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USA, Finland
Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jeffrey Blitz
Margo Martindale as Freda Eckberg
Brad Oberhofer as Wedding Singer
Carlos Aviles as Jalapeño
Wyatt Russell as Teddy
Charles Green as Mr. Manny
Rya Meyers as Francie Millner
Anthony Quinonez as Renzo Eckberg
Stephen Merchant as Walter Thimble
June Squibb as Jo Flanagan
Jay Klaitz as Photographer
Anna Kendrick as Eloise McGarry
Amanda Crew as Nikki
Lisa Kudrow as Bina Kepp
Craig Robinson as Jerry Kepp
Storyline: Ex-maid of honor Eloise (Anna Kendrick) - having been relieved of her duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text - decides to hold her head up high and attend her oldest friend's wedding anyway. She finds herself seated at the 'random' table in the back of the ballroom with a disparate group of strangers, most of whom should have known to just send regrets (but not before sending something nice off the registry). As everyone's secrets are revealed, Eloise learns a thing or two from the denizens of Table 19. Friendships - and even a little romance - can happen under the most unlikely circumstances.
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A gentle and heartwarming story - but conflicting
***Spoilers Ahead*** I must say I enjoyed this movie more than I was expecting. It is not a riotous comedy, nor a serious drama. It is more a comedrama or dramedy where you will smile or maybe even give a little chuckle more than an outright laugh, but will also be drawn into the story and lives of the characters. A movie about a table of outcasts and how they band together to support each other is a nice idea and I, unlike some others, found myself engaged with the characters and invested in their success. I enjoyed the ride and thought it a worthwhile movie. The problem is that the filmmakers spend 90% of the movie trying to get you to like one particular character and hate another one - only at the end to make you completely change your view. While this can be OK when done well, it just felt undone and contradictory to me. Part of the problem may have been that Teddy was just so damn unlikeable - I disliked him from the start, even without all the backstory. Worth a watch IMHO.
Probably should have left 3/4 of the way through
Pretty good movie, up until the final 15 minutes!

The ending completely ruined the rest of the movie, and I felt that the people had got sick of the story line and tried to finish it off as quickly as possible. Nobody wants the girl to end up with the loser who dumped her!

Sure if there is nothing else on and you can stop the movie 15 mins from the end, watch it, you might like it... I wouldn't suggest watching the whole thing tho!
could have been fun
the film with that cast - Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson, Toni Revolori being some of my favorites - could really have been fun and truly enjoyable. But a good cast doesn't make a good script. I wonder how tailored each role is for the cast, I'm guessing apart from Anna's role not so much? Not sold on the bulk of the film / the main pairing much so that was particularly not enjoyable for me. However, June Squibb was lovely and Stephen Merchant was a welcome oddball (though the humor overall of the film doesn't really land). Conclusions for other story lines were not really satisfying and there was cheesiness all through out.
lovely tale
A bit slow and could have used better editing perhaps, but left me feeling really good! Isn't that why we watch this genre? Kudrow almost stole the show, but all players played their roles to the nth degree of subtlety/reality. Very well done. A bit philosophical which added much needed depth. Overall, $5.99 well spent...
It tries
And, valiantly so, to represent "real" people...but it's an unattainable goal. That being said, the effort is wholly enjoyable. Anna Kendrick pulls off another Rachel McAdams, gorgeous and somehow everywoman, simultaneously. Merchant is funnier sometimes just through facial expressions than with words. The married couple, Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson, get closest to a portrayal of actual people. You may not remember every scene when it's over...but you won't feel like you wasted your time either.
Surprisingly Satisfying
I decided to watch 'Table 19' because I had already seen all of the major blockbuster movies and it looked like a harmless, little piece of fluff. Once the movie started and the guests were seated, the movie really felt like a wedding reception and it became more interesting. The story seemed like it was going to use the same old wedding-story plot, but they threw in quite a few unexpected twists. I really enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would. It was a nice little surprise.
Clever Comedy/Romance with a Wacky Group of Characters
"Table 19" is a lively comedy with a clever premise. At a posh wedding celebration at a resort in Michigan, the six invitees seated at Table #19 have been intentionally placed at the farthest spot away from the action. It turns out that they are designated by the wedding planners as the "randoms"--a lovable group of losers who inevitably disrupt the proceedings.

The characters at Table #19 are well developed as an odd assortment of people linked to the newlyweds. There is a husband-and-wife who constantly bicker; the nanny who helped to raise the bride and her brother; a junior high school boy who is being coached over the phone by his mother on how to flirt; a stammering Englishman who embezzled $125,000 from the father of the bride; and a young woman named El who recently broke up with the brother of the bride. Originally the maid of honor, El has now been relegated to dregs of Table #19.

The brother Teddy is the best man, and he plays a crucial role in the big surprise of the film. SPOILER FOLLOWS: El was impregnated by the scruffy-looking Teddy. But after a major argument, the couple broke up. Teddy now has a new girlfriend, yet still seems drawn to girl at Table #19.

The film is at its best with snappy repartee and gags during the celebration. But at the midpoint, the film's entire style shifts into the area of romance. Although the two styles do not completely mesh, the film is still great fun.

The early scenes were especially humorous because they were believable. The portrayal of the wedding celebration with the ridiculous toasts and superficial behavior was lively and entertaining. If there were a sequel to this film, it is likely that the lovable losers would still be sitting at Table #19.
An unexpectedly entertaining wedding sit-com.
Trailers are notorious in over-promising for movies that under-deliver. But every now and then, one pops up that does the opposite. The trailer for Table 19 (2017) gives the impression of a lightweight romantic comedy with a touch of slapstick, all framed around a wedding. Despite being critically panned by many, there is more to this unexpectedly entertaining low-profile film than meets the eye.

The heroine is Eloise (Anna Kendrick) who, against her better judgement, accepts a wedding invitation knowing she is persona non-grata with the bridal party. She was recently dumped by the bride's brother, who is now the best man, and she is suddenly no longer the bride's best friend. She was the chief helper with the reception planning and knows who is at every table and why they are here. Her companions on Table 19 comprise a lovable granny-type, two oddballs, and a quarrelling married couple. They were all expected to decline their invitation but still send a gift, and that alone is a recipe for humour and satire. Their distance from the bridal table and proximity to the toilets quickly establishes their lowly social status and the comic sketches play on social awkwardness. The thread of continuity is through Eloise and her manhunts. The standard sit-com one-liners and the obligatory near-catastrophe with a wedding cake are neither original nor particularly funny, but the situation develops a warm emotional undercurrent that is unexpectedly touching.

One of the interesting things about this film is the difference between its plot and story. The plot is standard wedding reception comedy which laughs at the marginalisation of unwanted guests. On the other hand, the story explores why the Table 19'ers are together. It offers insight into their lives, their personalities, and the emotional hurt caused by being placed on the social fringe. The best part of the film is when the offended "randoms" leave the reception for a while to console each other. Through flashbacks we get the back-story to their invitations which range from pathetic to comic. For example, the granny-type really believed she was invited because the bride fondly remembered her first baby-sitter, but the bride barely knows who she is. There is also a wannabe trying to lose his virginity, a weird guy straight out of prison, and a couple who are far from an inspiring example of a loving marriage.

Anna Kendrick plays the perfect balance between awkward, aggrieved, and aggressive, and the randoms are standard comic stereotypes. But while our eyes are on Elosie, the warmth of the story come from her table companions. The gags are at snicker level rather than belly laughs and the cinematography is colourful and cluttered as wedding receptions often are. There is no shortage of embarrassing moments as Eloise stalks her men, both old and new, and the final scenes rise through melodrama to operatic farce. But this film offers a fresh take on standard rom-com themes in amusing and entertaining ways…. and it might make you think twice if you need to create a seating plan.

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Nice, simple, enjoyable romance movie
I thought Table 19 was a good movie. It's definitely not the funniest but what it definitely lacks in comedic value it can make up for other things such as; Anna Kendrick putting on a good performance and it having 'somewhat' identifiable characters, in seeing as a lot of people could emphasize with the feeling of being a social reject at least once before, hence the main theme of the movie. If you're looking for a funny movie, this one isn't for you. I just didn't find it funny,sorry. It's a solid, at times quirky, sappy movie.I felt the beginning of the movie to be quite bland. The offbeat ending was in parts unexpected from what the viewer would have guessed by reaching half way through it's length, but it one of the best parts and really tied up the story- lines in a cool way. I gave the movie a 5 because it really isn't for everyone's taste.
"Table 19" is one of the better Duplass brothers films, but that's not saying a whole lot.
Jay and Mark Duplass are brothers who are filmmakers and who started releasing features in 2005. They each produce, direct, write and act, sometimes together and sometimes separately. Except for a couple horror movies, most of their cinematic contributions have been in the comedy-drama category. The movies on which they have worked together include, in chronological order, "The Puffy Chair", "Baghead", "Cyrus", "Jeff, Who Lives at Home", "The Do-Deca-Pentathlon", "Black Rock", "Safety Not Guaranteed", "The One I Love" and "The Skeleton Twins". Separately, their feature credits include "Adult Beginners", "Manson Family Vacation" and "The Bronze" (Jay) as well as "Your Sister's Sister", "The Lazarus Effect" and "6 Years" (Mark). And… you may not have heard of any of these movies.

Duplass brothers movies generally don't make a lot of money… but they don't cost a lot either. Not counting 2015's "The Lazarus Effect" (the only mainstream success the brothers have had as a team or as individuals), the movies listed above (the ones for which figures are available) were made for an average of just under $2.5 million and took in an average of just over $2 million. They average a rating of 6.0/10.0 on IMDb and, on Rotten Tomatoes, a critics' score of 66/100 and an audience score of 53. With respectable, but underwhelming numbers like these, it's clear that Jay and Mark are still in business due to a combination of generally positive critical reactions to their films, a loyal core fan base, attracting stars (like Marisa Tomei, Jonah Hill, Jason Segal, Aubrey Plaza, Ted Danson, Kristen Wiig, Amanda Peet, Emily Blunt, Donald Glover and Anna Kendrick) to their projects, relatively low production budgets and turning out a slightly higher number of profitable films than unprofitable ones. "Table 19" (PG-13, 1:27), their 2017 collaboration (as co-writers), is a typically Duplass-esque quirky, character-driven comedy-drama with a bit of romance – and lives up to their reputation for small, moderately successful films.

The film's title refers to a specific table at a wedding reception – table number 19, out of… 19. Anyone who has ever gotten married or planned a wedding knows what that means. This is the table full of people who were invited as a courtesy, but whose attendance really doesn't matter a whole lot to the bride or groom. It's the table at which Eloise McGarry (Anna Kendrick) finds herself at the wedding of… her best friend! Eloise helped plan the wedding and was supposed to be at Table 1 – as the maid of honor! That was before she broke up with the bride's brother (and best man), Teddy (Wyatt Russell), and Teddy's new girlfriend, Nikki (Amanda Crew) took Eloise's place. Eloise comically goes back and forth on whether to go to the wedding, practically destroying the RSVP card in the process. Eventually, she does go, she says, to test herself to see if she still feels anything for Teddy. She contemplates that question from the table in the farthest corner of the reception hall… and in the company of strangers.

The other people at table 19 are quite the assortment of characters, all with very different backgrounds and very tenuous ties to the happy couple. Jo Flanagan (June Squibb) once served as nanny to the bride and best man and has an overinflated idea of her importance in their early lives. Bina and Jerry Kepp (Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson) are a married couple who own and operate a diner and are professionally acquainted with the father of the bride. Walter Thimble (Stephen Merchant) is nephew to the father of the bride, but spends the night humorously hiding anything else about his mysterious background. Last but not least is Renzo Eckberg (Tony Revolori), a socially awkward young man whose mother sent him to the wedding because she thought he'd have a better chance of meeting a girl there than at his junior prom. In fact, all of the people at table 19 are socially awkward to some degree – and they all have secrets – secrets which will emerge throughout the evening and have major repercussions for themselves, for others and for the wedding reception that they're all attending.

"Table 19" is one of the better Duplass brothers films. It's not as… strange as many of their previous efforts and it's actually funny. The characters are well-drawn, the conflicts feel real and Jeffrey Blitz' direction, combined with the game efforts of a very talented cast, bring the characters to vivid life. The premise is a little thin, but if you're interested in fun and quirky character-driven stories of the kind that would be equally at home on the stage as on the big screen, this movie may be for you. This one doesn't make up for me having to review "Adult Beginners" or "The Bronze", but it's a start. "B"
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