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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Alex Kurtzman
Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll
Erol Ismail as Ahmanet's Warrior
Sohm Kapila as Reporter
James Arama as Second Man
Stephen Thompson as First Man
Matthew Wilkas as Reporter
Chico Kenzari as Malik
Sean Cameron Michael as Archaeologist
Annabelle Wallis as Jenny Halsey
Jake M. Johnson as Chris Vail
Rez Kempton as Construction Manager
Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet
Courtney B. Vance as Colonel Greenway
Tom Cruise as Nick Morton
Storyline: Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess, whose destiny was unjustly taken from her, is awakened in our current day bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.
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The Most Expensive Garbage of 2017
When you watch a movie that stars Tom Cruise you can't see the character Nick Morton, you only see Tom Cruise. That's the problem for most of his films. Cruise also thinks he can still play roles meant for younger actors and he needs a wake up call. We know Tom Cruise as a 54 year old, thrice divorced grown man who had a series of hit films from the 80's. The guy we watch on screen today is an aging actor desperately trying to hang on to his youth. It's sad.

The film itself was (I'm going to say) questionable. The ease at which the secret tomb is found, and the mummy comes to life, was pages of a script that had been cut just to give Tom his action scenes. It was a lazy plot device designed to push the story along much faster than it needed to be. If you remove the CGI this tale it's only 30 minutes long. I remember cartoons with better scripts.

The introduction of Dr. Henry Jekyll didn't make any sense. His transformation into Mr. Hyde was incredibly dull when you compare it to other versions such as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Van Helsing. It was interesting to cast Russell Crowe and his famous temper in the role, but ultimately his transformation was a let down.

The finale was just a means to cast Tom Cruise in future sequels. The beautiful Sofia Boutella who played the evil Ahmanet dies and Tom Cruise gets the powers of Set without becoming Set. From what I've read from the producers; Tom Cruise is now The Mummy. That's absolutely stupid.

I don't usually jump onto the band wagon of feminism when watching movies, but 'The Mummy' so ineptly fails to have a strong female character that the "Big Bad" is chasing her male love interest (her Chosen One) Tom Cruise through the entirety of the film. Yawn.

Don't watch this movie. Go look to the older black & white films or even the Brandon Frasier trilogy we're more familiar with than spend any time or money wasted with this garbage. Sincerely.
A very fun popcorn flick
One of the reasons that I started writing these reviews is that I got tired of reading "snooty" critics reviews of popcorn flicks like this one.  These reviewers are looking for "artsy-fartsy" in places where they should just be looking for fun.  Such is the case with THE MUMMY.  I heard horrible review after horrible review from these critics questioning Universal's decision to make this film and wondering "what was Tom Cruise thinking".  I can tell you what he was thinking -

"Let's make an entertaining action/adventure popcorn flick".

And that is what this film is.

The opening film in Universal Studios "Dark Universe" - THE MUMMY kicks off an adventure featuring the classic character...wait for it...The Mummy.  Future films will feature...I would assume...The Werewolf, Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Invisible Man, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc...(you get the picture).  Chasing them is Russell Crow as Dr. Henry Jekyl (and, of course, his alter ego Edward Hyde).  Into this world comes naive, narcissistic treasure hunter Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) who unwittingly unleashes an ancient Egyptian Queen hellbent on bringing evil into the world.

Pretty standard stuff, right?  Well...Mr. Cruise does this sort of thing better than just about anyone in history and he steps right up for this film.  The action sequences are fun and effective, the dialogue is snappy and the characters are interesting enough to keep our attention.  I would give kudos to first-time feature film director, Alex Kurtzman for keeping things going, but he isn't really new to this.  He is a veteran writer and producer often working with JJ Abrams, so he knows a thing or two about making popcorn flicks.

I mentioned Cruise's ability to perform in this sort of film - and he does it well.  Most of the other boxes are checked - and checked well.  Wise-cracking sidekick?  Ably filled by Jake Johnson (TV's NEW GIRL), good looking female Doctor/Scientist who works and argues alongside Cruise?  Well played by Annabelle Wallis (TV's PEAKY BLINDERS).  Mysterious person hunting unimaginable monsters?  In walks Russell Crowe(!) in his best work in quite some time.  Unbeatable Villain?  Strongly portrayed by Sofia Boutella (the "Blade Runner" villain in KINSMEN).  Good story?  Check.  Good to Very Good Special Effects?  Check, check and check.

And...of sets us up to enter this "Dark Universe" in future films.

I, for one, am looking forward to future entries in this Universe.  I have a lot of popcorn to eat.

Letter Grade:  B

A solid 7 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank(ofMarquis)
Entertaining movie (disregard the haters)
Perfect movie for chilling after being tired from work and burnt out. Visually they did a good job and there are a few unexpected events, overall well produced and worth watching now that it is available on video.

Disregard the low rating if you want a movie to zone out and relax to.
Really surprised to see low rating
I am giving 10/10 to this movie out of anger for the people who really did not bother to go into depth of this movie and commented as this is non- sense movie in comparison to earlier FRaser's Mummy series. By the way his first two parts were OK but Mummy 3 was awful. I just have watched the blu-ray of this movie on my big screen home theater and it was wonderful movie especially the action sequences were breathtaking and so real. I feel sorry for the people who have given low ratings to this movie and I believe that they have no any brains to understand the technology and idea behind it. Come on guys its Tom Cruise we are talking about with Universal Studios.
Non-stop action
My wife and I watched this movie yesterday, despite some negative reviews. Although by now it has become quite difficult to come up with something altogether new with mummy flicks, I think they did a very good job. The plot was interesting and the choice of a female character as the mummy was certainly right. The acting and dialogues were good; the special effects were great. We loved the sets and locations. And of course, the plot reminded us about the very real existence of evil. We didn't really find a lot of humor (except at the beginning) but the movie is anything but boring. Therefore I gave it 9/10.
This Was A Good Movie
Not really sure what would inspire so many people to always write awful reviews on this site. I used to use it for reference but nowadays its just people trying to ruin other peoples experiences. There are movies for everyone out there, I'm not a fan of some genre's either, however do not see fit to rubbish something just because it didn't live up to a remake or sequel or just don't like the actors. Leave the hate to the media critics as unfortunately that is what they get paid to do. The majority of these are not reviews just garbage haters.

So, i went to see it yesterday. I didn't have expectations to see Brendan Frazers one liners or see the Mummy 5. It was a good movie with more of a darker horror element that was done well. The CGI was amazing and the acting sound as Tom Cruise always delivers. If you want to read a review before you see it look no further than the main screen of this movies page on IMDb as it says to stop expecting to see what it isn't supposed to be.
Among The Worst Summer Blockbusters I've Seen
The Mummy has had countless iterations of the character grace the screen for the better part of the 20th Century. With the 1932 original and the fun but lazy 1999 remake and anything in between, we pretty much got it. It can be scary or it can be action packed as it seems Hollywood has left there to be no in between for this type of film. Unfortunately neither of those extremes apply to this one. The Mummy is a pandering and very meager attempt at cashing in on a potential franchise. It's sad to watch because it feels like the studio made this. This doesn't feel organic in any way, shape or form and relies on CGI filled action sequences, Tom Cruise, and cheap scares that end up being unintentionally funny to progress the story. None of which comes off the way it should.

The story is absolute crap to put it as lightly as I can. It is plotted so on-the-nose that you can't have anything left up to your imagination except for some scenes of violence that may have been too much for a PG-13. Outside of that, everything is spoon fed to us as the audience. Instead of making you feel like you can keep up, the movie treats its audience like we are stupid and still expects us to continue watching. Honestly, I almost walked out at certain points, it got that bad. Especially during the scenes with Crowe's Jekyll, which are so heavily plot oriented that you can't get a feel for his character and when you get the chance to, it fails, crashes and burns.

The cast is surprisingly strong on paper but director Alex Kurtzman fails to utilize them in roles that best suit them. Tom Cruise is really the only cast member that fits the part which, when considering what genre we're talking about here, is a horrible thing. Courtney B Vance, who delivered an awards caliber performance in American Crime Story, is watered down to nothing more than a mere walk on role. Russell Crowe is so obviously doing the film for the paycheck, it feels like he isn't even acting and he is just reading queue cards.

As a fan of the cast and the 1932 original, I was left completely disappointed by everyone here. Director Alex Kurtzman, who went from directing a small indie to all of a sudden directing this big bombastic action summer blockbuster, feels out of his element here and misses the beats of a good action movie and completely neglects everything that could make a great horror film. The Mummy is by far one of the worst blockbusters in recent memory and stands as a major misfire for Universal's Dark Universe and Tom Cruise.
if you didn't like the original Mummy, this one might be right for you
I didn't like the original Mummy in 1999, acted by Brendan Fraser. Brendan's funny acting/face simply doesn't fit a movie talking about life and death. The original story is good, but they put a "comedy" actor to run a show that is supposed to be serious. This "comedy" effect is amplified in Mummy 3 Tomb of Dragon Emperor, and it killed this series of movie completely.

Comparing to Brendan, Tom is better, if not too "serious" (image from Mission Impossible?). There is a twist in the middle of the story, making its ending completely different from the original. I like it. (who would want to see a mere re-make anyway?)

The new Mummy also presents a larger plot. People would want to know what happened after this ... change. Interesting.
It is what it is, and for me that was entertaining
I didn't watch this with the expectation of being blown away by the story line. I wasn't expecting to be moved emotionally or even invested in the characters at all. That's probably why I rated it so high compared to others. My only expectation was to be entertained and the movie delivered. The effects were alright, the acting OK, the story kind of thrown together, but it worked for what I wanted.

I liked that Tom Cruise varied from his only character and played a hero who... lets just say his elevator seemed to stop one or two floors shy of the penthouse suite. I loved Jake Johnson, but I love him pretty much all the time, the mummy wasn't scary or creepy, but her zombie mummies made up for that and the "heroine" was a loss, the story was more than a little silly (come on, Jekyll and Hyde?) but I finished it, so I was entertained.

I didn't go into this expecting it to be as awesome as the Brendan Frazier films from the 90's, I was younger and had lower expectations in a lot more than just movies, so maybe that's why my panties aren't in a twist about a remake. Also, let's be honest, the story line for the third installment wasn't exactly art either. Hopefully we've all learned from this and realize that a man who only has enough depth to play one character the last 20 or so years is not the best person to give carte blanche.
Don't bother
I have nothing good to say about this movie. It didn't cost me anything to see it so I gave it a shot. To start out with Tom Cruise's acting appeared to be indifferent at best. He wasn't feeling the part. Secondly most of the scenes just looked like they were staged for filming. Nothing more than a poor remake of the last mummy movie. Tom Cruise didn't fit in well with this movie. Why does Hollywood insist on putting out these cheap remakes? Did I mention I walked out about half an hour into the movie because I couldn't stand it?
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