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Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Kenneth Branagh
Rene Russo as Frigga
Joshua Dallas as Fandral
Ray Stevenson as Volstagg
Idris Elba as Heimdall
Kat Dennings as Darcy
Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson
Stellan Skarsgård as Professor Andrews
Colm Feore as Laufey
Adriana Barraza as Isabel Alvarez
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster
Storyline: The warrior Thor (Hemsworth) is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard by his father Odin (Hopkins) for his arrogance and sent to Earth to live among humans. Falling in love with scientist Jane Foster (Portman) teaches Thor much-needed lessons, and his new-found strength comes into play as a villain from his homeland sends dark forces toward Earth.
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Thor proves a strong contender
In the pantheon of Marvel Superheroes, from my vantage point, Thor is a second-tier player. Even amongst non-obsessive comic aficionados, such as myself, Thor doesn't quite have the readership draw or the common familiarity in the public that heroes such as Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, etc., have. However, that doesn't mean that Marvel Studios, the filmmaking wing of the company, feel inclined to give the filmic adaptation of Thor short shrift. The cinematic entry for this character, titled simply Thor, is among the better of the Marvel adaptations of recent years, mixing a good sense of fun, strong acting, and some Shakespearian level drama that makes for an especially entertaining time at the movies.

Liberally adapting portions of Thor comic book lore to fit in a more modern comic book film reality, Thor introduces us to a centuries old war between the Asgardians, beings that live for long periods of time and can travel through space from their home realm of Asgard to various other worlds, such as Earth, via the Bi-Frost bridge, and the conflict centric Frost Giants, whom the Asgardians conquered some time back. Odin (Anthony Hopkins), ruler of the Asgardians, is preparing to abdicate his throne to his son, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), but on the eve of Thor's inauguration, agents of the Frost Giants infiltrate Asgard and attempt to steal back a device that is the key to their power, which had been taken by Odin at the end of their long struggle. When Thor disagrees with his father's desire to not to retaliate in order to not disturb the peace that currently exists between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants, he takes matters into his own hands, traveling to the Frost Giant's realm with his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and compatriots Sif (Jaimie Alexander), Volstagg (Ray Stevenson), Hogun (Tadanobu Asano) and Fandral (Josh Dallas) in tow. When the encounter with the Frost Giants ends with tensions re-ignited between the two factions, Odin decides that his son is not prepared to lead his people, and exiles Thor, sans his powers, to Earth.

When he arrives on Earth, he is discovered by astrophysicist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her associates Professor Selvig (Stellan Skarsgaard) and Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), who are convinced that he isn't a random homeless vagabond that they found in the middle of the desert. Thor must attempt to locate his power hammer, Mjolnir, from the government agents that have captured it, and attempt to reclaim his place in Asgard. However, he finds that, without his super-human abilities, and surrounded by humans, perhaps some of his previous attitudes were incorrect, especially when he connects romantically with Jane. Meanwhile, Loki, who turns out to have some ulterior motives, seizes control of Asgard following the collapse of Odin from strain, and begins to hatch a grand scheme involving the Frost Giants.

Thor, much like Iron Man before it, proves that, in the right hands, a comic tale that appears silly on the surface can have hidden depths when properly plumbed. Sure, Thor has elements that, on the face of it, may lead a bit to some audience snickers (Thor's ability to pick himself up and fly and defeat attackers with little effort are a bit cheesy at times), but the creatives behind Thor, including director Kenneth Branagh, manage to develop a story for Thor that deals with elements of tragedy, pathos, selflessness and, perhaps even more surprisingly, involving character development. Thor is more about the lead characters at its core, again akin to Iron Man, than some other comic book films and this draws the audience into its tale.

When it was first announced that Kenneth Branagh would be taking the reins of Thor as a director, it seemed something of an unusual fit for someone best known for his cinematic adaptations of the works of Shakespeare, but the final results of Thor bare out that Branagh was just the right man for the job. Considering the larger-than-life origins of the Thor comic, involving beings with the power and appearance of Gods and the various machinations of their story, the material fits fairly well with Branagh's body of work to a great extent. Especially strong is the development of Loki, who proves to be less of a traditional mustache twirling villain, and more of a misguided soul, trapped between revelations he makes about himself and his past and his respect in his father, making him more of a tragic figure than a black and white comic book antagonist.

Thor benefits from strong acting from its leads, Hemsworth and Hiddleston. Hemsworth embodies Thor, first as the brash, acting-before- thinking hero, and later as a man faced with the reality that some of his choices and attitudes were not becoming of a king. Hemsworth really makes you empathize with Thor, and gives you a reason to root for the character throughout the film. Hiddleston, working with the somewhat subdued (at first) Loki eventually transforms him from a seeming weak, malleable person into one who's penchant for vengeance and control is revealed in layers, peeling back one by one through the development of the narrative.

Thor isn't without its weak points, however. The romance between Thor and Jane Foster is practically and afterthought, rushed into the narrative at light speed and then not given any room to breathe or develop, it plays more as a requirement of adapting the comic story than something that works organically in the film. Portman is fine in the role, but the screenplay doesn't give enough to this relationship for it to be more than a bump in the road of the film's story.

Once again, Marvel has managed to take one of their lesser known heroes and make them the subject of an entertaining film version, with energy and depth that is a bit unexpected. May they keep on making comic book films of this caliber.
Oh my god!! Everything I expected, and much more...
My title really sums up how I perceived this great movie. I just returned home from watching this tonight. And holy cow, Mr. Brannagh really delivered!! When Kenneth Brannagh was announced as Thor's director, I was really expecting something great from the one who directed various Shakespeare adaptations. I've only saw his remake of "Sleuth", and despite weak ratings from the critics I really liked that crime flick. I really loved how he handled the characters. Brannagh really knows how to set the stage for clever and suspenseful drama. Furthermore I adore him as an actor (my IMDb nickname says you that).

So as a longtime comic-book fan I was really excited getting to see a visually spectacular and dramatic comic-book adaptation by a skillful director. And boy my expectations were fulfilled. F...... hell, this rocked!! The (first two) X-men and Iron Man movies were always said to be the Marvel Masterpieces when it comes to movie adaptations. Personally I always thought these movies to be entertaining, but not much more. They didn't really deliver an epic feeling. They didn't introduce you to a fantastic world in all it's glorious beauty that wants you to explore it. "Thor" just delivers all that. To me "Thor" stands as the best Marvel comic-book-movie till now, by far...

First of all, the characters are really likable and portrayed in a realistic way. All character developments don't seem to be forced. The most interesting character is Loki. At the beginning I really felt sympathy for him. It is until a tragic revelation, where his character undergoes a change to a more evil side, but even then some of his behaviors seem to be understandable. The father-son conflict is portrayed brilliantly. Kenneth Brannagh at his best!!

This movie is visually outstanding and some scenes, like for example the prologue, deliver this "LotR" feeling that gives you the goosebumps. There are many memorable shots that are purely majestic. When Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three ride on the Bifröst it just shouts "pure awesomeness" into your face. Many scenes on Asgard are just spot on. The buildings on Asgard seem to be based on a hybrid of krypton and middle-earthen architecture. The visuals on this world show the advanced, noble and god-like status of the Asgardians. Asgard is depicted as a heavenly and unbelievably beautiful realm in the never-ending depths of the cold space. It provides a subject for speculations, if the Asgardians are indeed gods with magical powers, or if they are extraterrestrial beings with technology far beyond our understandings, but the movie doesn't really discusses this issue and leaves it to the audience to give an opinion in this matter.

What else can be said? The action was exciting. While the frost-giant-battle on Jotunheim was a bit visual overkill and at some parts almost cartoony, the fights on earth were harsh, gritty and bloody. Brannagh really handled the different worlds very well. On earth, humor was predominant, the scenes on Asgard stood out for Shakespearian drama, while Jotunheim delivered a creepy and threatening atmosphere. The CGI-Environments were all breathtaking. There were sequences (Bifröst, Asgard mainly) that really were out of this world. All in all, the visual effects were amazing and god-worthy. The score was magnificent, it perfectly captured the proudness and courage of the Asgardians.

I gave "Thor" a 10 out of 10. It surely is on of the best movies of it's kind. I stands up there with "The Dark Knight", "Star Trek", "Avatar" and "Inception". It's the perfect Blockbuster.
I really don't know what these people are thinking when they say this was a great adaptation. OBVIOUSLY, they don't know enough about the character Thor. This was a horrible adaptation. But lets start with what was good I suppose.

Costumes and graphics were on point. But with technology today it was absolutely nothing special. The imagination of the director was really impressive though (at least with look of Asgard). Other than that, everything was pretty... ehhhh....

One thing that really got on my nerves was the downplay on Thor's intelligence. They made him seem dumb. He was pretty much the Incredible Hulk that could speak perfectly. But it was really inconsistent with the story. He understands the concepts of magic and science on earth AND makes it obvious that where he comes from they are one and the same. YET, it seemed more like he came from a time preceding that of present day earth. He reminded me of those role playing "Renaissance people" who take the job TOO seriously.

Then you have Loki, who walks in and manipulates everything and knows everything it seems. He's many steps ahead of humans and even those in Asgard. I understand its his role to be mischievous BUT his intelligence is MUCH MUCH higher than Thor, who as I said seemed like he was dumber than the humans around him.

I can go on, but the other thing that disappointed me the most about Thor was the DOWNPLAY of his powers! He's the GOD OF THUNDER and in terms of strength, arguably the MOST POWERFUL of all Avengers/Marvel characters. After watching the movie, if I had to make a comparison, SUPERMAN would PWN the S&%* out of him. Though I didn't exactly LOVE the last superman movie, the capabilities of Superman seemed endless! That's probably what disappointed me the most about the movie. Thor is capable of MUCH more and as my favorite character of Marvel, this was nothing as I expected!
Beyond belief
To paraphrase wisdom from Talmud: 'Without the ability to forget, man would live in a permanent, paralyzing fear of death.'

I am grateful human being can forget. If not, I would have paralyzing fear of watching another movie, ever again, scared that it might be as bad as this one. Which is probably impossible, but anyway...I am an optimist here...or pessimist, not sure...

If I wasn't clear enough: the movie is bad. If you want to watch super hero movie with (as Thor now has) 7.3 stars, go watch Bolt. Bolt will make you smile, at least.

IMDb wants the reviews to be 10 lines at least, so I must write some more. Here it comes:

Actors: 1) Thor guy was actually pretty good. I was surprised to see him decently convincing in different moods, but the script didn't give him a chance. 2) Natalie Portman - I mean, I love her, really I do, but this was ridiculous. 3) Stellan Skarsgård – I liked him. Not sure anymore. 4) Sir Anthony – he is a great guy, really. In this movie? Well…

To be fair to the actors, screenplay was catastrophic. I guess no one could survive this one.

Kenneth Branagh was the director. I stopped liking that guy after he broke up with Emma Thompson. This movie was just a confirmation that I wasn't wrong.

Good luck and don't watch this. Go ride a bicycle. Or rent some good movie.
Would have been a good movie if it was longer and had no romance.
'Thor', in short, is a decent film that has both pros and cons. I enjoyed it immensely. It had an interesting plot, good pacing, a reasonable amount of action, great actors, and decently written characters. There were, however, two major letdowns: unnecessary, forced, heterosexual romance and rushed character development.

Pros first.

The plot was original and interesting. Thor's arrogance and destructive tendencies get him banished and he has to mature so he can wield Mjolnir again and return to Asgard. This is beautifully interwoven with Loki's secret plots and schemes to rule Asgard and win the favour of his parents. Loki's progression from protagonist to villain is incredibly fascinating, and his realistic motivations and charming exterior make him a memorable one.

Marvel, as always, has great casting directors and Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston played Thor and Loki (respectively) wonderfully. People have joked that 'Marvel grows its actors on trees' and I think this can be applied to 'Thor', in which Hemsworth and Hiddleston portray the brothers' chemistry and rivalry perfectly.

The visuals are beautiful as well. The realm of Asgard is majestic and glorious. The rainbow of the Bifrost and the stars are all displayed to enhance its beauty. Not many films these days have beauty for the sake of beauty, but Thor is one of them. All of this is backed up by a great soundtrack from composer Patrick Doyle, who manages to capture the grandiose nature of Asgard, as well as the intimate emotions of the characters.

Cons now.

'Thor', like so many other films, contains the cliché of unnecessary heterosexual romance. The chemistry between Thor and Jane is incredibly forced and irritating, and seems to be no more a superficial infatuation. Their awkward exchanges left me cringing with secondhand embarrassment. Jane is reduced to a love interest and a plot device for Thor's character development, the unfortunate fate of so many female characters these days.

Thor's development from bullheaded, arrogant idiot to sensible, intelligent hero is too rushed. Played out only over two days, Thor's sudden desire to sacrifice himself for his new-found friends earns him the right to wield Mjolnir again. This is obviously too sudden, and perhaps another half-hour of screen time would have done this film good. Also, self-sacrifice is by no means a determination of maturity and/or humility, so Thor's immediate refusal to destroy the Frost Giants afterwards seems rather stretched and implausible.

Sadly, the cons are both major plot points of the story and have reduced an otherwise good film to a 6/10.
Thunder? More smoke and mirrors
Plain and simple - when the humans show up the movie dies a slow death.

It's a superhero movie so you know what the plot is. Hero comes to Earth to help humans. They're basically riffing Superman to the Nth degree here. But on to the important stuff...

What the heck is Natalie Portman doing in this movie. I mean that in two ways. First why is she even in the movie? Second, what did she do other than stand there and let her hair be blown around by the off screen wind machines? It felt like all of her scenes were filmed in one day and she looks so bored in all of them. Chris Hemsworth was fine as Thor and Hopkins played a good Odin, but it was the human characters that kill this one.

At least Branagh threw in Skarsgard for the Swede inside joke. But as usual Stellan Skarsgard is totally wasted. After Insomnia I was just in awe of what the man is truly capable of and here in the states they always use him as a window curtain.

I didn't mind the first act all that much, but for a movie about the GOD OF THUNDER, it comes off surprisingly meek.
A thunderous time at the movies!
Thor is the fourth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is directed by Kenneth Branagh, who seems to have a keen eye for amazing visuals. in this film, Thor is cast out of Asgard to live with the humans because he is arrogant and must learn how to be a worth god but he soon becomes earth's mightiest defender. There isn't much plot to Thor other than the basics but Marvel never made overly complicated plots, Marvel however makes great superhero films and there's no reason why to change something that works.

Branagh's direction in Thor take on a Shakespearean feel and it works because Thor is the type of movie that is an epic, Branagh has also done this before. For the most part the visuals of Thor work but at times they seem a little cartoony, there were times during the movie where the CGI was noticeable and it took me out of the film and felt a little too much like a fictional story that could never happen. This is the biggest downfall with the movie and unfortunately takes a little bit away from what is otherwise a great film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's not a huge problem but it should've been fixed before the final product was released. Branagh has crafted a very beautiful looking film that almost looks like a fairy tale, this isn't a bad thing as it actually works in the movie's favour.

The action in the film is exactly what you'd expect from a Marvel Studios film, it works but it's nothing that's Oscar worthy. Chris Hemsworth delivers a terrific performance as the title character and makes you believe that is a god, though he does a few things that could be considered dumb for who is supposed to be a god. With this kind of film, it might be best to chuck your brain at the door because it's not exactly the smartest but instead opts for a time at the movies and it delivers on that promise. Tom Hiddleston as Thor's brother Loki who turns in a great performance that is slightly even better than Hemsworth's, though they both are great actors in this film. Hiddleston owns this role and was born to play Loki, he's never over the top and unbelievable but still he manages to have a lot of fun with what otherwise could've been a one dimensional role. Natalie Portman plays Thor's love interest in this and is underdeveloped as a character and she's only really there to help Thor and be some of love interest for him, her character isn't bad per say but she's not exactly all that great either. This isn't to be blamed on Portman because does the best she could do with the role, her character could've just used a bit more work.

The action sequences are well filmed and never are they over the top or a bit much, they hit the right balance and are some of the best action sequences in any Marvel Studio's film. Branagh shows confidence with the action but never does he take it to far, he walks a fine between fun and over the top.

Thor is a great film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and should be on everyone's must watch comic book movie list.

Acceptance, if not love, at second sight
When I first watched this film, I hated every minute of it. The story is full of clichés, the main character is unlikable and the mythological figures are distorted almost to the point of being unrecognizable.

I re-watched the film a while ago after having seen the knockoff "Almighty Thor" and it was then that I realized how bad this film could have been but wasn't.

I realized that this film isn't actually that bad. The portrayal of Asgard and its inhabitants - you can call it distorting or you can call it original. Sure, giving the goddess Sif, whose golden hair symbolizes ripe wheat, *dark hair* (that's the colour of mouldy wheat, FYI) isn't exactly a touch of genius. Transforming the god of fire into an ice giant is more than a stretch as well. And the way they presented the giants was just lazy. Why should beings intelligent enough to seriously threaten the gods live in a kind of rubbish dumb surrounded by debris? But on the other hand, Asgard really did look pretty epic. I can't get over the electric rainbow bridge, but other than that it was really beautiful. And most of the gods looked a lot like I had always imagined them, especially Frigg was spot on. Heimdallr being black and Thor having a Japanese friend didn't bother me at all. I mean, why not? Lots of mythologies have gods with animal heads, a different skin colour is ordinary in comparison. Gods don't have to look like the people who believe in them. Asgard having more ethnic diversity than Midgard was strange, but that was a fault of the Midgard arc, not the other one.

The part of the story that took place in Mdgard was what dragged the film down anyway. I didn't care for any of the human characters and I thought Thor became very unlikable as soon as he lost his hammer. Maybe that's a hidden superpower of his weapon. In contrast, I liked Loki a lot... but not in a good way. He didn't come across as a real villain at all. He didn't seem evil and menacing, he just seemed smart, lonely and under-appreciated. My impulse wasn't to be wary but to want to hug him. From what I hear, he'll be the big baddie in the upcoming Avengers movie - he'd better be a little less relateable there because this kind of villain makes the protagonists come across as cruel. I'm used to rooting for the villain but I have rarely felt so sympathetic towards one.

All in all, this actually is an engaging movie, if not a very smart one. It looks good, it is well acted and it has its moments. 5 out of 10 stars.
I really don't understand all the positive feedback for this film
This film was one of the most tedious experiences of my life. I enjoy a good cheesy action film like the next guy and was genuinely looking forward to a mindless 90 minutes of fun. What I actually experienced was self important, overly buff, lord of the rings reject extras spouting some of the worst lines in film history. How Natalie Portman, let alone Stellen Skarsgard, got roped into this I will never know. Repetitive actions scenes, awful editing that cut the middle of conversations and light humour from Thors friends (puke) and the terrible Kat Dennings made for a challenging viewing experience all round. Where Iron Man went so right with its self depricating humour and quick wit Thor has languid scenes, flacid romance and wooden character interaction.

The picture lacks a decent development of storyline and character which is always difficult when introducing a character with a deep backstory but it has been done so well recently with Batman Begins et al. There is a definite smell of studio meddling in the final cut with some scenes jumping all over the place. Loki (Tom Hiddleson) changes from loyal brother/Son to evil traitor with no story or character development. Anthony Hopkins spends most of the film in a coma. Chris Hemsworth can't be to blame for a film which seems over produced, over edited and that was marketed as Return of the King but was more Masters of the Universe. The decision to assign 'Ice Giants' (yes Ice Giants) as 'baddies' falls flat as they are about as scary and menacing as frosty the snowman.

The whole project felt a thin and is so poorly put together you could see it unravel before your eyes. Fingers crossed for a better Summer Blockbuster in the near future...
Thor a good movie
When I watched the movie I was really happy by it its story acting action and by direction I am lucky that I watched this movie in theatre.

It is true that the 3D effects were not up to the expectations but except it all was good this movie was not awesome or great but good at its place.

Basically I not watch the god-kingdom type movies but surprised by this one the VFX work was also good at its place the team had worked good on this flick.

Really I will watch its sequel if it comes in future waiting for it to come I had not expectation firstly from it but after watching it I was satisfied that Thor can also be a superhero.
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