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Drama, Comedy
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Marti Noxon
Brooke Smith as Olive
Maya Eshet as Pearl
Hana Hayes as Chloe
Retta as Lobo
Ciara Bravo as Tracy
Lily Collins as Ellen
Michael B. Silver as Dr. Weiner
Alanna Ubach as Karen
Lili Taylor as Judy
Keanu Reeves as Dr. William Beckham
Storyline: A young woman is dealing with anorexia. She meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life.
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Just another romance
After reading the description, you might expect a movie about struggles with eating disorders, some insight into suffering persons thoughts, how tough and real this problem is. What you get instead is some kind of teenage romance, where the girl just happen to also have anorexia. If you're looking for something else, this movie will be simply an awful waste of time.
Excellent movie
Bringing you along the life of people with eating disorder and seeing them from their perspective. It's a movie that need your patience as the world of the main character slowly expand and more reasons as to why she has this eating disorder. A great film with a great intention to educate the public about the struggles people with eating disorder going through so that people can relate and be kind to them even though they went through the struggle. A very emotional movie and highly recommended.
Mom of an adult child battling anorexia nervosa
I've been struggling to get through this film as I can see my daughter's pain. But the scene where the mom is bottle feeding her grown daughter is too much! My child never wanted that as a newborn. I had to feed her and lay her in a bouncy seat. My love as a mom was never the thing missing. My daughter still calls me an awesome, loving mother and yet she feels such pain that I can't help her with. I can't recommend this movie to my child or people that love and support her and believe me - I'd love to be able to show family something that helps them not see my daughter as a problem but with a hurt she can't explain. When my daughter spent a month in the hospital for re-feeding and therapy, I was the one to be there, spend the night with her. It wasn't other family or friends
eating disorder treatment fantasy land
-SPOILERS- don't read if you didn't see it.

I was really excited for this film but lets be real... this is a total disrespect to people who work trying to help those with eating disorders. The place were she goes for treatment is a fantasy land; Lets face it.

-90% of the time, they are unsupervised, so they can work out, puke or have a mental break down who is handle by the other patients - Patients can eat whatever they want...even NOT eat at all. Everyone knows that this places has always schedule eating menus for every patient needs. The girl overweight with bulimia is only seen eating peanut butter?! Great way to make you healthy. - One patient hides a vomit bag under the bed and no one smells it or the nurses don't find out cause, apparently, no one searches the rooms from time to time. - The mother says: I accept if you wanna die. And this is not discussed on the movie as the worst possible thing to say to a person in the kind of the situation the protagonist is living. -Basically they are there earning points, cause that is the whole reason they eat, not to get better at all...this points allows then to go outside alone and buy laxity's for example. - Of course, and if you want you can just leave without even a call to the parents from the doctors. Cause its just so normal to leave without your doctors consent if you are in a treatment facility.

Really the worst movie i ever saw on the subject. The performances are good, but not worth it. And they made a huge marketing about how it was a real portrait of eating disorders. Sorry, but saying the f word to the voice in your head is not enough folks.

---- Feels like i needed to give a response since i was being attack on the account that i may not have suffer from ED myself..

First of all, the movie portrait both the eating disorder as a whole in a person life as the eating disorder inside the facility if someone wants to criticize the movie there is no problem in focus in one of those topics. Second, i have never said i worked in a treatment facility at any point of my review. However, if its so important to accepted the critics of others i have no shame in saying that yes, i suffered myself from ED in the past and yes, i was once in a treatment facility and have also watched many documentaries and TV shows on the subject. (since we all know, we can get a bit obssessive.) So, in my opinion, this movie, as unconventional as the doctor my say he is, does not show decent and real work that happen in those kind of places.

I can also tell you my opinion on the rest of the story. Does ED people puke, do exercises unhealthily, count calories, have different ages, races and weights? yes. Do they suffer with mental struggles as if they cant control the illness and others? yes.

Now...the doctor does ONE session with the family and decides it is pointless? Too unconventional...for me. Freedom of speech, sure! Just don't think they should have made such a marketing saying a lot of people with ED past or ED knowledge were involve in the movie so they could make a work that shows the real deal, and give voice to these people. Cause for me, if a person with ED watch this and thinks there is a place where they can go and eat or not eat at their on decision, do exercises without supervision, go to the bathroom at night alone and puke, not have to deal with family session (wich are hard but so necessary) this for me does not help this person at all. No matter how lily Collins face looks all proud "i got back to treatment because I wanted to" at the end. For me she is just walking into a toxic treatment all over again.
A very realistic and piercing portrayal of anorexia
This film tells the story of a twenty years old woman, who grew up in a complicated family background. She has been battling with anorexia nervosa for years, with little success. She goes to an unconventional treatment facility, and in there her family hopes it will bring about a long awaited recovery in her.

I find "To The Bone" an accurate and non-dramatised version of people having anorexia nervosa. The unimaginable restrictions pulled off by the anorexia suffers are at times delivered in an amusing manner, but without being minimising or offensive, such as the rooms having no doors so that there is no Olympic going on in the room. It does not portray anything too grim or sensationalised wither, such as not portraying deliberate self harm. The sufferer's journeys are very realistic and are bound to touch heartstrings.
Even before it was released to general audiences the think pieces started coming out about Marti Noxon's directorial debut To the Bone. So many think pieces argued over whether the movie had a right to exist and the potential triggers it might have for anyone currently suffering through an eating disorder (and warning, despite Noxon's claim that she was careful not to include anything that might trigger someone with an eating disorder the film does have a few moments that feel gratuitous).

Unfortunately, on every level, it's just not a very good film. Lily Collins plays Ellen, a 20 year old wise-cracking artist with a dark sense of humour who happens to be anorexic. We first meet her as she is coming out of her latest inpatient program weighing even less than she did when she came in. Appalled, Ellen's stepmother pulls some strings and manages to get her to see Dr. Beckham whose unconventional methods are supposed to cure Ellen. He insists on yet another inpatient program which Ellen initially tries to resist, only to succumb when her younger sister pleads with her to go.

The problem is this movie isn't as interesting as it thinks it is. Anorexia is a serious subject worthy of study in fiction and in film, but even though writer/director Noxon and star Lily Collins are both in recovery from the disease their approach feels as clichéd as your average TV movie. Everything from the way that Ellen wears layered dark clothes and makes sarcastic "witty" comments that are supposed to show how great she is and wise beyond her years, to the fact that Beckham's unconventional methods seem to be the pretty conventional method of showing off things of beauty, engaging in therapy and not talking down to his patient are incredibly cringe worthy. The frustrating thing is that there are some interesting moments in the film, like how the supposedly happy go lucky model recovery patient Luke turns out to have a bit of a dark side, but even this is barely covered.

Collins is great and rises far above the material, but it's unfortunate that this passion project, which does take a couple of interesting turns, seems more committed to staying with the paint by numbers typical approach than in offering us anything truly unusual.
Disappointing, but still worth seeing - an honest opinion from an ED perspective.
To cut to the chase, I wanted to share with you my personal view on the Netflix's latest release:

I feel that it's important to show it from the perspective of a person suffering from EDs of all sorts...
My experience, pretty much
I have struggled with an eating disorder since I was 15 years old. In my early twenties I didn't deal with it appropriately only to end up working for a group of wellness clinics... the biggest one for eating disorders. From here onward you can guess I had a massive anorexic/bulimic relapse (in my late 20's), and I went through my companies own in patient unit and several others... In my early 30's I finally made the leap, quit my triggering job and took a year off to heal. I did CBT (group therapy), shrink, psycho therapy, dietitian/nutritionist, etc etc. I am now I'm my mid 30's and I am FINALLY OK with myself, kinder to myself and able to accept myself as I am and enjoy food again. Why did I write this entire cathartic blurb? Because this movie is INCREDIBLY accurate and well made! Now only does it pretty much mirror my own relationship with myself and others, I really identified with the defiant and guarded girl Lily Collins portrayed! I literally broke down in tears at the mother/daughter breastfeeding scene... it made me think of my own issues with my mother and her inability to both breastfeed and connect with me. At my stage of healing I did not find it triggering, but that's not to say that those who are actively struggling with their own wellness might not benefit from watching it. All I can say is that the acting was spot on, as was the the secrecy,tortured, shameful and painful nature of eating disorders... during mine I did it all; starvation, binging, purging, cutting, overdosing, laxatives, diuretics, hiding food/puke/stool, you name it! But not anymore because, just like in this movie, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Boring and superficial
This film is terribly over-hyped. Smart, sassy heroine with an eating disorder meets laid back doctor, the impossibly youthful Keanu Reeves. We also meet the usual quirky bunch of recovering/struggling patients at a beautiful, lavish treatment facility that spares no expense. There was something just terribly trivial about 'To The Bone' that disappointed me. There were the hackneyed sad bits, funny bits, but the real horror of eating disorders was really only touched on. Was it glamorised? Not really, but it was made to look a bit like a life choice that wasn't really all that awful, certainly for our smart- talking heroine.There was something terribly detached about it. It never became something that gripped as you watched it. The characters were unlikable and the plot line non-existent. It was 'eating-disorder' film by numbers and not worthy of all the talk around it.
a decent movie...
Eating disorder is a very serious yet common problem among teenagers. there are not much of the media (such as films or TV shows) that depicts about it. there are a few, but sadly it didn't got much attention. so, when i first heard of this movie, i was pretty excited. and when i finished watching this movie, i was... pretty confused.

no, it's not that the plot that is confusing, rather than the movie's quality. is this movie a better movie about eating disorder? YES. is this a great movie? i don't think so.

Let's start with the acting. well, i'm going to give me praise to lily collins. this is definitely a better performance from her. It showed how much she actually cares about this character and film. Keanu Reeves' performance is weak and at times forced. other supporting actors are doing a pretty good job. even they didn't really develop well, which brings out my main problem to this movie, development. characters which are far more interesting to know is drawn out, by you can guess it- cheap subplot romance.

i do expect a romance from this film when i watched the trailers. but i didn't think it's going to take much time that it drowns out the actual story i'm expecting. the first half of the movie, when the romance doesn't got involved, i'm pretty much in love. it portrays how much our main character is struggling. but after the whole romance got involved, it became unbalanced. those time could be used for actual things to make us feel more about the main character, but it dumbly got drowned out and only slipped by a line or two. i know that too much flashback is a pain, but seeing how this movie focuses on her struggle and journey, could you please at least show us a thing or two that make her struggling? at least, the ending makes it all up, it has some great emotional moments, that scene with her biological mother is somehow works out pretty well.

all and all, it's still a decent movie. and by this, i wish there are more movies about the topic.
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