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USA, United Arab Emirates
Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
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James Ponsoldt
Tom Hanks as Bailey
Michael Shuman as Beck Bandmate
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. as Beck Bandmate
Joey Waronker as Beck Bandmate
Nick Valensi as Beck Bandmate (as Nicholas Valensi)
Karen Gillan as Annie
Beck as Beck
Ellar Salmon as Mercer
Glenne Headly as Bonnie
Bill Paxton as Vinnie
Storyline: When Mae is hired to work for the world's largest and most powerful tech and social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. As she rises through the ranks, she is encouraged by the company's founder, Eamon Bailey, to engage in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and ultimately her personal freedom. Her participation in the experiment, and every decision she makes, begin to affect the lives and future of her friends, family and that of humanity.
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Scary Movie
I've the reviews, thank God I can think for myself, do yourself a favor, watch this and make up your own mind. I really feel the cold, lose your personality in endless company submersive activity, which said activity Rates your every move. Wayyy past George Orwell's 1984. Hanks is the Wizard of technological know everything, see every move you make, analyze and predetermine your next intellectual move, guru. The movie setup - hey, get real, this is a scary Google, Amazon, MicroSoft company "culture" movie which is all too real. Camera's, drones, street cam's, whatever, it is the basis behind the "movie" the "information collection" the "we know you better than you" so lets just make it Mandatory to join our info collection/sharing club? Which should shake the reviewers in their collective shoes. Emma Watson, who better to portray the everyday "Normal" being inducted into "Info crazy world"? Give me one name, just one. She's perfect. Tom Paxton, is perfect as MS dad, Perfect. Mom, Headly, is perfect, forget the reviews, they deserve their own minds. Superb script, great actors, beautiful directing. Being predictable makes for a not perfect movie, but then again, we strive to be unique, unpredictable, go our own way, right? Right? This is a good, very good movie. Movie goers looking for gory, action or super sexy, might not care to consider a reflection of gory truth, this ain't the future, this is a real scary movie, and its happening Now!
Important subject but dumbed down
Trying to explain this to the current online generation and, I am guessing mostly American audience, who should be the target is a big ask.

What could have been a revelatory and thought provoking plot was turned into trivial entertainment with a happy ending.

Just how the perpetually affable, supposedly super intelligent Tom Hanks character could not anticipate the bleedin' obvious conclusion, after having conspired at length to bring it into effect, left me laughing. But not the happy, happy ending where despite Pandora's Box being opened, all the problems disappeared merely by removing JUST TWO (apparently that's all it took) central plotters!

It was the shallow portrayal of the plotters that was the biggest weakness, although the heroine wasn't given much to do either. Nobody seemed visibly motivated by greed, megalomania or dogmatic blind obsession. No sign of doubts, laboured decisions, or the inevitable feet of clay that mark real personalities. Like Twitter comments everyone and everything was just superficial. Down to the ridiculously convenient creator of The Circle hanging around in the shadows to effortlessly sabotage his own creation.

Nice photography, nice actors, nice graphics and a nice ending. But since when are conspiracies so "nice"?

The only thing I found (barely) pointed was the performing seal audiences and the banally stupid twitter comments projected over everything.

Summing up, the movie seems to have been created to reveal the "dangers" of compulsory voting (really?!) to Americans who think convenience is the real problem with their "democracy", and to fill the screen with the maximum number of Gen X Extras.

Even the main characters were Extras despite the star casting.
Most interesting story concept to come along in a long while.
Don't know why reviews are comparing this to the somewhat dark and hopeless "1984". "The Circle" is far more interestingly worse because it's deceptively wrapped up in a much more prettier, upbeat and smarter package.

My overall summation sees "The Circle" more like the Truman Show where it begs the question how much of one's private life would one give up for complete organized convenience and social transparency? Inclusion by intrusion.

You have no friends because you're a nobody? Become a somebody by having the world know your every move with all that data stored hidden away underground on mindless servers.

Only problem is you have to live your life keeping everyone updated through all devices, sort of a new kind of prison.

Disturbingly topical since that's what most of us are doing now with Facebook, Instagram and other social network sites except our addiction blinds us to seeing it as a prison and our data owned by someone that can't be controlled.

It's the smartest written theatrical release movie in the past 20 years.
waste of time
If you are going to pick a lead actress, at least pick one who can act and has depth. I don't care how many movies she's made. IT WAS AWFUL.

And the trailer was definitely misleading as story didn't pan out as someone fighting the system but as someone joining in and egging on the worst instincts in this cult and the public. I guess that does represent much of this world today, but still.

Bad acting, bad writing, bad ending...don't waste your time.
Suspending disbelief is impossible with this.
Something happens about a half hour through this thing. They make Emma Watson into a caricature. Then they try to indoctrinate the audience, but cant quite figure out how to do it. Emma Watson becomes some kind of weird montage of a wired Orwellian hero. They then try to somehow allow her to break out of it in a way that totally defies belief. This while still trying to pitifully indoctrinate the audience. There is no continuity, and it meanders around, trying to establish that old bad corporation saw. I've often said in other forums that someone needs to tell these producers that they are creating dreck. Sort of a movie bomb police, with a car with a red light and siren that shouts, "Stop! this is crap! Don't do it!". Poor Tom Hanks. What was he thinking, getting involved in this? It makes his Joe versus the Volcano in his early years, look like Citizen Kane. Maybe they should have re-thought this thing when Paxton and Headly, who play Watson's parents, both croak before the movie was finished. Watson is an average skilled actress, who I don't see what the big deal is about. She is not star quality, and you have to wonder how long it will be before others realize this. The idea that Watson's character has this stunning brainstorm at the end, which the co-founder of the Circle company never would have thought of, is so idiotically unbelievable, as to leave any audience in fits of laughter. My usual final question, which is whether its worth the watch, is answered with an emphatic NO.
Failed by the thing it was most scared of.. "Unfulfilled potential."
This film was an absolute mess and a complete let down of a movie. The acting by Emma Watson was.. confusing to say the least, and the repercussions of the fictional technology seemed unrealistic and just plain ridiculous. Sure Hanks, Boyega, Oswalt, Headly, and Paxton did a decent job acting, but that was all that really helped add any meat to this dead elephant of a film. The attention to detail in some scenes, and set design was something I found pretty enjoyable, but when you pay more attention to the world of the film more than the story of the film you know the writing behind this movie has failed.. and failed hard. In the end I decided to give The Circle a "Bad" on theVade Review Bar or a 3 out of 10. I really wish this would have been a good movie. It had all the potential to be a stellar 'out of the blue' type of film, but it ultimately failed by the thing it was most scared of.. "Unfulfilled potential."

Read more at theVade.
Attractive idea, disappointing execution.
There are some serious issues pointed out in this movie, issues that we are probably facing or we will be facing eventually. But the plot and characters are just too shallow and plain to execute what this move is trying to tell us. Such a shame. And I have to say this is the very first time I'm not enjoying a movie staring Tom Hanks.
Hollywood, please, give real screenwriters a chance!
One would think that a top notch producer-duo like Anthony Bregman and Gary Goetzman, an amazing cinematographer like Matthew Libatique, an unbelievable composer like Danny Elfman, two talented editors like Lisa Lassek and Franklin Peterson, and incredible actors like Tom Hanks and Emma Watson would guarantee a great film, right? -- Wrong... this is why the screenplay is so important. To be completely fair, I haven't read David Eggers' novel, so I don't know if it's good or not, but if we base that judgement on the film, it sure as hell doesn't seem like it.

Why is the script so poorly written? The first big problem is that we don't know our protagonist's intent or obstacle. We have no idea what she wants, what she's doing to get it, or what stands in her way. This is at the top of every screen writing seminar, course, book, or principle list that you can find. If this is not clear within the first 10 to 12 pages of your script, then don't even bother filming it.

We do know that she dislikes her job and that she has a sick father whom she loves. But she's not doing anything to help her dad, and she's not looking for a different job either. She does go kayaking though, so... good for her! The job offer (inciting incident) that gets her to embark onto a promised adventure, comes in a phone call from a friend. A phone call that takes our protagonist by surprise. So, to make matters even worse, our main character is completely reactive. Things happen to her, she doesn't make them happen, which makes her dull and boring -- Something one would think could be a big decision-changer for actors like Emma Watson to accept a role in a film at this point of her career. But hey, maybe not! Our protagonist agrees to the interview (a very weird one that includes picking between her favorite Beatle and reacting to an inappropriate invitation to go out with her interviewer) and she gets the job! And now we embark onto the adventure.

At first, everything is very expository. Tom Hanks' character is introduced as a quite literal Steve Jobs-like company manager, who believes in technology's power to help us know everything about everyone in the world, basically. Then, an opportunity to help her father reveals to our protagonist by, again, the same friend who offered her the interview in the first place. So, our protagonist is yet again reacting to what is happening to her.

To make matters worse, what pushes her (very late so) to make her first big decision, is that she inadvertently decides to take a kayaking trip in the middle of the night, and go sailing onto the darkness with no life-vest (or even a flashlight for that matter), for a ridiculous nocturnal, meditative promenade (because, you know, YOLO). This really bizarre, nonsensical decision is what propels her to take action with Tom Hanks' character and take an active part of the all-time-surveilling-technology of the Circle. Then the story turns into a modern era "Truman Show" without the innovative factor of reality television, and with an improbable audience who is all-love-and-no-hate for our always innocent Mae Holland. (Seriously, this Utopia world presents no haters in the social media.) The technology gets so big, they challenge themselves to find any person in the world, with the help of their hundreds of millions of subscribers. The first person they challenge their users to find is an outlaw murderer woman. She is found within 10 minutes, and guess what? These hundreds of millions of users find her without a shred of mistakes. No one mistakes another woman for her, there are no complications, and her capture is done by a police officer with calm and accuracy. Let us just say that plausibility is not this film's strongest suit.

The next person they challenge their users to find is an ordinary person who's not a part of the Circle's network, and who's a former friend of our protagonist. What happens next is simply too stupid to face, because people actually chase for this guy down a highway in the mountains and get him killed in live-feed broadcasting. And what's even worse: there are no consequences to his death. Instead, what happens is that Mae finally "opens her eyes" to the fact that what the Circle is doing is wrong (duh!) and that violating people's privacy could get them killed (oops!). And so, she designs a trap to expose the people behind the Circle and their true intentions (evil laugh). And guess what? SHE DOES IT! She exposes them, all their conversations, their plans, all their private correspondence, all of it! And do you know what they were hiding? -- Neither do I, because the screenwriter forgot to tell us, I guess... Or maybe he did write it but the editor cut that part out... or maybe the director forgot to film that part... or maybe it's not even in the original novel... who knows? And at this point, frankly my dear... who gives a damn? Yes, the antagonist played by Tom Hanks is a uni-dimensional character who we pretty much know nothing about. He has no intent either, no obstacles along the way, and no clear agenda at all. How they got Tom Hanks to act in this film, is just a complete mystery.

The end of the film is as nonsensical as the rest of it. Mae goes on yet another one of her kayaking sails -- but wait a minute, this time she's not alone. She's surrounded by drones who are watching "over" her... because, you know, that is what this was all about...

Please, please, Tom, Emma, Anthony, Gary, Danny, Matthew, Hollywood, the studios, THE AUDIENCE... give some real screenwriter a chance. We promise, we won't let you down.

Cheers from Mexico.

Sincerely, Carlos Algara
A plot that doesn't thicken.................
I went into this movie not really knowing what it was about. So I was pretty open minded about what I was going to see. The first thoughts I had after 20 minutes was that the direction of The Circle was going to be about a invasion of privacy gone amok. Then, the direction seemed to want to suggest that a game of mind control by The Circle to be used against the employees. Then, the direction of the movie seemed to want to unveil a sinister plan by the 2 Corporate officers. Then....... the movie ended. This movie had all the ingredients to succeed, but fell way short on bringing it home with a bang. Instead, it just fizzled after all the plot buildup. Not entirely unwatchable, but temper your expectations and you will probably enjoy The Circle.
Not what you think... but is that so bad?
The Circle is one of those movies that once the general audience has time for their minds to wrap around the concept of this movie, then it has a chance at higher ratings and better reviews.

It was not want I expected, and yet I left with the sense that I could engage in a three hour philosophical discussion about the movie.

It lacks your typical "antagonist" or rather, the "antagonist" is not what you thought or would expect in a typical thriller. And the antagonist may not be so much of a person as it is a concept or idea that goes too far or in the wrong direction but is not in and of itself bad.

The conclusion of the film did not resolve how I would have predicted having seen the trailers. But, I won't go there so as not to spoil the movie.

You may be hesitant to see this movie, and you may not like it after having seen the movie - but none-the-less, it is still worth seeing and hopefully *maybe* you will leave the theatre thinking if you are that type of person.

Its like going to an art show. I, as an amateur, would go hoping to be "wowed" by the typical entertaining pieces - the ones that make sense to me. However, I can easily over look a masterpiece because I do not take the time and focus to look deeper and past the non-traditional.

All that being said, the acting was a little strange, which makes some of the interactions awkward. But in hindsight, it kind of makes sense because the "circle" is all about community and engaging with your community. And, so some of the social interactions can be "odd". So if I compare it to the basic formula and standard quality of movie entertainment that money pushes out there, I could easily overlook a possible deeper element.

Or maybe I'm just being ridiculous and looking too deep into this movie.

There were some intense moments. But, not so much of what you would think of in a thriller. This is not a cat-and-mouse dystopian type thriller where your life is at stake.

So, maybe you would like it - like I did. Maybe you won't. Maybe it will take a while for the concept of this movie to catch up to everyone who didn't feel entertained. Either way, worth a shot.
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