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USA, Mexico
IMDB rating:
Alberto Rodriguez, Michael Gallock
Alex Teixeira as Alebrije
James Keller as Cacomixtle
Emilio Treviño as Nando (voice)
Scott Genn as Aguilar
Mayté Cordeiro as Teodora (voice)
Eduardo España as Evaristo (voice)
Laura González as Juanita (voice)
Benny Mendoza as Leo San Juan (voice)
Storyline: Leo San Juan was imprisoned after being mistaken for a rebel insurgency by the royal army while on his way home to Puebla. But when a mysterious flying monster, known as the Chupacabra, is on the rise, attacking prisoners and guards, he must defend his fate and fight the flying monster.
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Mass Confusion
I sat down and started watching this movie, enjoying it at first though slightly confused. It offered a great mix of animation styles and was visually enticing. But I also felt like I was missing something. It turns out I was.

LEGEND OF THE CHUPACABRAS is apparently the fourth film in a series about a young boy named Leo San Juan. This film opens after they have left a battle, shows them captured early on and then imprisoned to be hanged the following day. All of this within the first 10-15 minutes of the movie! If you come in not knowing the rest of the story, well you'll soon sit confused and wondering how these people know one another, why they trust one another and why they are suddenly being attacked by this mystical creature.

If that wasn't confusing enough consider that the movie takes place during Mexico's fight for independence from Spain and yet the appearance of a fairy talking about cars and using a cell phone is on hand. Then we're whisked away to two dragons talking to one another, the first trying to help the second score a date with his sister. Then back to the past. Whiplash! In all honesty I can't recommend this movie on its own merits. While it looks gorgeous and well-made coming into the story late in the game makes it difficult to watch at best. If I had perhaps seen the previous three installments it would make a major difference. Checking the writer's name on IMDb showed me that there were several other films so I could look for them if I wanted to enjoy the entire series. If you intend to purchase this DVD I would suggest that you purchase the rest as well. My guess is that it would make an interesting series when viewed together. Perhaps not for the smallest or easily frightened child but others might enjoy it.
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