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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Michael Bay
Anthony Hopkins as Sir Edmund Burton
Ben Webb as Hengist (as Trent Seven)
Marcus Fraser as Gawain
Isabela Moner as Izabella
Liam Garrigan as Arthur
Rob Witcomb as Percival
Laura Haddock as Vivian Wembley
Stanley Tucci as Merlin
Josh Duhamel as Colonel William Lennox
Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager
Storyline: Optimus Prime finds his dead home planet, Cybertron, in which he comes to find he was responsible for its destruction. He finds a way to bring Cybertron back to life, but in order to do so, Optimus needs to find an artifact that is on Earth.
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OK, that did it, I'm Done with watching Transformers movies at the theater. I will just wait until the next movies are on video or ready to stream. I am a huge Transformers fan and I know the mythology well but this movie takes the mythology and flips it upside down and backward. As a movie on its own, it is a hot mess of bad writing, editing, and pacing. BUT Michael does know how to shoot a "scene" but they are strung together incoherently.

So What I Liked were the music and the effects. That's pretty much it. Steve Jablonsky's score was over 100 times better than this movie deserves. I really like how he brought back some of the original themes but made them the sound of desperation. The confusing climax had this mellow desperate theme (you hear in the trailer) that in a better movie would have worked very well but it does nothing for you because whats on screen is in the way. The two tracks that are worth noting are "Sacrifice" and "We Have To Go". Just listen to those tracks and if you have a filmmaking state of mind you can imagine a better movie with those tones. Also, the special effects were well done compared to AGE OF EXTINCTION's hammy job. I know it's all CGI that we have seen before but the imagery that was composed is awesome to look at especially the climax with the parts of the planet hanging down and "scraping" earth.

Now What I Didn't Like (Got Time? then read on) #1 the editing. This is by far, to me, the worst edited movie in history. Like I said Michael Bay films the scenes very well (like the opening battle) but when they are put together you have no idea what the hell is going on. And then the noticeable aspect ratio. So nobody in the editing room noticed that different shots had black bars at the top and bottom disappearing then reappearing. This happens because some shots were shot in IMAX. I do defend Michael Bay because I do think he is a better director than this (The Rock, Bad Boys, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor) but he really dropped the ball on this film. He knows how to shoot a sequence but that's all it has going for it. If you watch a couple of shots on YouTube before seeing the movie you would be like "wow that looks like a good movie" NO it's just a good shot and sequence. And supposedly they had a writers room come up with a plot by using Transformers mythos, HUH? Well, a lot of things irked me. Without giving away any spoilers I'm gonna name the mythos they got wrong (if you are a Transformers fan then you'll know what Im talking about)...Nemesis Prime, Bumblebee's Abilities, Hot Rod, Megatron/Galvatron, The Quintassons, Cybertron, Barricade???,The Ark, and a very important evil transformer that I will not give away the name because it is a spoiler but once you find out what his alternate mode is your gonna flip and wanna walk out of the theater.

I am so glad that Michael Bay is going to step down as director of this series because obviously, he does not care about the problems these films have. I say hire an up a coming director who gives a damn about making a good movie and not in it for the cash grab. But as for now, I am done spending my money in hopes of a great movie experience. Want to see a good Transformers movie, then go see the animated "The Transformers- The Movie"
Excellent movie for transformers fans! But off your logic, just enjoy.
In spite of what critics wrote and evaluated there, I went to IMAX 3D. I understand them. They are people who are looking into the plot and trying to bring all the events in the movie to reality. Transformers need to be seen as a fan of transformers. Or an amateur who perceives all the fiction and gets an impression, just enjoying the film. I have been reviewing all the G1 and The Movie before, I have read all theories of creation. I also know a little and read about the legend of King Arthur. And I understood everything that the 13 screenwriters who wrote that movie wanted to convey to the viewer. It's just fantastic and great impression! Definitely worth it to go to the cinema itself, because this film was not made for TV or laptop screens. About the plot of human relations - here too everything was quite good, in comparison with the previous 4 parts. And in general, very dynamically came out with the transformers. This movie is GREAT! Just enjoy it!
Walked out one hour left in the movie.
Man this movie looks so rushed, one scene they say something like "we have to get the to Britain", and 2 seconds later they are landing a plane in Britain, everything is so convoluted so rushed you barely have any time to assimilate what is happening, there is no introduction of new characters at all, and you have to roll with it expecting to understand the rest of the movie. The last knight, i hope this is the last movie of the franchise as well.
Bad story, annoying char and unbelievable stupid human
Transformer movie have gone to the wrong direction They have a habbit make human bad person, make coalition with decepticon and killing autobot And this movie is the top of all, how can Lennox agree to "use" megatron, and he have already had experience in Transformers movie. Its really unbelievable, kill autobot and to make it even more laughable, Megatron ask the government to release bad decepticon , one of them kill many people on the bank robbery, and the decepticon is being hold in prison (yeah, can you believe it?) while on the previous transformer movie they killed every autobot in sight, including Rachet that join to save the earth on Transformer Movie. Then there is bald character, that suppose to be genius, give his idea....its really boring. I hope they reboot the movie and make it like the first one, the decepticon is so scary (in this movie, megatron is just a small puppet) and human and autobot is friend just like the cartoon
"Transformers: The Last Knight" Is Worse Than "Age Of Extinction!"
"Transformers: The Last Knight," the dreaded fifth movie in the Transformers series is supposedly the last to be directed by Michael Bay and the last to star Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg plays his character Cade from the previous one. The "attempt" at a plot for this movie goes something like this: Cade comes into possession of an ancient Transformers artifact called the Talisman and he is the "chosen one" to carry out a "quest" for the transformers, while this chick named Vivian has to acquire Merlin's "staff" because for some reason she is the "only one who can wield it" and Optimus Prime heads to Cybertron to find out "where he and the transformers came from and what they're doing on earth." THAT'S this movie's plot. Lol this movie thinks it has a plot. This movie is completely incapable of telling a cohesive story. There is no beginning, middle, or end. It throws plot threads at you and expects you to roll with them. The most illogical plot devices occur in this movie. NOTHING makes any sense. It is so convoluted that the movie thinks the audience are idiots. How many times was I reminded of what the plot was throughout the entirety of this atrocity? I counted at least 32. Nothing of importance happens. Nothing is interesting, nothing is entertaining. The characters are so thinly written and poorly developed I didn't care who lived and who died. At this point in the series, I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE DAMN HUMANS! Just give us a movie about Transformers, not about humans. None of them are likable AT ALL. Everything involving the military, the government, Anthony Hopkins, it's all pointless! The movie spends so much time and energy on all the stuff everyone complains about with these movies that none of it comes across as not appealing, but rather annoying. It's an insult to our intelligence. The action scenes are the same lazy action scenes the other four Transformers movies feature. It's stuff that appeals only to teenagers who do not know how a movie is crafted. Teenagers like action and explosions and no talking, story, characters, or emotion. This movie appeals to those teenagers. There I said it again. Watching stuff just blow up and blow up and blow up and blow up and blow up and blow up continuously for two and half hours is extremely boring, especially since it's the only thing that has happened for five Transformers movies in a row. There is no entertainment value to be had just watching stuff blow up for a bloated and overlong runtime. And yes, the runtime is too long, YET AGAIN. Luckily, it is shorter than the fourth one which was a very drab and dreary two hours and forty-five minutes. This is about fifteen minutes shorter, but it easily could have been an hour shorter. Nothing content wise justifies the runtime of this monstrosity. It's still overstuffed, overlong, dreary, boring, and exhausting, just like the previous three. I'll give the first one a pass since I actually enjoy the first one. This has all the Bay-isms in it. The typical stereotypes, the typical humor, and the typical dialogue, all of which is stupid, offensive, and insulting. S many characters are made fun of in this movie for being different or having different accents you thoroughly understand why NOBDOY LIKES MICHAEL BAY. He is racist, sexist, and doesn't care about the audience. He cares only about himself and no one else. It shows. The two girls in this movie, in typical Michael Bay fashion, are all hotted out. The young girl is like 14. In what world is this right? Her tits just hang out the entire movie. The other chick just looks like a porn star. That's what this series has come down to folks, strippers and porn stars! Optimus Prime is literally in the movie for ten minutes to just say his name three times so that we don't forget about him and who he is and completely forget that this movie gives him the most sudden shift in character motivation I have ever seen, more sudden than Batman in Batman V Superman. If you came to see him wreck house, he is a total waste in this movie. Quite frankly, none of the Transformers really don anything in this movie. They all just kind of hang out and chill and insult each other with stereotypes. This is one of the worst of the year. I felt like I lost IQ points watching this movie. It is a loud, dumb, idiotic, incoherent, chaotic, soulless mess that appeals only to teenagers who like nothing but action and explosions and die hard fans of the series. It is worse than Age of Extinction. I'm just gonna give "Transformers: The Last Knight" an F-. Yes that is now officially a grade.
I loved Transformers Until...
They lost Shia LaBeouf. The first three movies were great and the interactions with not only him but with his family were what made the movies. Losing Meghan Fox was also a big loss IMO because the girl who took her place just wasn't the same.

I like Mark W. but the movies just aren't the same and are lacking that fun quick wit.
Don't trust these big negative reviews!
Why the part 5 has worse rating than part 4????? Don't listen to negative people complained about the film!

The Last Knight is definitely better than Age of Exinction! More actions! More interest happens! More explosives! Bigger occurrences! That why I agreed with other users who wrote great reviews about The Last Knight.
Top 3 movies of all time
In my personal opinion this was the best movie I've watched in 2017. It was a little bit different but the best in the series so far. I must admit that I was overwhelmed with tears of excitement and shivers down my spine almost every time Optimus said something. If you are a science fiction guy, this is a must watch for you. Certainly 10/10 from me.
I cant even
I'm sad to say I was dragged into this flaming shitpile of a movie by a few of my friends.

Needless to say i would've preferred to have me eyes gouged out with a soldering iron than watch this movie again. Micheal bay couldn't resist to steal a perfectly good story (King Arthur) and put it into this film to make a few more billions.

This 'movie' felt more like an ADVERT than an actual MOVIE. There was absolutely no character development and i hated every single second of this film..and Anthony Hopkins? What the hell, such a brilliant actor, such a star on the film reel decided to act in this piece of faecal dog matter for what exactly? This movie was so bad i swear i could see him giving up on acting in a couple of scenes. Anyone who says this was a good movie is either: A) A child or B) A child

The main filming focus around Transformers The last Knight has to be the CGI and slow-motion. Its impressive yes but in no way rescues the sinking story line and plot of this crappy film.

Rather cut off your toes than watch this film
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