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Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Kenneth Branagh
Rene Russo as Frigga
Joshua Dallas as Fandral
Ray Stevenson as Volstagg
Idris Elba as Heimdall
Kat Dennings as Darcy
Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson
Stellan Skarsgård as Professor Andrews
Colm Feore as Laufey
Adriana Barraza as Isabel Alvarez
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster
Storyline: The warrior Thor (Hemsworth) is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard by his father Odin (Hopkins) for his arrogance and sent to Earth to live among humans. Falling in love with scientist Jane Foster (Portman) teaches Thor much-needed lessons, and his new-found strength comes into play as a villain from his homeland sends dark forces toward Earth.
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A movie worthy of Thor!
Wow. That was the first thing I thought after seeing Thor. I'd read the strong reviews, I loved the choice of Kenneth Branagh as director and the trailers looked great. But I still wasn't prepared for how satisfying this movie would be. This is the very definition of epic, and I LOVED it.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is a God of Norse mythology, son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and brother of Loki (Tom Hiddleston). When Thor disobeys his father and sparks an ancient war with the Frost Giants, Odin banishes him from the realm of Asgard and casts him down to Earth. With the help of a trio of humans (including Natalie Portman's Jane), Thor struggles to fit in on Earth whilst looking for a way to return to Asgard. Meanwhile, the devious Loki plots for his father's throne…

Simply put, Thor is the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight. The idea of Norse gods and warriors who dress, sound and look like pompous Vikings (some of whom interact with modern humans), multiple universes, rainbow bridges and Frost Giants must have seemed pretty hard to pull off without being silly, especially when this hero eventually has to meet with more "realistic" superheroes such as Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America in next year's The Avengers movie. But Branagh has taken something potentially camp and cheesy and turned it into a powerful, strangely relatable story; there are quite a few Shakespearian elements in Thor's story, something which Branagh is an undeniable master at adapting to the screen. Plus, Branagh and the screenwriters also inject a much-needed humour into the proceedings without unbalancing the emotion and surprising seriousness of the story. The most impressive thing about Thor is the way it treads a pitch-perfect line between respecting the material and winking at its audience knowingly (most notably with a certain cameo). In that way, it's reminiscent of The Mask of Zorro, never taking itself too seriously whilst never allowing itself to slip into parody.

Branagh also proves to be a master at creating an epic summer blockbuster. Apart from a few dodgy moments, the visual effects are stunning; in fact, this is probably the most visually impressive film I have seen from Marvel thus far. The production design is also beautiful; Asgard is one of the most incredible movie landscapes I have ever seen. My eyes were stretched to breaking point, trying to drink in all the details of this new, exciting and opulent world. There are some moments which look a bit fake (which is annoying when the filmmakers had about $150 million to work with), but it's almost forgivable based on how spectacular the majority of the visual FX shots are. Credit must go to the FX and art direction departments.

But a summer blockbuster wouldn't be a summer blockbuster without action, and Thor delivers some great sequences. The early encounters with the Frost Giants (genuinely frightening creatures) are superb, with Thor and his friends using some pretty bad-ass moves. A later scene where Thor fights to retrieve his mystical hammer, Mjolnir, is gritty and intense, whilst another great set-piece sees the metallic being known as The Destroyer hunting Thor and destroying most of a desert town in the process. I have heard that many people consider the final confrontation to be anti-climactic, but I have to say that it isn't as much about seeing epic action is it is about seeing how the main characters have grown and changed throughout the course of the film. In a way, I think that displays the film's greatest strength. It isn't all about the action and the visual effects; it's more about the characters and the emotional response.

Speaking of which, the cast is exceptional. No pay cheque grabbing here; every cast member dives into their role headfirst. Let's start with the big guy himself, Thor. Hemsworth is best known for his brilliant, five- minute appearance as Kirk Sr. in 2009's Star Trek; to go from that to the lead in arguably one of Marvel's most risky undertakings could be seen as a huge step. You wouldn't know it from watching Hemsworth's performance, though. He is absolutely perfect in the role, charting Thor's journey from an impetuous fighter to a more understanding, wiser man with ease. Comedy, action, drama, romance; all encompassed perfectly in Hemsworth's performance. He deserves to achieve stardom after this, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how he fits into The Avengers. Natalie Portman is charming and charismatic as Jane; the scenes between her and Hemsworth ooze chemistry, whilst her scenes with Stellan Skarsgard and Kat Dennings, terrific as Jane's mentor and intern respectively, shine with a wonderful camaraderie. Hiddleston steals the movie whenever he appears as the slithering, manipulative yet oddly sympathetic Loki; this is a wonderfully complex role, and Hiddleston never strikes a wrong note. Hopkins, instead of hamming it up, brings powerful gravitas to Odin; he is intimidating, yet wise and weary from his many years of experience. The scenes between him, Hemsworth and Hiddleston are tremendous, each actor bringing all of their talent to bear and succeeding beyond all expectations. There are too many other names to mention, but rest assured everyone's sublime.

Apart from some minor quibbles, I absolutely loved this movie. Branagh, the cast and crew have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. This encompasses everything I want from an epic adventure; action, wonder, romance, comedy and a surprising amount of character and intelligence. In my opinion, this is one of Marvel's best, taking something which could have sunk to the lows of Ghost Rider or Elektra and propelling it to the same heights as Spider-Man 1 & 2, X2 and Iron Man. Add a great pre-credits teaser for The Avengers (plus one exciting appearance from a minor member), and I couldn't be more hyped. You're up next, Captain America; don't you dare let the team down.
Likable superhero origin story
THOR is yet another 'origin' story designed as part of the Marvel universe as a prequel to the big-bucks adventure AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. The only time I've experienced the comic book hero Thor beforehand is via his cheesy presence in one of those Incredible Hulk TV movies of the 1980s. Thankfully, this THOR is a much better movie overall, better even than the po-faced CAPTAIN America: THE FIRST AVENGER.

The film's success lies in the storyline, which is predictable but nonetheless interesting. The idea of the Norse Gods living in space is odd at first but eventually well-realised via the endless CGI effects, which are more than up to the job. Chris Hemsworth proves a good fit for the hero, a likable, laid-back presence that fits the character nicely. The film's running time is brisk and there's plenty of action to see it through.

That's not to say there aren't flaws, because there are plenty here, not least some cheesy comedy that doesn't really work. The supporting cast are also less than impressive. Natalie Portman seems to think she's in a romantic comedy and is quite dreadful, as is Kat Dannings as the comic relief. Tom Hiddleston's Loki isn't imposing at all and reminds one of a petulant child throughout. Still, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgard, Idris Elba, and in particular Ray Stevenson are all good value and worthwhile presences. THOR glides along while offering plenty of entertainment value and a breezy, light atmosphere that works in its favour. It's the best Marvel set-up story out there that I've yet seen.
A triumph of pure mediocrity
I have to admit that it is a lot of fun to review bad movies that provide an easy opportunity to sparkle with witty humor, to give vent to your suppressed negative feelings, and to be sarcastic and full of biting irony.

On a rare occasion, it is also quite nice to indulge myself with reviewing a good movie and with reflecting on the multiple thoughts that the movie provokes. It is fun to enjoy praising a visionary director, a talented actor, a moving soundtrack, or some exceptional special effects.

There are movies, however, and "Thor" is among them, that are no fun to review, no fun at all. The problem with these movies is that they are average, solidly built popcorn flicks so perfectly mediocre, so utterly derivative, so shamelessly fake, so amazingly shallow, that watching them does not awake any strong emotions or feelings, and does not leave any particular memories or any aftertaste whatsoever.

The story and the dialogs in Thor make the script of "X-Men: First Class" look like a Shakespearian play. I cannot help thinking that this is a case when too many cooks spoiled the broth. The story was re- written multiple times: first to lower the movie budget from $300 million to $150 million, then because the change of the director, then for some other obscure reasons.

The directing was "okay", although it is hard for me to comprehend why Kenneth Branagh, mostly known for directing Shakespearian dramas, operas, and the other psychologically nuanced movies agreed to work on a film with such a primitive story. The only explanation that I was able to find was that "Thor" was among his favorite comic books. Who knew? Oh well, we all have our weird little secrets, I guess …

The visual effects definitely suffered from reducing the projected movie budget in half. Sadly, they were quite unoriginal and not even particularly realistic. Sometimes "Thor" reminded me a slightly modernized version of these old Japanese "Godzilla" movies with the pitiful "Destroyer" somewhat clumsily playing the Godzilla part. While I did not expect the special effects to match those of "Avatar", or of "The Lord of the Rings", it was still disappointing to see such an underwhelming effort in a movie that by definition should have had great special effects as its main strength.

Somewhat surprisingly, a previously little known Chris Hemsworth did not disappoint as the title movie character. While having not demonstrated any particularly strong acting abilities, he was still refreshingly genuine, enthusiastic, and energetic as Thor.

The strongest performance in the movie, of course belongs to Tom Hiddleston, who was quite convincing as Thor's cunning brother Loki. Loki, by the way, was the only movie character that had a little depth in it, as a striking contrast to all the other characters that were so perfectly one-dimensional and so disgustingly primitive.

The primitivism of the characters is the most likely explanation why such talented actors as Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgård were so awful in the movie – they just did not have anything substantial to impersonate. Even Sir Anthony Hopkins did not seem to be fully himself, brutally constrained by the outrageously simplistic script.

Personally, I did not feel I gained anything by watching "Thor" – a triumph of pure mediocrity. However, if you are excited about "The Avengers" hitting theaters in May and are willing to spend some of your free time learning more about the characters involved, watching "Thor" might not be a bad idea for you.
An excellent and thrilling superhero film wonderfully directed by Kenneth Branagh
Although I had never even heard of the comic version of Thor before the film was released, I was looking forward to this more than any other film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it was directed by my favourite living director Kenneth Branagh. He may not be the first name that springs to mind to direct a comic book special effects extravaganza but he was the perfect choice given the film's Shakespearean themes. It may be an atypical Branagh film as it was really his first truly mainstream one since "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" in 1994 but his direction is typically brilliant in both the quieter character moments and the hugely impressive action sequences, which were a bit of a departure for him. The film has an extremely strong script which is full of wit and great dialogue. This is certainly my favourite MCU film so far.

In his first leading role, Chris Hemsworth gives an excellent performance as the title character. At the beginning of the film, Thor is an arrogant, short-tempered, impulsive crown prince who fails to appreciate or even consider the consequences of his actions, a character trait which leads him to disobey his father Odin and attack the Frost Giants at Jotunheim. A furious Odin strips Thor of his powers and banishes him to Earth as a mortal as punishment. During his exile on Earth, he becomes a better man as he learns humility and sees the folly of his ways. He has a great character arc as we are able to see him grow and change over the course of the film. Tom Hiddleston is wonderful as his adoptive and treacherous brother Loki, who is extremely jealous of Thor and has a major chip on his shoulder as a result. He presents himself as the honest, responsible, dutiful son but, in reality, he is far from it. Speaking of Shakespeare, Loki bears many similarities to Edmund from "King Lear" and Iago from "Othello", both of whom manipulate those around them with ease. The climactic battle between Thor and Loki reminded me of Edmund's duel with Edgar. They also reminded me of the depiction of Moses and Rameses in "The Ten Commandments" as they are likewise a pair of princes, one of whom is adopted, who are in conflict over which of them will succeed their royal father.

Anthony Hopkins may have relatively little screen time as Odin but he brings his considerable talent to bear as the All-Father of Asgard. He loves his two sons but has a difficult relationship with both of them. While I thankfully have a very close relationship with my dad, I have always been fascinated by this sort of father-son relationship and Hopkins, Hemsworth and Hiddleston are all very effective in portraying it. Natalie Portman is very good as Jane Foster and has great chemistry with Hemsworth. In contrast to Pepper Potts in the "Iron Man" films, Jane is a very strong character. She is extremely intelligent, capable, resourceful, brave, imaginative and is not afraid to stand up for herself. She is a great source of love and support to Thor but she is also a character in her own right and contributes a great deal to the plot. To a large extent, Jane's good influence is what allows Thor to become a better man, something which I did not think was true of Pepper as regards Tony Stark even if that was what they were going for. Stellan Skarsgård gives a great performance as Jane's initially sceptical colleague Erik Selvig, who loves Jane like a father and does not want to see her get hurt by Thor. Kat Dennings is a laugh riot as Jane's assistant Darcy Lewis and has many of the funniest lines in the film. Clark Gregg has a bigger role as Agent Coulson ("Son of Coul") on this occasion but the character is still pretty much devoid of a personality. The film also features great appearances in smaller roles from Colm Feore as Laufey, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Ray Stevenson as Volstagg, Jaimie Alexander as Sif and Rene Russo as Frigga. Oh, and I adored J. Michael Straczynski's cameo!

The action scenes are very exciting, particularly the battles with the Frost Giants at Jotunheim and with the Destroyer in New Mexico. Visually speaking, it is an extraordinarily well designed film. I loved the sets and the costumes. Asgard seems as if it could be a real place, which I think is very important in a film like this. The Destroyer is fantastic. The film has the best special effects that I have seen in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film so far. It also has a great score by Branagh's regular composer Patrick Doyle, who unusually does not have a role in the film. In fact, none of Branagh's regular stock company such as Richard Briers, Brian Blessed and Richard Clifford appear in the film, though Feore and Skarsgård later appeared in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" and "Cinderella" respectively.

Overall, this is an excellent film which I am glad to say that I enjoyed even more than I anticipated. Except for "Peter's Friends", I have to yet to see a Branagh film that I did not love. However, even that film was very well written, acted and directed. Its very depressing storyline was just not to my tastes. It is a shame that Branagh did not return to direct "Thor: The Dark World".
Awesome movie!
I saw this movie yesterday, cannot really add any more to the rest of the reviews below, apart from saying. Awesome film - 'nuf said true believer!

Thor has set the pace and raised the bar to how superhero movies should be. Captain America and The Avengers have a lot to live up to now. Like the reviewer below has already said I was bit sceptical about Chris Hemsworth being cast against Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman, need not have worried as held his own against the heavy weights!

Kenneth Branagh's directing was a beauty to behold, you could tell he knew his subject, especially how he manage to depict the beautiful looking Asgard. Loved his interpretation of the rainbow bridge.

Bring on The Avengers!
Not impressed :(
Unfortunately this movie doesn't compare to such movies as Iron Man. Dialogue didn't keep me very interested. Even the battle scenes didn't keep me very interested, they were very short lived.

Once Thor arrived on earth, he met Natalie Portman, whose character and relationship with Thor I just couldn't connect with.

My favorite scene in the movie is when Thor is retrieving his hammer and Jeremy Renner is the sniper. Love Jeremy Renner! Besides Jeremy Renner, Thor's brother was enjoyable to watch. He had so much more personality. He wasn't so drab. I enjoyed watching the villain more then the hero!
My family loved it.
I didn't see it personally but my stepbrother and stepfather did and they invited me. Now I wish I would of went to see it. They had a lot of great things to say about it. And my stepfather said he would like to go back and see it again. And my stepfather doesn't like many movies of this generation. And my stepbrother is 12 and big into Marvel. From what I've heard I can't wait to buy on blue ray and watch it with my little stepbrother. I would recommend this to a family member or friend and I have not personally seen it yet myself. I will see if I can update this post when I have seen it. Being the God of thunder. The plot and story line sound pretty cool to me.
I really don't understand all the positive feedback for this film
This film was one of the most tedious experiences of my life. I enjoy a good cheesy action film like the next guy and was genuinely looking forward to a mindless 90 minutes of fun. What I actually experienced was self important, overly buff, lord of the rings reject extras spouting some of the worst lines in film history. How Natalie Portman, let alone Stellen Skarsgard, got roped into this I will never know. Repetitive actions scenes, awful editing that cut the middle of conversations and light humour from Thors friends (puke) and the terrible Kat Dennings made for a challenging viewing experience all round. Where Iron Man went so right with its self depricating humour and quick wit Thor has languid scenes, flacid romance and wooden character interaction.

The picture lacks a decent development of storyline and character which is always difficult when introducing a character with a deep backstory but it has been done so well recently with Batman Begins et al. There is a definite smell of studio meddling in the final cut with some scenes jumping all over the place. Loki (Tom Hiddleson) changes from loyal brother/Son to evil traitor with no story or character development. Anthony Hopkins spends most of the film in a coma. Chris Hemsworth can't be to blame for a film which seems over produced, over edited and that was marketed as Return of the King but was more Masters of the Universe. The decision to assign 'Ice Giants' (yes Ice Giants) as 'baddies' falls flat as they are about as scary and menacing as frosty the snowman.

The whole project felt a thin and is so poorly put together you could see it unravel before your eyes. Fingers crossed for a better Summer Blockbuster in the near future...
Utter garbage written around SFX
Did professionals write this film? Did Antony really read the script or did he just see the figures in the contract? I think Nat and Tony need new agents, because you do not go from Silence of lamb and Black Swan *respectively* to this utter junk.

I do not know what other people saw but there is nothing good or unique in this film. The special effects actually made me tired. And lets talk about the story? My Lord, where was it and when did it begin. I got the feeling that the script was written after the action sequences were planned. They therefore said we want this effect and this effect now lets write a film around that. We need to use up Nat so lets force a romance into the script. We want jokes, so lets force a few of those in there. So much dead space in the film that doesn't arch into anything.scenes seem random and disconnected, like writing in junk to get it to a feature length time. drifting focus, drifting priorities. And no great moments that saved the film.

Also it is an overnight transformation from utter arrgoance to humility. Does anyone identify with any characters here? Did you understand the brothers motives? Makes no real sense in the real world. Did the film introduce anything for anyone to attach themselves to emotionally? No. Characters appear in odd order without any development. Actually while I am here typing I just realized something : This film is below the dignity of critique. It is so poor, so badly directed and written that to even point out the weak character development or random script turns give too much credit to it. I will therefore cease to add speak about it for fear of giving someone the illusion that there is anything to actually speak about in terms of artistic critique.
Amazing film, great build up to the Avengers
Just came back from the theatres as the easter previews for the UK were on, and there's not much to criticise. There's no overpowering 3D effects here which is great, but because the glasses darken the image the first 10 or so minutes were a bit hard to see.

The story line was good, I don't know how much it parallels any of the source material but there are times when you think you know what's happening and when, but are pleasantly surprised.

As this is my first comment and I'm not sure what exactly constitutes a spoiler I will say one thing and that is to make sure, like many marvel films to pay respect to the film makers and stay till after the credits. Nick Fury makes an appearance as well as a seemingly forgotten cast member.
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