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The Saint
Crime, Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Simon West
Thomas Kretschmann as Rayt Marius
Melissa Bolona as Guest Star
Ian Ogilvy as The Fixer
Yani Gellman as Doyle Cosentino
Enrique Murciano as Inspector John Henry Fernack
Roger Moore as Jasper
Jason Brooks as Captain Miller
Adam Rayner as Simon Templar
Kirsty Mitchell as Mrs. Templar
Greg Grunberg as Detective Garces
Beatrice Rosen as Katherine Valecross
Eliza Dushku as Patricia Holm
Sammi Hanratty as Zooey Valecross
James Remar as Arnold Valecross
Oliver Bell as Young Simon Templar
Storyline: International master thief, Simon Templar, also known as The Saint, is asked by a desperate rich man to find his kidnapped daughter. However, in addition to evading the authorities, Simon must face a dangerous adversary from his past.
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Another saint
The Saint was intended to be a relaunched television series starring Adam Rayner as Simon Templar. A few years after the initial pilot, there were some additional footage shot to turn it into a feature length direct to pay TV release.

Simon Templar also known as The Saint is called on by a man who has robbed billions for the shadowy organisation he works from a poor African nation. The man works for the Fixer (Ian Ogilvy) who is most unhappy that his right hand man has grown a conscious, he wants the money back and so he has kidnapped his daughter.

Templar has to find his daughter as well as evading an FBI agent who is determined to track him down. However when Templar sees a certain ring, it brings back memories of the past and a betrayal by someone he was once close to.

Ever since the interminably dull Simon Dutton television movies from 1989, the reputation of The Saint on screen has suffered. The viewer wants something more than just a posh gentleman but slightly shady adventurer who comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress in some exotic location.

This film has extensive location shooting and still at times looks cheap with green screen. Rayner seems to get there as Templar at the end, it helps that he seems comfortable with some of the action footage. However the story is just workmanlike and generic.

The film has the gimmick of actually having the Three Saints. Ogilvy plays the villain with some links to the Knights Templar and he certainly seems to be enjoying himself. The late Sir Roger Moore pops up as well giving his successor, Ogilvy a telling off.
Return of the Saint
First of all let me start by saying i think the really bad reviews on this are a little uncalled for. I actually enjoyed it and it was good to see Roger Moore the original saint in it if only for 1 minute, and Ian Ogilvie who played the return of the Saint in a more substantial role' Give it a try and judge the movie for yourselves, don't take my word or anyone else's word.
Trying too hard and failing .
This completely misses the point.

First: Artistically this is nothing like Charteris's creation. The chap was not a spy/secret agent/military person but a Gentleman Adventurer with a certain class and insouciance. Which was conveyed by the author's wit and writing style and literary influences. It is risible when American writing 'bots try to turn everything into clichéd shoot-em-up/lots or guns-we-gotta-have-a-car-crash/explosion-just-here'

If you are a fan of Charteris and the Saint and Bulldog Drummond and Richard Hannay etc, read the books and encourage your children to read books also.

In conclusion. Anything American is dross.

See:"the author's wit and writing style and literary influences".
Like a Fake Oil Painting but Painted By The Numbers
It was with some reservation that I decided to view the latest version of The Saint, having watched the original TV version as a young person. Remakes often cannot live up to the original.

And that is true here too.

After a few minutes it was clear that this movie is but a series of tropes (e.g., Russian bad guys, rogue nuclear bomb, Arab terrorists, FBI good guys, etc.) strung together with an unimaginative plot. Moreso, I got the feeling that this was intended to be a pilot for a series, or at least the first installment in an arc. This production did not deliver, though, and no more should be made.

Good looking actors do not make a great, or even good, movie. And that summarizes this effort well, as the actors, the sets, the accessories, all *look* like what they are supposed to be for their designed roles in this story. Yet there is no there there. No engaging dialogue. No emotion. No real intrigue.

In the end, it all comes off as one exercise for people with nothing better to do.
Ruined a classic
Absolute rubbish.

I endured 20 minutes of this tripe before I wanted to wash my eyes and brain with bleach.

Poor acting combined with cheap looking sets and filming doth make a bad rehash. This film (and I use the term lightly) is a huge GAPING blemish on the name The Saint.

It's like someone thought it would be a great idea to do Carry On The Saint, bad lines / stupid 'jokes' delivered in abysmal style means I couldn't take this effort even vaguely serious. So much so I just HAD to come comment on just how bad it was and I don't post often. Generally only when something has affected me right to the core with just how bad it actually is.

Avoid if you even saw one episode of the original as it will ruin it for you, forever (as it actually has Roger Moore (who hasn't aged well) in it, I presume to try and add some validity to it). If you have no idea what the original The Saint is and are looking for a crappy action film with juvenile one liners then, well, maybe still avoid unless it was free and you having nothing better to do. Although even watching dry paint would be preferable in my opinion.

It is The Saint by name only, sadly.
Shames a great show
I believe this is the pilot episode filmed 4 years ago and farmed out to networks in the hope of being picked up to series. All i can say it that the networks made a good decision this time and steered well clear of this poor attempt at reviving the classic Roger Moore show. It clearly has 'made for TV' written all over it with cardboard sets & panto villains. It's a shame that the lovely Eliza Dushku got involved with this rubbish, this is one to be avoided at all costs.
honestly not that bad
To all those people that may dismiss this film please give it a go. It is a good film for the whole family, especially if you remember the original series. I know there a few comments against but we no longer live in the 1960/70's so things change. And to be fair its a far better adaptation than that thing in the 90's starring Val Kilmer. All I will say is just give it a go and don't be swayed by comments for or against, and lets face it Sir Roger Moore agreed to do a cameo so he obviously thought it was worth it. Also there's another James Bond in there lets see who can spot him without looking at the cast list
Stop. Do not pass go.
I must confess. I couldn't finish watching it. I turned it off. It was such garbage that every raccoon in the neighbourhood was clamouring at my door to rifle through the putrefied scraps of regurgitated defecation. Other comments have mentioned the low production value, the awful "acting", and the thoroughly hackneyed dialogue. All true. That being said, an average human can stomach such things for extended periods of time. Kevin Sorbo's career is testimony to this fact. The second- most annoying thing about the film is the ignorance of physics. If one were to scoop four or five gold bricks into a knapsack, not only would it be ridiculously hard to carry, but it would rip any fabric of which that knapsack was made. Each gold bar weighs approximately 68 pounds, so five of them would be 340 pounds. Most people would find it difficult to bench press that, let alone stealthily toss it over one's shoulder. But the deal-breaker for me - the absolute show-stopper - was the impractical villains. Bad guys do bad things. They sell arms, traffic humans, kick puppies, etc. When a "good guy" shows up and does something nasty to the boss and all of his henchmen, what does the last remaining henchman do? Burble out some kind of dialogue along the lines of: "Say your prayers. Because I am about to shoot you. Those words that you say will be the last to escape your lips. After you say those words, I will shoot you with this gun that I am holding. I shall squeeze the trigger, and then the bullet shall become a projectile with a trajectory..." (cue some sort of intervention that allows the hero to survive) Maybe one henchman is verbose or stupid - but ALL of them are, and none of them even shoots at anyone unless they are attempting to out do Star Wars storm troopers in terms of inaccuracy. If you value your sanity, avoid this odorous sack of yak vomit.
It Tries But Never Gets There
This movie had potential to be good, but fell short.

It tried in numerous occasions to lift its game but with low budget looking sets, questionable dialog, sketchy editing, accompanied with generic background music, sees this movie dragged back down.

I think the two main actors - Adam Rayner & Eliza Dushku - did a reasonable enough job, but some of the supporting cast are left wanting.

I would love to see a modern take of The Saint that befits the original, but sadly this movie isn't it. Having said that, they classed this as a TV Movie which is appropriate since this feels like a two TV episodes in one.
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