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The Circle
USA, United Arab Emirates
Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Ponsoldt
Tom Hanks as Bailey
Michael Shuman as Beck Bandmate
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. as Beck Bandmate
Joey Waronker as Beck Bandmate
Nick Valensi as Beck Bandmate (as Nicholas Valensi)
Karen Gillan as Annie
Beck as Beck
Ellar Salmon as Mercer
Glenne Headly as Bonnie
Bill Paxton as Vinnie
Storyline: When Mae is hired to work for the world's largest and most powerful tech and social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. As she rises through the ranks, she is encouraged by the company's founder, Eamon Bailey, to engage in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and ultimately her personal freedom. Her participation in the experiment, and every decision she makes, begin to affect the lives and future of her friends, family and that of humanity.
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More "Antitrust" than "Social Network," despite promising cast.
"The Circle" is based on a novel by Dave Eggers, who co-wrote the screenplay with director James Ponsoldt. The NYT review of the book draws a loose parallel between "The Circle" and Dante's Inferno, in which Virgil guides us through the ensuing rings of damnation. An apt analogy for modern day viewers, portraying the slippery slope of social media towards the end of personal privacy. Extremely topical, superbly relevant, and painstakingly heavy-handed. If eye-rolling = enjoyment, then this may be the film for you.

The protagonist* of this journey is Mae (Emma Watson), a naive 20-something just starting her career at the titular tech company. The Circle is a multi-national tech conglomerate consisting of Google, Facebook, Snap, Instagram and Twitter rolled into one; a not-so-metaphorical big brother. The archetypal employees are plucked from a soap opera, including: her over-worked best friend Annie (Karen Gillan), an awkwardly-cast, evil COO in Stenton (Patton Oswalt), enigmatic programmer Ty (John Boyega), and a swarm of faceless, nameless drones downing in the kool-aid. This is of course in harsh contrast to her salt of the earth parents (Bill Paxton and Glenne Headly) and artsy, childhood friend Mercer (Ellar Coltrane), oozing with unrequited love.

However this cast goes largely to waste, either through Ponsoldt's direction or Eggers' stale dialogue. Just as chances for introspection and social examination near, we are confronted by hapless daytime melodrama. Certain scenes are SO contrived that it becomes wince inducing, and the caricature of the internet "audience" is laughable (for anyone who has ever actually seen Reddit or Twitter). Ellar Coltrane is especially wooden, making empathy for his character nearly impossible. Even our hero* Mae deserves an asterisk, because the series of choices she makes are less naivety than they are blithe stupidity, with some bordering on heartless cruelty.

The brightest points of the film are, not surprisingly, Tom Hanks' dangerously likable turn as CEO Bailey, (who seems to be an amalgam of Jobs and Gates). "The Circle" is an after-school special that lectures the audience without taking a clear stand and masquerades as entertainment. Amazingly, it manages to leave you frustrated that more wasn't explored or developed (yes, John Boyega looks miserable), and simultaneously questioning why some subplots even exist. With this cast and this concept it SHOULD have been so much more than it is... however I certainly won't be sharing it with my circle of friends.
A prime example where the computer age is going.
What would be bigger than Twitter and Facebook, the answer is The Circle.

Mae(Emma Watson) gets her dream to work at a popular website known has The Circle. Has she becomes settled in, but soon the dream job becomes more then she bargained for her, When Mae The Circle becomes bigger than her.

Emma Watson gives a terrific performance here, you feel the emotions she gives, and the other part she comes across she is in over her head. Tom Hanks is alright, has kind of The Steve Jobs of The Circle, he doesn't do very much, does shine in the scenes he is in, but leaves more for Watson. Patton Oswalt is also good in a dramatic role. But John Boyega(The Force Awakens) is good too, but I wished the movie could have used him more then they did. But still a good movie, it really makes us think. And also good performance by the late great Bill Paxton, who plays Watson dad.
So Much Potential... So Much Disappointment
*SPOILERS AHEAD* *Sigh* This pains me because Tom Hanks is my cinematic hero, and the celebrity I would most want to go for coffee with. I really love this man! When I watched the preview for The Circle, I thought I was going to be in for a Technological Psychological Thriller with a strong protagonist in Emma Watson, and an intriguing antagonist in Tom Hanks (playing a bad guy for once).

I thought it was going to be a story of a young go-getter lead character who would start working for "The Circle" in order to pay for her father's health care needs, kick butt, get promoted, and accidentally stumble upon some dubious overarching monstrous plot in which The Circle was using people's information in an unlawful, terrorist type manner. Then I thought the rest of the movie was when the thriller part kicked in, as it would be a cat and mouse chase between Emma Watson VS Tom Hanks in a race to unearth this conspiracy. Meanwhile, she would have obstacles along the way, growing her character so she would end up being a better, stronger and a more ethical person at the end compared to the beginning.

Unfortunately... this movie fell horribly flat. She ends up becoming less and less loyal to her family, her character is totally corrupted throughout the film, and never regains much of a moral compass, she totally drinks the kool-aid, and the attempt to "out" Tom Hanks at the last minute of the movie is followed by her on a kayak in the San Francisco Bay with the ever present cameras and media surrounding her as she looks as happy as a clam that technology is still following her every moment. We don't know what happens to Tom Hanks, her family, and she doesn't seem to show any remorse (aside from a short 4-day mourning break) after she kills her best friend.

What does she learn? I don't know, the movie just ends abruptly seeming to have achieved nothing and changed nothing. Is there a big showdown between her and Tom Hanks? Nope... she just makes his emails public and then that part is just over... Does she beat the monster that is The Circle and end this insane technological invasion? WHO KNOWS it doesn't look like it based on the ending scene.

I finished that movie going oh man... what potential... I kept waiting for the plot to kick in but it never does. Can we remake it with my plot ideas???
This was a very poor film and acting was just awful as well, the story was basic and very unrealistic , do not waste your time on this dribble. They have put too big names into the fold I think they must of paid them a lot because I'm very surprised Tom hanks and Emma Watson read the script and decided to go for it.
It's actually better than the book!
It's rather rare that you can say that a movie is better than the book, but in my opinion, this is definitely true in this particular case.

When I read the book, there were certain things about Mae that annoyed me and I was quite happy to see those things changed in the movie. After I finished the book (and whilst reading it), I couldn't believe how Mae basically killed her ex boyfriend, so I was quite happy with the way they filmed that scene and made it obvious that Mae didn't want to go after Mercer.

In the book Mercer's described as someone chubby (and a really obnoxious and unpleasant person IMO) and as someone Mae can't even imagine ever being with, in the movie they seem to get along quite well, despite the disagreements about social media.

Only thing that I had wished to see in the movie (had it been someone else other than John Boyega playing the part of Ty as in the book he's described with gray, nearly white hair and as someone really mysterious which John really isn't) was the relationship between himself and Mae. It couldn't be more platonic in the movie, whereas in the book there was always this (sexual) tension between those two.

All in all, this movie really makes you think how much we all are glued to our phone/tablet/computer screens and how much all of that affects us.

Definitely recommend seeing it, whether you've read the book or not.
Teen cringe fest movie
*cries aloud* Just watched the movie after reading the book and am really disappointed. It had maybe not exactly the "Inception" potential but something really close to that and what we got was a 2hr cringe fest. The cringe is exceptionally big and sad when you have to cringe at Emma Watson. The ideas in the book were bigger than they show in the movie and I felt something big was missing. Missed lots of the small details that made the story work, without them this is just one of the "what if the technology takes over?" movie for teens.
If you want dose of thoughts,you must go and see the circle
I have waited the circle since i see the trailer , the film is great with amazing performance from Emma Watson and i live every moment with the greator tom hankis, the film talk about what we live nowdays in social media and what the company want in their thinking to control the human without any moral , i really enjoy every moment of this films i think its dose of thoughts about our live nowday ,i see Emma Watson as future star for big movies, i think this film will remain in memory and we need the types of films instead of (fast and furious, john wick) we need stone throw in still water, and the circle do it, my evaluation is 8 from 10.
The Circle (2017)
I was a big fan of Dave Eggers' A Hologram for the King. It was a fantastic read for enjoyment and to analyze. The film adaptation also did not disappoint. When The Circle was announced as a film I immediately checked out the book. To my disappointment, the film wasn't as interesting an got to bogged down to its technological ventures and wasn't exactly the best read. However, I held out hope that the film would be able to impress, especially with the star studded cast at the helm.

Emma Watson plays Mae Holland an ambitious young customer service rep who joins The Circle, a cutting edge technology based company that seems to be growing at fast pace and changing the future. The thing is, the technological leap of the company leads to massive privacy concerns and the company seems to be capable of more than what initially meets the eye. First off, I will say that the scathing reviews I've seen for the film are somewhat unwarranted, however the film is far from perfect and could have been much better.

The plot may seem like its minimal or nonexistent but this wasn't really my concern. I was more concerned with things being introduced into the film that have no real importance later in the film. John Boyega's character is a glorified cameo that seems to just be there as a big name. In the book the character is mysterious has a much larger effect on Mae's life. The ending of the film leaves much more to be desired; there needed to be more explanation onto what the reveal was and anything about repercussions.

The film is littered with talented people but unfortunately the writing and the structure of the film really lets them down. Its a misfire really, and the film needed to be much better and have a stronger central message. I feel like parts of the film and scenes were left on the cutting room floor. The film isn't exactly terrible but its most certainly unfulfilled and really could have left a stronger impression.

Film that goes nowhere
*spoilers if not seen film*

The film starts out well and interesting topic of this big internet giant company getting everyone's data and knowing everything about everything. We then get introduced to a couple of interesting characters along the you start to think this could be good.

First up a secret journey down some tunnels where all peoples data is to be kept. Turns out it is one of the key people who started "the circle" showing us these tunnels. He informs us he all against what happening now, not his vision etc.. but then that him done, no other contribution to film plot.

Then we have Emma Watsons work friend who starts to break down under pressure of 'the circle'... then she done, pops up again having a break in Scotland.

Any possible interesting character is not followed and the film ends up really going nowhere.

Some big names in the role call of actors but what a let down of a movie.
Poor mans Black Mirrors
An attempt to mix the motion picture Steve Jobs with Black Mirrors. Utterly annoying, squirm in your seat script mixed with altogether unoriginal and obvious story line. They managed to pull in some big stars but they couldn't even bring in any novelty to this film and Emma Watson looked even a little embarrassed or unable to read through her lines without squinting. 5 is being generous.
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