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Azazel Jacobs
Barry Eisen as Michael's Co-Worker
Vanessa Christelle as Dance Receptionist
Jeff Cairns as Bar Guitarist
Janine Mitchell as Susan's friend
Jessica Sula as Erin
Tyler Ross as Joel
Lesley Fera as Susan
Aidan Gillen as Robert
Tracy Letts as Michael
Debra Winger as Mary
Storyline: Debra Winger and Tracy Letts play a long-married, dispassionate couple who are both in the midst of serious affairs. But on the brink of calling it quits, a spark between them suddenly reignites, leading them into an impulsive romance.
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Worse than a waste of time
This is easily the worst movie I have seen in years. The acting was not the worst, but the story was beyond belief. While some did not like the musical score, I thought it stood out as the better part of the whole movie. I don't usually write reviews but this one deserves the lowest score available.
Love and Marriage
The only other review so far (by Bastille above) is on the money. He does a good job of describing the acting, script, etc. I would like to add another point, however: it also cleverly examines the issues of love, marriage, lust, and sex and how they are intertwined...or not.

Very creative.
The Director Should be Embarrassed
It's important every few months to see a truly shitty movie. Kind of resets things. Luckily we got the chance today, since Tuesday movies are free for us, to see it. Most of you probably never heard of it or will find it near you, but it's called "The Lovers," written and directed by someone unfortunately burdened with the name of Azazel Jacobs. Since almost all the action and drama occurs off-screen, you'll get a big jump on the film by not going to see it. We did because we like Tracy Letts, the great playwright and one of Homeland's stars. But he and Debbie Winger don't get to do much acting because the characters are as thin as a plastic bag, and unattractive, the story flows like a blocked artery, the film has no rhyme or reason, has about the same sex as method without rhythm, and its music is randomly lush and inappropriate, a desperate, ironic attempt to supply the emotion the characters lack. Think Beyonce dancing to the Adagio from Mahler's Fifth Symphony. The entire enterprise is a director's nightmare, like a med student doing heart bypass surgery with a sharpened baseball bat.
Will have a hard time finding an audience
This movie starts out slow. It never gets much faster. I cannot fault the actors. Debra Winger and Tracy Letts could obviously have done far more with better material. As it is, we see a couple that has obviously fallen out of love with each other. Each has an active affair on the side and neither seems to be aware of or care about the other. The movie telegraphs a great climax taking place in the near future as the son (Tyler Ross) is due back from college with his girlfriend and both Mommy and Daddy think that's the perfect time to reveal their infidelity and end the marriage.

Although this movie is called a comedy in many reviews, it's just not that funny. It's also not that interesting. It's really hard to identify with these characters who have a great life, a great home in the LA suburbs, two good jobs, a great kid, and such empty lives. It's sort of like watching a poorly written Dante's Inferno. These people are in a Hell of their own making. We don't know why and we don't really care.
Enjoyable Enough
I quite liked this one, though it isn't without flaws. it begins very slowly; there is a lot of time taken to establish mood and setting which caused my thoughts to wonder a little. it picks up quite well after 25 minutes or so and this momentum then continues on quite nicely till the film's conclusion.

It's a slightly different take on the aspects of a long term relationship of a married couple who are both currently cheating. The story develops well, and your involvement steadily grows until their son comes home and the dynamic of the film is thrown off key. The acting/directing of this aspect of the film is way too heavy handed and overshadows the plot to the detriment of the films intensity. Why this is done I can only guess, perhaps to add some significance and dimension to their relationship, an explanation as to why they remained together perhaps, who knows. Sadly, it's a mistake in my opinion as it adds nothing to an already fairly strong story, but detracts significantly from it.

There are some other issues with the film. The husbands girlfriend is... lets just say an unlikely character who also skews the harmony of the film somewhat. The script is a bit stilted in places, the direction is a little intense, and the story needs to be strengthened and leaned out to make things just a little more edgy. On the whole there really needs to be a bit more substance to the proceedings to 'beef things up a bit'. The acting, the main roles particularly are very good indeed. They certainly had me sold on the situation (I love that) but most other roles are unremarkable.

As I said, it's a good film, but it could have been a really good film with a little fine tuning and some re-gigging, but I liked it anyway. I would recommend it as light entertaining viewing.
Renewed Interest?
Hollywood loves to use a recurring theme when it comes to marriage. They seem to have this idea that the best way to solve marriage problems is to have an affair. I'm not sure if it's because there are so many failed marriages there or that there is so much rampant cheating going on there or what. But every so often a movie comes out pushing this idea. THE LOVERS is the newest example.

Michael and Mary (Tracy Letts and Debra Winger) are a middle aged couple for whom the spark has gone out of their relationship. Each day is filled with the same old same old, work, home, dinner, bed. Romance is a thing of the past. But they have something in common they aren't aware of. Both of them are having affairs.

Much of what I just wrote is assumed as we go along. The first moments of the film are of each individual with the person they are having an affair with. Both are promising that they are going to leave the other spouse but want to put it off until they have a chance to talk with their son who is coming home for the weekend from college.

Both are having affairs with what appear to be much younger people. In Michael's case it is a young ballet dancer. Of all the characters in the film she is the most irrational and explosive. She seems to have fits of rage that made me as a viewer wonder where the attraction came from unless it was all physical.

In the case of Mary her lover is a writer. While we witness to two romantically involved we also get to see that side of him. He discusses his writer's block with her and later in the film is reading something he's just written. Her attraction seems both physical and mental.

But something happens. One morning before their son comes home they wake in bed together, in that semi-groggy state of mind we all do in the morning, and without realizing just who they are with they kiss. Their eyes open, they both jump out of bed and begin getting ready for work. But as they do so they find themselves drawn to one another and jump back in bed.

Over the next few days both are dealing with this new sense of vigor and attraction to one another. At the same time their lovers are feeling ignored and threatened. It's not that they are aware of what has happened but they notice something is different. Each continues to put pressure on Michael and Mary to end it and be with them instead.

The story comes to a head when their son gets home. He's warned his girlfriend to expect them not to be a very caring couple. When he sees them together this way he isn't sure what to expect. Could it be that things have been straightened out? Could they have rediscovered what it was that drew them together in the first place? And will they stay or go? The movie is entertaining and well-made on all fronts. It's well shot and directed, moves along at a steady pace and never seems to drag. The acting is more believable than one would expect. It's good to see Winger back in front of a camera again since her output has decreased over the past 8 years or so. Perhaps the only thing that felt intrusive in the film was the music, odd since there is a whole segment in the extras about scoring this film. It's like the classic old movie melodramas where the tones rise and fall with the emotions on display. At time that got in the way of things for me.

The only other thing that bothered me was the fact that both seem to work at jobs where it's nothing for them to leave for hours at a time to have affairs or not come home on time on a near daily basis. Not only that their respective lovers have no problem showing up where they work with no reason to do so other than to see them. For me that made parts of the movie unbelievable.

Still, it is an interesting movie and will hold your attention start to finish. There are moments that might bring a tear to your eye and moments that will make you laugh out loud. And for many it will make you wonder if you don't pay enough attention to your spouse and show them that even after all this time there is still love between the two of you. With any luck that will be the thing that sticks with most viewers instead of thinking that sleeping with someone else will help your marriage.
Indie comedy is simplistic but entertaining.
This light, breezy comedy starring Debra Winger and Tracy Letts follows a husband and wife--both of which are having an extramarital affair. As the film progresses, they begin to discover clues and eventually find out that they are both seeing someone else. Through a clever incorporation of dramatic and situational irony throughout the narrative, viewers will learn what will happen to their marriage. The acting in the film is generally very good, as Winger and Letts play their roles with charisma and a solid amount of passion and effort. The script is generally well-written and very down-to-earth. At a relatively fleeting 94 minutes, the plot moves along swiftly and is generally paced quite well. The aesthetic technique of the film is very simple in nature, with a violin-based score and relatively few set pieces. None of that, however, takes away from the viewer's experience watching the film. However, I do have a few criticisms of the film. My biggest complaint is that the use of parallelism in scenes that trade off between depicting Winger's character and Letts' character was often distracting. Additionally, the climax and ending feels a little rushed. That said, this is a solid and enjoyable independent film. Recommended. 7/10
"Messed-Up" People
At a key juncture in the film "The Lovers," the character of Mary played by Debra Winger exclaims, "We're messed up, but we're not bad people." At least one character in the film, Joel, who is the son Mary and her husband Michael (Tracy Letts), punches a hole in the wall in the family home and turns into a bull in a china stop because he genuinely feels that his parents are bad people.

The DVD format of "The Lovers" includes a lengthy bonus segment entitled "A Complicated Passion--Making the Lovers." Writer-director Azazel Jacobs explains that the film "came out of a strange period of my life." In his attempt to devise an autobiographical film, Jacobs saw the family home as a kind of theatre with the characters self-consciously "putting on an act."

Indeed, the film has the feel of a work of theatre in primarily a four-character play. The dramatic tension is built between a husband and wife who are both having affairs and contemplating ending their marriage. Much of dialogue is sentimental, anticipating a reconciliation of Mary and Michael.

The two lovers of the married couple, a ballet instructor and a strange man who appears to be a wannabe actor, both approach the partners at one point, warning about the impending break-up. It was in those disturbing moments that the film moved out of realism and into the realm of the surreal.

A major problem with this film was whether this was a romantic comedy, a dark-edged drama, or a domestic tragedy. Actress Debra Winger offered a pinpoint analysis in the bonus segment when she confessed that "chaos is so overwhelming." While the film was successful in delivering the chaos of a middle-aged couple's troubled marriage, it was also a stylistic jumble as a slow-paced and rather depressing slice of life.
Cute premise, plenty of flaws.
Know this supposed to a comedy in a dark sick sense. Both parties in a long marriage are having affairs. They are about to inform each other they are leaving under pressure from their respective lovers.

The biggest flaws of the movie is it often feels written. The hand of the writer is just too heavy. The son conveniently punches a hole in the wall, that can be peeked through in a later scene. It doesn't work that way as walls are dry walled in both rooms and he didn't punch through two walls. The convenient placement of the piano seemed suspect.

The son was too intense and one dimensional. The ballet teacher and Alan would never get together in any known universe.

It a small fluff movie that is kinda fun to watch. It has a perky score and a good pace. It's in very limited release and doesn't need to be seen on the big screen. It's worth a look in the comfort of your home.
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