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Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco
Catherine Keener as Ugga (voice)
Chris Sanders as Belt (voice)
Clark Duke as Thunk (voice)
Ryan Reynolds as Guy (voice)
Emma Stone as Eep (voice)
Nicolas Cage as Grug (voice)
Cloris Leachman as Gran (voice)
Randy Thom as Sandy (voice)
Storyline: The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever.
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Stone age family uses wits and luck to find a new home.
Setup: which planet, don't know. Time: not so sure when. We follow a stone age family who are evicted from their cave by geologic activity. Grug is the father, Eep the teen daughter, Ugga the wife, Guy the perspective mate of Eep, Gran the grandmother, Sandy the young sister, Thunk the clueless brother, Belt the monkey pet of Guy.

Guy knows how to make tones from a sea shell; he teaches Eep. Guy knows that geologic cataclysms are to come; he warns them all. Guy knows how to make fire; he uses it to save the family. Guy knows the value of shoes, which lets him get free of the obnoxiously stupid family, at least temporarily.

Guy negotiates with the family to learn new things to get to a new home. Grug grows jealous when leadership migrates from Grug to Guy.

The family eventually loses its acceptance of caves as a place to live. Grug and Guy bond during an incident with a tar slick, but the dangers are not over yet.

Does the family find its way to a new home that is at least relatively safe?


Art/Animation: 10/10 Brilliant.

Sound: 8/10 The incidental music is a bit florid at times, but still good.

Voice Acting: 8/10 Leachman, Cage, and Reynolds were fun. Stone was OK.

Story: 8/10 Good humour through most of the story, plus a poignant ending.
An Enjoyable Prehistoric Animation Romp
The Croods are the last cave family in their "neighbourhood" with the other families having been killed by one thing or another. This leads Grug Crood (Nicolas Cage) to be a bit over-protective with his family meaning that they hardly ever leave their cave and that anything new is bad. Eep Crood (Emma Stone) is more adventurous, though, and is constantly frustrated by her dad's over-bearing manner, so one night she leaves the safety of their cave to investigate a strange light. It's here that she meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) incentive young boy who predicts "the end of the world". After an earthquake destroys their cave, the Croods - along with Guy - leave to find pastures new, bringing about different dangers & adventures.

The Croods is an enjoyable roller coaster animation ride, but unfortunately I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Don't get me's still a very good movie, but it was just missing a certain something to make it better. DreamWorks have done better animated movies with Shrek and Turbo to name some, but that doesn't mean The Croods is bad.

As we have come to see from a lot of DreamWorks movies, the animation is superb and is crystal clear, especially in Blu-ray. The humour is constant throughout the movie as well which is good because that's much better than an animated movies that only have two or three funny moments and then nothing else. The humour isn't "roll about laughing" kind of humour, but it is enough to definitely make you laugh.

One wee minor downside was that a couple of scenes did tend to drag on a bit with the "chasing for food" opening scene being one of them. The casting was spot on as well and they all done a great job. None of the characters were annoying, and I actually think that Belt - Guy's pet sloth - is one of the best characters in the movie.

The Croods isn't just a kids movie but is a family movie, and it doesn't matter if you're 6 or 60...this is a movie that everyone can like.

Watch it and enjoy.
Lets just say that this family is different
The Croods take place many years ago in a prehistoric time that should be like the stone age on planet earth and at the same time it presents creatures, colors and scenery that is not of this earth :) Lets just say that this family is different, they are strange and yet peculiar familiar, they are a good blend of characters and they live in an interesting world.

There are great animations, it might not be like a Disney classic or Pixar film, but Dreamworks really hits the spot with this different and sometimes weird family animation film. It is very entertaining and the characters are both charming, likable and sometimes strange, but they fit into the story and experience a lot of new stuff and that keeps you interested and watching all the way.
It's hard to describe... really, I don't know if I liked it or not.
The Croods... there is a lot to say about this movie. The movie is unlike any animated movie I have seen, which is weird because one wouldn't suspect that BECAUSE it is like so many other animated movies but ISN'T! The Croods steps into a weird territory where it does a lot of things familiar but then does all of the familiar things in a nearly unrecognizable manner. This is why I consider this movie a good movie because it is one of the ONLY animated movies that really confuses me... and I'm not easily confused.

The movie starts off with explaining that The Croods are the last of what was once a neighborhood of cavemen. Sadly, all died, so now the Croods stick by the rules and live in fear. What makes this movie ingenious is that it doesn't know who the main character is. Eep seems like the main character, but Grug gets a lot of screen-time as well. Also, the movie was very smart. Grug could've been the bad guy. He could've had no redeeming features. HOWEVER, it is established early on that the only reason any of them are alive is because of his strength and endurance to keep everyone alive. Grug isn't smart, but he will risk his life and do anything to keep his family safe. Heck, he even doesn't eat food for over a week just so that his family can eat. That is a loving father. This is one of the reasons I like this film. A lot of movies have trouble making a good father character, but this one gets it... at times.

If you've seen the trailers, you know that a newcomer comes along named Guy who is an inventor. The nice thing this movie did is that showed right off the bat how physically epic the Croods are in strength and just how weak Guy is compared to them. Eep lifts Guy up with her wrist and nearly kills him within the first couple seconds of meeting him. Speaking of strength, this movie has its momentum done right. Whenever the Croods are moving, they move with A LOT of speed and are incredibly strong (punting rocks hundreds of feet away).

I'm getting distracted. The real thing I find interesting about this movie is that it is one of the only animated movies I have seen that has blended incredible realism with Looney-Tunes slapstick. The movie is gorgeous. It really is. The water made me pause for a second and realize that it wasn't real water... but I thought it was for a moment. Most movies either use CGI for the beautiful shading but still have cartoony visuals (Madagascar, Tangled, Frozen) or either they use incredible realism (Beowolf, Rise of the Guardians, Brave) but this movie combines both. The humor and the movement is directly taken from several Pink Panther skits and Merry Melodies, but the animation rarely stretches of squashes. They still move like they are real. It confuses me because naturally that sounds like a horrible idea... but... this movie pulls it off. I can't say that I have ever seen a movie that has done animation this way.

The story itself if pretty good as well, but is fairly kid-oriented. There are some laughs for adults, but some jokes seem a little too... kiddish at times. Which is another weird thing: this is an animated movie that isn't trying to be dark and serious! Really, this movie is perfectly content with being light-hearted, funny, and really laid-back. It has its dark moments and its sad moments, but overall it is upbeat and happy. It is refreshing to see this kind of movie get released.

Also, the soundtrack is really good along with the character interaction. None of the characters are obnoxious and they all interact with each other in a very realistic manner. I think half of this movie's humor comes from the "subtle" jokes or the little gags that fly by in a second. There is a lot going on in this movie, but it may be hard to pick up on the first time.

All in all, The Croods DOES have some hiccups and you will notice them when watching it. However, when I look back on it I realize that this is a special movie. It is unique in almost every way and ISN'T really unique at all. I wouldn't mind being stuck in the world that was created... for just a couple minutes more.

Oh yeah, and the creatures were cool. Not basing it off of real animals is clever.
A Delightful Family-Oriented Movie!
The Croods is actually a very good, family-pleasing DreamWorks animated film that is better than expected because of a well-written story and some excellent voice acting. Who knew that an animated movie about a bunch of prehistoric people would receive an Oscar nomination. Speaking of the animation, the film is also visually impressive as this should be eye candy for everyone. As for the jokes, some are actually quite funny and most of them do not fall flat.

Kirk De Macco and Chris Sander's film is about a bunch of prehistoric people named the Croods whom do not like to try new things and they spend the majority of their days holed up in a cave. However the daughter, Eep wants to do things and she runs away from home much to her father's, Grug displeasure and she learns about what will happen. But due to a changing world, the family must leave their cave and venture out in the wilderness to begin a new life.

This film has an impressive voice cast. Nicolas Cage finally chooses a good role as of late and does a neat job voicing the concerned, stubborn Grug. Emma Stone shows she can do well in animation as the voice of Eep. Then we have some good voicework from the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, and Cloris Leachman.

Overall, The Croods is much better than anyone could hope for and it's pleasing animated fare for the entire family. The kids will love this, and I think the adults would be pleasantly surprised. Somehow, this film reminds me of Ice Age and I think that is a favorable comparison because I enjoy those films. But thanks to beautiful animation, a good story, excellent voice-acting, and of course from that prehistoric teen angst, we get a very good family film. I rate this film 9/10.
Great Family Dynamics, Wonderful artistically.
For some reason i couldn't get into this movie at first, but then I watched it again past the slow beginning, and this movie is really good.

The first love relationship between Guy and Eep is really wonderful. Eep is also a great female character, whoever wrote her deserves an award. She never goes out of her character even though her character is both sweet and courageous at the same time. She is curious, athletic, energetic, amazed by new things, rough around the edges and feisty as well, but never falls into being a cruel jerk a as what is portrayed as being a 'strong woman' is many movies and shows today. Also, this is one of the few beautiful powerfully built female characters I have ever seen in a movie, and Darwyn Cooke's Wonder Woman comes to mind.

Loved the landscapes, flora and fauna as well. Quite well done.

The scene with Douglas learning tricks is so strikingly funny in it's abruptness. Great writing on that.

Additionally the galumphing gait of the cavemen is well done, and the whole of the family dynamic, from the father losing control of his control, and of his daughter to her first love is wonderfully and delicately done. The movie has extremes of subtlety and frenetic action with amazing visuals.

Loved the grandmother, and the fighting between her and Grug, and Nic Cage does a great job with the voice work here. Overall wonderful.
Another Modern Stone Age Family
This film is recommended.

The Croods is the perfect example of what is right and what is wrong with the work coming from today's animation studios: stunning visuals and a so-so story.

The film begins with a wonderful chase sequence that utilizes the best in state-of-the-art computer animation: fluid movement, strong details, and vivid colors. It always entertains in telling its tale of a prehistoric family and their struggles to survive the end of the world. But its predictability and overall cuteness wears thin. Characters are more caricatures and sketchy stereotypes of a typical family: Grug the domineering father,  Ugga the loving mother, Eep the rebellious teenage daughter, Thunk the lunkhead brother, Sandy the pesky youngest sibling, and Gran the dotty grandma.

Once their man-cave is destroyed, they are off on an adventure as they explore the new world disorder. With their journey comes unique surreal creatures and vibrant environments and, of course, a love story as Eep meets that special guy named Guy. But the emphasis is on action, with little time on character development and too much time being spent on each dangerous encounter, followed by another, and then yet another.

Yes, there's lots of running around, avoiding the various exciting obstacles in their way. Interest never lags. Fine voice-over work by Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, and Cloris Leachman add to the fun. The images throughout the film are quite impressive. Were that the thin story would rise to the caliber of visual excellence by its creative team.

Still, any animation fan should see this film for its visual strengths and some sly humor that punctuates this adventure saga. Written and directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, The Croods is diverting entertainment that the whole family, especially the young pesky ones, will completely enjoy. GRADE: B

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Everything about this movie is amazing
First off let me say the colors in this movie are so vibrant and bring so much life in the scenes. All the plants and trees are all different types of colors with different shades. The story in this was amazing in this also. I won't spoil anything, but the story is about how a caveman's daughter is tired of the old routine day to day life so she explores and sooner or later the family joins in and goes in on a big adventure. It is my favorite animation at the moment, and as a animator i think Dreamworks made a high quality movie. I hope it wins a Ocsar tomorrow, but this movie is underrated compared to Frozen which probably will take the Oscar. You should definitely see this movie if you or your kids love animated films.
The most colourful movie ever!
What a delightful family movie! We chose this not quite knowing what to expect and my goodness we were in for a treat.

The story itself is pretty straightforward - a stone age family loses their home and has to search for a new one, and in the process learn about the really important things in life. Nothing too surprising there then.

But it's the way this story is told that makes it fantastic. This is an incredibly fun and spectacularly colourful movie.

The animation is done with blistering speed and real panache. There is a scene near the start showing the family out foraging for an egg - a simple enough idea but the resulting stand-off and chase with other hunting animals is a thrilling tour-de- force of animation.

And my goodness, the colours! Every landscape and virtually every creature is lush with all the colours of the rainbow and (so it feels) more.

This truly fits the definition of a 'magical' family movie. We were entranced.
'The Croods' is a fresh tale that invigorates and entertains
'The Croods' is an enticing tale about an emotionally bonded family living in the cave of a mountain. Grug,the head of the family is a loving but overprotective father with one fierce motto-Survival and that anything new is dangerous.At night he narrates stories to his children that teach them not to indulge in their curiosities.His daughter Eep however is a naturally inquisitive being who likes to discover things for herself,a trait that her father doesn't appreciate.Their cave gets destroyed and soon after they meet Guy,a young laid back fellow who is a somewhat opposite of Grug .Guy is fun and adventurous and has an uncanny ability to pop ideas out of nowhere and do miraculous things like light a fire.The movie is all about how the family along with or in many ways led by Guy embark on a journey to find a better home,a better tomorrow.

There are many likable things about 'The Croods'.For one the plot is atypical and fresh.There are no villains here,just characters playing their roles.You can feel a separate connection with each of these characters.Even though for most he is against the idea,you know all Grug is trying to do is keep his family safe.Nor can u fault Eep for her natural curiosity or Guy for his inventive fun approach-There are no bad guys here.The pace of the movie is fine.The animation and effects aptly done and commendable.Nothing over the top or in your face.The voice actors are an all star cast comprising of Nicolas Cage(Grug),Emma Stone(Eep),Ryan Reynods(Guy) and others.They do a good job.The characters are unique,intriguing and lovable at the same time.What else? The animals.You will love them.The movie is also packed with genuine humor that makes you laugh a lot.The animation captures the emotions of the characters well.The background score is cool too.

In all 'The Croods' is a happy feel good movie with plenty of boisterous moments.An enjoyable watch.Go for it!
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