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Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Denise Di Novi
Rosario Dawson as Julia Banks
Isabella Rice as Lily Connover
Aline Elasmar as Detective Stevens
Simon Kassianides as Michael Vargas
Kincaid Walker as Saleswoman
Lauren Rose Lewis as Dinner Guest #1
Alex Quijano as Miguel
Mitch Silpa as Dinner Guest
Jayson Blair as Jason Michaels
Cheryl Ladd as Tessa's Mother
Scott Beehner as Dinner Guest
Geoff Stults as David Connover
Storyline: A woman sets out to make life hell for her ex-husband's new wife.
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Pretty enjoyable thriller
I know everyone is saying this movie sucks and giving it horrible reviews advising people not to go see it, but I for one thought it was pretty enjoyable. Unforgettable stars Katharine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Geoff Stults, and Cheryl Ladd. It is a pretty tense movie, sort of like a mothers boys type movie. I'll first say that Katherine Heigl was a great villain in the film, I think she was the perfect casting choice for the role of the possessive ex-wife Tessa. There are some people saying that she did a bad job in the movie, but those people are dead wrong, i think she needs to play villains more often going forward. Sure she's always great in a romantic comedy, which is her typical niche, but I think she may have found a new kind of role for herself with this movie. Rosario Dawson is good in the movie too, very sweet and kind character who is being terrorized by the crazy former wife and mother of her new stepdaughter. I thought Geoff was pretty good here too, I like him in grace and Frankie and I liked him here too. Dawson and Stults have really good romantic chemistry. The thriller aspect did have its predictability sometimes but overall it kept me interested and there wasn't a single moment where I was bored or wanted to leave. It's not a fantastic movie and it won't win any big awards, but I enjoyed it as an entertaining thriller and I think you will too. 7/10.
Old Story But Executed Excellently
I saw "Unforgettable", starring Rosario Dawson-Iron Fist_tv, Death Proof; Katherine Heigl-Home Sweet Hell, Under Siege 2:Dark Territory; Geoff Stults-The new 2015 to present Odd Couple_tv, She's Out of My League; Whitney Cummings-The Ridiculous 6, The Wedding Ringer and Cheryl Ladd-American Crime Story_tv, Poison Ivy.

This story is not all that original but it has a good cast and I enjoyed it. Geoff and Katherine were married and had a little girl but Katherine had an affair, and Geoff called it quits, filing for a divorce. Then Geoff meets Rosario, falls in love and decides to get married again. Katherine does not take the new situation very well-she has hopes of getting back together with Geoff-and kind of goes off the deep end. I guess you could say that she goes psycho. You also learn where Katherine gets her wonderful temperament from-where else but from her own mother, played by Cheryl. Whitney plays Rosario's best friend that gives her advise and an ear to discuss her problems with. There is a nice plot twist at the end. It's rated "R" for violence, language and sexual content-including partial nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 40 minutes. It's an old story but executed excellently. I enjoyed it enough that I would buy it on DVD.
When Aussie honchos stole Aboriginal kids . . .
. . . from the Outback and "adopted" them out to City Folk, that was wrong. When the State of Oklahoma filched Jim Thorpe from his Teepee and deported him to Pennsylvania's Amish Country, that also was wrong. When Don Trump popped out a quartet of perfectly normal kids from a couple wives of his own culture, and then LOST at Russian Roulette--Super Model Edition--THAT was wrong, too. A movie outfit named "Warner" tries to warn America against continuing such egregious practices in UNFORGETTABLE. Dave's daughter is named "Lily" because she is Lily White. Julia (Warner discloses at 17:40) is a product of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which pervades HER Culture and whose deleterious effects are evident throughout UNFORGETTABLE. Dave's Hots for Julia also will expose Lily to furtive Second Hand Smoke (this, too, is endemic to Julia's Culture). Thus Innocent Lily is to be doomed to a brief life of Torture by Cancer (40:20). Julia's even clueless about Lily's Personal Hygience Care, costing Lily her Crowning Glory even before Cancer takes its toll. UNFORGETTABLE's credits state that current U.S. Secretary of Money Steve Mnuchin financed this flick, probably on the Taxpayer dime. That's how important our newly-installed government sees the need for an END to such Cross-Cultural Follies as Julia's Shenanigans with Dave and Lily.
I saw the trailer for this in the cinema, I knew instantly it was another psycho bitch movie, and it was another blonde (like Glenn Close, Sharon Stone, Rebecca De Mornay and Rosamund Pike) being evil, it was just a question of what the film itself would be like. Basically Tessa Connover (Katherine Heigl) has been barely to cope since the divorce from ex-husband David (Geoff Stults), a brewery company owner, who has custody of their daughter Lily (Isabella Kai Rice), and has settled with new partner Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson), a writer, in a small town in California. Julia believes she has finally met the man of her dreams, who can help her put her own troubled past behind her, she was formerly married to abusive husband Michael Vargas (Quantum of Solace's Simon Kassianides), she has a restraining order against him. Tessa becomes extremely jealous when she discovers David and Julia are engaged to be married, she is aware that Julia uses no social media websites whatsoever, and she finds the retraining order document for Michael, it is due to expire. Tessa formulates a pathological plan to make Julia's life a living hell, starting with creating social media profiles, on Facebook and elsewhere, in order to communicate with Michael, pretending to be her and making him think that Julia wants to get back together with him. Tessa also steals Julia's phone to send Michael promiscuous photos, and also a pair of her underwear, Julia meanwhile is desperate for her stepdaughter to like her, they are on getting on gradually, but Tessa is determined to make sure this will not continue, and for David to think the worst of Julia. Eventually Julia realises that Tessa is up to something nasty, she tries to convince David about this, but he does not believe her, Tessa meanwhile is trying to get closer to Lily, including an expensive horse riding lesson, with Tessa's equally sinister Mother (Cheryl Ladd) watching, but Lily is unsettled by her mother's behaviour. Julia finally confronts Tessa when she sees that Tessa has deliberately cut Lily's hair, they argue about the custody of Tessa and about David, then Tessa gravitates the situation by deliberately throwing herself down the stairs, injuring her wrist, as David arrives. Julia asks her journalist friend Ali (Whitney Cummings) to find out more about Tessa, specifically her past, and they are fascinated to find out that she had mental issues as a child and growing up. There is a point when Julia and David reconcile, including having sex in a bathroom, but then Michael suddenly shows up at Julia's house, having been communicating with Tessa using the fake profile, he is convinced she wanted to see him, but she is shocked and runs away, then Tessa shows up, he realises she is the one who made him come, but she manages to stab him to death during their struggle. Tessa carefully covers up the evidence that she was there, the police arrest Julia on suspicion of murder, her phone, social media profile and the underwear have been found, the police are unconvinced that she knew nothing about the communication with Michael, but she is released. Tessa finally snaps and goes to see David, she drugs him and knocks him unconscious, Julia races to the house, she takes Lily out of bed to wait for her in the car, Julia and Tessa have a brutal fight in the house, including with a knife. In the end, Tessa feels she is an unfit mother, due to her mental instability, so she grabs the knife in Julia's hand, and forces her to stab her in the chest, months later Julia, David and Lily have settled in a new home and found peace, but Julia is petrified by the visits of Tessa's mother, it is unclear what she knows or how she feels about Julia. Also starring Robert Wisdom as Detective Pope and Jayson Blair as Jason Michaels. Dawson is a little annoying but plausible as the woman living a nightmare, Stults is irritating as the husband not realising the nastiness going on, it is indeed Heigl that owns the movie as the unhinged vengeful ice maiden ("Psycho Barbie" as a character calls her), unfortunately the film suffers from a predictable script and many clichés, I was gripped by what was going on, and how far the evil woman was prepared to go to get what she wants, but it is also laughable, for all the wrong reasons, there are more sniggers than tension a majority of the time, a disappointing but sort of fun psychological thriller. Adequate!
Unforgettable (2017) is a Good Movie!
I saw Unforgettable (2017) and it is a good movie -- go see it! Unforgettable is emotional, tense, and suspenseful. The performances by all the women and the little lady are superb! I got very emotionally involved with the characters in this movie because the terrors they faced were from real life! Rosario Dawson's performance is gut-wrenching! Also, the movie is very good looking; the greens, the interior home shots, and the feminine wardrobe are exquisite! Finally, there are quite a few great-looking talented thespians in this movie!
Unforgettable in the Worst Ways
The idea of recovering from a broken relationship is one that could make a very heavy emotional movie. The deep feelings we have for one another when in love and the discovery that your partner no longer shares those feelings is lot to bear. But why explore such issues when you can just make another psycho ex movie.

They must make at least one or two of these every year. However, such films are not being made because they portray deep themes that resonate with the audience. They're being made because they're cheap and pretty much guarantee a return on investment for multi- million (sometimes billion) dollar movie studios.

With the exception of Rosario Dawson, who gives her role a better performance than it deserves, no one in this movie even attempts to do anything compelling with this material. Katherine Heigl's character seems copied and pasted from her role in Home Sweet Hell (2015). Although that cinematic experience was also a suckfest, at least it tried to be something unique. In that film's world, her role as the stuck up housewife who's willing to do anything (including murder) worked (within the established parameters). Here, she plays the same role but in a more grounded universe where you have to seriously wonder who could possibly marry such an abysmal characterization of a human being.

I could criticize the movie's pacing if it had any. Each act feels prolonged far longer than it should be with Heigl repeatedly messing with Dawson as we wait for Dawson to figure out that her fiance's ex is truly, unbelievably, Simon Legree evil. When we finally get to the third act rather than following a natural progression the movie is dragged there kicking and screaming as it allows characters to discover things not because it makes sense but because even the filmmakers finally recognized that this thing must end.

What might be worst of all is that this movie concludes with a bit of clear sequel baiting. At that point, all I could think was "sure, why not". Let's get Unforgettable 2. Hell, let's build an Unforgettable Cinematic Universe with spin-offs and team ups. In that way I hope that I can leave this particular movie's universe and be sure to never come back.

In short, if you need some painful dental work done that would be a much more entertaining expenditure of your time and money.
"Unforgettable" may not quite live up to its title, but it still manages to be an engaging and entertaining genre movie.
What must it be like to be the least known of three main actors in a movie? Ask Geoff Stults. He stars alongside Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl in the drama thriller "Unforgettable" (R, 1:40). Heigl is an Emmy Award winner and Golden Globe nominee who is known mainly for her TV roles ("Roswell", "Grey's Anatomy", "State of Affairs", "Doubt"), but has starred in such noteworthy movies as "Bride of Chucky", "The Ringer", "Knocked Up", "The Ugly Truth" and "The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature". Rosario Dawson has played major roles in "Men in Black II", "Sin City", "Clerks II", "Seven Pounds", "Top Five" and "The LEGO Batman Movie". Geoff Stults has done several TV series ("7th Heaven", "Ben and Kate", "Enlisted", "The Odd Couple", etc.), but is only known to movie audiences for small roles in "Wedding Crashers", "She's Out of My League", "The Opposite Sex" and a few others – until 2017. "Unforgettable" is his most significant big screen role to date and I'm happy for him. You see, I know Geoff Stults. I briefly worked with him and the main "Enlisted" cast as that FOX series was being developed. When I saw that he was set to star alongside the likes of Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl, I was hoping that I'd be able to give the movie a positive review. I'm thankful to say that I can – and Stults is a big reason why.

David Connover (Stults) is stuck in the middle with them – his ex-wife, Tessa (Heigl), and his fiancée, Julia (Dawson) – and these two women are playing an emotional tug-of-war over him – and his sweet young daughter, Lily (Isabella Kai Rice). Tessa is a beautiful vision of grooming and fashion perfection and she knows how to seem perfect in every other way as well. But underneath it all lies an icy demeanor that leads her to treat her daughter harshly and makes it… difficult for her to see another woman take her place as wife and mother. Julia is also beautiful – inside and out – but she's also nervous, as she moves from San Francisco to southern California, preparing to marry David and become Lilly's stepmother. Now, all four of these characters live "together" in a small town where they see each other often, know each other's business and aren't shy about becoming involved in each other's lives… especially Tessa.

Tessa and Julia are both emotionally damaged, but while Julia is fighting to break free from her past, Tessa has allowed hers to consume her. Julia had been violently abused by a former lover named Michael (Simon Kassianides), but moving in with David is giving her a real chance to reboot her life, just as her restraining order against Michael is expiring. But Julia has not told David about that part of her past, instead focusing on doing right by David and Lilly in the present (although Lilly is slow to warm up to Julia). Tessa is the personification of the old apple-tree metaphor, when it comes to her mother (Cheryl Ladd), and has become warped to such an extent that she slyly works to undermine David's relationships with Lilly and with Julia. When Tessa steals Julia's iPhone and finds a way to break into it, the plot becomes a case study in identity theft and the hell that can be unleashed by a woman scorned.

"Unforgettable" is a fairly predictable, but well-crafted dramatic thriller. It's fun in the way that a roller coaster ride is fun. There's a slow but steady increase in tension and anticipation as you move forward. Even if you haven't been on this particular ride before, you have a pretty good idea of what awaits you, but the journey to get there and the thrills that you experience can still be pretty enjoyable. This movie's writers, Christina Hodson ("Shut In") and David Johnson ("The Orphan", "The Conjuring 2"), give us characters and situations which are believable and effectively build towards a dramatic resolution. The script, along with the solid work of Denise Di Novi, the long-time producer ("Edward Scissorhands", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "A Walk to Remember", "Crazy, Stupid, Love"., "Danny Collins") and first-time feature director, give us a movie which feels like a throwback to the crazy jilted lover movies of the 90s (such as "Fatal Attraction"), but adapts the format well to the modern world. The movie is well-cast and the actors are very strong, especially Dawson and Stults, who have good chemistry, feel authentic and command the screen (and Heigl makes a heck of a villain). "Unforgettable" may not quite live up to its title, but it still manages to be an engaging and entertaining genre movie that should help lift the careers of relative feature film newcomers Rice, Kassianides and Stults to even greater heights. "B+"
Decent thriller/drama.
This is Fatal Attraction x 10. We have all seen this before. Begrudging and resentful ex/wife etc. cannot accept that her man has moved on. Playing the innocent victim while framing the new woman who has come in to his ex husband's life.

While this film is clearly a 6/10 at the most, I rated it a 7 due to the negativity revolving around it.

The movie is by no means a masterpiece or anything new that we have not seen before, yet it is a decent drama which kept me entertained.

Dawson and Heigl work well in their respective roles. Decent acting paired with average direction and obvious plot holes, Unforgettable should be watched at home as it is clearly note worth the ticket price at the cinema. Personally, I enjoyed it.
Give the movie a chance.
I thought the acting was great including Katherine Heigl. The only other movie I ever saw her was Bride of Chucky, which I thought she did great in too. I never saw any other movies of hers, although I know a lot of people don't think she's a good actress. This movie is nothing original, but I like it just the way it is. Enjoyable edge of the seat thriller for me. Don't always pay attention to the ratings on IMDb. Sometimes it's better to just see it for yourself.
Katherine Heigl takes on a new side we've never seen before and she kills it - makes anyone nervous about entering into a common family situation like this.
What a well done movie, the best I've seen in a long time. The story is thrilling, playful and exciting. The acting is superb. Resonates with anyone who has ever been in a tough relationship. You really can feel the emotions of these characters. Katherine Heigl plays someone I've never seen her portray before and she was amazing - she deserves an award! This movie was extremely enjoyable and I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen wondering what was going to happen next. The writing was genius! Filled every emotional craving in me and the ending was perfect. All the actors fit together perfectly, the set was beautiful, and I jumped in a few scenes. I really loved that you didn't know who to feel bad for! It was just a superb movie, once it started it went full speed into thriller mode. It's a favorite and a must see for all moms and Heigl fans.

10/10 stars
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