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Drama, Biography, History
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Tommy O'Haver
Melissa Leo as Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Devin Freeman as Teen Bill, Jr
Marco Sanchez as Frank Gonzalez
Josh Lucas as David Waters
José Zúñiga as Detective Campos (as Jose Zuniga)
Vincent Kartheiser as Bill, Jr
Brandon Smith as Roy Collier
Rory Cochrane as Gary Karr
Adam Scott as Jack Ferguson
Alex Frost as Danny Fry
Juno Temple as Robin
Storyline: A true story of the much debated rise and demise of a woman, named Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who was known as the head atheist activist of America. She founded the organization, American Atheist, and held the position of president within the organization for 23 years. Quickly this woman became the most loathed person in the country.
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Sadly, a sadistic murder is the real star of this movie
Well, what to say. A couple of really good actors. Good camera and sets. But to my disappointment I have to say that the sadistic killing is the climax and thus the real star of this movie. The last minutes of the movie belong to the horror genre. It leaves you behind with a depressed view on the world. I am from Holland, I did not know this woman at all. But after a quick research online it seems to me there's more to this woman. Now we are just presented with some general story line through time. A display of what Madalyn Murray O'Hair did and with whom and then this whole vehicle is going towards her killing, someone sawing off an arm and some more killing. The characters were kept rather one-dimensional. And it ends with pure nastiness. Perhaps the main people behind this movie were very religious? Anyway... it looked all like it could become a really good movie but then it all ends, all of sudden, with the explicit scenes of them being murdered. I mean, why? What is the purpose? Why show it? For what reason? Where's the intellectual and artistic motivation to show this all so explicitly? How is this serving this plot? Perhaps the David Waters character was meant to be the center of attention? This ending would serve a story about the f*cked up killer David Waters. I think there should have been put much more work on this flick. It probably should have become a series. With an in-depth story line displaying real people with complex personalities, who we really get to know. You see that many people put some love in this movie. But then the script just disappoints and thus the overall production. Was it planned as a series and then they decided to turn it into this movie? Seems the best explanation to me. Or was it meant at first to tell this story from the point of view of David Waters but then Melissa Leo jumped on the wagon and she needed to get a bigger part? Overall people just did a really bad job here. With some real effort, with some real good script, developing over a couple of episodes this could have turned into a price winning drama. Especially for Melissa Leo: it could have been an Emmy Award winning role. Melissa Leo is delivering on a high level. But the whole construction of this thing is just letting her down. Disappointing. A 6 for all the good acting that is going on by most of the cast, for the set dressers, the editor and for some choices in directing.
Shocking story
This true story of the atheist activist who got prayer banned from public schools is so bizarre it's almost unbelievable.

The tone seems slightly comical at first portraying her as a hilariously brash foul mouthed woman who actually succeeded in changing a major aspect of the presence of religion in public schools and the separation of church and state. The story proceeds to her civil rights point of view and how her Atheist movement grew to a large organization. Towards the end things take a horrific turn - as the movie goes into a true life murder story mode. Had no idea such a terrible murder took place.

One fault is the story jumps round in time and it is clear most of the time but a few less jumps would have been better.

The acting is good and the cast is A list. Melissa Leo is surprisingly good - couldn't have envisaged her in this role - thought more of a Kathy Bates type in the role. Josh Lucas seems a bit too clean cut for the ex felon office manager. Juno Temple manages to play a young grand daughter quite convincingly. Vincent Kartheiser is quite suited to the role of her son who changes from Atheist to evangelical.

Worth a watch.
Decent Movie BUT!
I watched "The Most Hated Woman In America", and I really don't like the title to begin with and it's pathetic how religious people think they have/had a right to kill people for not believing in their god, who they have absolutely no evidence for. I love how this movie showed Madalyn O'Hair with her support for the civil war. I also, appreciated how outspoken of an Atheist she was and I am proud to say I am also an outspoken Atheist. It also showed how religious people are unhealthy mentally when it comes to their religious beliefs. There is a lot this movie missed out on with her life which pisses me off, but the movie needs to be improved or maybe a documentary should be done on this woman's life. I was also, bothered by the corruption she participated in with a minister. Its also, sad that David Waters another Atheist killed Madalyn O Hair and her family for money.
Biopic and Crime Picture Rolled Into One...
I added this to my queue at Netflix a few months ago, thinking it was a documentary for some reason, but no this is an original drama from Netflix, and it is great! Oscar winner, Melissa Leo stars in the life story of Madelyn Murray O'Hair, the outspoken activist and founder of "American Atheists". Kids -- you can thank her for not having to pray in public schools anymore LOL.

She and her younger son and granddaughter were kidnapped and held for ransom in 1995 by a former employee (played superbly by Josh Lucas) who knew the inner-secrets of where some of the cash donations were being funneled. This movie goes back and forth between her life up to that event, and the kidnapping situation, so it's sorta a biopic and crime picture in one.

I had so many different emotions watching this -- it has an underlying sadness, but you find a lot of humor throughout it as well. Just absolutely outstanding! And not to give anything away -- but the ending is just horrific; OMG, I was devastated, not knowing the outcome. Juno Temple, Peter Fonda, Michael Chernus, Rory Cochrane and Brandon Mychal Smith round out the cast.
Extremely disappointed
After reading on Wikipedia about Madalyn Murray O'Hair, I was fairly excited to see what this movie was going to be about. Sadly, it does not go into her early life, it introduces her after she already had her first son, William. My impression is that the directors and producers didn't want to take the time to tell her story very thorough, probably because it would have been longer than what it already is. I suspect that to move the plot along, a lot of details were left out such as the other court cases, which I have no problem with. I think if we could have seen the men betraying her earlier in life after she became pregnant, and her failed attempt to enter the USSR, it would have built Melissa Leo's character up more.
Melissa Leo is a great actress.
Melissa Leo is a great actress. Madalyn Murray O'Hair, as presented here, was not a likable person. Coming from the fifties as she did, the ugliness she was subjected to, just as with the civil rights movement, would tend to make anyone re-act like a snarling badger. She was the point of the spear in the fight against the religious tyranny that is, and has always been, right around the corner. The right to say: "I don't believe it and you can't make me." was fought for and should not be taken for granted. A very American story in every detail. In the beginning, I got the feeling it was going to have a 'Coenesque' flavor to it. If the same thought occurs to you, dismiss it. It's a dramatized bio rearranged to feel like a thriller.
Interesting Topic, Horrible Production
The Camera was so shaky I thought there was something was wrong with my eyes. It felt as if it were rushed and thrown together. Almost like the whole movie was a joke. I'm sorry but if your gonna have a Camera Man with Palsy, at least get him a stabilizer rig or something. Apart from the production itself the title was a good attempt at the topic. The topnotch actors were the saving grace of this flick, bringing it up from college film studies mid-term, to a middle of the road Biographical Drama.
Problems with the story line
There are several problems with the story line and the film. Check this interview on Stitcher with Frank Zindler, former interim president of AA and someone who knew Madalyn Murray O'Hair personally.
Leo in name and in nature
Of course that's her real name and not the one of the "character" (real life person) she portrays, but it's fitting nevertheless. She won't take anything from anybody, no matter what the point is. And she will stand up for something when others just idly stand by and maybe even just watch what is happening.

We go through a lot of history of what happened to this person and how she became a fighter and an atheist. The last fact alone may make her a bad apple for some and put her in a corner she can't recover from. But you know there is a reason for this title of hers (and the movie). Performance is grand and it's really a gripping story, jumping back and forth in time. It works and while not many will be completely satisfied with the work/movie itself, it's really something good, with flaws and all.
Mediocre at best
Unfortunately this movie is at best only mediocre, at worst a poor job of telling a fascinating story. The actress Melissa Leo is absolutely MISCAST as Murray-O'Hair and suffers through the part unable to capture the essence of a complicated, disturbed, and controversial woman. I looked forward to this movie but watch it with disappointment. I wish a more thorough detailed story could have been told about Madalyn Murray-O'Hair. Better than nothing but that's not saying much!
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