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Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle
Jodie Foster as Iris
Harvey Keitel as Sport
Leonard Harris as Charles Palantine
Peter Boyle as Wizard
Diahnne Abbott as Concession Girl
Frank Adu as Angry Black Man
Gino Ardito as Policeman at Rally
Victor Argo as Melio (as Vic Argo)
Garth Avery as Iris' Friend
Harry Cohn as Cabbie in Bellmore
Copper Cunningham as Hooker in Cab
Brenda Dickson as Soap Opera Woman
Harry Fischler as Dispatcher
Storyline: Travis Bickle is an ex-Marine and Vietnam War veteran living in New York City. As he suffers from insomnia, he spends his time working as a taxi driver at night, watching porn movies at seedy cinemas during the day, or thinking about how the world, New York in particular, has deteriorated into a cesspool. He's a loner who has strong opinions about what is right and wrong with mankind. For him, the one bright spot in New York humanity is Betsy, a worker on the presidential nomination campaign of Senator Charles Palatine. He becomes obsessed with her. After an incident with her, he believes he has to do whatever he needs to to make the world a better place in his opinion. One of his priorities is to be the savior for Iris, a twelve-year-old runaway and prostitute who he believes wants out of the profession and under the thumb of her pimp and lover Matthew.
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You'll love the mood.. but is the ending worth 2 hours of build up?
A nicely made dark and majestic experience, see the world through the eyes of a weird taxi driver, as his character progresses from a total embarrassment to a mad dog. The movie sends a clear message about society and human ego, and how a man's pride can drift him into insanity.

The mood is nice, a prime example on a classic Noir movie, it builds up and prepares you mentally for the big ending.. an ending that failed to live up to the hype that the movie has built in you.. though it had a short yet exciting action scene the ending is pretty simple and is more about delivering a simple message rather than leaving you amazed or satisfied.

The dark comedy in the movie is pretty clear, it shows you how messed up society really is, the movie was executed flawlessly when it comes to cinematic and production, but it will disappoint you at the very end, the ending was just too "MEH" to bear, especially after an excellent build of events preceding it, such a pity.

I'm sure the movie was a big hit at the time of its release (after the Vietnam war), but I'm not sure it would be enjoyed the same at our current time, so let me put it this way: - If you enjoy a dark Noir mood with nice character development then watch it now. - If you enjoy movies with subliminal messages then add this one to your "watch when I have nothing else to watch" list. - If you're looking for a great story with a nice twist to it, I wouldn't recommend Taxi Driver.
Martin Scorsese's masterpiece.
It's a beautiful and violent story that talk about a lonely man, Travis Bickle,and the city where he lives in.Driving by night, the protagonist meets the strangest people in the world. He hates New York because he think it's a dirty city with bad people. But at the end of the film he saves a 12 years old prostitute and kill her pimps, so he becomes a hero. The story, that is written by Paul Schrader, is full of violence, and bad words but at the same time it is also sad and a bit romantic. Robert De Niro is fantastic and Bernard Herrmann's music is good too. Taxi driver is one of the most beautiful films in the history of the cinema.
As relevant today as it was 30 years ago
Comments written in 2005 on Taxi Driver will doubtless take into consideration things like De Niro winning an Oscar four years later with "Raging Bull", Scorsese still haven't had any luck with Oscar (he wasn't even nominated for Taxi Driver), Foster's rose to stardom, etc, etc. And yet, as one critic puts it, even today, the only thing about Taxi Driver that is out-of-date is the fashion.

My immediate association of Travis Bickle (the New York taxi driver immortalized by De Niro) is with Paul Kersey, played by Charles Bronson in "Death Wish" (1974). But then, these two are in fact very different types of vigilante. Kersey's action is driven by a personal tragedy and it's very clear in his mind what he is doing. Bickle, as one critic puts it, is "certifiably insane". But then, he is also clear about what he is doing, but in a different way.

I can't remember who said that the mind of a mad man is just like the mind of a child (maybe nobody said it). When Bickle, after winning a favorable reaction from his blond goddess Betsy (Cybill Shepherd), blunders by taking her to a porn movie, his apology is as sincere as a 10-year-old boy's who has accidentally broken a neighbor's window with a baseball. This one layer of Bickle's mind, this innocence, is always there, even when it is subordinated to his absolute detestation of the "scum" of New York that finally drives him to become a psychotic. So much have been said about the urban alienation, the inability to relate etc, etc, of this character. The deepest impression in my mind from De Niro's portrayal, however, is his childlike innocence.
A Very Young Robert DiNero
No matter how many movies I see Robert DiNero in, I am always left speechless at his performance. I can't remember the first movie I saw him in, but I had never seen this movie. Of course, I had seen that one famous seen - the "you talking' to me" scene. It has been spoofed and made of in countless films and TV shows, so when I knew I was going to watch it in it's seriousness, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel. Of course, there was no comedic acting in this scene. It was quite terrifying, in the sense that Robert DiNero made me believe he was truly dangerous and psychotic. The fact that this movie came out in 1976 was very important to the context of the movie. People were angry at the government, they became anti-establishment and very vocal about their concerns and this movie gave the people a spokesperson in Bickle.
Great Story/ Great Acting
Robert DeNiro, (Travis Beckle) plays the role of a Viet-Nam veteran who is trying to find himself in the wild city of New York and drives a Taxi for a living. Travis witnesses all kinds of crimes against society and how a young girl named Jodie Foster, (Iris Steensma), is being used as a hooker and exploited by some very low life creatures. Travis becomes very committed to Iris and tries to straighten her life out. Travis decides he is going to do away with a certain politician and senator who is running for President. Cybill Shepherd, (Betsy) plays a great supporting role along with Peter Boyle, (Wizard). Robert DeNiro is so very young looking, I had to look twice in order to recognize him; there is lots of action, drama and some humor. Enjoy.
Still don't get it?
Just forced myself to watch this film again for the third time thinking maybe I had some Natural Born Killer prejudice against this movie, which I kicked, but after painfully sitting through this thing again for the last time all I can say is I'm tired, depressed, and befuddled at the high praise for this darkly disturbing film. Or maybe that's the alure for some people. If you look at the votes for this thing people either love it or hate it. I'm mostly indifferent. The problem I have with Taxi Driver is that there are too many unanswered questions about Travis' background, experience in the Marine Corp, etc. We know he was discharged while Vietnam was winding down but we don't have a clue what the source of his "instability" is! Are we to assume that he had suffered some sort of trauma during the war...did he ever see any action...was he really discharged because of his instability? In fact, the guy seems perfectly normal other than a slightly obsessive compulsive complex which 70% of society is sporting, and he can't sleep. Awwww, poor thing. Well neither can I, and a lot of people can't sleep at nights. Does that alone make Travis a candidate for the nuthouse? Nope. The truth is, we don't know what his problems stem from and that is a major problem with this movie. His descent is so spontaneous when Betsy reacts about being dragged to an adult film, and he just snaps, we don't know why?!? (spoiler alert) Next thing you know the guy is buying guns like there's no tomorrow to feed his all-of-a-sudden John Wayne complex that springs from a source we can't as an audience connect with. Good performances overall don't salvage the many holes that litter the canvas of this highly overrated drama. And somebody please explain to me all this talk about Travis searching for "redemption", from WHAT>?>? Jeez! The final shootout is a little too reminiscent of the Wild Bunch where spurting blood and bad editing wooed critics all around. Amazing. 6/10
great film
this film is always on a 100 greatest films ever somewhere in the 20s because it is a great film because travis is mad son of bitch he must be to blow of someone hand with his magnem 44 scorese is the my favitoe dirctor you talking to me scene was great i also loved the suck on this scene where travis shoots sport 10/10 masterpeice
The Cinema of Alienation
Working for the first time with misanthropic screenwriter Paul Schrader, and using Alfred Hitchcock's music score maker extraordinaire Bernard Hermann, Martin Scorsese crafted one of the bleakest and most memorable films about alienation with 1976's "Taxi Driver". Here we have the lonely cab driver Travis Bickle cruising the sleaziest streets in New York City, looking for love in all the wrong places, plotting his way to leave his mark with violence, and looking for redemption in the rescue of a child prostitute named Iris (a very young Jodie Foster).

Like the finest films from its decade, "Taxi Driver" is a intimate character-driven film haunted by the ghosts of Vietnam and Nixon-era politics that stained the psyche of the American people, especially those disenfranchised in the urban sectors. It's also a classic Scorsese story, nihilistic to the extreme, and containing what is still one of the most graphic and shocking bloodbaths when Travis Bickle finally goes on his rampage. The end result is quite ironic, and leaves a bitter halo imprinted on the viewer's mind.

By all accounts, this is a landmark film: one that heralded the first masterpiece from a director who would go on to a long and fruitful career, presented Robert DeNiro as a formidable headliner, and proclaimed Jodie Foster a serious actress. It's also one of the most controversial movies ever made, as it is the only film that can claim to have inspired an attempted presidential assassination when John Hinkle tried to shoot Ronald Reagan to impress Jodie Foster whom he became obsessed with after seeing this film, which is not too far removed from Travis Bickle's aborted attempt to kill a Senator to impress Cybil Shepherd's character. All of this makes "Taxi Driver" a film classic, albeit a very dark one that will always have many people crying foul.
At a Glance: Taxi Driver
Giving this movie more than just a quick look should be named a mistake already. Through all of things it covers such as the Political Campaign to Sport and his girls, are only a small thought in the true Character study of Travis (De Niro). Its not really a day in the life of someone who's crazy, but a life of hardship and loneliness that has been brought to this very point the viewer is witnessing. If you watch the movie for more than ten minutes or review and try to get a better understanding you'll notice different details about what the movie is actually trying to display.


The movie starts off in New York City where we first see Travis applying to be a night shift cab driver. He claims to not be able to sleep at night and drives around. Through the movie we evaluate how lonesome and anti-social he is by how many times he fails to befriend or make conversations with others. Through messing up a relationship with a woman working at campaign office, and other faults such as a murderous man in his cab, a teen aged prostitute, and the "Scum" observed on the streets, Travis slides deeper into a disturbed mental state which causes him to become violent and stand up against what he's finds wrong through the film. He attempts to assassinate the presidential candidate through the movie that Betsy supports because like Sport (Harvey Keitel) to Iris (Jodie Foster), he is a man holding her back from being set free or being with him.


If you've seen the movie you would be aware of the ending that almost donned the film an X rating.

Iris is declared free and is sent back home to her family. (this is the only part of the ending we can actually call true)

Ending 1: The Viewers misunderstood, but emotionally well ending.

After the massacre Travis spends time healing in the hospital and is eventually released and named a Hero by the press. Iris's family give him thanks for rescuing her and being such a good person. Life returns to normal and he continues to drive his taxi, he picks up Betsy and a fare. Through confidence they speak and she is impressed by his actions, she asks how much and but he doesn't take her money. Travis is finally known and loved for protecting the girl and taking wrong doers off the streets. Accomplished. Driving off he views himself in the mirror, and a piercing noise dissuades his attention and his mirror gets moved trying to view something in the street. This ending could be called true by the possibility of a sequel in the works.

Ending 2: The Satisfying and perfect character study ending.

Through the film we watch Travis go from being a sort of normal guy just trying to get by, from the end he slips up and finds himself working between assassin and vigilante. We watch him kill the people holding Iris from living what would be a normal life, and see him being wounded in the process. As the police come in Travis his fingers to his head like a gun and you see when his head tilts back his eyes roll back. In film thats dignified as a characters death. Directly after the scene, we notice Travis's life has improved and he has been renown as a hero by the press, thanked by Iris's family, a good guy, and also confident to the woman he's been trying to get the entire movie. Travis finally has the satisfaction he's been looking for the whole time, but doesn't it seem like its happening rapidly together? In the film you have watched Travis's persona changing along with the character analysis. Knowing his goals the entire time you finally get to see them flourish, after the tone of the film changes entirely. To the Point where Travis tilts his head back, to where he adjusts his mirrors, your seeing his fantasy and fulfillment he was always wishing for. To be seen and noticed, as a hero or maybe even less. Travis is finding satisfaction in what isn't actually true, as his last dying thoughts. He doesn't notice something in the rear view mirror with a sharp noise, he vanishes from his sight because he isn't truly there. His life has ended and his fantasy has finished along with the film.

As the movie is a character study for insanity this ending would be perfect because you see him from his good descent to a vigilante to his last dying thoughts of love and being noticed he dreamed of. It makes the movie beautiful and worth all of the hype just to see, his character as detailed and deformed as it is. I can watch it over and over and notice something else every time.

The ending is haunting every time, no matter how you think about it because it leaves you with a 'what just happened'? If it means a sequel to find out what happened with fiction or reality, life or death for Travis. I Think i would rather keep the mystery
Thought-provoking classic
Martin Scorsese and Robert De Nero deliver another hard-hitting, gritty urban classic from their long-time partnership as director and star. De Niro plays a Vietnam veteran who works as a taxi driver, who becomes obsessed with cleaning up the politics and crime in his city. He becomes more and more paranoid and insane as the film goes on. The other stars of the movie all give excellent, realistic performances as the people he comes into contact with in the city. This is a disturbing and terrifying film, but it should definitely be seen as one of the all-time classics. You should also check out Scorsese's other work such as "Raging Bull", and "Goodfellas".
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