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UK, Romania
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Xavier Gens
Diana Vladu as Exorcism nun
Florian Voicu as Tavian
Sophie Cookson as Nicole Rawlins
Corneliu Ulici as Father Anton
Javier Botet as Faceless Man
Radu Banzaru as Amanar
Mathew Zajac as Bishop Gornik
Olivia Nita as Demonic Nurse
Iván González as Stefan Marinescu
Alexis Rodney as Phillip
Storyline: When Nicole comes in contact with Father Anton (Corneliu Ulici) more and more inexplicable events occur. The pair begin to believe that the priest lost the battle with a demon.
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The Crucifixion (2017)
Sebastian Billmann... Is it because the true church of Christ is not the Catholic?! Beautiful horror movie..I love this genre and I do not agree with Sebastian in relation and he says that it is a Catholic indoctrination film there are other films of the genre with other religions in other countries I think he should revise his concepts even because no one singles religion because of movie gets my opinion was worth !!!
Underrated good movie
I am not even sure this is a movie to be considered in the horror category, but I suppose it contains some pretty scary moments that qualify it for this genre. Well, in my opinion, this movie is more than a mere horror. Since people don't seem these days to appreciate movies that promote, even delicately and in a non-intrusive, dogmatic way, Christian faith, I believe that might be the reason for its low scores. I don't apply some rigid criteria in order to judge a movie, but whether a movie is able to convince me, make me travel and stay with me some time after it's over. Also, whether its characters, ideas, story touch me intimately is an important element that I take into account. This one managed to make me travel, it has touched me and still stays with me. It has fully convinced me. I haven't seen a single fake note in the actors' play, the images are great and, beside a solid, touching story, it provides the opportunity to visit nice places in rural and urban Romania that are exquisite and astonishing in terms of sightseeing. If you happen to have the opportunity to come across this movie, give it a try: you'll see it's way worth your time and money.
Faith,Fright and Fear Night
IMO this movie is not "Catholic Indoctrination". Just as the left's new chick flick paranormal flop "Ghost Busters". That was indoctrination. This movie captures the paranormal and fear. If your story consists of demons, and demons are old, most stories use the Catholic church as the opposite of old dark demonic forces. Can't really write the story with Reverend Billy BOb from the first Baptist church bustling in with the choir to save the day. The central theme is not lost here. Its one of paranormal, so allow yourself this escape and focus on that instead of church-shaming distractions. A good solid B horror movie.
Not fully clicking
Not the most exciting film, it's a horror mystery, that's more mystery than horror and the mystery was not that interesting. It was about a faithless journalist trying to prove God is not real by doing a story about a Priest in jail for murder because an exorcism went wrong. Sounds like a good story. The setting of the movie also seemed good as it takes place in Romania, during a holiday that, according to the film is similar to Halloween, and when I herd this at the beginning of the film I was jazzed to watch a Halloween picture during the season.  The Crucifixion shows a lot of elements of mystery and sexuality that makes if feel like a homage of Hammer Horror, but it falls a little short from become a classic of even a cult classic, real short.
Great supernatural horror flick I've seen in years
Over the years, many movies have failed dismally to deliver that hair- rising horror experience. The Crucifixion succeeded where many failed, and if you wanna have those scary jolts, I recommend this move. The plot is simple to follow, the scenes are well-executed to give that intense but memorable horror experience.
Indroctination by fear... this is not good
I must agree with Sebastian Billman's review

I am not catholic, but I am from a catholic family, and we agreed in loving horror flicks... so we reunited to watch "this", and even my family was completely disgusted with this movie.

From words from my mother: Having faith is what is important, no matter in what do you have faith. This film is trying it so hard the wrong, wrong way.

This movie take advantage from the kids and their taste from horror movies to create this "be catholic or demons will come for you to eat your soul" (in the way it is always showed in this kind of "be catholic" horror movies) playing with fear...but not fear as we used to in horror flicks, you know: full adrenaline and want some more!

I always love exorcisms films, they are creepy as hell, ans some times are very good (like The Exorcist with Linda Blair, or The Rite with Anthony Hopkins).

Ressumming: a young 23 year old girl confess that she had sex, and a completely orthodox priest crucified her for that, adducing she was possessed by a demon. This pries is (at least for me) a disgusting character: he thinks he knows the truth and that "God" spoke through him (god complex, anyone?)

What it concerns me and worried me the most is the way how this turns in giving him the reason like if a woman is free to be sexual is so bad that she have to die.

And that is the impression it let me: a complete catholic brainwash.

I really hated this movie, and for only this time: I recommend NOT to watch. I will not give any stars, because a a minus 0 for me
Very Good Horror Movie
I Love this movie plot,simple but good one.The human can fight against demon not only waiting for died (I really hate the horror movie with main character or anyone in movie cant fight back the demon). Sometimes horror only surprise with silent and high sound and give high tense and the ending sad or unknown. But this one have happy ending(sorry spoiler for ending). I guess anyone who love happy ending horror must watch this movie!
true event
This movie is based on a true event in Romania. Search "Tanacu Case " or „ Tanacu exorcism",,

In January 2005, 23-year-old Maricica Irina Cornici moved to the Tanacu monastery.[1] She was born into a broken family, and, following her father's suicide, she and her brother grew up in an orphanage. When she was 19, she worked as a nanny in Germany, and then for a family in Banat.[1] A friend of hers from the orphanage became a nun at the Tanacu monastery and she encouraged her to also become a nun.[1]

Soon after, she began giggling during Mass and, by April, her mental state deteriorated and the doctors at the local psychiatric hospital diagnosed her disease as schizophrenia and, after a two-week treatment, they released her into the care of the monastery.[1]

Daniel Petre Corogeanu was the 29-year-old priest of the monastery. A decade before the events, he was a football player in Vaslui, his home town. He began following religious studies at the Iași University after he failed to get into the Bucharest University, where he wanted to study sports or law.[1] A year later, a businessman from his home town recruited him to help build a monastery in the hills near the city. He was ordained by the local bishop, who expected that he would continue his studies. Nevertheless, he gave up his university education in order to devote himself to running the monastery.[1]

In 2003, Father Corogeanu had some disputes with the diocese and the bishop came to read him the canon law, he argued that the rules are "19th century innovations" made by the Freemasonry.[1] The original community of monks broke as they left to become priests and, instead, Corogeanu organized a community of nuns, who were, according to all accounts, "completely devout to him" Father Corogeanu thought that it was not just a mental illness, but rather Cornici was possessed by Satan.[1] He would later claim that "you can't take the Devil out of people with pills" and that an exorcism was necessary.[1]

The nuns bound her hands and feet and locked her in her room while they celebrated the Ascension of Jesus. A few days later, they chained her to a cross with her arms stretched and they carried her into the church. Her wrists and her forehead were anointed with holy oil and she was kept in the church for three days.[1] They put a towel into her mouth to stop her from cursing and they prayed to cast out the Devil as they wet her lips with holy water.[1]

Cornici was then moved to her room and they removed the chains. She was, according to Father Corogeanu, "cured". When the nuns could not wake her up and sensed that her pulse was weak, they called an ambulance, but, by the time she reached the hospital, she was dead.
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