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Drama, War, Comedy
IMDB rating:
David Michôd
Anthony Michael Hall as Greg Pulver
RJ Cyler as Andy Moon
Keith Stanfield as Cpl. Billy Cole
Emory Cohen as Willy Dunne
Aymen Hamdouchi as Badi Basim
Meg Tilly as Jeannie McMahon
Daniel Betts as Simon Ball
Anthony Hayes as Pete Duckman
Alan Ruck as Pat McKinnon
Will Poulter as Ricky Ortega
Nicholas Jones as Dick Waddle
Topher Grace as Matt Little
John Magaro as Cory Staggart
Brad Pitt as Gen. Glen McMahon
Storyline: A general from the US is sent to Afghanistan to 'clean' the situation up after eight years of war in the country. He finds himself amongst tired soldiers and disillusioned politicians eager to leave. In this situation he feels his mission is to 'win' the war, something deemed impossible by everyone around him.
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Very interesting
I enjoyed this movie. I really liked all of the characters and liked the tone of the movie. It's pretty much a take on just how our military has not only it's hands tied and how the "old guard" is treated. As I see it we have a "mother may I" government that only supports those that play by the rules. Oh yeah, the rules are never explained, but watch out if you use anything you were trained to do as it may just bite you and your military career. Great ensemble cast and nice to see familiar actors.
funny 'Coen brothers' type movie
Being British I can see past our American cousins 'bad' reviews for thinking this film shows the 'American Spirit' in bad light.

Its a very enjoyable dark/dry comedy that shows the problems with a lot of wars.

Also Brad Pitt (who I used to hate) does some great acting, just like in Burn After Reading (which this film has the same sort feel about it)....this is what this movie reminds of, its very like the Coen Brothers films, in fact I thought it was a Coen brothers movie until I saw the credits and saw it wasn't...

The only issue with any casting I thought was Ben Kingsley, almost in a similar type of role he played in Iron Man 3... a Joke.. other than that its a good comedy.

watch it, you will enjoy it.
Nowadays Dr Strangelove?
For movies whose screenplay is supposed to be relevant (which are... all of them except the trashiest of entertainment) dubbing can be as damaging to the original as a tone-deaf song cover. In Italy (and in most central-southern Europe) since the dawn of commercial cinema distributors have developed a very capable dubbing industry: unfortunately I find that this "art" a lot of times does ruin the original. Why don't we have Mozart's requiem in Japanese? Isn't there a relevant market for classical music? Of course any music student is having shivers down his spine at the idea... because it's a stupid idea. But well... some had this idea 70 years ago and apparently none felt like it was worth to change things since.

As I doubt producers do care with what their paying customers do, I believe writers, directors and actors should require that their works will not be dubbed. But possibly they don't care either... And this tells a lot about the average education of these categories...

Anyway, in a movie like this one it's hard to pass on some stupid writing: we are talking about war, about international politics and about our world. And while we are used to listen to any possible position on the news or on the internet it's hardly bearable for me to see certain extreme levels of unintentional idiocy in a movie. To my sensitivity some phrases felt as "smart & funny" as laughing at people with handicaps. Whatever... I account this to an unprofessional translation and actually the movie improved a lot after the first 10-20 minutes (that's where I had a hard time with the script: did they switch translator later?). What I felt insulting slowly became surreal, sarcastic and grotesque: in a good and almost sophisticated way I'd say.

To the actual movie now:

This is the story of how a decorated general accepts the "publicly accepted" tasks of winning a war against terror, not losing resources, disengage conflicts and earn civil trust in modern day Afganistan.

Brad Pitt is the lead and is out of his depth imho: I can't simply believe for 1 second that he is a (dumb) 60 something modern-day successful military. Nonetheless he tries hard enough for me to forget about this and pretend he's what he's supposed to be. The budget (except the one for actors I guess) feels basic in terms of production but photography, scenes and costumes are as good as needed (where did they spend 60M $? Are military equipment scenes that expensive?).

While not a great accomplishment "War machine" shows well some things and does so without any docu feel or paternalistic "I know it better" tone:

The uncoordinated (and ultimately pointless) endeavors of international politics;

The inability (or impossibility?) of the military to adapt to a world that functions with principles different than "strenght" and "order";

The media/cultural machine as an entity much more powerful (and yet harder to control) in determining "things" than any actual political initiative;

The egoistic perspective of American (and worldwide) business, bureaucracy, military when coping with conflicts of interest possibly influencing YOUR OWN career;

The reputation of powerful men as pure propaganda to instill trust and maintain control: real men are actually less capable and ultimately less powerful than we're led to believe.
Netflix brings it
War Machine - A satirical but honest look at the treadmill of war.

First off, Brad Pitt is essentially a caricature in this movie. I kept going back and forth on whether he was brilliant or miserable in his performance. I found myself feeling the same way I did when seeing him in Allied late last year. There are scenes when he is absolutely dialed in to the role and what's going on around him. And there are a handful of scenes where you'd think someone is just reading him his lines off-screen. He's been frustratingly inconsistent these last two outings.

I had no trouble deciphering the performance level of the surrounding cast, as they all came to play. From the big names of Ben Kingsley and Tilda Swinton, to still familiar names of Anthony Michael Hall and Topher Grace, I was impressed. My favorite performance would have to go to one of the smaller roles played by Lakeith Stanfield. I'd seen him earlier this year in Get Out, but he had a better opportunity to shine here as an absolutely emotionally broken marine.

The first half of the film is very quirky and actually has some pretty funny lines. The second half all but abandons the comedic tone and shifts into a full fledged war drama. The end result is satisfying, but that contrast is pretty jarring. It would have been more successful to mix the paint a bit more or just choose one color.

Netflix pulled out the big guns putting up $60 million for the distribution rights to the film. Later this year they are also backing a loose follow up to 2009's Moon (please see this underrated film if you haven't already) and breaking the bank with a $100 Martin Scorsese film with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in 2018. Netflix is quickly changing the game in the world of cinema. Don't be surprised to see the awards shows tweak their rules to allow for streaming content down the road.

So pop some popcorn and reserve your couch to see this film of grandiosity and failure. Not exactly your typical recipe to Netlix and Chill, but I'm not one to judge.
If you have Netflix, I'd definitely give it a try.
'WAR MACHINE': Four Stars (Out of Five)

A satirical war film based on the nonfiction book 'The Operators' (by Michael Hastings), about the firing of United States Army General Stanley McChrystal. The movie was written and directed by David Michod (who also helmed the 2010 critically acclaimed crime drama 'ANIMAL KINGDOM', and the 2014 post-apocalyptic thriller 'THE ROVER'). It stars Brad Pitt, Emory Cohen, Anthony Michael Hall, RJ Cyler, Anthony Hayes, Topher Grace, John Magaro, Scoot McNairy, Daniel Betts, Aymen Hamdouchi, Will Poulter, Lakeith Stanfield, Meg Tilly, Alan Ruck, Ben Kingsley and Tilda Swinton. It was released on Netflix to mostly positive reviews from critics. I really enjoyed it too.

The story is narrated by Rolling Stones reporter Sean Cullen (McNairy). He was assigned to interview Four-star General Glen McMahon (Pitt), a fictional character based on General Stanley McChrystal, and his men, about their service in Afghanistan. Cullen explains how McMahon was hired to end the war there, but instead he felt the obsessive need to win it. This ultimately lead to his firing (sadly).

The movie is a pretty insightful look at war, and those who have to be involved with it. Some very much love their job, like the General in this movie, and (as the film points out) they usually mean well. The film does a great job of making characters like that (that might be played as villains in other movies) very sympathetic. Pitt does a great job in the role too, and Michod is definitely a very skilled director. I was touched by this film multiple times; and it's funny, and quite depressing, all at the same time as well. If you have Netflix, I'd definitely give it a try.

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Hollywood's Late but Necessary Reply to America's Prolonged Engagement in Afghanistan
"War Machine" is a 2017 satirical war film that was released by Netflix in the spring of 2017. It is a fictionalized account loosely based on the story of General Stanley McChrystal. Although Hollywood has made many films depicting American forces in Iraq, very few films have been produced about the American war effort in Afghanistan. This fact is more astonishing when one considers that the War in Afghanistan is officially recognized as the longest military engagement in American history. Hollywood's silence in response to this prolonged and complex conflict is deafening. Fortunately, "War Machine" serves as Hollywood's fitting but late reply to America's protracted and seemingly never ending conflict in Afghanistan.

Although "War Machine" does have an intriguing plot, even before the movie begins the film brings a lot of star power to the screen. Through the duration of the film, Topher Grace from "That 70's Show", Brad Pitt, Ben Kingsley, and Russell Crowe all make an appearance on screen. Brad Pitt plays a four-star General named Glen McMahon who is appointed by an out of touch American president to take over and bring an end to the War in Afghanistan. At the opening of the film, the War in Afghanistan had been going on for over a decade. General McMahon takes charge of the situation and decides to aggressively pursue an ill-advised military campaign to retake the desolate Helmand province of the country. Although General McMahon is clearly committed to his men, his country, and his leadership role, he is poorly equipped to take on the daunting task of taming Afghanistan.

General McMahon doesn't understand Afghanistan. Elections and democracy are foreign concepts to the Afghani people. The greatest scenes of the film depict the interactions between the bewildered General McMahon and President Hamid Karzai. Former Oscar Nominee Ben Kingsley brings his star power to the film in the role of the Afghani politician. Their humorous back and forth sheds some light on the true nature of the political reality of the government of Afghanistan. As the film continues, it becomes painfully obvious that Hamid Karzai is simply a figure head for a puppet state propped up by American military power. The actors truly do justice to the quagmire of the situation. As can be expected, despite the best of intentions, General McMahon fails to bring the Afghanistan conflict to a close. Like his predecessor, he is replaced by a new general. The cycle goes on.

The grim nature of the content of the film is probably why the movie received such mixed reviews by audiences. A lot of the sharp wit that is an integral part of the whole tone of the film may go over people's heads. Others will simply find the material offensive. But the harsh criticism that this film received by critics and audiences is undeserved. This movie needed to be made. The War in Afghanistan has gone on for too long for it to be ignored.

At the time "War Machine" was released, America's War in Afghanistan had lasted for nearly two decades. This war has cost the United States and its allies billions of dollars and thousands of lives. But the most painful truth about this war is that there is very little to show for the tremendous sacrifice that has been given. The only option the world seems to have when confronted with such a high sunk cost seems to be to keep trying. Fire the current general and send in another general. Maybe the next one will get it right.
Good, clean anti-war movie
I've been abstinent from IMDb for quite some time but just watching War machine and considering the bad ratings it has gotten so far gave me an impulse to write a review.

First off: This is a good movie. At the beginning of the movie Brad Pitt overdoes it a bit in his caricature of General McMahon and I was quite frankly expecting a few laughs in the following. But this film is not a full-fledged comedy and I don't think it was meant to be.

In the course of this film I got used to Brad Pitt's seemingly overdone gestures and postures and took them as genuine features of the General portrayed.

There are a few scenes which I really liked about the movie: The best moment to me was when Tilda Swinton in the role of a German journalist reveals by intelligent interrogation that General McMahon lives in his own world where battles and wars are either lost or won. She makes it clear to him and the rest of the world that wars like those in Iraq and Afghanistan can never be won because they do not fit the pattern of wars such as WWII or WWI, with a clear cut enemy and clear front lines. She (Tilda Swinton aka German journalist) has understood what the Generals and the political leaders of the coalition forces have failed to grasp or do not want to grasp. She questions the general's sense of self and it seems that she is the first person that gets through to the General and incites him to question himself.

The one and only battle scene of the film was, in my humble opinion, done very well, too. You see a group of American soldiers in a deserted, strategically totally unimportant area fighting a battle against three Taliban snipers. In the fight, a young soldier manages to kill the snipers by an act of bravery but kills an innocent boy as well. The supposed hero turns home from battle as a broken man. That's in a nutshell what war does to any young man.

When Brad Pitt aka General McMahon flies in to tell the Afghan people what it is they are trying to do and wants to draw a bigger picture they all just kindly ask him to leave. He tries again to make them understand, but to no avail. Even the metaphorically used expression 'If you want to make an omelette you have to break some eggs' surprisingly fails to win the hearts and minds of the Afhhan people.

The only reason I can think of why this film is unsuccessful is because it is very critical of the American foreign policy/ military and Americans (that is my contention) in general don't like it if their army is ridiculed. Another reason might be that people expected battles scenes but as I've said, there is only one.

Bottom line: If you want to understand how futile the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are, go see this film
Sattre doesn't mean dumbed down constant explanation
Not so much deadpan but dead. Its nice that some directors in the US thought they should try and launch a "self deprecating movie of American society and foreign policy" - the caveat of course being that the actors and directors are not including themselves as subjects of deprecation. I suspect the target audience for this film is the kind who might vote for the kind of president who replaced Barrack Obama. With this in mind, the film overly and excessively labours the point, so much so that it forgets it's satirical intentions, insulting the intelligence of anybody watching it who might already be aware of the foolishness of US foreign policy not just since the war in Afghanistan, but for the past 70 years (probably not the place to go into it, but catch 22 is a good place to start). As Winston Churchill himself once said "you can count on Americans doing the right thing. Having exhausted every other possibility first". The press scene in Germany for example seems to need to spell out the point several times that it is almost ridiculing the viewer - my partner and I were screaming yes we know... we don't need to be reminded constantly. Team America with it's crude simplistic style looks like a work of genius in comparison, and that's saying something.
Why even attempt a comedy when you don't have a clue?
Brad Pitt had the comedic touch in the movie 'Mexican'. He was not too bad in the Coen brothers movie either. Here he is abysmal,lost and just so bad it is depressing. He would have been served well watching Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther movies to understand how to pull of a silly character who thinks too much of himself.Instead he tries to be funny as in a sitcom and sadly even fails at that. Does Netflix have way too much money to just waste money on such low quality projects? This movie should be shown to all who are in the process of making comedies to understand what can go wrong. Hope Pitt gets a better shot soon!
Throwing Deadpan Bricks
This film will generate anger because it throws a "deadpan" brick directly towards cultural dysfunction and mass delusion. "War Machine," and Brad Pitt, even exceeded the deadpan message of "Being There" a film from a less cynical time in history but still relevant to this day.

"War Machine" does a great job illustrating how disconnected the every-man has become in relation to reality. We live in a time where facts are now selectively chosen to support forgone perspectives rather than being absolute, universal, and irrefutable.

We live in a time where personage, perceptions, and public relations matter more than overview, objectives, conclusions, and endpoints. Reality has been set adrift.

It was a brave thing to produce this film because it speaks to a very narrow audience. Most people won't be entertained by the communication mechanism (deadpan) nor will the understand the message. Few people will be open to perspectives other than those which are preconceived. Some people are not aware and thus cannot acknowledge the wounds and damage that political lies have done to the American process and psyche.

To conclude our failed state of affairs, the affairs of a failed nation state (our nation state) I am not with him because he is certainly not with me no matter how much he tells me otherwise. The cohesion of leadership, truth, and the American way has left the building.

It is more of a shame that people won't understand this film, or won't want to. And that is how far we have fallen. Perhaps Rome fell the same way on the sword and misadventure of its own lies and delusion.
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