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Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Kenneth Branagh
Rene Russo as Frigga
Joshua Dallas as Fandral
Ray Stevenson as Volstagg
Idris Elba as Heimdall
Kat Dennings as Darcy
Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson
Stellan Skarsgård as Professor Andrews
Colm Feore as Laufey
Adriana Barraza as Isabel Alvarez
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster
Storyline: The warrior Thor (Hemsworth) is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard by his father Odin (Hopkins) for his arrogance and sent to Earth to live among humans. Falling in love with scientist Jane Foster (Portman) teaches Thor much-needed lessons, and his new-found strength comes into play as a villain from his homeland sends dark forces toward Earth.
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Nice visuals but terrible movie
The graphics and visuals of the movie were impressive. However as a movie it was no better than a B-movie. Storyline is dull, and something we have seen a million times before.

An untried youth (Thor) who wants to prove his worth, but manages only to invoke the wrath of his elders (odin), he is then cast into banishment where he must prove his worth and make wise decisions in order to prove himself and return to his home.

While this concept may still work, I think the characters are extremely superficial and boring. And furthermore, as a Scandinavian I'm pretty disgusted by the rendition of Asgard and its inhibitors. They have only scratched the surface of the characters (how they originally were described) should behave, and they are in no way as barbaric as they should be.

Also, what the hell is up with the casting? Some of the gods are Asians and black, and Sif is dark-haired and not the wife of Thor? Taken from Wikipedia "Sif is the wife of the god Thor and is known for her golden hair." That is literally what she is known for. I am no racist person but they should all be tall, blond and brutal.

Terrible movie :(
Just one awesome god-avenger
An entertaining if largely forgettable and very familiar story of a should-be king (Chris Hemsworth) cast down into exile after starting a war in the distant realm of Asgard. While Hemsworth turns in an admirable portrayal of the demigod, the movie's Shakespearean tone, while an interesting selection, grows tired by halfway through. The special effects are, as expected, outstanding, and the acting is relatively good, but the film contains a hollow center where we don't truly care about Thor or the rest of the characters as much as we probably should. Overall, it falls into the same category of "Captain America" as okay but not good/great, spectacular in spurts but totally missable. Wait to see Thor in action in the super fun "The Avengers". 8/10
Utter, utter tripe
Sorry, to all that have given this "movie" more than 1 out of 10. This has to be one of the most sorry excuses for a movie I've ever seen. Actually less interesting and more poorly written than Pokemon the movie and even that was a new low for me... It cost me £10.00 to see this (I had my own 3d glasses)!!! I'm considering asking for a refund.

What was the point of Natalie Portman or the other mortals presence and the 5 minutes we spent in their company?

This movie is nothing but a 2 and bit hour long trailer for the undoubted THOR 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 which will have all the drama and normally good content that Marvel based movies have (I can only hope).

More time is spent (nearly half) developing characters and giving us background information on how we've got to where we've got...rather than telling the story that we paid to see....

There's no depth of character, (Anthony Hopkins was the best actor in it and he spent most of his time in a coma, I'm guessing after he read the script !), there's no plot other than arrogant son, exiled to earth. He spends 5 minutes (yes 5 !) not understanding anything that's going on or how society works (despite him and his people being deified for at least 2,000 years) and then gets sucked back to his own "realm", there's little in the way of good dialogue, the special effects are Dr Who'esq and the 3D is forgettable.

There's no menace from any of the baddies, his "bad" half / non brother seems so nice that you think "ah it's all an act and something terrible is going to happen"... but no, he is quite a nice guy only really dabbles with naughtiness.....

This film was supposed to be in 3D yet I completely forgot that it was after the first 5 minutes and only at the end when I realised that I was wearing the stupid glasses did I remember!!

In a time where we have transformers, X-Men and the like, the special effects were weak and pretty poor. There's no humour no camping it up to rescue it either.

My worry is that if this is the best movie of the undoubted quadruology that we're about to be subjected to, then God help us.

I warn you we may have another Iron Man 2 (a movie I still haven't been able to stay awake all the way through yet!!) or Spiderman (anything other than 1) on our hands and can I bring myself to part with another £10 on the strength of that?... almost certainly not.

This could and should have been great, it wasn't and I'm left feeling cheated !

He be worthy
By Odin's beard! Verily, yon mighty picture house of Marvel doth demonstrate the courage of a warrior battling a rampaging Bilgesnipe to tell the tale of Thor. Metal men and monsters of medicine? Aye, but ye literal Gods of Olde, told with nary a snicker? Forsooth! But hark - they who doth dare to scorn know not the Lord Kenneth of Branagh, whose soothsaying doth be as pure as his heart. He approacheth the lore of Asgard with the eloquence of yon Bard of Olde, but addeth the slow-motion and explosions of yon Michael Bay. Zounds. And lo - though it be the first foray into fantasy outright for yon kingdom of Marvel, Thor abideth the test of time - robust, clear-headed, and, verily, as fun as it be mighty.

Too ridiculous an opening paragraph for you? Thankfully, Marvel and Branagh are, quite wisely, on your side. Here, the Thor comic's characteristic Stan Lee swipes at 'Olde Englishe' are as absent as his feathery helmet (that is to say, restricted to cameo status). Branagh is cognizant of this potential for silliness, and works hard to carve out familiar, safe ground, opening with a contextual prologue that leans on Lord of the Rings tropes so extensively, it's almost a shock not to see Cate Blanchett pop up.* Still, Branagh proves as adept at blockbuster filmmaking as he is at gilding classical wordplay, and, after a few cliché-courting opening moments in the (cool but fairly wobbly CGI) realm of Asgard, it only takes moments to be swept up in Thor's brisk pacing, crisp action interludes (excessive slow-mo notwithstanding), and ready levity, all skepticism receding to a dull ebb.

Instead, Marvel's challenge of selling Norse mythology as hip, blockbuster entertainment provides a intriguing opportunity to repackage the rote, superhero 'learning powers/coming of age' tropes as something altogether more mature. Unlike the average hero, the arrogant Thor begins his titular film at peak power, and the film's biggest action blowout is in its first act, where he lets loose with all the thrilling, trailer-stinger hammer-'n-lightning blowout moments against an army of frost giants in the tundra wastelands of Jotunheim. Soon afterwards, however, we're grounded in New Mexico, where our fish-out-of-water deity is, begrudgingly, forced to learn humility through nonviolent valour. Here, Branagh slows down to a crawl, with more talk of astrophysics, governmental investigations/Avengers world-building (including a happily extensive hangout with Clark Gregg's adorably deadpan Agent Coulson), and the comedic schtick of Kat Dennings (who is just funny enough to not feel flagrantly out of place) than punching and kicking. In his downtime, he stokes a romantic subplot, with flirtations housed in constellations, conflating science and magic, and pop tarts. No one could ever accuse Thor of being unambitious.

If the initial premise itself heralded perilous camp potential, this forced juxtaposition is doubly so. Thankfully, Branagh meets the silliness head on with a cheerful twinkle in his eye. Ample amounts of Thor's gregarious, out-of-place posturing ("I need a horse!" and "This drink - I like it. Another!" can face off for the film's biggest laugh) and physical slapstick help take the sting out of the Asgardian brooding, while keeping the film accessible and fun. This, in turn, carves out breathing room for Branagh's Shakespearian credentials to work their magic on the larger-than-life melodrama, helping terse, booming confrontation scenes between a golden bondage pirate and a Gothic teenager with ibex horns breathe as surprisingly natural, sombre and resonant, without hammering it home (ha). Amazingly, before you can shake a sceptre, it's all coalesced in a din of flamboyant opposites that (somehow) achieve thrilling counterpoint, woven together by the strains of Patrick Doyle's handsomely heroic musical score. By the time we're swept away to climactic battles with a gigantic Day the Earth Stood Still robot and a god vs. god beatdown on a CGI rainbow bridge (keep your Mario Kart jokes to yourself), we, like Thor, feel we've earned the catharsis of the CGI-bloated action, and are too invested not to cheer in the face of the raw jubilance of it all.

Still, Branagh's careful balancing act would be nothing without the exceptional casting of Chris Hemsworth as the titular god of thunder. Bringing an impeccable comedic timing, and boisterous charisma as colossal as his dazzling physique, Hemsworth commits to his performance with such enormous, brazenly sincerity that his fall from grace and reclamation of honour are somehow as primally resonant and compelling as any high melodrama. Similarly, Tom Hiddleston attacks the inherent underdog pathos of Thor's seedy sibling Loki with such ferocious nuance and presence that he's nearly as commanding, sympathetic, and beguiling as his titular brother, even in the midst of committing unspeakably despicable villainy. Natalie Portman may struggle to fish comparable depth out of her quirky love interest/dubious astrophysicist, but she's neurotically adorable enough to make her rushed romance with Hemsworth surprisingly sweet. Anthony Hopkins lends Odin the requisite thunderous gravitas while largely resisting the expected sleepiness and impulse to phone it in, while Stellan Skarsgård is unreasonably entertaining as the resident 'straight-man scientist,' fishing perennial incredulous humour out of the chaos with practiced ease. Finally, Rene Russo, Jaimie Alexander, Ray Stevenson, Josh Dallas, and (especially) Idris Elba all find their moments to lend humour and class as fellow Asgardians, despite functioning more as endearing action figures than fleshed-out characters.

Despite, on paper, sounding like the superhero genre's most absurd entry, Thor excels as one of its most straightforward, breezy, deceptively intimate and character-driven, and invigoratingly enjoyable. We've believed a man can fly; now we can believe a god can fall, and capture our hearts all the while. In the words of Odin, Thor is worthy.


*Or apparently she's just been biding her time for six years. Stay tuned for Ragnarok!
An immensely enjoyable Marvel entry that complements the tone of Iron Man films
I watched this last night at a preview screening in London.

I prayed that Kenneth Branagh would learn from his mistakes with handling a big budget movie, namely his Frankeinstein. Thankfully, I am glad to say he learnt a great deal from those mistakes. Of course, this is no Henry V, this is just pure popcorn entertainment but a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to Thor for the big screen. Chris Hemsworth played the part with a lot of energy, charisma and I have to admit from a bloke's point of view, annoying good looks. Anthony Hopkins added much needed heavyweight presence as Odin but its a role he has quite frankly played a gazillion times but I never tire of it, so I'm not complaining. In a year long span of brilliantly playing vastly different roles from psychotic to swashbuckling heroine, Natalie Portman this time plays the sweet determined scientist girl who falls for the strangely mannered good looking guy. Nothing too taxing for any of them but they do give a re-assuring aura about them.

The visuals were quite spectacular, mainly, the sweeping canvas of Asgard. The action scenes were also good though I thought could have been executed better with lesser use of the fast cut edit style that is too often the norm in action film these days.

There is plenty of humour when Thor is on Earth but not in a put-off way as there is a suitable contrast of a serious tone with everything set in Asgard. Even though the storyline was somewhat predictable, it was still a riveting one.

For those like me, who were concerned about how Thor fits into the established Marvel connected universe set by the Iron Man films need not worry. That is just another thing that Branagh and crew pulls off very well. We can now fully embrace the forthcoming Avengers where a God, a man who transforms into a giant green beast, and a man who flies in a hi tech amour suit can share the same screen. So its all coming together nicely.

And make sure you stay for the end credit scenes. In case you did not know of this before, I urge you to go back to the previous films (Iron Man 1 & 2, Incredible Hulk) and watch the end of credit sequences if you haven't already. They tell a separate story strand that will culminate to a certain upcoming Marvel movie. The end credit sequence of Thor is the most fascinating yet as it actually takes a major plot development in the story strand ;) And it was the longest bloody end of credit sequence I've ever seen in any movie! One last thing, the film I saw was in 3d and once again, it practically nearly ruined all the action scenes for me. In the non action scenes, it was pretty useless and just simply made the film much darker.
If you've read the comics or at least have a brain, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE
First of all, after seeing both, I'd recommend you watch this movie in 2D. It is one of the worst comic book adaptations I've ever seen. All the fight scenes happened to fast and you could barely see it if you watch it in 3D, all the female characters are portrayed as useless idiots and if you haven't read the comic book this movie will not make any sense. Just don't waste your money. It has ruined my childhood. The plot was strung together very loosely as well. Don't get me wrong, some of the acting was very good. For example, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddlestone really brought this screen to life when they were given time behind Chris Hemsworth and his horribly cheesy acting. The directors could have done so much better. I guess that's what happens when you sell your soul to Disney (Marvel was sold to Disney). What a shame
Amazing film, great build up to the Avengers
Just came back from the theatres as the easter previews for the UK were on, and there's not much to criticise. There's no overpowering 3D effects here which is great, but because the glasses darken the image the first 10 or so minutes were a bit hard to see.

The story line was good, I don't know how much it parallels any of the source material but there are times when you think you know what's happening and when, but are pleasantly surprised.

As this is my first comment and I'm not sure what exactly constitutes a spoiler I will say one thing and that is to make sure, like many marvel films to pay respect to the film makers and stay till after the credits. Nick Fury makes an appearance as well as a seemingly forgotten cast member.
Would have been a good movie if it was longer and had no romance.
'Thor', in short, is a decent film that has both pros and cons. I enjoyed it immensely. It had an interesting plot, good pacing, a reasonable amount of action, great actors, and decently written characters. There were, however, two major letdowns: unnecessary, forced, heterosexual romance and rushed character development.

Pros first.

The plot was original and interesting. Thor's arrogance and destructive tendencies get him banished and he has to mature so he can wield Mjolnir again and return to Asgard. This is beautifully interwoven with Loki's secret plots and schemes to rule Asgard and win the favour of his parents. Loki's progression from protagonist to villain is incredibly fascinating, and his realistic motivations and charming exterior make him a memorable one.

Marvel, as always, has great casting directors and Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston played Thor and Loki (respectively) wonderfully. People have joked that 'Marvel grows its actors on trees' and I think this can be applied to 'Thor', in which Hemsworth and Hiddleston portray the brothers' chemistry and rivalry perfectly.

The visuals are beautiful as well. The realm of Asgard is majestic and glorious. The rainbow of the Bifrost and the stars are all displayed to enhance its beauty. Not many films these days have beauty for the sake of beauty, but Thor is one of them. All of this is backed up by a great soundtrack from composer Patrick Doyle, who manages to capture the grandiose nature of Asgard, as well as the intimate emotions of the characters.

Cons now.

'Thor', like so many other films, contains the cliché of unnecessary heterosexual romance. The chemistry between Thor and Jane is incredibly forced and irritating, and seems to be no more a superficial infatuation. Their awkward exchanges left me cringing with secondhand embarrassment. Jane is reduced to a love interest and a plot device for Thor's character development, the unfortunate fate of so many female characters these days.

Thor's development from bullheaded, arrogant idiot to sensible, intelligent hero is too rushed. Played out only over two days, Thor's sudden desire to sacrifice himself for his new-found friends earns him the right to wield Mjolnir again. This is obviously too sudden, and perhaps another half-hour of screen time would have done this film good. Also, self-sacrifice is by no means a determination of maturity and/or humility, so Thor's immediate refusal to destroy the Frost Giants afterwards seems rather stretched and implausible.

Sadly, the cons are both major plot points of the story and have reduced an otherwise good film to a 6/10.
Not impressed :(
Unfortunately this movie doesn't compare to such movies as Iron Man. Dialogue didn't keep me very interested. Even the battle scenes didn't keep me very interested, they were very short lived.

Once Thor arrived on earth, he met Natalie Portman, whose character and relationship with Thor I just couldn't connect with.

My favorite scene in the movie is when Thor is retrieving his hammer and Jeremy Renner is the sniper. Love Jeremy Renner! Besides Jeremy Renner, Thor's brother was enjoyable to watch. He had so much more personality. He wasn't so drab. I enjoyed watching the villain more then the hero!
Thor brought to the big screen
Thor carries on the marvel torch that had seen the Hulk films and Iron Man come before it.

I will admit I do like the Marvel characters but find myself struggling with the science incorporated into the stories and find that it can go over my head, I focus more on the characters development in the films.

The simple plot line without the science is Thor, son of Odin is cast out of Asgard for endangering it by nearly causing a war with their enemy the Frost Giants. As a result, his father takes his power away and sends him to earth. Thor ends up in New Mexico where he crashes into Dr Jane Foster, an astrophysicist played by Natalie Portman, her mentor Erik Selvig played by Stellan skarsgard and assistant Darcy. Thor struggles to deal with his mortality but through his interactions with his new friends he becomes a better person and less arrogant.

Chris Hemsworth rocks as Thor, I haven't seen the comics but he just fits what you expect a son of Odin to look like. I think it is one of the harder roles to play as he does start off as a very arrogant ass and could have been dislikeable but Chris is so likable that you find yourself overlooking his negative traits and I enjoyed seeing him change into a more humble character that realises he hasn't got all the answers but still tries anyway.

Tom Hiddleston plays another complex character in the film that if it had been played by a different actor could have been a dislikeable character. Loki is not a one dimensional villain and although he is a villain, he can be engaging as he does have have qualities that make him not as bad as he seems at times.

Natalie Portman was alright as Jane Foster but I don't think the role was that interesting. Anthony Hospkins as usual commands the screen.

I enjoyed the film very much particularly the early scenes when he lands on Earth are very funny such as him getting tasered by Darcy and the hospital scene. Other standouts for me is the unpredictable nature of Loki when you expect him to go one way and he goes in a totally different direction and the battle between Loki and Thor at the end of the film.

I was surprised that Kenneth Branagh, Shakespearean actor and director directed the film but as you watch the film you can see that he enjoys the subject matter and understands the characters. He was the right person to take the story to the big screen.
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