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Crime, Action, Adventure
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Simon West
Thomas Kretschmann as Rayt Marius
Melissa Bolona as Guest Star
Ian Ogilvy as The Fixer
Yani Gellman as Doyle Cosentino
Enrique Murciano as Inspector John Henry Fernack
Roger Moore as Jasper
Jason Brooks as Captain Miller
Adam Rayner as Simon Templar
Kirsty Mitchell as Mrs. Templar
Greg Grunberg as Detective Garces
Beatrice Rosen as Katherine Valecross
Eliza Dushku as Patricia Holm
Sammi Hanratty as Zooey Valecross
James Remar as Arnold Valecross
Oliver Bell as Young Simon Templar
Storyline: International master thief, Simon Templar, also known as The Saint, is asked by a desperate rich man to find his kidnapped daughter. However, in addition to evading the authorities, Simon must face a dangerous adversary from his past.
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Hard to get The Saint right
To know The Saint one must be truthful to the source material. The Saint as a character is brash, abrasive, annoyingly intelligent, and driven by a set a principals to do the right thing, even if "right" in any given instance is stealing, murder, or any other action that on the outside is technically a crime. "The ends justifies the means" is a kind of MO for The Saint, which creates a sort of dilemma - especially in the west - where we tend to regard all individuals - good and bad - to be subject to the same rules. But, is it really a crime if the subject had it coming to them? Such is life of The Saint - getting rich while sticking it to the bad guy. Or saving the girl. Or righting the wrong. Or insert cliché' here. Fun stuff all around.

Unfortunately, most of the texture of The Saint is lost in attempts to portray him just as a lovable, quip-flinging, thief. A sort of James Bond type who always has something witty to say at the right moment. Anyone who has read any of the Charteris novels would strongly disagree.

Which brings us to this latest attempt to put Saint on film. All the elements are there but watered down and cliché'd to the point of atrophy. Although this is the most lovingly adaptation attempt since the Roger Moore days. In short, I like this Saint, but the film won't get out of it's own way. There's been a strong push in Hollywood in recent decades to use technology as a panacea to whatever problem the antagonist might come across. Sixteen-inch steel vault door? No problem - just hack that sucker and in you go.

It gets real old real fast.

We want to see our heroes solve problems, not have them solved for them by inexplicable (and non-existent) technology. In the days of the original Saint - the 1920's and 1930's - you still had to do real detective work to solve mysteries. Now all one needs is a tablet and a wifi connection and you can tell everything about anything anytime anywhere.

Where's the fun in that?

So far as this film is concerned, this Simon Templar is more like the real Saint since Roger Moore - so watch it for that. Otherwise - or in addition to - go find a copy of Meet the Tiger and enjoy the real Saint.
I grew up watching a lot of the original shows when they were new.
I grew up watching a lot of the original shows when they were new. The Saint with Roger Moore was a favorite. I enjoyed this modern take on an old classic I didn't watch it to compare it with the original. I watched because I liked it and it left me wanting to see more so I have tried to see if there was more but alas doesn't look like it is picked up as a TV series. Just another book with unfinished chapters. Val Kilmers take on the Saint was vomit worthy. For those who didn't enjoy it there is a lot worse you could have watched before this adaption of the Saint Cheers and thanks for reading
Stylish and fun.
This is a good version of the Leslie Charteris character, The Saint. Some other idiots on IMDb have given this a terrible review, but I think this movie was well written, stylish, fun and full of the feel of the 60's version, executed to the fullest on a moderate budget. Adam Rayner as Simon Templar is a very worthy choice. If any Simon Templar movie is rubbish, it would be that appalling effort with Val Kilmer.

I give this (TV) movie 10/10, it was a shame that a series was never made with this cast.
OK, if you can forget this is the Saint....
and if you can give them a giant leeway- perhaps they'd get better over the next year, you could enjoy this. But my God, the last scene, him hiding behind a tree just makes you groan! Can anything scream stupid more than that? I've only seen a few of the original TV show, listened to every dang old radio show- starring Vincent Price, but this is not the Saint. It's some spy dude. And it falls into the same traps every other US (and who knows maybe the world) TV show does, for example, you have a female computer expert, who is not the Saint hence not the star, and when the expert is flummoxed, you have to have the Saint, the star, give a suggestion that even a computer novice like me would know, and the computer expert says something like "Good idea, I didn't think of that." I mean it's really something stupid like "Did you turn it off then on again?" But then, every mystery show does that. They're filled with idiot "experts" that the star has to suggest things to. Plus, some of the dialog is just so stupid. It treats the viewer as an idiot. But who knows, if you can ignore the books, the radio shows, the original TV show and it got non-insulting intelligent writers then maybe this could have been a show worth wasting an hour on. Not a whole-hearted endorsement.
Trying too hard and failing .
This completely misses the point.

First: Artistically this is nothing like Charteris's creation. The chap was not a spy/secret agent/military person but a Gentleman Adventurer with a certain class and insouciance. Which was conveyed by the author's wit and writing style and literary influences. It is risible when American writing 'bots try to turn everything into clichéd shoot-em-up/lots or guns-we-gotta-have-a-car-crash/explosion-just-here'

If you are a fan of Charteris and the Saint and Bulldog Drummond and Richard Hannay etc, read the books and encourage your children to read books also.

In conclusion. Anything American is dross.

See:"the author's wit and writing style and literary influences".
Return of the Saint
First of all let me start by saying i think the really bad reviews on this are a little uncalled for. I actually enjoyed it and it was good to see Roger Moore the original saint in it if only for 1 minute, and Ian Ogilvie who played the return of the Saint in a more substantial role' Give it a try and judge the movie for yourselves, don't take my word or anyone else's word.
Like a Fake Oil Painting but Painted By The Numbers
It was with some reservation that I decided to view the latest version of The Saint, having watched the original TV version as a young person. Remakes often cannot live up to the original.

And that is true here too.

After a few minutes it was clear that this movie is but a series of tropes (e.g., Russian bad guys, rogue nuclear bomb, Arab terrorists, FBI good guys, etc.) strung together with an unimaginative plot. Moreso, I got the feeling that this was intended to be a pilot for a series, or at least the first installment in an arc. This production did not deliver, though, and no more should be made.

Good looking actors do not make a great, or even good, movie. And that summarizes this effort well, as the actors, the sets, the accessories, all *look* like what they are supposed to be for their designed roles in this story. Yet there is no there there. No engaging dialogue. No emotion. No real intrigue.

In the end, it all comes off as one exercise for people with nothing better to do.
The Saint
I absolutely loved this Movie ! I enjoyed it so much that I had to go see it a second time. I would love this movie to become a series with the original actors from this movie . I would gladly watch this series weekly and recommend it to all my friends and family if this should happen . I will be keeping fingers crossed that this movie becomes a TV Series !!!
Good Action
This film is filled with action, and not many many well known actors and actresses. We like the fairly clean language, and Adam Rayner's portrayal of Simon Templar. The thing about this film is that there are some scenes that are rather funny. Mixed in with the action, it does a good mix. At least the males are not portrayed as know-nothings, while the women are still seen as far too aggressive. - Daniel J. Tyler
Sit back and enjoy some 1960s style entertainment
For a little retro entertainment, The Saint is not bad. My wife and I got a kick out of this light movie. It was interesting to see Adam Rayner in something after Tyrant. His character had the quote of the movie. When asked if he could do a job after getting beat up, "Of course I can, I'm British".
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