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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Alex Kurtzman
Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll
Erol Ismail as Ahmanet's Warrior
Sohm Kapila as Reporter
James Arama as Second Man
Stephen Thompson as First Man
Matthew Wilkas as Reporter
Chico Kenzari as Malik
Sean Cameron Michael as Archaeologist
Annabelle Wallis as Jenny Halsey
Jake M. Johnson as Chris Vail
Rez Kempton as Construction Manager
Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet
Courtney B. Vance as Colonel Greenway
Tom Cruise as Nick Morton
Storyline: Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess, whose destiny was unjustly taken from her, is awakened in our current day bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.
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Why would they make this? Why would anyone like this?
The Mummy is the introduction in the Dark Universe which is a cinematic universe where Mummy, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and many more mythical creatures all exist. My biggest question is why would they make this movie? The plot was unbelievably bad and so was the acting. Tom Cruise really damaged his career with this Performance. The Mummy was a very sorry attempt to start a franchise that is seemingly interesting, but after the disaster which is The Mummy I don't know if anyone would want more Dark Universe movies.
The Mummy remake is such a disaster of a movie. The writers should be ashamed on themselves. It was so muddled. Whether that was just a half-assed script or micromanaging by the studio, who cares? The end result is a waste of money, primarily mine, and a dull film.

The buddy-adventure start was poorly written: US troops/mercenaries stealing relics is okay as a plot point, but Tom Cruise isn't even close to half as charming as he thinks he is, plus he and Jake Johnson just don't pull it off.

Then throwing in some ham-fisted 'sexual tension' with Annabelle Wallis completely failed as well. There was just no chemistry there. In fact, if they'd used that in the plot, it would've been better. Tom Cruise can't convincing do the roughish charm that writers (or studio) was trying to get.

Then having Johnson hang around wasting time as a zombie/spirit/whatever ended up just being annoying. Adding Jekyll/Hide only further muddled the plot, whilst not contributing anything of value.

The rest of the movie just drags and drags, and the ending is unsatisfying. Avoid at all costs. Even if it was free, second-guess yourself and you still won't be disappointed.
I had high hopes
I was very excited to see this film. I was a huge fan of The Mummy series that started in the late 90s and continued into the early 2000s. Brendan Fraser was a natural and everything worked in those films. However not everything works in this film despite a talented and likable cast. The film starts out strong but gradually loses credibility and intrigue as it goes on. There were so many elements being thrown in this film that one would struggle to piece it all together.

The Dr Jekyll/Hyde component was excellent and perhaps badly used, even more so with the talent of Russell Crowe. Perhaps Dr Jekyll could played a more critical role and added mystery to the film. The fellow soldier Vail played by Jake Johnson could have been better used with more dry humor. The Mummy storyline could have been developed more as it seemed very thin and reused. An ancient Mummy coming to life to wreak havoc had already been exhausted in previous films. Sofia Boutella made a beautiful and terrifying Mummy but a better plot or story could have made it really stand out. I saw great elements that were used poorly and an overall plot that didn't come together too well despite decent acting.

Bad, zero engaging movie with a few nice (but boring) effects and Sofia Boutella as the only attraction. Serious time-waster. Avoid.
Thoroughly disappointing with no real story line, or at least the story-building is dreadfully badly done. Filled up with predictable and tired movie clichés and holes in the story you could drive a double-decked bus through. The movie jumps all over regardless of connection to any continuity or plot and the characters lack any depth at all. Tom Cruise is lazy and as flat as a plank until the very end, and the obligatory love interest/pretty lady is not much better, though at least seemed to be trying. But, especially the casting of the New Girl guy is deeply problematic. Not only is he known for nothing else, but he blatantly overacts the exact same annoying character (that mostly works) in New Girl. In a movie that struggles hard to engage you through the first 2/3 at least, his casting and/or direction is really the killing blow for this ginormous turkey of a movie. There really isn't a second that passes with him on screen where he isn't "just that weird, babbling guy from New Girl". Any good things? Well, Sofia Boutella is as good as she could be, considering, and I would watch her in anything. But even so, during this movie I contemplated several times to just stop watching and use my time for something better. Also, the odd inclusion of Jekyll/Hyde was fairly industrious I thought (though completely and utterly unnecessary bar sequel plans). At least it answered my big question from the very first scene: "Why on earth London/England?". In the poorly executed spirit of the rest of this movie, his implied immortality/longevity, the obvious existence of a huge, secret supernatural evil fighting organization founded or run by him etc. etc. doesn't even get a mention, though. Weirdly the movie also sets up for a sequel with future London based evil-fighting etc, but it is seriously hard to believe that anyone involved with this stinker really thought a sequel will ever happen. This is the worst kind of movie really: All packaging, fancy trailers, celeb interviews on all the talk-shows, - the works. And yet the movie itself lacks any kind of substance, and annoys the **** out of you for being fooled into watching it.
Absurd, anti-science, fictional garbage.
If Tom Cruise is intentionally trying to flush his career down the drain, then this is a good film to start with.

This movie fails on every level.

The script is absolute nonsense. A total insult to science, reality and basic human intelligence.

Some science-fiction might be far-out, but it usually has some basis within the realm of scientific possibility. This movie was just a total insult to science and the happenings within it could never be rationalized with any type of scientific theory.

The writer is just making up total nonsense garbage and the viewer is just stuck along for the ride through nonsense & stupidity.

Besides the total absurdity of the happenings within the film, even the acting, the wardrobe and the scenery feels like a production.

In a good movie one remains engaged and "forgets" that they are even watching a production of actors wearing costumes on fake sets.

This just feels like an all around B-grade film, which should have had Brandon Frasier return to the film series as the lead.

Actually, no. The script should have been burned.

I found myself continuing to watch this film simply because it was so terrible and absurd that I couldn't help but further study and highlight the awfulness of it.

I can't believe Tom Cruise would take on such a ridiculously stupid script.

From now on, Tom Cruise being the lead role in a movie means absolutely nothing and should lead no one to assume that the movie has any worth.

0 stars.
If you enjoy seeing Tom Cruise get the living snot beat out of him…then this is the movie for you!
The first of Universal Pictures' new 'Dark Universe' movies, The Mummy, doesn't exactly bode well for what's to come...assuming further movies even happen after this. Hoping to create an interconnecting universe of classic monsters doesn't work if you haven't thought things through properly, and as others have speculated, this feels like it's not been properly planned out at all. The previous iteration of The Mummy, the 1999 version starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, might not have been a 'masterpiece', but it was a good old-fashioned action/adventure movie that was at least FUN and *entertaining*. This one? Not so much.

Things get off to a rocky start with a rather dull/boring opening featuring a crusader buried with a red jewel which will become important later. We're then treated to what feels like a rushed backstory to the movie's title character, the mummy herself, Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella, who deserves so much better than this to show her talents and was the only reason I even saw this movie). The backstory isn't anything new/exciting. She did something bad, tried to raise some ancient evil, but the ritual was interrupted and she got mummified for her trouble (in a surprisingly less gruesome flashback than Imhotep's from the '99 movie).

We're then introduced to one of the least heroic 'heroes' ever, Tom Cruise's Nick Morton, and his offsider, Jake Johnson's Vail, in a typical shoot-'em-up/explosions aplenty action scene that somehow manages to not be exciting/interesting at all. They're 'liberators of precious antiquities' (ie. looters/thieves) and Nick is kind of a jerk. Annabelle Wallis' Jenny Halsey agrees, and her entrance involves her delivering a well-deserved slap to Nick's face (he slept with her so he could steal from her). They're soon thrown together by Courtney B. Vance's man-in-charge, Colonel Greenway, and descending into a big hole guessed it, they unwittingly awaken Ahmanet.

As they're transporting said corpse via airplane, things start getting hairy when Vail (looking the worse for wear after earlier being bitten by a creepy-crawly) turns all murder-y and Nick's forced to put him down. Then birds start hitting the plane and it plummets. In a seemingly heroic move, Nick gives the last parachute to Jenny and saves her life (it'll later be revealed this wasn't in fact entirely the case) and he next wakes up in a morgue. Before you can say "An American Werewolf in London", Nick's seeing Vail looking all corpsified and gross as he delivers snark/ominous messages to Nick who is also experiencing visions of Ahmanet. Seems he's been 'chosen' by her for a second attempt at raising that ancient evil with the ritual she was so rudely interrupted during the middle of previously. It involves a dagger and that red jewel.

Cruise and Johnson attempt to convey camaraderie between their characters, but their 'banter' falls flat. There's not much humour in this movie, and what little it has rarely works. The biggest laugh in my theatre came from Jenny's reaction to seeing Ahmanet straddling Nick at one point. I think calling her character 'useless' is a bit unfair. She saves Nick at least once or twice (which is kind of her, considering he was going to ditch her/leave her to fend for herself against the mummy's minions at one point) and is certainly less of a jerk than him. The romance that Cruise and Wallis try to make work between their characters doesn't really succeed much (there's a line uttered by Nick to Jenny towards the end of the movie which Wonder Woman did SO much better).

Meanwhile, as mentioned elsewhere, you'd think that a movie title 'The Mummy' would, you know, have more of the actual MUMMY in it. Alas, poor Sofia Boutella is underutilized. She does what she can with the material she's given (probably her best/most effective scene was the one she shared with Jenny after having been captured/imprisoned). I was almost on Ahmanet's side rather than Nick's. Sadly, Ahmanet's powers aren't as interesting as Imhotep's were (except for the neat trick with the irises/pupils in her eyes splitting in two). Though at one point she does pull the same face-appearing-in-sandstorm stunt as he did. At least she gets to toss Nick around like he's a that's something. Here's hoping she's better utilized when/if she appears in a future installment.

Russell Crowe feels like he's acting in a different movie as Dr. Henry Jekyll. At least he looks like he's trying to have some 'fun' with the role, but even when we're introduced to Mr. Hyde (who isn't really much different to Jekyll, other than having a different accent/looking all veiny), it's not enough to save this film. There's cameo appearances by some of the 'classic' monsters (in the form of pieces of them in jars), but the movie as a whole lacks cohesion. The ending's especially WTF-worthy, as the impact of certain character's deaths is completely undone (not that they had much to begin with), how Nick 'saves the day' is rather anticlimactic, and what happens to/becomes of him is somewhat vague.

As much as I wanted to like this film, it's just hard to find anything particularly memorable about it. The action scenes aren't anything special (the only half-decent one is the plane crash sequence), the characters' dynamics aren't that interesting, there's no snappy dialogue, not much depth and nothing really that makes you go "Wow!" (unless your "Wow!" is immediately followed by "That was BAD!" in reference to the movie). I don't mean to sound so harsh, but it feels like all this movie achieved was setting up what's yet to come, and even then it doesn't appear as if they have a clear idea of what exactly is going to happen. If the 'Dark Universe' is to become a thing, they're going to have to try harder than this subpar first outing. Do yourself a favour and see Wonder Woman instead (and if you've seen it already...then see it again).
A Big Budget Ouchie: Needs Lots of Bandages
Failing to point out similarities that new movies share with old ones is like ignoring a familiar face who says hello... After bumping right into you...

So it's important to mention that The Tom Cruise MUMMY is, in its core, almost exactly like AN American WEREWOLF IN London, arguably the greatest werewolf picture ever and, directed by John Landis, centers on two doomed vacationing hikers: one gets killed by an initial attack, the other injured: The latter has ominous, foreboding dreams while his not-very-pleasant-looking dead friend appears randomly, offering spooky yet cordial reminders that he, the living, must also die to lift The Curse...

After a little while, the same thing occurs concerning two American soldiers in Iraq. Tom Cruise and his reluctant buddy — a whiner so saturated with fevered sarcasm you would think he'd remain the comic relief sidekick (like John Hannah in the 1999 version) against Tom's Indiana Jones-like determination to make digging up artifacts a number one priority... Soldiering be damned...

Of course there's a beautiful girl. Actually, two. One is the ingenue and the other, as you probably already know by the promotions, is our title antagonist: an ancient and lustful, tattoo-faced black widow who literally gets inside old Tom's head. He even says at one point: "She's in my head."

Leading to surreal moments where the director attempts combining a Mind-Trip- Thriller Sub-Genre to the Action-Fantasy Mainline — along with a few violent battle scenes with the frantic pace of THE WALKING DEAD, WORLD WAR Z or any sinewy CGI zombie outing, it's impossible to distinguish who or what should be feared most since they all look alike, and do the same thing: Attack and Attack, and Attack some more.

The plot-line, having to do with our flawed hero attempting to reverse this particularly personal Mummy's Curse, is contrived, forced. And then there's Russell Crowe, who narrates the prologue set way, way back during The Crusades, only to return as... get this... a doctor named Henry Jekyll in the present time. Funny thing is, the surrounding characters are actually surprised when it's revealed what he's been... Hyding all along...

Crowe's entire role is a banal, superfluous distraction to one of the most unnecessary reboots ever. And it's no surprise that, being a Tom Cruise vehicle, when it comes down to it, everything's about him. Like in the first MISSION IMPOSSIBLE — what had been an eclectic ensemble becomes a one man show. It's more like THE DADDY than THE MUMMY. Or perhaps THE DUMMY since he makes all the wrong decisions, and is hardly someone to root for or care about. In fact, along with the pouting love-interest, no one on board has anything to say, or add to the overall mindless void of it all. Somewhere, though, Brendan Frasier is smiling. Perhaps imagining himself as the new Maverick in the upcoming sequel to... Okay, now we're pushing it... (
This film is a pile of hot garbage.
There was literally nothing to enjoy in this movie. Cheesy, hollow writing is rarely delivered better by A-List actors.

This is the first DARK Universe film, and there's nothing dark about it. It's hokey without having classic charm.

There is this thing about Dr Jekyll that is beyond hilarious, but not to the film's benefit.

The unintentional hilarity of this film is it's greatest aspect. But will anyone say this was a great movie?? Not if they've ever seen the Brandon Fraser films. Brandon was funny, even with bad lines. Tom can't pull it off, it's just too bad and he's too.. A-list for it.

Gonna have to re-watch the 2001 Mummy to push back the memories of Dark Universe's The Mummy.

If you're gonna brand yourselves as dark, make something EVIL. Jeez.
Did not get its hooks in to me
Don't watch this version of The Mummy.

It wants Tom Cruise to look like a rogue-ish scamp, like Nathan Drake or Han Solo or what-have-you, but instead of straddling the line between likable and gross, he's just all the way gross. A selfish, destructive, sleazy character. Every bad quality of his archetype but none of the good.

The movie has serious tone problems, whipping between ridiculous Michael Bay explosions, spooky zombie horror, and... comedy? What? The dialog here isn't even necessarily what's funny, either; in fact, most of the banter between characters is obnoxious and desperate. Instead, the movie has a number of sight gags and not all of them feel entirely intentional. At one point Tom Cruise gets uppercut 40 feet in to the air, Mortal Kombat style, and I burst out laughing at the absurdity of it. I'm not sure I was supposed to.

The hooks in to the "Dark Universe" are transparent and bad. The movie's plot is kind of thin, with the titular Mummy herself spending most of the narrative not really doing anything except making Tom Cruise hallucinate, and yet the middle of the movie wastes time on a big bloated detour so they can hint at all the other movies they're planning in this series. Russell Crowe gets a lot of screen time to talk about his secret society of monster hunters and "curing evil" that ends up giving The Mummy an awful sort of Super Hero Origin Story feel to it. Tired of those? You'll be tired of this. It eats up a good 15 minutes (or more) and sours a movie that was already getting pretty ripe by this point.

Another unintentional laugh came when Russell Crowe, with salt and pepper gray hair, calls Tom Cruise a "young man." Cruise is older that Crowe, but his character is still written like he's in his 20's or early 30's. Cruise himself is roughly twice that age. Ouch.

The end result is messy, stupid, and flimsy. The final moments before the credits roll may as well be somebody winking directly in to the camera saying "We have six more of these planned. See you soon!"

No, probably not.
And a Very, Very Dark Universe it Will Be...
Well... how to begin? This was supposed to be the film that kicked off the new Universal Dark Universe... a remaking of the classic Universal monster movies. Hoo boy, what a terrible, terrible start.

The film doesn't even know what it wants to be: action movie, horror thriller, not well thought-out attempt to cash in on the summer blockbuster season... ugh.

I won't rehash the plot... simply because there really is none other than a mummy (well, a long- dead Egyptian queen), has arisen, and woefully miscast Tom Cruise has the thankless role to pretend to be interested in nothing that is happening in this mess. I'm not a very big Cruise fan, but even I had to sympathize with his attempt to take any of this nonsense seriously.

If Universal really wanted to reboot their original monster horror franchise, they really couldn't have started out worse. Remaking the classic Karloff horror film (also brilliantly redone by Hammer Studios in 1959, and at least made entertaining in the first reboot with Brendan Fraisier) by essentially making a Transformers film with a mummy instead of a morphing truck is a death-knell.

This does not bode well for future Universal remakes... especially since this film includes a ridiculous appearance by Dr. Jeckyll (Russel Crowe just looking for a paycheck).

I predict, at most, one more film in this ludicrous and pathetic Dark Universe series... if that.
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