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The Gaelic King
Action, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Philip Todd
Simon DeSilva as King Unust
Ellie Reid as Sinead
Olivia Easton as Kidnapped Child
Tony Fuggle as Dunadd Gael
Alan Cuthbert as Torcall
Rhona Fleming as Alpin's Mother
Alasdair Blair as King Eachdach
Noah Irvine as Finn
Kerry Browne as Nathara
Jake McGarry as Alpin
Shona Melrose as Edana
Laurence Whitley as Lachlan
Peter Cosgrove as Fergus
Storyline: Set in war-torn 800AD Scotland, The Gaelic King tells the story of warrior-king Alpin mac Eachdach. When his young brother is captured, Alpin must hunt the kidnappers though a dark forest that hides an ancient evil.
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a horrid film, don't waste a minute of your life on it
this "film" is terrible, borders on depressing to think that money although not a lot was spent on this. a title with a thousand possibilities and reading the previous reviews, you would think the title.... the dogs bxllocks, but indeed it is but without the dog! the actors are unknown yes, but they are bad to boot, i know the budget is low, but please, it was unbearable, effects are more so, but it is the story that takes the prize, watch it drunk or high and you may even laugh otherwise steer clear
Oh dear.......
Having watched 10 minutes of this flick my one and only reaction was "oh dear".....

In my opinion this really is an amateur effort.It reminds me of the sort of thing you might expect an volunteer dramatic society to put on for the oldies. That said, it would not matter how old I got I don't think I could sit through The Garlic King or Gaelic King or whatever this is supposed to be.

My advice steer well clear. One out of ten from me.
Low budget but high quality
The Gaelic King is set in a fascinating and rarely documented period of Scottish history. It takes some liberties adding in fantastical elements but it is sensitively and skilfully executed.

Inevitably, as a low budget feature it does not have the gloss and precision of a Hollywood movie but in some ways this also adds to the depth of the immersive world in which it is set. The characters are great and all unique. There is some decent action sequences as well as a gripping story and even some unexpectedly humorous moments (mostly from the colourful Druid character - Lachlan).

The conclusion is powerful and satisfying and it is refreshing to have an independent film of this genre that ends with a strong sense of hope.
All things considered, a feel-good watch
Firstly, when compared to other films in the indie/action/low budget genre, this is exceptional. It doesn't fall into the trap of pretending to be a Hollywood blockbuster, but accepts its limitations and works within them. The story is simple, but works well in its context, and is refreshingly satisfactory, though not at all deserving of a '15' rating (Interestingly my DVD copy has been rated a 12 by the IFCO- a much more appropriate audience) Also, it is really nice to see an good original score- makes a great change from the royalty-free tracks so often used! The beautiful Scottish countryside obviously inspired the producers, and seeing some of the shots you wonder why it isn't used more by higher budget movies.

When compared to the larger genre, the film still holds up against criticism, especially in its story and the quality of the editing and score. The visual effects are not fantastic, but don't massively impact the overall watchability of the film. Certainly not a retelling of history, but an interesting interpretation of the few details known about the period.

In many ways, a historical/fantasy action/adventure is an unlikely candidate for a budget production, but this film manages to pull it off.
Positive reviews are suspicious!
When I read the summary I was actually quite interested in watching it, but I knew somewhere that a low-budget movie with mostly 'unknown' actors can't be good, it CAN be good but most of the time it just isn't. Some performances are decent, but very often it's just painful to watch, especially the action scenes. The scenery is nice though and the story can be somewhat decent, but the movie is cheap, and it almost always shows. I give it a 4 for effort, and if you ever want to watch this I suggest you never pay more than €1 for it. Even with that €1 spent I'd still feel cheated.
Really enjoyed this film
Great film really enjoyed watching it, few comments stating it's a low budget film etc and unknown actors and yes that is exactly what it is however the acting is great the effects are the best I've seen on a low budget film and the scenery of Scotland is just beautiful and the Scottish music just makes it even more beautiful... would recommend anyone to watch it.
I enjoyed it
Considering the budget for this film, I thought it was pretty good. While I noticed a couple of continuity errors (hey, you see them in big budget films, too), and had some sound issues (on my TV, anyway... sometimes the music was louder than the actors' voices), on the whole I really enjoyed it as a fantasy story told quite well. It had humour, light and darkness... all aspects which make for an entertaining 90 minutes.

It's nicely filmed, with beautiful scenery in Scotland of course. And the original music was especially good.

I hope that the lad who played the youngest prince will continue his career in acting, he has presence.

Interesting flash at the very end, after the credits... a sequel in the planning, perhaps?
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