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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Mark Pellington
Shirley MacLaine as Harriet
AnnJewel Lee Dixon as Brenda (as Annjewel Lee Majestic Dixon)
Valeri Ross as Wanda Byers (as Valerie Ross)
Yvette Freeman as Housekeeper
Thomas Sadoski as Robin Sands
Gedde Watanabe as Gardener
Anne Heche as Elizabeth
Adina Porter as Bree Wilson
Steven Culp as Sam Serman
Tom Everett Scott as Ronald Odom
Todd Louiso as Dr. Morgan
Joel Murray as Joe Mueller
Storyline: Harriet (Shirley MacLaine) is a successful, retired businesswoman who wants to control everything around her until the bitter end. To make sure her life story is told her way, she pays off her local newspaper to have her obituary written in advance under her watchful eye. But Anne (Amanda Seyfried), the young journalist assigned to the task, refuses to follow the script and instead insists on finding out the true facts about Harriett's life, resulting in a life-altering friendship.
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Shirley MacLaine in another of her impossible character portraits...
Wealthy woman, a former business titan living a very precise and orderly--and lonely--existence in her nearly-empty manor, wants the final say on her future obituary. Having kept her local paper alive for many years with her advertising dollars, she self-assigns the obituary reporter with the task of putting an optimistic spin on her life. What begins as a very thin character study of a straight-talking yet annoying character slowly blossoms into the much more rewarding story of a pushy old lady who manages to transform her bitter existence with friendship. Granted, friendship doesn't come easily to this control-freak, but what transpires on her journey to personal redemption is surprising and rewarding. The sassy dialogue in Stuart Ross Fink's screenplay doesn't ring true (and some of the actors cast in the smaller roles haven't a hope in hell of making it sound natural), but leads Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried develop a pleasing scratchy-and-smooth rapport (they also co-executive produced). MacLaine has yet another turn at playing a stubborn, impossible woman (she's making it a habit). While her Harriet here isn't necessarily a plausible creation, she's certainly a colorful bouquet of quirks, tied up with a cackle and a smart retort. ** from ****
Never judge a book by its cover
This movie was thoughtful,inspiring and spoke volumes of the human condition. The honesty of Miss.Shirley McClain's character was refreshing and strong. The cast was bright and young and the sound track was hip and retro. We don't make mistakes, mistakes make us, fall on your face and fall hard!
A Vehicle for Miss MacLaine
Any film with three generations of women that take a road trip has fall within the main definition of a chick flick. In the case of "The Last Word," this motion picture is offers a star turn to Shirley MacLaine, who plays a retired advertising executive who enlists a young reporter to write her obituary...before she dies.

The super control freak played by Miss MacLaine is named Harriett Lauler, who has even conceive for the reporter the four key ingredients of a good obituary in which the deceased is described as having been loved by family, respected by co-workers, beloved of a special person whose life has been uniquely touched, and a "wild card" with an unforgettable opening line in the tribute.

Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried) has the unenviable task to research Harriett's life and somehow write an obituary that will satisfy the woman who is described by her daughter as having and obsessive-compulsive personality. As Anne interviews Harriet's acquaintances, co-workers, and family members, there are some humorous moments and memorable one-liners, such as Harriett's description of compromise in a marriage: "Compromise meas that two people are miserable instead of one." It was somewhat of a stretch to believe that the young writer had a transformative experience in her relationship, making the decision to pursue her dream of becoming a more substantial writer and traveling to southern Spain to visit the plains of Andalusia. There was also a strained effort to develop the theme of "taking risks" in life "living up to one's potential." Those were the primary factors in how Harriett led her life, as marvelously portrayed by Shirley MacLaine.
Great little movie
Cleverly written, this little film is a gem and shows that a good movie doesn't have to be a big blockbuster. AnnJewel Lee Dixon is wonderful and her personality shines through every scene she is in. Shirley MacLaine, while getting older, shows she still has "it." While my wife cried at the end, I didn't think of it as a typical "chick flick."
The Curse of A CHRI$TMAS CAROL is the "gift" that keeps on . . .
. . . giving, but let's look Charles Dickens' Gift Nag in its mouthful of rotten teeth through its latest permutation, THE LAST WORD. Shirley MacLaine is cast here in the Ebenezer Scrooge role, and manages to turn all gooey, saccharin, and philanthropic without seeing ANY ghosts. (This Myth of Fat Cat One Per Center Greedheads with hearts of gold has given us our current Vicelord--a man after Dickens' own heart in terms of dumping Baby Moms and latching onto the newer models--Red Commie KGB Chief Vlad "The Mad Russian" Putin's Puppet Rump.) Realists and film fans will remember that throughout IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, evil slumlord Old Man Potter NEVER turns over a new leaf to give even one sucker a break. That's how Real Life works; NOT along the lines of these feel-good Cinderella fantasies (that is, upward mobility for the Poor, thanks to Rich People) featuring Scrooge or Ms. MacLaine's "Harriet Lawler." In other words, Oligarch Putin will NOT let Oligarch Rump continue ObamaCare, Medicaid, Planned Parenthood, Social Security, or Medicare, and Satan will NOT rip up the pacts they've signed, no matter how many feet they have in their graves.
Overall: Mixed (Home Viewing)
While The Last Word is certainly a touching movie, one which has MacLaine exhibit a strong performance, showing she still, and always will, have it, she overpowers her fellow actors. Which for little Lee Dixon is fine, you can see she is learning from going toe to toe. However, with Seyfried, you expect better. Now, one has to admit, the way Anne is written doesn't help things. But considering a little kid, who comes off stereotypical, somehow was able to push through very said about her background, you'd think Seyfried could as well. But, instead, she just looks bewildered and as if, like with most of her films, she has no reason to take responsibility to do the heavy lifting, in terms of giving the movie some kind of oomph. For, after all, there is always someone more experienced, someone funnier, and someone who can better create the chemistry between characters, who can do that for her. Hence the mixed label since while MacLaine is wonderful and Lee Dixon a possible star in the making, Seyfried damn near uses them both as crutches.
What a gem
Anyone that did not like this movie must be brain dead. I am not into long reviews, so I will make it short. Shirley MaClaine has still got it, she is funny, heartwarming, and lights up the screen. The story is charming, music is great, and it makes you feel good. I recommend this movie wholeheartedly. I hope you have a chance to see it and enjoy it like I did.
Funny but too much language
This is just the kind of film that my grandparents would enjoy EXCEPT for the language. I should have counted the number of f-bombs.

Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfriend were both great and the story was touching and funny. If not for the language I would recommend this much more. It's a shame.
Inventive and entertaining, one of the better movies of 2017.
My wife and I watched this at home on BluRay from our public library. We both enjoyed it as a great character study with a few life lessons.

I have long been a Shirley MacLaine fan, now in her 80s she delivers a spot-on performance as Harriet, formerly successful businesswoman and now very wealthy in Southern California. She has a very controlling personality, probably obsessive-compulsive, and one day while reading some obituaries she decides she doesn't want to leave hers to chance so she looks up the local newspaper reporter who writes them.

Harriet has long been a well-funded advertiser and is important to the newspaper so she has no difficulty convincing the editor to honor her wishes. The obituary writer is Amanda Seyfried as Anne. She has many of Harriet's characteristics but is not yet confident enough to write the stories that she really wants to write.

Harriet has analyzed obituaries and decided that there are 4 key elements and she is missing one, the unexpected feat for the obit's intro. So she decides she will bridge that gap by finding a disadvantaged "at risk" child to mentor. She finds AnnJewel Lee Dixon as the charming but foul-mouthed Brenda. She too has many of Harriet's characteristics.

So, as the stories move forward it centers on this rag-tag trio who seem to have nothing in common but end up helping each other realize some changes that each needs to make. And, as Harriet is diagnosed with congestive heart failure the writing of her obituary takes on fresh importance.
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