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Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Denise Di Novi
Rosario Dawson as Julia Banks
Lauren Rose Lewis as Dinner Guest #1
Kincaid Walker as Saleswoman
Simon Kassianides as Michael Vargas
Aline Elasmar as Detective Stevens
Isabella Rice as Lily Connover
Alex Quijano as Miguel
Mitch Silpa as Dinner Guest
Katherine Heigl as Tessa Connover
Geoff Stults as David Connover
Scott Beehner as Dinner Guest
Cheryl Ladd as Tessa's Mother
Sarah Burns as Sarah
Jayson Blair as Jason Michaels
Storyline: A woman sets out to make life hell for her ex-husband's new fiancée.
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When Lifetime movies make it to Theaters
This was not an actual Lifetime film though I'm sure they will show it at some point. So I thought I'd love seeing Katherine Heigl play a villain since she hasn't stopped playing Izzy from Grey's Anatomy in years. She is literally the exact same character in all of her films. I thought her performance was pretty decent but sadly the part was poorly written like the rest of the movie. Nevermind that I predicted just by watching the trailer Katherine's character was going to die in the end most likely at the hands of Rosario but where is the mystery in between? There was no suspense, every move was predictable right down to the end and the end cat fight sucked. The leading male who is cast basically to play the clueless moron that these cats are fighting over had no chemistry with Rosario Dawson's character. At one point there's the most forced and awkward "sex" scene between the two. They both looked uncomfortable before, during, and after the "sex". Mostly the film was boring and the pace was ridiculously slow the whole time. My last complaint is casting Rosario Dawson to play the bambi eyed damsel. If you cast her as a tough gun toting bitch (Sin City) or a ball busting boss lady(Unstoppable) I believe that but she's too "hard" for this role not soft as needed. Same thing happened casting Kristen Stewart as Bella but I digress. If it's that they wanted a woman of color do Kerry Washington or better yet Hallie B. They both do the shaken damsel in distress beautifully. Not the worst film in the psycho obsessed "fatal attraction" genre but certainly not the best. Pretty forgettable though ironically enough.
A massive letdown not thriller not erotic enough, just plan bland.
Don't get me wrong I like premise of the film as jealousy in relationship&broken relationship specially if everyone windup falling in love with each other in the end and we end up with an threesome. But here that doesn't happen and that such shame as both lead actress were hot. In the actual ending the the jealous woman ends up killing herself with help of the other woman. I would have preferred if they had ended settling their disagreements and none had died and all three of them had ended up making love to each other in the end. Thats what I would call erotic thriller, but here we don't get much one short sex sequence that isn't all that exciting. I wouldn't rely all this movie erotic.
Totally Forgettable
I am not sure what a movie like this is doing in a theater and not on the Lifetime channel. It's predictable, stupid, and boring. I kept looking at my watch, hoping it was over soon. Once you have seen a terrific movie like "Fatal Attraction", a poor man's version of crazy other woman just won't do. And why is it that a terrific actress like Rosario Dawson seems to get stuck in poor flicks like this. She deserves better. Katherine Heigl, not so much.
Unforgettable? Hardly.
"Unforgettable" is yet another entry into the "mad, obsessed, ex- wife genre." There is nothing original here.

Ex-wife Katherine Heigl still believes (in her warped little head) that she and ex-hubby will eventually get back together--even if it is over the dead body of husband's latest squeeze, played by Rosario Dawson. Yawn. Dawson's telephone is stolen (right out from under her nose), and Heigl begins her dastardly plans to eliminate her competition.

The movie could have been so much better had the director and producer removed their heads from a certain portion of their anatomy and gone at things from a different angle. We are introduced early on to Heigl's just-as-crazy mother. Had the movie moved on THAT angle, it just might have worked. Why not let the audience think it was the ex-wife orchestrating everything...only to find out it was the mother!

Rated "R" for language, sexual situations, and violence.
Skip It!
Just a little simple advice: if you're in the mood for a movie about female obsession, skip Unforgettable and watch "Single White Female," or "Fatal Attraction" instead.

This is my shortest review ever and for good reason, Unforgettable (which is more like a made-for-TV" or Lifetime movie) doesn't deserve a single word more or a single moment of your time.
Old Story But Executed Excellently
I saw "Unforgettable", starring Rosario Dawson-Iron Fist_tv, Death Proof; Katherine Heigl-Home Sweet Hell, Under Siege 2:Dark Territory; Geoff Stults-The new 2015 to present Odd Couple_tv, She's Out of My League; Whitney Cummings-The Ridiculous 6, The Wedding Ringer and Cheryl Ladd-American Crime Story_tv, Poison Ivy.

This story is not all that original but it has a good cast and I enjoyed it. Geoff and Katherine were married and had a little girl but Katherine had an affair, and Geoff called it quits, filing for a divorce. Then Geoff meets Rosario, falls in love and decides to get married again. Katherine does not take the new situation very well-she has hopes of getting back together with Geoff-and kind of goes off the deep end. I guess you could say that she goes psycho. You also learn where Katherine gets her wonderful temperament from-where else but from her own mother, played by Cheryl. Whitney plays Rosario's best friend that gives her advise and an ear to discuss her problems with. There is a nice plot twist at the end. It's rated "R" for violence, language and sexual content-including partial nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 40 minutes. It's an old story but executed excellently. I enjoyed it enough that I would buy it on DVD.
Jealousy has been taken up to another level: Is it a pathology or an exaggerated affection?
The Greeks gather the abstraction of love in four appropriate areas, which contain affection types that empirical beings can hand over: Eros (sexual passion and chief propensity of the current romantic- erotic cinema, which inclines to express true love with abrupt lewd interruptions), Storge (linked to the filial and perpetuity), Philia (concord, friendship and appreciation towards others) and Agápe (the purest, chaste and loyal love). There is no doubt that jealousy and love are intimately linked to the loved one. The "green-eyed monster", in suitable proportions, is quite salutary, however, when it batters the limits can lead to unhealthy and pernicious triggers of an inhuman Golgotha. Jealousy and love keep one of the most complex, analyzed, multidimensional, amorphous and worst relationships in the extension of their variables in modern cinematography: from mother to child, marital, engagements, betrayals, love triangles, futile ones, passing loves, between siblings, co-workers, older adults, individuals of the same sex and even inanimate beings."Unforgettable", from the producer turned into filmmaker Denise Di Novi, is the latest audiovisual work in joining the vade mecum of the vacuous, blinded, implausible and—although its scriptwriter and director are female- contradictorily misogynist romantic feature films of the 21st century.

Julia (Rosario Dawson), a successful and helpful businesswoman, is recovering from a tortuous affair awash with violence, outrage, and abuse. Now she has met David (Geoff Stults), with whom moved to Malibu in order to heal the scars generated by his former abuser. However, David's ex-wife, Tessa (Katherine Heigl), resides with her young daughter in the same locality, where the contact between these two girls will be unavoidable. Julia will take on the most optimal attitude to deal with the megalomaniac and perfectionist behaviors of the good-looking woman. Nevertheless, when Tessa hears that her beloved man is going to marry with her Latina opponent, madness will take shape of an unregenerate blonde with little moderation and insatiable appetite for revenge.

No one would think that gender-based violence would be one of the components in an audiovisual production head by women, although this is an apparent trifle and serves as a paradigm of evolution, and it's even less plausible that the scriptwriter, the filmmaker and the cast of talented actresses were to collaborate on the story of two women struggling for the affection of a man. Will it contribute to show that females can be declared free from the yoke of male chauvinism? Of course not, and that's where avidity for light and clearly hollow entertainment comes up. In addition to hide us what we intuit in advance that happens behind the exhibited narrative thread, trying to build a suspense and intrigue point with which to follow the story, they assign to each frame, in the beginning, timing and editing interest is at rock bottom, for later, to grant it a music video clip touch that accentuates, staggeringly, the atrophy in exposition.

Di Novi and screenwriter Christina Hodson flaunt their unskilledness in the romantic thriller field with a messy assortment of words and determinations misdirecting the story, even sometimes caressing the absence narrative zone. Long ago I saw no really gratuitous twists and cliffhangers in a real atmosphere, it is assumed that the movie is a dramatic love tale, not a seesaw of stupid vengeance with the antagonist's mother as a sign of redemption.

Dawson is the only one who gets out safely of this libidinous congestion, portraying the woman who can perform as a hero as a villain. Heigl demonstrates a high record in the situations of tension and in circumstances where sanity shines by its absence, leaving, as a result, a female duo that is the only thing standing out. "Unforgettable" simply squanders the limited potential it conserved; I thought it would deliver a much better motion picture, nevertheless, I come across with a residual puddle of ideas and powerful motives. The typical and pitiful Hollywood audiovisual production that benefits from a contemporary soundtrack, a modern photography and an alleged message of fair treatment in order to connect with the most naive/ignorant people who still have faith in witnessing an absolute rupture of the stereotypes of love in cinema.
Decent thriller/drama.
This is Fatal Attraction x 10. We have all seen this before. Begrudging and resentful ex/wife etc. cannot accept that her man has moved on. Playing the innocent victim while framing the new woman who has come in to his ex husband's life.

While this film is clearly a 6/10 at the most, I rated it a 7 due to the negativity revolving around it.

The movie is by no means a masterpiece or anything new that we have not seen before, yet it is a decent drama which kept me entertained.

Dawson and Heigl work well in their respective roles. Decent acting paired with average direction and obvious plot holes, Unforgettable should be watched at home as it is clearly note worth the ticket price at the cinema. Personally, I enjoyed it.
Odd Title Choice
Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth) plays against type as Tessa Connover, a disturbed yet perfect mother who loses her husband David (Geoff Stults) and her adorable daughter Lily (Isabella Kai Rice) to David's new girlfriend, Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson). Tessa was raised by her own perfect mother Helen (Cheryl Ladd) who branded her daughter worthless every time she fell short of expectations. Julia is also haunted by her past, an ex-boyfriend named Michael (Simon Kassianides) who keeps reappearing in the dark shadows of her mind. Two other actors, Whitney Cummings (Ali) and Robert Ray Wisdom (Detective Pope) add recognizable faces to the well chosen cast.

Heigl puts her romantic underdog appeal to rest by electing to take second billing in this dramatic thriller which director Denise Di Novi seamlessly blends together to heighten the mood. The tense final showdown between Tessa and Julia is more like a battle between a demonic angel of death draped in a flowing white gown swooping down on a lone brave woman fighting back fiercely to defend herself, her husband to be, and the innocent young girl she loves. The quality of Christina Hodson's screenplay shines through when Tessa, shocked by her own gruesome reflection in the living room mirror, chooses to advance then finally plunge herself into the carving knife Julia holds out for protection and Helen unexpectedly appears at the happy family's new home in San Francisco to end the movie on a foreboding note. This well made motion picture was forgotten at the box office by both movie goers and critics alike but nevertheless deserves a strong eight out of ten.
Was the title supposed to be a paradox?
I need to write this review quickly before I forget that I even watched this. Was the title supposed to be a paradox?

They must not have spent very much money on this film because it shows. It had the potential as a plot but failed in execution. It seems that this film wants to be Gone Girl, but you have to actually be able or want to write a script for that to have happened.

Rosario's character is too weak and needs more lines.

Heigl's character (I don't remember the name in the film and I'm not putting effort into remembering) is overly developed. Julia (played by Rosario) is unfortunately not balanced against this development; this leaves the viewer feeling too frustrated to root for her. As the viewer, I feel manipulated into wanting her to finally stand up to Heigl's character.

This script is too formulaic and insulting to the viewer. For Lifetime, yes this is fair quality but unacceptable for a WB production in 2017.

1 star and this is for the styling team that maintained Rosario's wavy hairstyle.

The film does try to explain why Heigl's character is the way she is, but this is also as hackneyed as Rosario being a weak abuse victim. Give me something throughout the rising action so that I am not left underwhelmed by the climax. Speaking of climax, the sex screen was dry. I like math so I am all for a formula if it works but this 1+1=2 is not as exciting as something like a system of equations with nuanced and dynamic characters vs. these very stale and static ones. Why is the ex husband so dumb? Is it because he is that self-absorbed that he couldn't put together that his ex is crazy and capable of madness? These characters were written so poorly that I really didn't care about anyone. So if the goal of this film was an exercise in apathy, then well done!
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