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USA, Canada, China
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Michael Bay
Anthony Hopkins as Sir Edmund Burton
Ben Webb as Hengist (as Trent Seven)
Marcus Fraser as Gawain
Isabela Moner as Izabella
Liam Garrigan as Arthur
Rob Witcomb as Percival
Laura Haddock as Vivian Wembley
Stanley Tucci as Merlin
Josh Duhamel as Colonel William Lennox
Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager
Storyline: Optimus Prime finds his dead home planet, Cybertron, in which he comes to find he was responsible for its destruction. He finds a way to bring Cybertron back to life, but in order to do so, Optimus needs to find an artifact that is on Earth.
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non-spoiler review
First of all i went to the cinema to watch the movie not in 3D IMAX camera and i still think this movie is good. Lets start from beginning, most of you telling this movie have good story I agree,CGI is also amazing.If you are true transformer fan you will like this movie,if you are looking for lot of explosions in movie, go watch it. Only bad thing about this movie,story is going little bit fast,story is good but scenes and stuff are going from one to another really fast.
The reviews are all wrong!!!
I am a huge transformers fan and I loved this movie it is absolutely my favourite transformer movie. All the reviewers are all liars you only hate it because you either don't get it or you are just not true transformer fans. Michael Bay has down an amazing job with the 5th installment of the transformer franchise. When I saw the reviews I had huge doubts about the movie and then I watched it and I realized that the reviews are all wrong.Two words for this movie ABSOLUTELY AMAZING One word for the reviewers disappointments. I am so disappointed with how the reviews turned out. But the movie was excellent.
Ignore the critics
This movie was great. How is this the lowest rated transformers film. This was better than Revenge Of The Fallen. The story was great and the fight scenes were very cool to watch. Me and my friends saw it and we all loved it. Great Movie. Ignore the critics. It is a good movie.

It answered a lot of questions we needed to be solved but not all of them. Go Watch This Movie you will not regret it.
Underrated. Ignore the hate!
I have been seeing so much hate on this movie and decided to just put out my own personal opinion. I won't be spoiling the story, don't worry.

This film, compared the others, is quite different. Watching this didn't but also did feel like a Bay movie. Your usual explosions and cheesy humor. But this, this wasn't different in a BAD way. This one actually had a GOOD story. Nothing being spoiled, again, but it isn't a bad one like in the past. The robots actually transform and get a ton more screen time, coupled with a lot of action. The jokes actually got a laugh out of me and the audience as well, unless it's just that we have an odd sense of humor. They cut down on screen time, although it does feel a little long, and I do feel some scenes could have been cut, but that's okay. Although I'll admit the movie is a bit too fast paced for me, it was good, and fun to see. Robot action eye candy as usual.

Most complain about the film being messy and the story! Again, the story is much better than the previous ones. You can go into a theater and expect a better one than the previous films.

So although The Last Knight was not my favorite, it's a good movie and recommend it. Don't have way too high expectations though. Personally, as a longtime fan of Transformers, I really like the movies.

So, 8/10 from me. I watched this in IMAX 3D, so if you want exactly what I had experienced, then watch it that way. I think this movie has gathered too much hate as deserves better. Food for thought: Don't base your opinion off of other opinions, especially at Rotten Tomatoes. I tell you this only because I watched a review that was mostly hate to this and ruined my excitement, but truly enjoyed it. Please form your own opinion, and don't hate on it for ridiculous reasons (like the not accurate to original is good! Redoing something in the past isn't fun unless it's a remake, and the movie franchise isn't what that is; it's Bay's own take on the Transformers.
If only Age of Extinction ended with extinction so no one had to suffer this mess!
Firstly, I do not rip on this movie because I dislike this franchise. I actually have a major soft spot for the Transformers movies. I love the cool visuals and the CGI. The first time I saw an autobot transform I was gobsmacked and in awe over how good the computer work was. These flicks are fast paced and action packed. And who does not fall head over heals for BumbleBee!? Transformers are good films for when you need to switch off from the outside world, and be seriously entertained for a couple of hours. Yes, even Age of Extinction has a few moments of goodness. The same unfortunately, cannot be said about this scrapheap of a film!

To start of with, the opening scenes featuring Merlin the drunk 'wizard' were just incredibly silly and over acted. Don't get me started on the staff/Excalibur and the talisman as the foundations for the plot... where suddenly Mark Wahlberg is 'the chosen one' as the world is about to end! Yup, it is a Matrix vs Terminator rip off - mixed with a big spoon of Arthurian spice. But that only leaves a bad taste in your mouth, as one is unable to grasp the incoherent and unconvincing storyline that does not make any sense at any point. Transformers 1-4 do not boast any amazing scripts, but this is beyond lazy and infantile.

The film is incredibly messy, and spirals from bad to worse to almost unwatchable. It goes from dumb, to dumber, to 'I can't believe I'm still watching this'! The Last Knight is overflowing with annoying one liners and punchlines that make you cringe in your seat. It is 2 hours of everyone going out of their ways to be rude, stupid and childish. I like many of the actors in other roles, but in this film not a single one of them bring a likable character to the round table. I actually quite hated them all (though I have seriously despised John Turturro's Agent Simmons in all five films).

Do not trust the 10 star ratings. The Last Knight really is a flop beyond flops.
Loved it! Ignore what the critics say. I like how the story line has retrospective parallels to the original 1980's movie and TV series for us older fans who have been around since the Transformers began. I appreciate the writers, directors, and producers who understand the context of the original Transformers story line and characters and are remaining loyal to it for us long term fans. Star Wars or Star Trek fans would be turned off if those story lines deviated far from the original story line and characters. The writers have maintained the same continuity for Transformers. The critics have no context of the original Transformers story and toy line from the 1980s. Kids will enjoy the action, characters, and special effects that match the toy line.
Top 3 movies of all time
In my personal opinion this was the best movie I've watched in 2017. It was a little bit different but the best in the series so far. I must admit that I was overwhelmed with tears of excitement and shivers down my spine almost every time Optimus said something. If you are a science fiction guy, this is a must watch for you. Certainly 10/10 from me.
Pretty good actually
This movie was far better then Transformers 2 and 3 and the last one.

I went in with low expectation just like i did with the last resident evil and both movies where entertaining.

To enjoy this one i guess you need to take it like a separate and stand alone movie not related to the others.

The Knight story is very good, there are new robots that are pretty cool, the action is great.

I don't understand the hate i know that lots of people wish there would have been only one transformer movie, i am one of them the first one was new and amazing..... everything fell a part in the second one where long periods of nothing happening dragged you down. I usually watch movies more then once but never bothered to finish transformers 2 and barely finished 3.

This one is a lot more entertaining in every way.
Loved the Action and Story Line
I loved this movie, it made me a little teary eyed, made me laugh, made me aggravated, annoyed, and that is what a movie is supposed to do. It had suspense, action, drama, and humor. Great movie and can't wait until the next one. I like the original main character better than Mark in this film... but still did a great job! Skip all of the negative reviews, they need to watch Hamlet or something which will satisfy their poetic addiction. Oh, and I loved the robot that worked with the old guy, he was hilarious.
The Reviews are misleading, better than expected
I don't know why this movie has so many bad reviews, it actually beat my expectations. Considering it's the fifth installment, you basically know what to expect, intense action, 'save the world' plot and very good conversations, no more no less. I would totally recommend only if you are not one of those going into a Transformers movie expecting a deep plot. Overall a great cinematic experience!
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