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Drama, Thriller, War
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Doug Liman
Aaron Johnson as Isaac
John Cena as Matthews
Laith Nakli as Juba
Storyline: Two American Soldiers are trapped by a lethal sniper, with only an unsteady wall between them.
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Watch till the end!
Thoroughly enjoyed this. The movie seems like it drags in places, but don't be fooled, it's all part of the end ploy! Keep watching and you will discover a movie that has good and evil set straight in it's sights. But rewards those patient enough with a grand diversion of the 'typical' good vs evil that is well worth the wait.

A 'classic' (diversive) edge of your seat thrill ride.
bad movie
sadly I have to say it was very bad and disappointing film with awful ending . the scenario had strong potential but bad directed . film was too slow. i didn't like it at all and made me too angry . how could one sniper take down all of those trained us troops and two helicopters down and tricked hole us army and runs out it is not reasonable and makes me sad and disappointed
Perfect Gulf War Thriller
Set in 2007, two soldiers(John Cena and Aaron Taylor Johnson) are wounded by an enemy sniper who they don't know where, but the sniper sees them, and has one behind a brick wall, while the other passed out, We wonder will they get out alive.

I liked the idea that it was to the point, and didn't dance around anything. And there was no music playing, letting the suspense build up, and the feeling like something is creeping up on you. If you are expecting a hard core action film, I must say you'll be disappointed. John Cena is good, but Aaron Taylor Johnsons strong performance has a wounded soldier, who is at the mercy of a unseen killer, and trying to think of a way out, and see the feeling of fatigue starting to wear on him, that really takes the film. A very well made thriller.
Waste of time
As a movie, it is an absolute waste of time! I thought it would be a great action movie or a thriller since Cena is there! It just fell short of my expectations! There is absolutely nothing good about this so called movie! I don't recommend people to watch it and waste their time since I did that and wasted mine.
Psychological Cat & Mouse Game
I saw "The Wall", starring Aaron Taylor_Johnson- The Kick_Ass movies, Shanghai Knights; John Cena-Daddy's Home, Trainwreck and the voice of Laith Nakli-24:Legacy_tv, The Blacklist_tv.

This is a psychological cat and mouse game that takes place at the end of the Iraq war. The war is officially over but someone did not get the memo. Two American soldiers, John-a sniper-and Aaron-his spotter-are sent to investigate an ambush at a secluded oil pipeline. When they arrive, they find dead bodies but no signs of any attackers. That is when they start getting shot at. John is hit and falls where he stood but Aaron gets it in the leg as he makes it to a minimum amount of cover behind a crumbling wall. John doesn't move so Aaron doesn't know if he is alive or dead-or maybe just trying to stay still so he doesn't get shot again. Aaron then hears a voice over his radio, telling him that help is on the way. But he soon learns that that is not the case, and he is actually talking to the Iraqi sniper, Laith. It seems that Laith has been luring soldiers into ambushes and then picking them off. Aaron and Laith have lengthy discussions over the radio about various things-war, personal things, etc.-and then there is the dilemma of how things will end; will real help arrive in time to help or will they be ambushed, too? It's rated "R" for language and war violence and has a running time of 1 hour & 25 minutes. It was interesting but I don't think I would buy it on DVD-one viewing was enough-but it would be a good rental.
Train them, and they will betray

The idea of this movie is not new. Real war is all about tricks and be- trail.

Same here, the enemy sniper was trained by the US army. He uses their own weapon against them, brings them to supply him with valuable intelligence and tricks them to come and bring their friends.

So, be careful who you arm and train... Sometimes the price is high.

Acting is quite good in general, and I liked the ending, which brings the idea to its peak.
A Bare Bones Thriller That Works More Than It Doesn't
The Wall is the latest thriller from director Doug Liman and features Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena as a two man recon team stationed in Iraq who are pinned down by sniper fire and must take refuge behind a wall. Their calls for help are heard by no one...except the enemy sniper. As the battle of wits rages on so does the courage of the two men and their will to survive. This proves to be very beneficial for this film because, honestly, it did not feel like it would be able to sustain a feature length film. However, with the sheer intensity of the film and the perfect performances from Johnson and Cena, The Wall works even when it doesn't.

First off, the film is a lean, mean 80 minutes. As soon as the film starts, it starts. There is no warming up to it, it drops you in the movie unapologetic. What comes next is a reckoning of pure adrenaline pumping cinema. Much like last year's The Shallows, The Wall benefits from its bare bones approach. There isn't big explosions or typical warfare, this is more a war of wits which has been done before (and better) but this film is successful in the way that it doesn't need huge action numbers to sustain suspense. Director Doug Liman knows what it is and he knows the strengths are in the performances. It makes for a very interesting addition in the new age war film genre, sitting nicely between The Hurt Locker and American Sniper.

Despite all that is well with the film, there are a few moments where you're expecting the film to go one way and then it absolutely does not take any risks and gives you exactly what you expected. For that, I have to say that it was disappointing to not see as much innovation with such a bare bones film. For me, I like when characters are forced to use their environments for their benefit. The Wall definitely did that but in sort of a half-assed way. There really isn't anything clever or cool about the way it all pans out. With that being said, it still makes for an intense movie even if sometimes it feels a little cheap.

Overall, The Wall is a short yet intense film that will keep you hanging on until the last frame. The performances from Aaron Taylor Johnson and John Cena are nothing short of amazing. This is especially for John Cena, who absolutely blew me away with his fantastic performance as Matthews. While Cena shines, so does Aaron Taylor Johnson who bucks up and carries the movie on his shoulders without even thinking about it. It stands as Johnson and Cena's best performances to date and it definitely is worth watching.
Tense, Thought-Provoking, Impressive Film
If tight thrillers are your jam, The Wall is another great addition to the genre. I love these kinds of thrillers where the protagonist is put in a tight spot and has to find a way out of it. If you liked Phone Booth, Buried and 1408, you'll enjoy this one. Great intensity, great dialogue, great acting. Just another brick in the Wall.
A battle of wits! [+61%]
Two American soldiers are left cornered by an Iraqi sniper with a crumbling wall acting as a barrier between them - an interesting minimalist war premise. Doug Liman somewhat manages to deliver the required thrills in a stirring manner at appropriate junctures, but be forewarned that 'The Wall' relies more on the verbal spat between the junior officer Allen 'Ize' Issac played by Aaron Taylor Johnson, and the unseen sniper Juba (who is held accountable for many a U.S casualty) voiced by Laith Nakil, than the action histrionics.

John Cena plays senior Sergeant Matthews who is shot down and lays on the ground almost 90% of the film while the perspective soon shifts to the radio exchanges between Ize and Juba. While I do agree that the screenplay manages to hit a high-note at certain points, a) When Ize vocally proclaims that he can't go through the drill anymore and wants to return home and Juba retorts by reiterating Ize's stance that the war was 'over' but they (the U.S troops) still had not left b) The succinct wordplay between the two men on who's terrorist and savior (or putting it rather simply - bad & good), given their experiences.

The film practically rides on the banter between the two men, apart from the 'previously-seen-in-other-war-films' troubles faced by army men such as dehydration, blood loss, lack of food and wallowing in sand (the blunt physicality associated with all of it). While the 'supposed enemy sniper' constantly has the upper hand at concealing his camouflage and is a better marksman than either of the army-men, the dynamics of their conversation is what plays a key role in sustaining viewer attention.

The climactic predicament could have been written and executed better although it is by and large, a competent finale signaling the 'domino effect'. Taylor Johnson delivers a reasonably convincing performance while Cena is spiffing in his relatively smaller role.

Verdict: Worth checking out!
Mission Accomplished
In 2007 Iraq, an American soldier becomes injured and pin downed behind a wall. He is in radio contact with the sniper who has him pinned down. They swap ideologies for the film basically boiling down to one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Yawn. People who watched "Buried" twice should give this one a view.

Guide: F-word.
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