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Drama, Thriller, War
IMDB rating:
Doug Liman
Aaron Johnson as Isaac
John Cena as Matthews
Laith Nakli as Juba
Storyline: Two American Soldiers are trapped by a lethal sniper, with only an unsteady wall between them.
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Waste of time
As a movie, it is an absolute waste of time! I thought it would be a great action movie or a thriller since Cena is there! It just fell short of my expectations! There is absolutely nothing good about this so called movie! I don't recommend people to watch it and waste their time since I did that and wasted mine.
Stupid moments ruin everything
This movie really did have the potential to be great. The story was right, the tension needed just a hair more and it would have been on the money. I wish we could have dropped the bad accents from all parties if I'm being frank about it. but the worst was the TERRIBLE moments portrayed by the Sniper team. If you know anything about the military EVERYTHING this team did was so wrong and obviously stupid it makes my damn head hurt. I didn't really get an anti-American feel from the movie, but I did get a hint of sentimentality for middle-eastern insurgents that take up arms against the U.S. Military. Again I say this movie had potential, but the ending was DUMB as hell, the actions taken by the "U.S. Team" were so blatantly wrong, it was hard to watch.
Mission Accomplished
In 2007 Iraq, an American soldier becomes injured and pin downed behind a wall. He is in radio contact with the sniper who has him pinned down. They swap ideologies for the film basically boiling down to one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Yawn. People who watched "Buried" twice should give this one a view.

Guide: F-word.
I like John Cena, and I like war movies, so when I saw the movie poster I thought "Hey, this looks good", but nope. Turns out the best part of the movie was the poster. I don't know how these other reviewers can give it more than 2 stars unless they were paid to do so. The movie is supposed to be a psychological-wartime-thriller, but turned out being a lame predictable disappointing low budget dogs breakfast, co-starring John Cena, who dies, then lives...then dies again. In fact you don't see or hear much from him after about an opening 20 minute dialogue of profanities followed by him getting shot. The other guy Aaron Taylor-Johnson played the main character likely due to the movies low budget. Not to downplay his acting skills. He's pretty good for the character. Anyway I didn't like paying to see it in the theater, it was a waste of my time and money. Still better than Dungeons and Dragons though.
bad movie
sadly I have to say it was very bad and disappointing film with awful ending . the scenario had strong potential but bad directed . film was too slow. i didn't like it at all and made me too angry . how could one sniper take down all of those trained us troops and two helicopters down and tricked hole us army and runs out it is not reasonable and makes me sad and disappointed
Such an amazing underrated film!
For a B-type low budget (3M) film that originated as a spec script from amateur writer Dwain Worrell, this psychological thriller was amazing!

Aside from a few plot holes, this film was perfect. Director Doug Liman nailed the directing, the cinematography was outstanding and the editing on point!

Huge props to lead actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson who simply nailed his role - you really felt sympathy for his character and routed for him. I'm thinking his performance is even Oscar worthy!

I'm not a fan of slow paced films but this one at 81 mins was perfectly paced for the conflict it portrayed, and its limitations (limited location, set, actors, etc). And what an ending, wow! Perfect for a part 2 (why not?)!

People need to ignore the negative reviews and see this film for what it is, an amazing underrated psychological thriller.

It's a well deserved 9/10 from me and hoping for a part 2!
ANOTHER Wretched Film
I thought, maybe, just maybe, we were going to get to see a REAL acting opportunity from Johhhhhn Cena. Nope. Not happening. The Director used him as nothing more than a Prop. How sad. I think Cena has the ability to deliver some really good and moving Acting but is never given the opportunity.

This movie has more weak points than strong ones. Only one person is really doing the acting in most of the movie. That is the character Isaac, known also as "Eyes" who is the Spotter for John Cena's Sniper Character, Mathews. In reality, there are only 2 actors you see, Cena and Eyes. You hear another actor, supposedly an Iraqi Insurgent Sniper. Eyes starts off as a strong, funny and interesting character. He finishes as a whining little girl. So, I have to give the Acting in this movie a 5 and I feel that is being generous. The Bad acting is more than likely a result of bad writing in the screenplay. The writing was awful, it bounces around and at some points, you think it is starting to click and then there is a stupid line that destroys everything. The Directing? What Directing. Whoever did it, just simply "Phoned it in".

This movie was just all over the place but was building to a possible decent ending. Well, that was all crushed in the last 5 minutes of the movie. Perhaps it was the "Realism" factor that was so poor. Anyone that has spent time in the "SandBox" will find this movie to be poor. We didn't and wouldn't have acted like this, nor would we have had the stupidity to bring along KNOWN faulty equipment. I remember ordering my own Body Armor because I didn't feel the Military version was good enough. A Sniper in our Unit even had Barrett send him his own personal Rifle over. Not to mention, rescue Choppers are not old Nam Copters that have a paint job. I don't really want to give too much of this movie away, but when a unit comes to rescue you, they don't come in 2 Unarmed Choppers and a few guys. There are usually some ground forces, Attack Helicopters or Warthogs or F-16's or the rare F-22.

The idea that when a couple of men need Rescuing it's because they are in a "Hot Zone", that is, the enemy is present. You might even send in a Drone to check out the area first. But you don't go with unarmed Nam era Choppers. If I didn't know better, I would say this movie was made by Iraqi Insurgents. Iraqi Snipers usually used either a Russian made Sniper Rifle or a British Made version. There also was some Austrian made Steyr HS-50's that were shipped to Iran that made their way into the hands of some Iraqi Insurgents. That weapon, however, is a single shot and shoots either a .50 BMG or a .46 Round. They are also notoriously horrendous shots, except for the Iraqi Sniper called Juba. There is some talk that the Iraqi Sniper in this film is supposed to be Juba. I find that virtually impossible to believe. Although, there is some controversy as to whether Juba was just one person or even just a Myth. At any rate, Iraqi Snipers would not be shooting a Rifle that fires a 7.62 x 51mm NATO Round. Why? First off, the Guns are hard to get hold of and are very expensive as is the Ammunition. That is why Iraqi Snipers used a common Russian, Austrian by way of Iran or British weapon. The only time an Iraqi Insurgent MIGHT shoot a 7.62 Round would be in an AK-47 and then it is a 7.62 x 39mm round which is NOT a NATO round.

The fact that John Cena's character, Mathews, used an M24 SWS Sniper Rifle is a bit unbelievable as well. There are at least a Dozen Sniper Rifles at that time that are all around better Rifles to use.

I am losing sight of the "Big Picture" here about this movie. It is an annoying movie in most respects. Acting, Directing, Believability, Military Accuracy etc. Don't waste your time or effort going to see it at the theater. Wait until it ends up on Netflix or HBO and even then, it's not really worth your time.
Pathetic propaganda from hollyweed jerks
This was a pretty good movie until right toward the end, and the end SUCKED!!! WHY would hollyweed think it's a good idea to make a pro-iraq movie??? Could it be because of their "resistance" to the current President??? YES... Could it be because they hate this country??? YES AGAIN!!! Sure would be nice if one of those jerkoffs actually did a tour in iraq, but NO ONE in hollyweed has the balls!!!!
Phone booth 2 - Destination Iraq
I went into the theater thinking this would be a modern Enemy at the gates. Instead I got what felt like a horrible sequel to a movie never that never made it off the drawing board. If someone was writing a budget sequel to Phone Booth and decided to rip off the plot to The Hills have eyes 2, then you would have The Wall. The movie was basically empty thrills with an obvious end to each. I felt like I was watching more of a bad slasher flick then a drama/thriller. The ending was really bad, it ruined what little the movie had going for it.
Script writers didn't read the U.S Army manual, the Russians have!
This film is a war film drama is accurate to some of the uniform in which you always gauge a war movie by the accuracy of its vehicles and the use of a Huey not a Blackhawk basically tells you it wasn't even equipment accurate.

Aaran Taylors none standard U.S issue M4 Carbine shows they couldn't even be bothered to get that simple detail right (buttstock of the carbine) and I'm from the U.K !!!

The writer or director should do their home work before coming up with this rubbish, who runs out into the open to help a comrade, they should have watched Saving Private Ryan at when Vin Diesel gets shot by a sniper hiding in a bell tower !!!

Very Very irritating film drama

Stick with American Sniper or watch that instead of this unrealistic drivel !
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