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Crime, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Aram Rappaport
Christopher R Ellis as Jason Schwab
Shannon Brown as Sinclair Mandes
Phillip Edward Van Lear as Colonel Ryan
Dianna Agron as Amelia Rhondart
Andrew James Allen as Mathas Harrison
Jim Ortlieb as Jeff Grillstein
Mary McCormack as Sarah Schwab
Ed Westwick as Ben Collins
Frank Grillo as Guy Clifton
AnnaSophia Robb as Creason Clifton
Maggie Q as Nurse Hilary
John Leguizamo as George Diebold
Minnie Driver as Shannon Clifton
Storyline: Set in the future when the US economy is on the brink of yet another massive financial crisis, The Crash tells the story of Guy Clifton (Frank Grillo), a federally-indicted stock trader, who is secretly enlisted by the federal government to help thwart a cyber-attack aimed at the US stock markets - an attack that could permanently cripple the economy. Our 'richer than God' protagonist is charged with assembling a team capable of running the government's top secret 'shadow stock exchange' in an attempt to keep the markets from mass panic in the event the cyber-hijack is successful. Having only ever been fueled by his love of money, Guy fully intends to use his insider knowledge of this world catastrophe for personal gain until he unearths the organization behind the attack and discovers its motives. For the first time in his life, Guy is challenged to make decisions not only for himself, but also for the good of his country - decisions that are rooted in morality rather than dollar ...
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dizzy in 5 minutes
Amateur director, shaky camera, watched for about 5 minutes and couldn't watch no more because I got dizzy. Amateur director, shaky camera, watched for about 5 minutes and couldn't watch no more because I got dizzy.Amateur director, shaky camera, watched for about 5 minutes and couldn't watch no more because I got dizzy.Amateur director, shaky camera, watched for about 5 minutes and couldn't watch no more because I got dizzy.Amateur director, shaky camera, watched for about 5 minutes and couldn't watch no more because I got dizzy.Amateur director, shaky camera, watched for about 5 minutes and couldn't watch no more because I got dizzy.
Just to kill time
This film tells the story of a finance guru, who is convicted of some financial crime. The government gets him to stop a cyber attack on the American stock market, but he finds out the truth is actually different than he is led to believe.

The first minutes of the film may have been completely lost on me, as I'm still unclear what crime has Guy been convicted of. Is the stopping of the cyber attack a part of an exoneration deal? It would have been nice to find out. Anyway, the story is a little thin, as you can tell from the film length and from the lack of details in the plot. The supposed moral struggle by Guy is not obvious at all. The part where they have done computer generated lights running along a cable to indicate signals being transmitted in the cable got me laughing. This is such a primitive way to convey this message! After all, it is just a film to kill time, but don't expect to much.
If you like movies about hacking / financial thrillers, this movie is for you!!
The Crash is good movie, and one of the reviews that say otherwise seem to be trolling. Ignore it. This movie is fabulous and 100% worth your time.

It's a fabulous movie whether or not you're interested in the world of finance, and especially so if you are.

Really interesting, great characters (played by some amazing actors like Minnie Driver and John Leguizamo). It deals with what would happen if cyber-terrorists got control of our markets and banks. The acting is great, strong story and an overall great indie film.

This one is definitely worth a watch!
Thinly disguised chick-flick with bad CS
Bad guys are going to crash all the financial markets in the USA. They tell us they will do it in two days. They tell us in advance… so that our hero can assemble his team (like in Ocean's 13, …)? Anyway, lots of other hardcore CS action. He needs the "back door codes" for all the market servers. He gets them – typed on a sheet of paper. Yeah, that's how I would pass on codes. But don't worry, when they use them the first security key to a market server is "RG182." And when the servers reboot, they all proclaim to be MS-DOS 6. Yes, fresh DOS 6.0, so much better than MS-DOS 6.21 for heavy Internet traffic.

Anyway, chop up 30 minutes of top CS action like this, stick it into a one-hour soap opera chick-flick. They are separated and fight over their daughter, who is dying of cancer of course. Then we have the betrayed employee who can help save the world – oh, and is banging the dying daughter. Finish up in 2016/17 style – the unbelievable plot twist of a betrayal, and a big-ass preachy ending.


(I see reviewers rave about this wonderful film, blame bad reviews on trolls. Perhaps they didn't watch this turkey, just got a check? One is titled "very realistic" -- perhaps they have never been around computers?)
Too Hectic
This movie could have been very good but the presentation was too hectic; we kept getting random bits of several sub-plots in two-minute intervals, interspersed with flashbacks to fill in the story line. I think it would have been better had they spent the first section of the film giving the story of the guy who was going to prison for fraud; let the audience get to know him and build up some sympathy for him, or at least interest in the character. Then get into the current terrorist plot to crash the market; that way, when they call in the hired gun, we know about him and how he might be able to save the day.
We need 5% of the Internet
The stock market has been hacked and is going to crash on Monday. Only one man in the world can fix it, Guy Clifton (Frank Grillo) Tony Clifton's illegitimate son. He assembles a crack team as we watch all the action and drama unfold as people plug wires into the back of a server and type into a keyboard. Whew! Just over whelming stuff. Oh wait! The daughter Creason (Anna Sophia Robb) seriously? Creason? has cancer and isn't responding to treatments. AND her boyfriend Ben (Ed Westwick) is one the programmers helping dad who operates "under a different moral compass." Dad has been arrested for hacking and gets immunity for doing this.

The original title was "A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island" although I don't know if they were ever on the island, it wasn't in their filming locations. This film is for the conspiracy minded about stock market manipulation, corporate greed, insider this that and the other, and the evil Federal Reserve. All that good John Birch stuff that has suddenly gone mainstream. I am surprised they didn't work a dig in at the UN. However, if you are going to do a film such as this, you need a believable plot, decent actors, and maybe a shower scene. Factual films about the last crash were a lot better than this one about a fictional glitch in the stock market that caused an unreasonable panic.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity
Really bad.
Well what can I say, that was a waste of time. The acting is bad and the story looks like everything was put together last minute with very little research etc. The music background was tacky and such a cliché and so where a bunch of quotes and monologues. The conclusion is predictable the cinematography... well there is none and even the costumes look like they were bought from the nearest mall. Generally, it felt more like a drama class project and less than a professional job. I gave it 3 stars and in my most generous mood I wouldn't rate it with more than a 4. I would strongly advice for choosing another film to watch tonight.
One Stinkeroo of a Movie
I'm wholeheartedly in agreement with almost all the reviewers here that this is one stinkeroo of a movie. There actually is an excellent cast in the film, but the question of how they all agreed to appear in this mess is one I can't answer.

It centers on the attempts to hack into and crash the worldwide financial systems so a few greedy profiteers can thus take advantage and make even more money for themselves. Writer and director Adam Rappaport obviously has an agenda here, and there are certainly some valid financial truths to be told. However, the way the film is presented, in such an amateurish way, and filled with tons of clichéd and stilted dialogue was a real turnoff for me. To note, there's very explicit language laced throughout the movie.

All in all, I felt like I wasted an hour and half viewing this mess of a film.
It was OK. Really.
I like financial/corporate thrillers, and I enjoyed this one. I was looking for entertainment, not a documentary, so I didn't try to spoil it by noting technical errors or assessing the plot for realism. The acting was decent, and, realistic or not, technically accurate or not, the plot held together reasonably well. It's an evening's entertainment, nothing more, nothing less, which is all I think it aspired to be. If that's all you are looking for, and also like financial/corporate thrillers, you will probably think it's OK, too.
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