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To the Bone
Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Marti Noxon
Brooke Smith as Olive
Maya Eshet as Pearl
Hana Hayes as Chloe
Retta as Lobo
Ciara Bravo as Tracy
Lily Collins as Ellen
Michael B. Silver as Dr. Weiner
Alanna Ubach as Karen
Lili Taylor as Judy
Keanu Reeves as Dr. William Beckham
Storyline: A young woman is dealing with anorexia. She meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life.
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Well balanced treatment of an eating disorder with humor and drama
Eating disorders have been shown in many TV movies before but this is probably one of the best on screen treatments of the subject. Movies like this can be painful to watch and not because the subject is painful but because they are often clichéd and not handled well. This movie is actually very watchable.

The A list cast deserves special mention. Lily Collins shows she can do drama as well as romantic comedy. She lost weight for the role. I wish these actors and actresses wouldn't do this to their bodies it can't be good for them. Although they have won awards, I think Matthew and Matt never recovered without some damage their looks from their weight loss roles. Nevertheless Lily was quite moving.

Supporting cast is good. Tony winning British actor Alex Sharp does a charming and witty fellow sufferer love interest quite well. Lily Taylor as her rather unhelpful but well meaning mother is a good actress but a strange choice - how could she have such a drop dead gorgeous daughter? Keanu Reeves - ever since that rom com with Diane Keaton it seems okay to cast him as a doctor. The dude speak is kind of hilarious.

The story has a good balance of humor and drama with well written dialog. Liked the date in the Chinese restaurant. The family therapy session was quite funny too. Also the part about the Holocaust Museum. The characters are interesting and not clichéd. Liked the fact that she got along with her stepmother who cared for her more than her father. Her rapport with the love interest is quite refreshing - not clichéd.

Worth watching
The ending though
Movie had us in tears a few times. Gave me chills and more insight into the lives of people with eating disorders. The imagery around how family can influence the destruction as well as reconstruction of a person's life captivated me.

I was disappointed with the ending. I'm hoping for a sequel as many questions were left unanswered.

Overall, it was a brilliant movie and I would recommend it :)
Reprehensible and Infuriating
Possible Spoilers: I initially gave To The Bone a higher rating until I read that the lead actress, Lily Collins actually has suffered from an eating disorder for years. I also read that she lost more than 20 pounds to play the role of the anorexic lead character, Ellen. If this is true, I am more than appalled and outraged.

This is a very sensitive topic for many people and I deeply relate having had a mother who suffered from anorexia and ultimately died from complications from the condition.

Again, if what I have read is true, with all the special effects make-up available I find it more than appalling that this actress lost over 20 pounds to play this role. Regardless of whether she used a nutritionist (as indicated in several articles) or not, this is more than irresponsible and reprehensible. It would be like giving a recovering alcoholic or drug addict a role and suggest they actually get intoxicated on set.

I strongly believe there should be more films about this often misunderstood and controversial illness, but I cannot condone the manner in which this film was made.
eating disorder treatment fantasy land
-SPOILERS- don't read if you didn't see it.

I was really excited for this film but lets be real... this is a total disrespect to people who work trying to help those with eating disorders. The place were she goes for treatment is a fantasy land; Lets face it.

-90% of the time, they are unsupervised, so they can work out, puke or have a mental break down who is handle by the other patients - Patients can eat whatever they want...even NOT eat at all. Everyone knows that this places has always schedule eating menus for every patient needs. The girl overweight with bulimia is only seen eating peanut butter?! Great way to make you healthy. - One patient hides a vomit bag under the bed and no one smells it or the nurses don't find out cause, apparently, no one searches the rooms from time to time. - The mother says: I accept if you wanna die. And this is not discussed on the movie as the worst possible thing to say to a person in the kind of the situation the protagonist is living. -Basically they are there earning points, cause that is the whole reason they eat, not to get better at all...this points allows then to go outside alone and buy laxity's for example. - Of course, and if you want you can just leave without even a call to the parents from the doctors. Cause its just so normal to leave without your doctors consent if you are in a treatment facility.

Really the worst movie i ever saw on the subject. The performances are good, but not worth it. And they made a huge marketing about how it was a real portrait of eating disorders. Sorry, but saying the f word to the voice in your head is not enough folks.

---- Feels like i needed to give a response since i was being attack on the account that i may not have suffer from ED myself..

First of all, the movie portrait both the eating disorder as a whole in a person life as the eating disorder inside the facility if someone wants to criticize the movie there is no problem in focus in one of those topics. Second, i have never said i worked in a treatment facility at any point of my review. However, if its so important to accepted the critics of others i have no shame in saying that yes, i suffered myself from ED in the past and yes, i was once in a treatment facility and have also watched many documentaries and TV shows on the subject. (since we all know, we can get a bit obssessive.) So, in my opinion, this movie, as unconventional as the doctor my say he is, does not show decent and real work that happen in those kind of places.

I can also tell you my opinion on the rest of the story. Does ED people puke, do exercises unhealthily, count calories, have different ages, races and weights? yes. Do they suffer with mental struggles as if they cant control the illness and others? yes.

Now...the doctor does ONE session with the family and decides it is pointless? Too unconventional...for me. Freedom of speech, sure! Just don't think they should have made such a marketing saying a lot of people with ED past or ED knowledge were involve in the movie so they could make a work that shows the real deal, and give voice to these people. Cause for me, if a person with ED watch this and thinks there is a place where they can go and eat or not eat at their on decision, do exercises without supervision, go to the bathroom at night alone and puke, not have to deal with family session (wich are hard but so necessary) this for me does not help this person at all. No matter how lily Collins face looks all proud "i got back to treatment because I wanted to" at the end. For me she is just walking into a toxic treatment all over again.
Close to the real thing
When I heard about this movie I was sceptical. I am a male who has suffered from Anorexia since I was 14 (I am 25 now) and have been in 2 inpatient units during this time. I have gone from a weight that literally caused my heart to stop to one that is normal according to society and have recently graduated to become a doctor.

To The Bone starts off with an all too familiar look into the life of someone with an eating disorder in an inpatient unit. Once she is 'let loose' into the world she is clearly no where close to recovery. We get some degree of insight into her life struggling with her condition. Lily Collins is perfectly suited to this role given her eating disorder history. I am slightly concerned that this role may have set something off in her mind to trigger a relapse (if not now, then in the future), but as long as she has been able to cope I am more at ease. The attention to detail into her character's daily life is incredible. From being able to recite calories in foods to the countless hours spent doing sit-ups in her room, I was amazed as to how accurate they wanted this movie to be. In my eyes, it was in no way an exaggeration and could be considered an under- representation as to the daily life of someone with an eating disorder.

As the story progresses the tone becomes a lot more serious. It makes it quite hard to watch at times, because you do feel concerned for the well being of the main character and her family. It certainly made me emotional at times because it re- surfaced memories of things I put me and my family through. Again, this just highlights how eerily accurate the film portrays the condition. I could literally put names of people I met during recovery to the faces of the characters (patients, doctors, nurses and family members included).

Aside from being concerned as to the well being of Lily Collins in this role, the other problem I had going into watching this movie was that it may glamorise eating disorders. However, after the first 10 minutes of watching it I knew this was not the case. It felt a lot more like seeing the world through a real anorexic's eyes.

The other obvious problem I had was that this may be potentially 'triggering' for people with eating disorders. I still have this reservation, however I cannot conceive any way a film like this could not have been triggering. Every person experiences an eating disorder differently and have their own personal triggers. Anything in this film could have been triggering for different reasons. What I know is that those without the condition will receive an invaluable insight into the life of someone with an eating disorder. In a world where awareness for such disorders is certainly on the up, many people still think eating disorders are a 'life choice' and that sufferers should just eat. i hope this film makes people realise the daily struggles of sufferers and that it offers sufferers ambition to recover.
Scratching the surface of the surface
I don't really know what this movie wants to be and that is the problem. Romance? Education? Drama? Comedy?

It is trying to go deep but fails miserably. As someone with a long-term eating disorder, I don't think that what they show is real anywhere. And it shouldn't be a fantasy as it is a really serious problem. So anyone with an eating disorder who has not recovered yet may watch this and think: oh well as long as I eat 2 peas at dinner, everything will be peachy. No. It won't. The protagonist doesn't seem to suffer at all, she is making fun of spitting out food or getting laxatives and I don't really see a development in her character at all. Lily Collins lost a lot of weight for nothing. And it is a shame because we would need a great movie about this topic. But this movie is banalizing the problem and it doesn't do any good.
Heart-hitting film
I can imagine everyone that has had anorexia or knew or knows someone with it or comparable diagnosis will have a hard time watching this movie, but also will say it is true to it's theme.

This movie is hard-hitting, indeed, to the bone. I could not take my eyes off this movie, even though it is very hard to look at 'cause the look of Lily Collins and her co stars in the Strashhold are close to unbearable. But that is how it is so a story like this needed to be told. (Just like with 13 Reasons Why)

Everyone's performance is amazing and true to the characters. This needs to be seen, there are scenes that will make you bawl and probably help you being grounded more. It is also funny when it wants to be, which is not that often.

Loves this, waited for it for a year and it was worth it.
Viewed To the Bone
And I can fully recommend. Keanu is about the best looking doctor I ever saw but he does not overwhelm the cast with his degree of celebrity, although I have often wondered how he magically manages to do that in his smaller roles. This is clearly Lily Collins movie but I will say that Lili Taylor's scenes are very touching and one in particular had me believing and teary which I did not expect. Depending on a given viewers degree of

emotional connection to the subject matter there will be fallout. Can't be helped with such a real portrayal of this confusing illness and the exploration of how it happens and how it is overcome. A nice addition to the Keanu Reeves filmography with skillful portrayals from all the actors that are often comedic and isn't that how real life often turns out?
A girl who encounters and deals with the struggle of having anorexia nervosa, a type of eating disorder.
I was deeply disturbed while watching this movie. I suffered from severe anorexia nervosa, and I started watching this to see if they are really spreading the message of how horrible this disease is, but I was disappointed to see that this movie does not entirely depict what having an eating disorder is truly like. It is dark and scary. It is about having to be in control of your calories to a obsessive degree. It is when you are so self-conscious and have such a low self-esteem that you have to go to bed starving because if not you will gain weight, get fat,be ugly, and no one will really want you. I was to the bone. It is not glamorous. It is stressful and addictive and unhealthy. You are literally killing yourself, thinking you are become more beautiful while actually you are slowly but surely bringing your body more into starvation mode as your bones protrude sickly. Nothing funny about it. At all. Also, many people going through this don't really know what they are doing to themselves. I didn't. And trust me, it makes it worse if people around you are getting frustrated and judgy of what you are doing- you just end up feeling worse about yourself. You need love and encouragement. This movie doesn't show this truth. If you know someone with an eating disorder, tell them that this is not healthy for their body and that beautiful is strong, healthy, and happy. Tell them they are enough no matter what, that God has a bright future for them, and that they are not alone. That no matter what they see in the mirror, being fit and healthy matters SO much more than looks. And finally, that they are overcomers. They CAN do it. This disease doesn't own them, and they will defeat any doubts about themselves that they encounter. They are SO priceless, strong, and valuable.
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