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Azazel Jacobs
Barry Eisen as Michael's Co-Worker
Vanessa Christelle as Dance Receptionist
Jeff Cairns as Bar Guitarist
Janine Mitchell as Susan's friend
Jessica Sula as Erin
Tyler Ross as Joel
Lesley Fera as Susan
Aidan Gillen as Robert
Tracy Letts as Michael
Debra Winger as Mary
Storyline: Debra Winger and Tracy Letts play a long-married, dispassionate couple who are both in the midst of serious affairs. But on the brink of calling it quits, a spark between them suddenly reignites, leading them into an impulsive romance.
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Too Contrived
A married couple, both having extramarital affairs, so what's new? Nothing! The couple actually seem quite compatible and happy and successful and care for each other and as mundane normal as film can make a person. So they both have affairs, get caught and end up with their new love interests. Really boring to the point of ff through much of it. You would think the producers would have at least injected actual nudity and sex, but about all you get is some weak sound effects and lots of people sleeping in their night time clothing. Most put to sleepy of all was the droning music background that seemed limited to one instrument within a limited frequency range. Music for people committed to an institution to sedate them. A small twist at the end dealing with are now separated couple having an affair with guess who that was artificial and not at all believable - just stupid.
Not for the multiplex demographic
A middle age couple are in the throes of an affair. Both of them.

The subtleties of a middle age relationship will be wasted on the young. Having read the negative reviews here, there's no doubting the reviewer's age. They've completely missed the point. That's fine. It's not for them. I may have felt the same way, once.

For everyone else, this is subtle, poignant, witty, truthful and very funny. It takes you to places you expect, in a natural but charming way and then surprises you. It's a very delicate balance, pulled off beautifully by writer and director.

And what a superb cast. All four of the main parts are played to perfection. These are no hacks. A top notch class act. The Lovers is a wonderfully fresh film for a mature audience. About time.
spoiler alert
so incredibly excruciating to watch. My partner and I went in expecting to relate because of our history, but just torture to watch. Beyond bad casting, felt none of the characters were believable together. Awkward, was not moved in any way. Truly only watched to the end as it was such a train wreck....stay at home , watch TV

Yes we did laugh, once.....when we thought it could not get any worse, wait for got this why Littlefinger was killed off , and as punishment landed this role....
Passion returns and leads to love and drama proving that marriage and life is complex!
"The Lovers" is one of those complex movies about the ups and downs of love and life it proves that marriage and relationships are complex and hard to understand. Debra Winger(nice to see some work again from the veteran)is Mary a middle aged married woman who's involved with someone else and on the side her husband Michael(Tracy Letts)is also involved in a game of hot passion with someone else from the opposite sex. Oddly enough the marriage and relationship for both Mary and Michael takes a turn and spin to where they both find a spark of passion and romance between them as it's now hot and wild under the sheets. Thru it all the truth is revealed for a new life path for both still love, passion, and romance leads both Michael and Mary back to being lovers of each other! Overall good romance drama take on the complex ways of life, love, passion and marriage.
Worse than a waste of time
This is easily the worst movie I have seen in years. The acting was not the worst, but the story was beyond belief. While some did not like the musical score, I thought it stood out as the better part of the whole movie. I don't usually write reviews but this one deserves the lowest score available.
Funny and unexpected
The premise of this film surely does it no favors. It sounds very much like a standard type of narrative when it's actually not. The way the film progresses in unexpected ways and it never feels forced or contrived. The performances are a testament to how natural it feels, but the screenplay is quite strong as well. Tracy Letts and Debra Winger are both very resonant and vulnerable when they need to be and they hit the various notes of the film in a pitch perfect way throughout. Someone else might have made this a complete melodrama and overblown but the film is anything but. This is highly recommended.
"Messed-Up" People
At a key juncture in the film "The Lovers," the character of Mary played by Debra Winger exclaims, "We're messed up, but we're not bad people." At least one character in the film, Joel, who is the son Mary and her husband Michael (Tracy Letts), punches a hole in the wall in the family home and turns into a bull in a china stop because he genuinely feels that his parents are bad people.

The DVD format of "The Lovers" includes a lengthy bonus segment entitled "A Complicated Passion--Making the Lovers." Writer-director Azazel Jacobs explains that the film "came out of a strange period of my life." In his attempt to devise an autobiographical film, Jacobs saw the family home as a kind of theatre with the characters self-consciously "putting on an act."

Indeed, the film has the feel of a work of theatre in primarily a four-character play. The dramatic tension is built between a husband and wife who are both having affairs and contemplating ending their marriage. Much of dialogue is sentimental, anticipating a reconciliation of Mary and Michael.

The two lovers of the married couple, a ballet instructor and a strange man who appears to be a wannabe actor, both approach the partners at one point, warning about the impending break-up. It was in those disturbing moments that the film moved out of realism and into the realm of the surreal.

A major problem with this film was whether this was a romantic comedy, a dark-edged drama, or a domestic tragedy. Actress Debra Winger offered a pinpoint analysis in the bonus segment when she confessed that "chaos is so overwhelming." While the film was successful in delivering the chaos of a middle-aged couple's troubled marriage, it was also a stylistic jumble as a slow-paced and rather depressing slice of life.
complicated love for the older set
Mary (Debra Winger) and Michael (Tracy Letts) are in a troubled marriage. They are trying to keep up appearance before the visit of their son and his girlfriend. Mary is having an affair with Robert (Aidan Gillen) and Michael with Lucy (Melora Walters). There may still be something in their marriage.

It's great to have Debra Winger back as a big screen lead. She still has flashes of the old fire. The love lives are muddled which makes them less compelling for me. I couldn't hold on to their marriage or wonder if I can root for its dissolution. The affair partners don't have enough screen time. I also wonder if concentrating on one lead would heighten the emotional impact. While it's nice to have the visit, the effects are not long lasting.
Love and Marriage
The only other review so far (by Bastille above) is on the money. He does a good job of describing the acting, script, etc. I would like to add another point, however: it also cleverly examines the issues of love, marriage, lust, and sex and how they are intertwined...or not.

Very creative.
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