kid got bitten by a spider so his right testicle swelled up to the size of a tennis ball, and he dropped his pants and showed everyone how little endowed he was. I mean, Hardy! Har! Har! That's just so funny!!! Hurry and put it on YouTube cause it'll get a million hits! Ha ha ha ha ha! Or how about the sex-starved housewife who actually (This was really hard!) touched another woman's breasts! WOW! That is just so risqué! Seriously, you thought this was a good movie? Really? Good Lord.
The funniest scenes took place during the ending credits
"This is not a smidge of pot! You got me moving enough weed to kill Willie Nelson, man!"

We're the Millers is a raunchy comedy with some funny moments. It's an entertaining movie, but ultimately the script felt a bit lazy. The premise and the cast promised more, but director Rawson Marshall Thurber uses jokes and gags we've seen in other comedies. I did laugh at several scenes and there were some great lines, but I can't just judge a comedy based on that because usually I will laugh at anything. You know there is a problem with a comedy when all the audience laughs more during the end credits in the blooper reals than during the entire film. There are some awkward and uncomfortable scenes as well, and I didn't like the fact that they made all the lovable families look uncool and act as dorks in this film. Jason Sudeikis is a great actor and I would love to see him starring in more comedies. He has great comedic timing and delivers his lines with a perfect precision. Jennifer Aniston is also a very likable actress despite the fact that she really hasn't made a great film, but there is something about her that draws the audience. Will Poulter was the star of this film as he had the funniest scenes. He didn't have to say much, his facial expression alone was hilarious. This is the first comedy I've seen him in, although he did have some funny scenes in the last Narnia movie. Emma Roberts was probably the weakest link in this film, but I wouldn't blame her because her character was the least developed in the film. Ed Helms was a big disappointment for me here, his performance was way over the top, but Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) was effortlesly hilarious. I was a huge fan of Thurber's earlier film, Dodgeball (perhaps one of the few people who enjoyed that movie), but I can't give him a passing grade for this movie although I didn't have a bad time either.

David (Jason Sudeikis) is a low profile pot dealer who receives his supplies from Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms). After getting robbed during a deal, Brad forces him to go to Mexico and bring back his latest marihuana shipment in order to pay his debt. Being a small dealer David has no idea how to cross the border as he realizes the consequences his actions may have. He believes that the best way to cross the border safely will be pretending he is on a family trip. The only problem is that he is single so he gets a local stripper named Rose (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend she is his wife, a streetwise angry teen named Casey (Emma Roberts), and his kind hearted neighbor Kenny (Will Poulter) to pretend they are his kids. He plans on getting across the border without problems by driving his apparently wonderful family on their big RV.

The funniest scene in the movie happened during the final credits, but I also though there were some funny moments here and there, like when Kenny realizes that David is paying Rose and Casey to come along with him, or when Kenny gets bit by a spider. I also enjoyed some of the pop cultural references like when David thought he was going to be killed because of the plastic he was standing on claiming to know what it means because he has watched Dexter. The cameo with Luis Guzman was pretty funny as well. Those were some of the silly moments, but nothing that stood out or that I will probably remember tomorrow. The film is predictable and you know where it is heading, but it still is an enjoyable movie.
Easy watching and enjoyed it!
Easy watching and quite funny! Enjoyed it! A drug dealer needs to payoff a dept and enlists the help of two neighbours and a homeless girl to help him traffic drugs from Mexico to the USA.

This wasn't the most complicated of plots, but still funny and very entertaining.

Jennifer Aniston was her usual funny self and looked amazing in the the 'stripper shots'.

This film turns out to be quite heartwarming with a fair amount of laughs. It is only an easy watching comedy so I don't feel that there is a huge amount more to say other than I don't regret watching it because it did made laugh! 6/10!
Through plain silliness, this is a funny movie
'We're the Millers' has got to be one of the funniest and most entertaining films I've seen in a long time. It makes for a refreshing change from the generic, politically correct garbage that is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid. At last, a comedy film that takes risks and doesn't go out of its way to avoid offending people.

Everything about this film is just plain silly. The plot is absurd, the characters are ridiculous, but it all contributes to a very funny, highly entertaining movie. Jason Sudeikis puts in one of the funniest performances I've seen from any actor in a comedy film. His facial expressions alone are enough to crack you up.

I didn't like the look of this film when it came out, but it proved to be a real hit. 'We're the Millers' is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time, and one I'm sure to revisit.
Lots of Fun
Its supposed to be a funny summer movie and it is. It delivers laugh out loud jokes with lots of sexual undertones and overtones. The story- line is set up for an off beat road movie; pick up a smidge of Mary Jane South of the border, down Mexico way and return it to Denver to pay off a debt to the drug dealer. Jason Sedakis is the drug dealer. He assembles a unlikely cast of characters as an ersatz family and off they go to Mexico. Jennifer Anniston plays a stripper, recruited to be the mom, and of course, she ends up in various situations wearing skimpy costumes and making penis jokes. What more could you possibly want?The other family members are a nerdy boy and a homeless girl. Both of them are hilarious for different reasons, the nebbish kid is sincere, honest and of course a willing dupe for all of the drug dealers schemes. Tension is added to the film by the appearance of a drug dealer who has been tricked into allowing his product to be sold to the wrong dealer and a DEA Agent and family that the Millers happen to befriend.
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