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Jon Gunn
Frankie Faison as Joe Dubois
Haley Rosenwasser as Alison Strobel
Renell Gibbs as James Dixon
Judd Lormand as Joe Koblinsky
Kevin Sizemore as Dr. Gary Habermas
Mike Pniewski as Kenny London
Erika Christensen as Leslie Strobel
Brett Rice as Ray Nelson
Rus Blackwell as Dr. William Craig
Tom Nowicki as Dr. Alexander Metherell
Mike Vogel as Lee Strobel
L. Scott Caldwell as Alfie Davis
Robert Forster as Walter Strobel
Faye Dunaway as Dr. Roberta Waters
Storyline: Based on the true story of an award-winning investigative journalist -- and avowed atheist -- who applies his well-honed journalistic and legal skills to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife... with unexpected, life-altering results.
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A dairy-free, lactose intolerant movie
Normally I have come to expect any Christ centered movie to be lacking on talent when it comes to the acting but I was completely blown away at even the smallest roles, the acting was better than I have seen in most Hollywood films. That being said.. another expectation is that altar call type of moment in every Christian film that makes you cringe the way it feels so out of place and cheesy, thankfully there was nothing in this film that was pushy, cheesy, or disingenuous.

Highly recommend this movie for all to see

No cheese here
What an Incredible Story
If you get a chance, see The Case for Christ in theaters now. It banishes doubt by using irrefutable fact, and all by the hand of a die-hard atheist named Lee Strobel who, after all his months of research to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ, became a Christian. If you know someone who's searching or if you yourself are searching, get the facts as established by a man who was bipartisan when he did the research into the linchpin of the Christian faith. Great film, excellent acting, and a terrific use of a couple of hours of your day.

And if you're looking for more, maybe even try picking up his book. Only 5 out of the 13 experts Lee interviewed are represented in this film for the sake of space. If you have any doubts, read the book and see if those remaining experts do something to help establish your choice.
This movie a must see !!! The film is Informative and captivating. There were some great humorous lines.

I will see it again.We saw the movie with ten people ...friends and family we all loved it. Our ages ranged from 18 years old to 62 years old.
Beliefs are not a case for anything!
The latest in a growing trend of religious propaganda (i.e. The Atheist Delusion, Joseph and Mary, Is Genesis History?, etc.).

In essence, twisted and irrational "logic" masquerading as facts and "evidence". Religious zealots pandering to the uneducated, the naive and the gullible.

No matter how you dress it up or present it... personal delusions, primitive superstitions and beliefs are not a case for anything.

Instead of wasting your time on this type of non-sense, spend an hour or two watching just about anything on PBS, you're brain will thank you!
Excellent Book; Mediocre Film
"The Case for Christ" is an excellent, bestselling, 1998 page-turner by Lee Strobel. I strongly recommend the book. "The Case for Christ," the 2017 movie, is only so-so. Please read the book and maybe skip the movie.

In "The Case for Christ" books, Lee Strobel, a Yale-educated Chicago Tribune reporter, takes up the major objections to belief in Jesus Christ. He then travels to a series of world-class experts in the question. Questions include, did Jesus rise from the dead? Did he die on the cross? How reliable are the books of the New Testament? Strobel had been an atheist. His search for the replies to these questions turned him into a Christian. The books make for an exciting read.

"The Case for Christ" the 2017 movie is nothing like the book. It's really more of a low-budget soap opera. Lee, an atheist, is married to Leslie, who converts to Christianity. He goes on a truncated and dumbed-down version of the journey of discovery recorded in the books. The experts he visits are depicted in simple-minded ways. One is a scientist. He is shown in a white coat, surrounded by other people in white coats. He walks among microscopes and lab flasks as he is interviewed by Strobel. Another interviewee is a university professor. She is shown in a large, old-fashioned, university classroom, seated at a large teacher's desk, with a large blackboard behind her. One is a Catholic priest. Strobel enters a Catholic church and walks through it.

The film has three foci: Lee's intellectual journey, Lee's marriage and relationships with his parents and children, and Lee's job as a reporter. The three narratives don't support each other. A better "Case for Christ" film could have been made as a documentary. The viewer could watch real interviews with real experts, without the distraction of the other story lines.

"The Case for Christ" is set in the 1980s, and the clothing, hairstyles and home décor appear to be not just of that era, but so weather- beaten as to be from that era. Other than Faye Dunaway, who makes a brief appearance, most of the actors are not well known, and they do not shine, possibly from the weak script or direction or their own lack of star power. Cindy Hogan has a small role as Lee Stroble's mother, and she is very powerful in that part. Her brief appearance stuck me as the one moment of authentic human emotion in the film.
Facts substantiated by emotional beliefs and arguments.
There are three main story-lines intertwined in this movie. 1. The husband/wife relationship between Lee and Leslie Strobel 2. Lee Strobel's attempt to debunk his wife's newly found faith 3. The imprisonment of an innocent "cop killer"

All story lines were superficial and not well intertwined.

I found the notion of arguing semantics and facts about a man who lived over 2000 years ago, who may or may not have been the son of "God", extremely frustrating. A debate on the existence of fairies would use the same methodology to confirm their existence.

In the end, there was no hard and fast fact, rather a highly emotional leap formed from the increasing pressure Lee was facing due to his marriage problems, falsely and publicly accusing an innocent man of attempted murder, and mental and emotional burnout from researching his "Existance of Christ" issue.

There was no clear "Case for Christ". Just a disappointing and poorly wrapped ending.
Overall, Loved It!
1) Overall, I thought it was well done. Good actors and the evidence was very well conveyed. The only thing I thought could be added was more action scenes to keep viewers complete attention.

2) I wouldn't recommend this movie to those under the age of 16. There are no inappropriate scenes or offensive language, however children under 16 (especially those with a shorter attention-span) will have a difficult time following the movie.

3) I was surprised there was that much evidence for Christianity. If you are a Christian, this movie will surely reinforce and deepen your faith. It will also challenge the beliefs (or lack thereof) of nonbelievers.

4) I would certainly recommend this movie to believers and nonbelievers alike.
The most unscientific evidence you can look for
As a former Christian, I can see how this movie is appealing to the Christian audience because it gives them a victory in their eyes.

From a film-making perspective, it is quite boring, unimaginative, offers little evidence for the "case" for Christ and is simply unconvincing. Of all Christian based films "PUREFLIX" has came up with, this takes the cake for simple boredom and eye twitching nonsense.

Spoilers to follow: It is a case to disprove the Christian faith that backfires into the atheist becoming a Christian. Here is the problem: The only evidence mentioned was there's a lot of copies of the new testament. Witnesses 500+ say they saw Christ after the crucifixion. A medical doctors opinion is that if he were to be treated as stated in the bible that he would definitely die.

All of this information and a music montage at the end of the film changes him to be a full on believer.

Atheists like myself tend to be more scientific and continue asking questions unlike this movie's portrayal of a angry, daddy issues riddled, drinker, bad father who tells his daughter what to think (when he wasn't), as well as a person who accepts minimal circumstantial evidence.

Things not brought up in this movie as an argument against god. The virgin birth Miracles: healing the sick, the blind, bringing dead back to life. Reconciling these supernatural occurrences with reason and science. Other than saving his daughter from an evil noodle at a restaurant, why god does nothing to help the others in suffering. 5000+ children a day who die from starvation, disease, etc.

The movie chocks god up to be a teacher who's only lesson is love and as a human of science, our main character is supposed to accept that given the experiential evidence and the world's evidence of "god is either impotent, evil, or imaginary. Take your pick, and choose wisely."- Sam Harris

The movie in general offers fluff and sad stories to make you bend your knees to a god who is one of those 3. It is a low blow for them to reference famous atheistic philosophers and scientists and say they had daddy wounds which makes it no coincidence that they cannot accept "the Father". One can make the argument that those who have daddy wounds tend to gravitate to Christianity because they didn't have a father to love them.

Anyone who watches this film for evidence or maybe a change of heart, to change their mind about Christianity will fail to find it. Christian's will feel validated and atheists will sitting their laughing. The movie is really biased and portrays anyone who isn't a Christian as a lost soul or has mental issues dealing with loss or parents. It just comes off absurd and ignorant of reality.
Excellent Movie
Just watch this movie. Wow! What an amazing testimony of a man like me, who doubted and denied God's love for him. I won't spoil the movie, so just a quick note; he eventually, through amazing love, discovered God again. The ending (and really, whole movie!) was so powerful to me I couldn't help but cry. And I'm not normally an emotional movie watcher. I'm so glad I saw this. It was encouraging and convicting to me of what an amazing loving God we have. This movie does NOT preach to you and insist upon you that you believe in God. It doesn't try to change your beliefs. It isn't in your face telling you what to believe. It rather lays out reasons, evidence, and proof of God's Love. I highly recommend the movie of you may have doubts about Christianity or just want to be highly encouraged!
How religious sects manipulate people who are in dis pare or experience a crisis..
This is a clear view, how religious sects like the Jehovah, Scientology, Christianity, Islam etc. etc. are brainwashing and tearing families apart in the name of what they think is the only truth and and righteous way of thinking. A atheist-family is at a restaurant, and their daughter is getting chocked after she swallowed a Kinder Egg, and gets rescued by a member of the biggest Christian-sect on earth. This movie shows how a man is getting isolated by his family, because his wife got brainwashed by that sect, and the husband, yes, at the end the husband gets illuminated too. I gave this movie 1 star, because many people could misunderstand the meaning of this movie.
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