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USA, France
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator
Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor
Edward Furlong as John Connor
Robert Patrick as T-1000
Earl Boen as Dr. Peter Silberman
Joe Morton as Miles Dyson
S. Epatha Merkerson as Tarissa Dyson
Castulo Guerra as Enrique Salceda
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Janelle Voight
Xander Berkeley as Todd Voight
Ken Gibbel as Douglas
Robert Winley as Cigar-Smoking Biker
Peter Schrum as Lloyd
Jenette Goldstein as Janelle Voight
Storyline: Nearly 10 years have passed since Sarah Connor was targeted for termination by a cyborg from the future. Now her son, John, the future leader of the resistance, is the target for a newer, more deadly terminator. Once again, the resistance has managed to send a protector back to attempt to save John and his mother Sarah.
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Note to Hollywood: This is how you make an action film.
And yes, I'd consider this more of an action film than Sci/fi since it takes place in contemporary times and locations. Nowadays, it can be hard to distinguish an action film from a video game. In fact there is one coming out soon that appears to be both. I guess studios these days feel that kids need something to see while resting their fingers after long days of playing their Nintendos/Playstations/whatever. So they come up with all of these PG-13 action films that are often mere meditations of comic books, toys, or old TV shows. Looking back at T2, one may find the action films of today sorely lacking in comparison.

The story of course deals with Arnold returning from the future to protect a boy who will some day lead the human resistance against a world run by machines. This time Arnold is the good guy (as per Schwarzenegger's request) and he's up against a lethal and much more advanced prototype sent to off the kid. The CGI used to create this new T-1000 terminator was jaw-dropping at the time this was released. Though technology to create such things is now infinitely more available, this has led to problems in my book. Now, there is too much done with computers, and stunts don't seem so wonderful if you know it was all done on a computer. Most of the stunts in T2 were live action and extraordinarily filmed using all types of vehicles and explosives. Director James Cameron really sold these stunts in terms of how he filmed them.

Not all directors are a good as Cameron. That is a given. But directors looking at making action films should take note of other strengths found in the construction of T2. First of all, you don't need shaky camera movements to sell to your audience that there is an exciting or crucial scene happening. Here the photography is crisp and detailed. You see everything clearly that you need to see. Right down to the little things. The action sequences are perfectly blocked and the spacing between hostile parties is easy for the audience to figure out. We know who is shooting at who, and how far apart they are from each other. Cameron also made sure his entire cast was proficient with the weapons they were going to fire in the movie. And guns run out of ammunition and need to be re-loaded at appropriate times. Nothing seems artificial in a shootout.

I could go on forever pointing out good qualities of this film. Just watching a bit of it on Bravo the other night reminded me why I saw it so many times in the theater. And this film was rated R! And it still made a fortune! That just proves if you make a good product, you don't have to dumb it down or tame it for the kiddies. If it's good enough, they'll find a way to see it! 10 of 10 stars. Unfortunately, the inspiration seems to have left this series with Cameron.

The Hound.
T2 Best Movie Ever
When it comes to action movies T2 has it made. With groundbreaking special effects, an all star cast & crew and a story line that can make you crap your pants and then cry T2 is like the terminator itself UNSTOPABLE. Now I could elaborate here but there's no need, this movie speaks for itself. You see the beautiful thing about is that you can watch it whether you 7 or your 70 it doesn't matter movies like this come once in a lifetime and is a big reason why I'm in film school right now this thing that Cameron created is a bloody inspiration. Alright I only got a few more lines left so I'm gonna make this short and sweet, forget everything you think you know about action movies, action heroes and the whole frigging genre this film blows any competitor out of the water. Making any other film TERMINATED -Ishay-
Movie that everyone should see!
Greetings from Lithuania.

WOW! The best word that describes this movie is "wow"! Not only to say that this is the best Action movie of all time, this is probably one of the greatest movies ever made . The people in my country watched this film when there where limited VHS cassettes at all. And again, my favorite Director did an timeless epic-masterpiece. Yes, an epic. Every scene in this movie is beyond the perfection. The timeless plot. Groundbreaking effects. Unforgettable "Hasta la vista, baby." .

Perfect direction for a sci-fix action film. When the action starts, you're in for the ride of your life. There never be the same movie like T2. What else I can say about this film? A Must see for everyone.
More Than Just Action
When this movie came out at the theatres, I was 15. I thought it was cool. I'm 24 now and I see this movie in a completely different light. I don't doubt that the movie has amazing special effects that makes the movie quite watchable if you just want to vegatate for a couple of hours. I don't doubt that there might be a few plot holes and discontinuity in the time travel aspect of the story. This is something I have yet to figure out. But after watching this movie a few times and reading critical reviews of the movie, I've come to this current opinion. If you bother to think about this movie beyond the great special effects, you might find that it has more to offer than the cool F/X. James Cameron is a very critical and detail oriented director. If you are familiar with his work at all, you will see an emerging theme in all of his movies. I believe that theme is humanity vs. technology. (THE ABYSS, TITANIC, ALIENS) In any case, the characters are an INTEGRAL part of the story and not simply the platform in which the action takes place. Compare this movie to say, practically any Jerry Bruckheimer movie. (Gone in Sixty Seconds anyone?) James Cameron thinks about his characters first before he can imagine the situation in which they may reasonably be confronted with. James Cameron says himself that the intent of the movie was to make people feel for a robot, to cry for him, and not simply to be blown away by the action taking place within the context of the characters and the story.

With this in mind, I see this movie as first and foremost, a human story. The whole premise of this story is the fight for humankind. Humans vs. Machines. I mentioned Cameron's theme earlier: humanity vs. technology. In this movie, the more technologically advanced we become, the more inhuman we are. Witness this as Sarah Conner becomes more of a terminator herself in her willingness to kill Miles Dyson. She does not question morally or ethically about why she is killing him. She is just going to do it. Before she does it though, she has an epiphany and she realizes exactly what she has become. It is shattering to her. There is such a moral fabric throughout this story voiced by our future hero: "You can't kill people!!!" And later on, "Don't you get it?! Don't you understand why you can't kill people? Because we hurt, we feel pain, we're afraid..." It is not surprising that John has such a strong moral fabric. After all, he is going to become a great leader someday. Ironically, it is his teachings to the terminator and the resetting of the CPU that makes the terminator more human. In the end, he becomes half-human and he realizes his half-humanity. "I know now why you cry... but it is something that I can never do." It makes his sacrifice even more greater. A hero is defined as someone who sacrifices himself for a greater good, something greater than even his own existence. Although the terminator could have stayed, he chose to go. In this movie, he is a true hero. Cameron chose to have this strong moral issue in the film... he did not want Arnold as the good robot killing everything in his way- which he could have easily done. After all, he is a terminator. He chose to weave this moral fabric into the story which I think many people easily overlook. The terminator teaches us a lot about ourselves too. This is a very spiritual aspect of the film. John says to the terminator, "we're not going to make it, are me? People, I mean..." to which the terminator replies, "It is in your nature to destroy yourselves...." It makes the theme and message of the whole movie even more meaningful. The theme of the movie can best be summed up by Sarah Conner, "If a machine,a terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too." It took something as inhuman as the terminator to teach us something very human about ourselves: loyalty, love, fear, sacrifice, and hope. So before you write T2 off as just another action movie, I challenge you to watch it critically. This movie is about destiny vs. free will, (how much control over our future do we have? as john says, "there is no fate but what we make of it ourselves.") and as I've said before, really about being human in such a technologically run world. Watch as Sarah fights to protect her son, watch as john just desperately wants his mother to embrace him and love him. Observe the quiet moments of contemplation and rest in this movie. This movie is not perfect as no movie is but as an action movie, it certainly provides a lot more than a two hour adrenaline rush.
THE Best Action Film Ever!
'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' is THE Best Action Film Ever. I've seen this film numerous times, and it gets better each time I revisit it. James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger have NEVER Been this Good!

'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' Synopsis: The cyborg who once tried to kill Sarah Connor must now protect her teenage son, John Connor, from an even more powerful and advanced Terminator.

'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' is Superb ENTERTAINMENT. Its so good, that everything works on its advantage. Be it the Script, Direction, Production-Value, Performances, Action/Stunts, Editing, Graphics or even the Music, everything is so darn good. Its truly amongst THE Finest Films of all-times.

James Cameron & William Wisher, Jr.'s Screenplay is Awesome. Cameron's Direction is Masterful. Graphics are Terrific. Editing, Cinematography, Production-Value, Music, everything is just Perfect.

Schwarzenegger is impeccable the Terminator, playing the unbeatable hero to the hilt. Robert Patrick as the T-1000, the villain, is brilliant. Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, is impressive. Edward Furlong as John Connor, is lovable.

On the whole, 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' Rocks! Its a Knock-Out!
A Epic Masterpiece....
7 years after the movie that we all call one of the best movies ever made James Camerons Terminator 2 - Judgement Day were released, i weren't born then so i don't know if people were extremely happy about it but i guess that everyone were extremely happy.

After the events in the first movie Sarah Connor has been admitted to a mental hospital and her son John Connor has been placed in foster care. From the future sent two cyborgs a T-1000 with a mission to kill John and a reprogrammed T-800 Series models 101 to protect him. While they have to defend themselves, they must also find the man who is guilty of skynet declares war against humanity.

The plot to this movie are a step better than the previous movie, and like the first movie the cast are very good, this movie are with no doubt one of the best sequels of all time. Everything is this movie are stunning, the sound, acting, directing and also the effects are incredibly impressing. With no doubt a epic masterpiece..
AD 2017--The world is devastated and dominated by machines-with Skynet as its dictator. The human resistance fights back under the leadership of John Connor.

However, the machines send a Terminator--a T - 1000--back to when Connor is 10 years old; the resistance sends an older model of terminators- T - 800--back in time to protect John...

Present day--Sarah and the T800 now have to protect John from the T 1000--immensely powerful and relentless.

The brilliance behind T2 is not just its action--its the story; characters are well-developed and the T 800 is "humanized" in the film, learning to appreciate life as the plot progresses.

It plays on themes surrounding cloning and life; perhaps a large part of the story's aura comes from creating an alternate "what if" future which would have made Phllip K Dick proud.

If you have enjoyed Blade Runner from the 1980s, T2's story is just as great and packed with more action !
The greatest movie of all times
There are 40 000 movies, or, written in American style: 40,000 movies, made till that very moment by the American film industry, not to mention the international industries. Around 40 of these films, or 0,1%, are films so great, they need not only to be watched by every existing human being - but they need to dwell in the hearts of every human, at any moment, till their last breath. "Terminator 2" is the first of them all.

This is not only the greatest action movie, but it is the greatest movie ever made. It is a film that treats the highest possible theme in the art sphere - the theme about the self-sacrifice. In this movie everyone of the main characters sacrificed himself for somebody else. The child did it to save his mother, despite what she had told him about his importance. She did it for him and for the rest of the world. And at the end even the machine sacrificed itself, for the humankind - when it understood the value of human life and that its existence was a threat for it. The three of them did that without complaining, without expecting a reward or pretending for something. They did it because it was their duty, and they would fulfill themselves as humans by doing it. Plain, simple and genius.

To the people, who are dashing pretentiously at the time paradox, and to the other ones, who moan: "I kinda didn't like it. I liked (place the name of ANY OTHER action movie here) more. There was more beating and explosions..." - to these ones I say: you have completely and tragically missed the point of "T2", and as a result of this you have deprived yourselves of understanding and embracing the best film ever made into your hearts and souls. The last things "Terminator 2" is about, are pseudo-scientific riddles with time, or creating the best special effects of early 90s in order to make the eyes of the "riping" teenagers open widely in surprise and disbelief.

As I said, I will repeat again: it is a movie about the personal sacrifice, the duty and the destiny of the strong ones - not the "written by some unseen force" destiny, which you cannot change, only follow; but the destiny of the people who have a strong character. The destiny that they CHOOSE: to sacrifice themselves in order to fulfill their duty, and ultimately - their life; in order to prove themselves as humans. And they make this choice alone, on their own: the weak ones would "duck and cover", and run away in a similar situation.

There is another character in that movie, who showed human behavior and in the end of the film - as he turned weaker and weaker from a physical point of view, due to the inevitable damage by the superior technology - became more and more human. In the last moments of the film, in one recent Bulgarian voice translation, they translated it a little bit differently, in an artistic way, and I want to translate it "back" and write it here, to show you what I mean. It is a TRANSLATOR HIT: when the Terminator realized that it should sacrifice itself and go against its own nature, and in the moment when John started to cry, because he understood the necessity and the brutal fact that the T-800 WILL NOT OBEY HIM THIS TIME, because IT HAS TAKEN A DECISION ABOUT WHAT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO, T-800 said: "Now I know why you cry. I WISH I ALSO COULD." And then, after they hugged, HE - not IT - HE stepped on the chain. He had become human in that moment, in a certain way - as he was taking decisions on his own, and as HE HAD A WISH - a wish, that never turned into a dream, because he had to step on the chain. And if there is only one thing that I want to be remade in the original version, it's not all the goofs and inconsistencies, mentioned also in the IMDb trivia of the film - they prove that human beings, including the great directors, make mistakes - and they MUST - that's why they are human. What I dream to be changed in my favourite movie, is only this line. The line "but it is something I can never do" looks cold and alien to me now.

It is a movie that will not be surpassed soon - because a new film needs to find a higher theme than self-sacrifice in order to do it (apart from all the rest, which is needed - a good scenario, which makes everything to cohere in perfect harmony; directing from a genius and a visionary like James Cameron; acting from people BORN FOR THE ROLE - like Linda Hamilton and Schwarzenegger; innovative, but not overdone, or with overexposed and misplaced effects; having well arranged and nicely corresponding music; and so on) - while if it uses the same theme, it will be a REPEAT. "Terminator 2" was THE FIRST ONE, and THE GREATEST. And the way this film is made, the way EVERY FRAME IS SUFFERED THROUGH BY THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT, makes it both unbeatable and the epitome of all that is good and human in that world. And it is even something more: it shows what we are, IT IS WHAT WE ARE. It's so universal and refined, that if aliens come and want to understand us, the humans, in the space of two hours; to find what is our basic philosophy; what our fears and problems, and aspirations are - this is what they have to see. This film.

Such a movie appears once in fifty years.
"T2" review
In director James Cameron's first "Terminator" film, the story held that in the post-apocalyptic future of Los Angeles 2029 after a rogue super-computer called Skynet became self-aware and initiated a worldwide nuclear strike and waged a subsequent genocidal war on mankind, humans are on the verge of being wiped out by the machines that have taken over the world. However, a revolutionary leader named John Connor will rise to power and lead the human resistance to eradicate the machines. Since Skynet is on the verge of losing, however, it sends a cyborg assassin, called a Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger), back in time to 1984 to eliminate the man's mother Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton).

It failed.

A few years later in Cameron's high-powered, special effects-laden "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," John Connor (newcomer Edward Furlong) is still a teenager, a wily and rebellious teenager, with the full weight of the future on his adolescent shoulders. Skynet, however, has one more card left up its sleeve: it sends another Terminator, an advanced prototype, the shape-changing T-1000 (Robert Patrick), to strike at Connor once again. The human Resistance reprograms another Terminator as a protector for John. It's only a question of which one will reach him first. So both Sarah and John are forced to team up with their cyborg protector if they are to avoid the T-1000 and the horrific future from which it came.

Just to get this out of the way, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is in many ways superior to "The Terminator." Made on a significantly higher budget (at least 10x that of "The Terminator"), Cameron employed many different ideas and special effects tricks that he couldn't do because of the budget limitations he faced on the first film. While I still hold that Cameron's original 1984 "The Terminator" is the greatest sci-fi movie ever - an unrivaled triumph of one ambitious filmmaker's fever-induced dream - "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is a triumph of its own. Although for me problems arise with the setup and the repeating of plot devices from the first film, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" shows just the length of Cameron's vision as a filmmaker. His writing here, with William Wisher, is not as strong or as sophisticated as it was in the first film, but the ideas remain powerful enough to get his vision across.

The film is still a technical marvel, though, with crystal-clear cinematography by Adam Greenberg and some pretty strong and convincing performances. Schwarzenegger, doing his best turn as a "kinder, gentler Terminator" (and surrogate father), does what could be considered his best performance as a machine, but for me, his best performance is that of the relentless Terminator from the first movie. Like the first film, you "believe" that he's a machine in human form. But here he's given a chance to learn as a Terminator, and not be such a machine all the time, which does allow for some touching and humorous interactions with the young John Connor. (I cannot believe I just wrote that about Arnold.) Hamilton continues the trend established in Cameron's earlier "Aliens" (1986) with strong female characters. Quite simply, this is her best and most memorable performance as well. She's one tough, beautiful, and formidable presence on the screen under Cameron's guidance. Like Sigourney Weaver, she helped to usher in a new generation of beautiful a**-kicking females. Most surprising here, though, is the newcomer child actor Edward Furlong. This is one of the most impressive debuts of any child actor ever, especially from one of absolutely zero acting experience beforehand. He finds the core of his character and truly brings the role of an adolescent John Connor to life brilliantly, and we're allowed to see shades of the brave future leader he is to eventually become.

More to the point of why I love "The Terminator" and its following, is Cameron's vocal decrying of nuclear holocaust and the ascension of man-made over made-men. The first "Terminator" is a hot-bed of vocal opposition to nuclear armament with a strong anti-Cold War sentiment and the rising of technology in our society as we become more and more mechanical at an alarming rate. That to me, is what makes "The Terminator" such socially relevant science fiction. Unfortunately, though, this vocalization is much stronger in the first film than it is in the second one, which is more action-oriented (even though the film has received positive accolades for its horrific depiction in nightmare sequences of nuclear holocaust).

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is a much more brilliant and more technical film than its predecessor, and for that I'm thankful Cameron was able to bring his vision to life with a capable cast of talent and special effects artists. The original "The Terminator" is still my favorite sci-fi movie ever and Cameron's true work of genius. "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is still a brilliant exercise in high-charged sci-fi entertainment and nothing more.

The Greatest Sci-Fi Film ever made
Dear James Cameron,

You remember Terminator 2 right? Of course you do, it's arguably your best film, remember the script you wrote you know that super tight script, you remember the memorable and of course likable characters that gave fast, smart, and witty dialogue? You made and how great you made the character development yeah you do, a two hour and 15 min film and you just made it fly by. James Cameron you arguably made the greatest Sci-Fi Action film of all time. So when you're making Avatar 2 please work on the script, character development, of course characters and dialogue please, also make it less of a drag to watch than the first one.


Alex L

Terminator 2 like I said is arguably the best Sci-Fi Action film of all time and is in my top Ten Films of all time. The Plot: The T-1000 is sent back to kill John and The Terminator a.k.a T-800 (Schwarzenegger) is sent back to protect John reprogrammed by John himself. Then the whole movie is about John, Sarah, and The Terminator needing to destroy the T-1000 and to stop judgment day from happening. The Characters: Edward Furlong plays John Connor. For Furlong there are two films he is know for, this and American History X, I like him better in Terminator 2. Essentially he plays mean, messed up kids in both of them, but what seals the deal for me is his father son relationship with The Terminator. With saying that I should mention that the way the characters change was excellent, from the first film and also during this film. The Terminator changing from a killing machine into a father like figure, and Sarah from being scared to death from the future to learning that we as a human race can learn to make the future better. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays The Terminator a.k.a T-800. He actually does a better job than he did in the first Terminator, mostly due to the fact that he has more lines and the way he becomes a father figure to John. He makes himself an incredibly likable father figure machine; let's just say he becomes incredibly likable that at the end of the movie it was making me tear up a little. Linda Hamilton plays Sarah Conner the most badass female character of all time (some of you might say Ripley or "The Bride" but I stand my ground). I really don't know any other film Linda has been in besides the first two Terminators. In the first terminator she played this wimp of a girl and almost gets killed by the first terminator, in this one she this badass taking people out with a broomstick, stabbing people in the legs with pens or just explaining to someone how many bones there are in the human body, but is still worried about John's safety and preventing judgment day from happening, but by the end of the movie like I said she realizes that the human race is able to learn how to make the future better. (Remember it's just a movie) Robert Patrick plays the T-1000, he did an excellent job showing no emotion or sympathy for anyone else just kept a straight serious face, a killing machine, he fits the role perfectly.

Everything Else: Terminator 2 like I said and I will say it again is arguably the best Sci-Fi action film of all time, for me it is. I'm just gonna say that everything in the film is top notch. The sound, action, special effects, everything is perfect, a fantastic looking film. What I love about the action is that it looks real especially with the car/motorcycle chases, Cameron did an excellent job with them and he sure knows how to direct an action scene(s). He also somehow made this two hour and 15 minute film just fly by, it never felt like a drag to watch, it was fun to watch and it is still fun to watch over and over again, I believe this is the film I've watched the most. The special effects were fantastic for the time and today they still look pretty damn good, very revolutionary for the time. But it isn't the best looking film of all time to me that goes to 2001 A Space Odyssey. What I learned by watching the film: There are 206 bones in the human body The Conclusion: What really made me love this film (besides being the best action film I've seen) is the characters, they are likable they are fun they make the movie worth watching until the end (besides the action). I honor James Cameron as a master of sequel making with this and Aliens. Hopefully he will continue this tradition with Avatar 2 I believe he can, but I don't think I believe too much because of the first Avatar. Avatar 2 comes out in 2014 so hopefully he will hit gold with that one. I'm not saying I hate the first Avatar, I just think it's his worst work. Terminator 2 Judgment Day with the action and especially characters and fast pace, this is what am I saying arguably, James Cameron made THE GREATEST Sci-Fi Action Film of all time.
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