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USA, New Zealand, Germany
Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Peter Jackson
Sean Astin as Sam
John Bach as Madril
Sala Baker as Man Flesh Uruk
Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
Orlando Bloom as Legolas
Billy Boyd as Pippin
Jed Brophy as Sharku
Sam Comery as Éothain
Brad Dourif as Wormtongue
Calum Gittins as Haleth
Bernard Hill as Theoden
Bruce Hopkins as Gamling
Paris Howe Strewe as Théodred - Prince of Rohan
Storyline: While Frodo and Sam, now accompanied by a new guide, continue their hopeless journey towards the land of shadow to destroy the One Ring, each member of the broken fellowship plays their part in the battle against the evil wizard Saruman and his armies of Isengard.
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One of the greatest movies of all time
This movie was simply amazing. Great casting, great acting. The way this movie stuck to the book is hard to match by any movie. Although there were some differences this movie still stuck to the plot immensely and there can be no complaints. A must watch for all ages
Best 2nd part to a trilogy ever
9 out of 10 (Like its predecesor, LOTRTT gets a little windy in places)

Discounting the StarWars trilogy (forever tarnished by the crap that Lucas is making now), this film is the BEST 2nd installment of a trilogy I have ever seen. It really makes me believe that filming all 3 at once was indeed the only way to do this trilogy.

Jackson takes some liberties, but all in all the film is a success on several levels. Characters are maintained and strengthened, The plotting does well not to be too dreadful without inserting lightheartedness or breathtaking action, and the special effects absolutely blew me out of the water.

To all the Star Wars fans out there, take a look at Gollum, and see Yoda could only hope to be. Gollum is so life like and well portrayed.

All in all a great movie, albiet with some minor flaws,... very minor.
This movie is a first rate epic. From start to finish, it delivers the essence of Tolkien and his world. From Gollum to Helm's Deep, the special effects are innocent fun and spectular. I think Helm's Deep is unbelievable though. Peter Jackson knows what he's doing. He has a vision of Middle Earth, that none of us could've imagined.

On one hand this is a fantasy, and it's totally not real. That's why I think it's unbeliveable. How could this happen? I don't know. But all I care is that at least it's good.

The movie will utterly be remembered years from now.
Absolutely, totally fantastic!
Watching this movie is like watching a 179 or 223 minutes long action sequence. The pace is incredibly high. Alright I have to admit that the Extended Edition of the "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" takes an awful lot of this pace away and make some of the scene's unnecessary long and the scene's with Treebeard are also a bit dull and long but still...Especially compared to the first that was just too slow at times this is an huge improvement!

Luckily there also are some welcome additions in the Extended Edition. Best addition are the scene's with Boromir, Faramir and Denethor in Osgiliath.

There also are some newly great characters and actors. David Wenham is a surprisingly talented young actor and I think it's great that they actually have cast someone that really looks like Sean Bean. Bernard Hill also impressed me, he probably is best know for his role as the captain in "Titanic" in which he also already impressed me. Viggo Mortensen probably still is the best actor of "The Lord of the Rings" movies. Yes sure Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee are also more than great but Mortensen really puts some passion and effort in his character. I know Sean Astin is always being praised a lot but I seriously don't think that he is such a good actor in any of "The Lord of the Rings" movies. Andy Serkis also was really good as Gollum/Sméagol and I wouldn't had mind seeing him get an Oscar nod.

Strange thing is that the Gimli and Legolas suddenly changed into some comical sidekick characters. It was odd to see but it works! They provide some good comical relief at times.

Most fantastic thing about the movie is that it's really action filled. The Battle of Helm's Deep truly is fantastic to see. Still favorite and most powerful moment of the movie is when the Ent's march to war. Also the scene's with the riders of Rohan are a true spectacle.

I've never been really a big fan of the editing of "The Lord of the Rings" movies and this one is no exception. Problem is that Peter Jackson shot way too many hours of footage with as a result that the editors have difficulties picking the right scene's and the length of them.

But "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" is one of those movies were the pluses make more than up for the minuses.

A spectacular adventure action experience.

Second movie of Great Trliogy!
I love this movie! It's even better than the first one. I actually saw this for th first time just weeks after I saw the first movie for the first time.

This has so many graphics and special effects, it's hard to know where to begin.

**Minor spoiler ahead.**

I like the part when you see a flashback, to when before Boromir was killed. You see that Boromir and Faramir were the best of friends, and their father, who wasn't very nice to Faramir, seemed to only love Boromir. After Boromir is killed, Dethomir blames Faramir. But Faramir only does what he feels is right. (Except for the time where he took Frodo and Sam to Gondor.) Not only is this a terrific movie, but it could not have been better. It may be too long for some people, but it it not too long to me.

I think it is amazing that the two actors who played Boromir and Faramir have a certain resemblance.

It is only 3 hours and 43 minutes long, and there's at least a half hour alone on the credits.

If you like the first movie, you won't be disappointed in this movie.

My Score: 10/10.
I rally wanted to love this movie.
I really really wanted to love this movie. I loved Fellowship, I found it nearly flawless. I give a 10/10 for the acting and the special effects. If I have never read the books, I would have been absolutely flawed by this movie. Some of the changes detracted from this movie, but not terribly.

But the fundemental changed made to Faramire (compare him in the book to the movie - not merely changed but the opposite) seriously undermined the whole plot of the trilogy.

Still, I have this an 8/10. On its own merits, it is excellent. But changes were made that weakened the story for no good reason...
A Shout Out to WETA!!! Truly Awesome!
First off, The Two Towers is an amazing achievement. As with the Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers is one of the best films ever. However, the only problem I find with this film is that it is too short. Yea, you heard me right! The new characters needed to be fleshed out a little more. The Fellowship of the Ring IMO is superior because of the interaction between the core players. We were there when they made their journey, we were not hopping back and forth between their individual adventures. Yes I know that is the way the book is written, but I just prefer the Fellowship's more intimate look at the characters. This withstanding the Two Towers is an amazing achievement. WETA Digital truly deserves all of the kudos that have been bestowed upon them. They have supplanted Industrial Light and Magic as the preeminent digital effects company.

Bottom Line:


I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Fellowship' and was eagerly awaiting the release of 'two towers'. I have never read the books but was informed that the 'Two Towers' would be even better than it's predecessor as the plot thickens and action really gets going. However, on leaving the cinema after watching this film I was left somewhat disappointed.

I have read review after review saying this is peoples favourite film. I mean come on, be serious. It takes an age to get going and if it was not for the climactic battle of Helm's Deep would have been the worst excuse for a 3 hour long film since the first two hours of Titanic. Even in this ground breaking climax it is constantly interrupted by Treebeard, the character that personifies the slowness of the rest of the film. Also the attempted romance between Viggo Mortenson and Liv Tyler's characters seems just to be in this film because Liv complained of lack of screen time because there certainly doesn't seem any need for her character in this instalment apart from this pointless sub-plot.

The creation of Gollum was simply brilliant and deserved the Oscar but I was pleased to see this film ignored in the other categories. One thing is for sure, I will not look forward to the next sequel as much as I did this one, following this film's disappointment.
A standing ovation for all concerned.
It seems ridiculous to want to add my own comments to a slew of others that are already in IMDB's records, but I feel like I cannot sleep nor cease the throbbing in my chest until I release some of what I have so recently seen.

Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings is one of the bravest projects ever attempted by a filmmaker. Mr Jackson deserves every ovation he will receive, every award, every bit of the praise and adoration that will be spoken and written.

This second installment of the story is a masterpiece in every sense, forget your prejudices about the books, they are another way of looking at this beautiful story (I know this is slightly against the rules, but a I cannot resist saying that a previous writers comment - a comment that compared the Lord of the Rings Films and Books to the difference between Romeo and Juliet in screenplay and ballet formats - was entirely accurate).

Gollum was an excellent amalgam, so easily could he have been an annoying Jar-Jar-Binks-Alike. Instead the way that Jackson and Serkis (and doubtless many many others) chose to portray the CGI incarnation of "Smeagol" was incredibly emotive and powerful. Gollum is profoundly disturbing, amusing, almost lovable... Not even John Ronald Reuel himself could induce that range of emotions for Smeagol in me...

A truly skin-crawling performance by a superb Brad Douris as the evil Grima Wormtongue was just beyond words. Douris _Became_ Wormtongue in a skillful fulfillment of what was already inspired casting.

Probably the most definitive casting of this film though was Manchester born Bernard Hill as Theoden, King of Rohan. The casting for "The Two Towers" makes one shake ones head and wonder, in retrospect, whether anyone else could have filled these roles. Mr Hill's performance was truly first rate, a performance which contributed greatly to "The Battle of Helms Deep", scenes which were a spinning tornado of emotions for the viewer.

Viggo Mortensen goes from strength to strength. His performance is visceral and yet sensitive. The overriding emotion that Tolkiens vision of Aragorn induced (at least for me) was awe at his heroics. Mortensen's portrayal in Jackson's frame brings new aspects to the Aragorn character. Mortensen's Aragorn is emotionally dextrous to go with his physical dexterity, he is sensitive, seemingly empathic, warmer and more fundamentally human, and yet super-human in presence and charisma. "Definitive" is not strong enough of a word.

If you still view Jackson's epic with scepticism I implore you to put down your preconceptions and your prejudices, but most of all put down the books... This is beautiful way to see middle earth, don't pass it up - The books are the ultimate fantasy epic - the pictures you draw in your head are better than anything you can imagine, but The Lord of the Rings "The Two Towers" is one wonderful interpretation of that epic story.

Go, Laugh, Cry, and Sit in Awe of this cinematic treat.
Poorly scripted, painful to watch and quite a letdown
I'll keep my comments short and sweet:

1) Terrible dialouge. I lost count of how many times I cringed as lines were spewed forth. See the King of Rohan and the burial mound scene.

2) One dimensional characters. See Gimli's painful and never ending "jokes." Jar Jar Binks was given better material and more dignity.

3) Schizo order of the scenes. The best example of this mistake takes place during the final battle at Helms Deep. Highly intense moments of fighting would suddenly shift away to Merry and Pippin. Disconcerting and as it was done throughout the film, the pacing was tarnished.

4) Plot holes. One glaringly obvious one was when Frodo almost gives up the ring to a Nazgrul and THEN Faramir, who up till then had had the hobbits in chains, lets them go. That and the many others lead one to wonder where the script supervisor was.

5) While a bit harder to point out, this film didn't seem to have any "magic." It seemed flat,coarse and underwhelming. For example one thing I rememember while watching "Fellowship" was not wanting the film to end as it was so enthralling. In TT I couldn't wait for the film to FINISH!

To sum up, if you're still in Jr. High I'm sure this film will fit your view as being "the best movie of all time" as previous comments have indicated. For the rest of us however this film was pretty wretched. Note - I'm quite a big fan of JR.R. Tolkein's works so my distaste for TT was not due to ignorance. At the same time let me remark that I had no problem with the foreknowledge that a film of the LOTR would necessitate some changes from the books. My criticisms are focused on how shoddily done the film itself was.
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