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Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Stacy Title
Carrie-Anne Moss as Det. Shaw
Ava Penner as Anna
Kurt Yue as Fireman
Dan Anders as K-9 Cop
Laura Knox as Jane (as Lara Knox)
Faye Dunaway as Widow Redmon
Doug Jones as The Bye Bye Man
Cleo King as Ms. Watkins
Michael Trucco as Virgil
Douglas Smith as Elliot
Jonathan Penner as Mr. Daizy
Seth William Meier as Police Captain
Storyline: When three college students move into an old house off campus, they unwittingly unleash a supernatural entity known as The Bye Bye Man, who comes to prey upon them once they discover his name. The friends must try to save each other, all the while keeping The Bye Bye Man's existence a secret to save others from the same deadly fate.
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So very very terrible - it's actually hilarious
This film is actually so bad, so really really awful, utterly pathetic, in a strange twisted way it actually, sort of, saves itself (albeit unintentionally).

First question is how on earth did this film get made ?

It is literally so bad it's like a spoof horror of a bad spoof horror doing a spoof of a bad comedy spoof horror.

If (like me) you read the bad reviews, but you have a cineworld card (or equivalent) i.e. You suffer no financial loss in going to see this.

Then go to see this, on the basis it is truly garbage.

If you do, it is hysterical,

I am actually giving this an 8/10 based on I suffered no financial loss buying a ticket to see it (having a cinema card)

That I went to see this expecting garbage and it was so bad it was hilarious.

If you want a laugh go see it.
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible....
Did I mention horrible? I kept watching to see if it would get better - but it just didn't - at all! The lack of story-line was a joke at best - seriously. There was no character building. It was this "creature" from - hell? mars? another dimension? that shows up for some unexplained reason when you say, "Bye Bye Man". A guy goes crazy and kills everyone in the beginning of the movie because they told other people about this unexplained "thing" - yes my vagueness is about as understandable as the movie "plot". Most movies - even horror movies - have a story-line. The villain/ghost/monster has a back story - a reason for being there. This was just a creepy looking Voldemort wanna be guy - who apparently also likes to stand weirdly in corners and look at people. Seriously - just don't - waste - your - time! I know you probably will anyway because curiosity gets the better of us - but your time would be better spent eating nails -- yes - it's that bad!
So glad I skip this movie from theaters but regret renting it
This movie suck so bad. It's boring like so boring that I almost feel like falling asleep. The acting suck, the story is terrible, poorly done C.G.I, terrible writing and it's not even scary. This feel like a IT (1990) rip off (I'm not saying the 2017 one because it didn't came out when this was release). I kinda hate it even since it was release but I didn't see it in theaters. I wish I didn't rent it my god that's a big mistake. Don't watch this movie. Don't think this movie and Don't say this movie because it suck.
Way too many bad reviews for an Awesome movie!
I hate to say this but I hate PG-13 movies like a passion, but this took me by surprise. I was like slow at first and then woah, it is better than people are saying. I hate people that just because they do not like it, it is the worst movie ever, and not to everyone because of it. People like this are just out of their minds trying to persuade others to not take their own opinions and watching it themselves to find out if it good or not.

Yes, as I have said it starts kind of slow, but once it kicks in, it is very fast paced and good. One of the best PG-13 horror movies. I did not notice the F words that IMDb says it contains in the PG-13 version. I never saw the unrated one. I think they messed it up saying that the PG-13 has 6 F-words in it. I think it is the unrated one has it, and saying that makes me want to buy the unrated one on Blu-Ray.

Don't Think It, Don't Say It! Over and over again. Kind of like Candy Man movie, without saying it three or five times to bring the horror. I am the horror buff that loves R and Unrated over PG-13 but this has to one PG-13 movie I would watch if they put it on television. I would buy the Blu-Ray unrated in a heartbeat when I have the money. The bad reviews are just bad people that don't what hit them.

I can't stand people that give good movies a bad rap. They need the bad rap about their stupid reviews. So, do not listen to the crap reviews and listen to our great reviews.
6/10 is not as bad as the reviews says
This is not the best movie of horror of all time, but is a different horror flick from the traditional flicks nowadays. I don't understand why so much hate around this movie, I think the Movie deserves a 6/10, it has good story and original story, the movie has some good moments, and the ending is OK. The mystery behind the first 10 min of movie are good because they make you want to keep seeing just to know what is actually happening. I wanted to review this movie because despite the awful reviews I decided to give an opportunity, and it is good to see with your girlfriend. I repeat this is not the best movie or is not even a good movie, but is not that bad as the reviews are saying. Don't expect to much, but is very watchable.
Don't think it. Don't watch it.
Let's just all hope, the girl who played the girlfriend never gets a movie role ever again. The whole film felt like a joke and the acting was awful but that girl..i was laughing out loud and calling out for Jesus anytime she was on screen. Probably the worst 'acting' I have ever seen. About the story. There's really no story. There's this man who shows up when you say his name and makes you see and do things. For what reason tho? No clue. Where did he come from? No clue. Why? No clue. What's with his dog? No clue.
Really not that bad. Some people are slating for the sake of it.
I've just been to see The Bye Bye Man and i can honestly say it isn't that bad. OK so it isn't going to win any awards and its unlikely to be a horror classic. But if you go in expecting little then its a pretty decent horror film. Its pitched somewhere between Sinister and it follows.


Its quite easy to watch. Fairly decent story

Cons The acting is below average. The story had potential to be really good but seemed to lack in a proper back story and the main characters were lacking any real personality.

Overall If you are looking for an amazing horror film then this probably isn't for you. If you want something fairly enjoyable for 90 minutes i can think of worse films to watch.
Great (Comedic) Movie
This movie is not a horror movie like the genre it attempts to partake in. It is truly, deep down a comedy that is hiding behind the dark mask of a horror atmosphere. Now, I do not believe the director/writer intended this...but it's still a very funny movie all around. Whether it be the obvious horror clichés, the comedic acting and/or deaths, or the hilariously punny name they gave to the gardener, it had me laughing throughout its entirety. I did legitimately, literally enjoy this film as I watched it with a few of my mates, we expected just what we got... and more. I wouldn't advise watching this alone as you'll need someone to vent about the inconsistencies or whatever you would find humorous. However I did see an old couple hugging out of freight following the showing of the film. So, I'd assume this would be the horror flick for you if you are feint of heart.

Overall It was a pretty fantastic experience and was surprisingly entertaining, however it wasn't by any means a "scary" or "well written" horror film which is why I had to rate it a 6/10. This is a movie you can enjoy for a laugh, but not a scare.
Bye Bye Man, Bye Bye Money
I'm a lover of gore, horror, thriller, suspense type of movies. This? Is nothing. I feel bad. I'm writing my first review and it's because the movie is horrible. But I feel I must warn you.

3 students rent a house away from campus and accidentally unleashes the demon within. And if you hear a coin drop that means he's coming and if the ghoulish dog appears, you're dead.

Concept-wise, it's unique. I have to give them that. But there are a lot of things that doesn't make sense. Or at least they tried to put it there just so it appears to have a story or scary scene.

The actor who played Eliot saved the film through his acting. And Lucien as John is an eye-candy. Other than that, it can't be saved. Even Matrix's Carrie-Anne Moss and Faye Dunaway fell flat.

Don't waste your time. Read a book. Any book. Or magazine. Even the TV guide.
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