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Table 19
USA, Finland
Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jeffrey Blitz
Margo Martindale as Freda Eckberg
Brad Oberhofer as Wedding Singer
Carlos Aviles as Jalapeño
Wyatt Russell as Teddy
Charles Green as Mr. Manny
Rya Meyers as Francie Millner
Anthony Quinonez as Renzo Eckberg
Stephen Merchant as Walter Thimble
June Squibb as Jo Flanagan
Jay Klaitz as Photographer
Anna Kendrick as Eloise McGarry
Amanda Crew as Nikki
Lisa Kudrow as Bina Kepp
Craig Robinson as Jerry Kepp
Storyline: Ex-maid of honor Eloise (Anna Kendrick) - having been relieved of her duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text - decides to hold her head up high and attend her oldest friend's wedding anyway. She finds herself seated at the 'random' table in the back of the ballroom with a disparate group of strangers, most of whom should have known to just send regrets (but not before sending something nice off the registry). As everyone's secrets are revealed, Eloise learns a thing or two from the denizens of Table 19. Friendships - and even a little romance - can happen under the most unlikely circumstances.
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A sweet film
This film tells the story of a woman who is invited to her best friend's wedding. The problem is that she just broke up with the best friend's brother after two years of dating. Things get awkward in the wedding ceremony, especially because she is allocated to a table of random strangers.

"Table 19" is an entertaining comedy about misfits and socially awkward people in a wedding. Even though the guests are strange, they have a good heart and they also hello each other find goodness in themselves. It is a sweet and endearing story. Anna Kendrick is sweet as ever. The story ends on a high note, and it makes people smile from within.
A gentle and heartwarming story - but conflicting
***Spoilers Ahead*** I must say I enjoyed this movie more than I was expecting. It is not a riotous comedy, nor a serious drama. It is more a comedrama or dramedy where you will smile or maybe even give a little chuckle more than an outright laugh, but will also be drawn into the story and lives of the characters. A movie about a table of outcasts and how they band together to support each other is a nice idea and I, unlike some others, found myself engaged with the characters and invested in their success. I enjoyed the ride and thought it a worthwhile movie. The problem is that the filmmakers spend 90% of the movie trying to get you to like one particular character and hate another one - only at the end to make you completely change your view. While this can be OK when done well, it just felt undone and contradictory to me. Part of the problem may have been that Teddy was just so damn unlikeable - I disliked him from the start, even without all the backstory. Worth a watch IMHO.
Brilliant, intelligent comedy. Does not disappoint
So I loved this movie! It's a brilliant single setting-ish script about various "reject" guests at a wedding table with Anna Kendrick in the lead. It's like "The Breakfast Club" of wedding movies.

The script is witty, intelligent and the attention to detail for the set, specifically with the wedding band and their selection of songs, was sublime. Bravo to the Duplass brothers on pulling together a very well-made and well-thought out film.

Lisa Kudrow shows she still has great talent and her deadpan comedy is still funny. And the pairing of Kudrow with Craig Robinson as her husband was genius, they actually pair off of each other really great.

Anna Kendrick's character Elsie dreads going to her former best friend/former boyfriend's sister's wedding. She meets the other rejects at the table and explains the pecking order of the wedding tables. Elsie meets a dashing stranger Huck, confronts the former boyfriend/bride's brother, and the Table 19 guests have quite the day with unexpected twists.

Highly recommend.
I enjoyed it to a certain extent.
'TABLE 19': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A comedy film about a group of wedding attendees that all bond with each other, after being seated together at a table for undesirables. It was directed by Jeffrey Blitz (who's also helmed such critically acclaimed indie flicks as the 2002 documentary 'SPELLBOUND', and the 2007 quirky comedy 'ROCKET SCIENCE'). It was co-written by Blitz and Jay and Mark Duplass. The movie stars Anna Kendrick, Craig Robinson, Lisa Kudrow, June Squibb, Stephen Merchant, Tony Revolori and Wyatt Russell. It's received a limited theatrical release at the Box Office, and it's also gotten mostly negative reviews from critics. I enjoyed it to a certain extent.

Eloise McGarry (Kendrick) was recently dumped by her boyfriend, Teddy (Russell), through a text. Teddy is a groomsman at his sister's wedding, that Eloise was also supposed to be a bridesmaid in. Eloise attends the wedding anyway, and she's seated with a group of other people that the wedding party was also hoping wouldn't attend. The group of misfits bond during the course of the ceremony.

The film is quirky and funny at times, but it's definitely far from hilarious. The characters are pretty well developed though, and the roles are all well cast. The movie is actually more impressive when it's trying to be serious, and emotional, than when it's supposed to be funny. Overall the film is definitely a bit of a mixed bag, but I'd say it's still worth seeing (but maybe only on video, or cable TV).

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I had high hopes for this movie after watching it's brilliant trailer, So many brilliant actors and actresses featured in this film, Anna,one of favorite actresses since her role in Pitch Perfect. The screenshots were great and Acting was brilliant, Unfortunately the very slow moving pace of the film brought more depressing scenes rather than the comedy it was made out to be.
Table 19 (2017)
It may not be known but it should be known that I love Anna Kendrick. I have seen every movie that she has been in and I wasn't going to miss this. She's actually probably my second or third favorite actress going today. I saw the trailer and thought it looked like a fresh and quirky little comedy. Its an interesting concept and having seen all of Kendrick's other indie or less known pictures I was sure this wouldn't really disappoint.

The film is about a group of "outcasts" who are invited to a wedding. Basically, there's an unspoken code of wedding invitees and their importance based on what table they are sitting at. Table 19 happens to be the table of a random mismatch of people the bride and groom were hoping would state that they would not attend. Along the way the group bond with each other and figure out just what it means to be at the table and how important they actually are. Its a different type of film and provided a few laughs although they don't always come.

The characters are interesting and its interesting watching some of their individual quirks and character flaws. They all have something going on and are fairly awkward about it. I liked the interaction between Craig Robinson and Lisa Kudrow. Squibb was also good and brought some heart into the film. The problems of the film lie in the film being a little too Breakfast Club. Its similar in a way of a group of motley strangers coming together and not interacting so well at first. After a certain time they bond and learn about each other and become friends. I guess it was kind of unavoidable in such a small stage setting for a film.

The film doesn't always offer laughs and at times isn't as interesting but I can appreciate it for a different take of a comedy capitalizing on a single setting and the awkwardness surrounding being at a table so far down in rank. I guess we can connect on some level of being at an event or gathering where we feel like we don't really belong and everything about being there just feels so awkward.

Anna Kendrick attends a wedding and is assigned to Table 19 where we meet a host of interesting characters. This movie does a nice job of pairing Romantic Comedy with the lesson, life is messy. I thought it was beautiful.

disclaimer: I'm a pretty big Anna Kendrick fan.
It's not the worst comedy, just close.
The Duplass brothers, writers of the comedy Table 19, have always had a dry sense of humor (Cyrus, Jeff Who Lives at Home); here they make you parched with slow dialogue from lack of wit. Yet along the way their story is laced with heart no more evident than the warm misfits placed at the wedding's most dismissible table.

Heading the notoriously neglected is Eloise (Anna Kendrick), the former bridesmaid jettisoned by the bride's brother before the ceremony. However, plucky El goes to the reception to confront her ex, support her oldest friend, and eventually meet charming table mates who spend some time upstairs smoking weed.

The heart manifests itself in gentle Walter (Stephan Merchant), who is on release from prison; diminutive romantic Renzo (Tony Revolori), who just wants to "get laid"; Jerry (Craig Robinson) and Bina Kepp (Lisa Kudrow), who need marriage counseling and a better reason for their roles being in a comedy; and Jo (June Squibb), whose pot they are using and whose post as a former nanny gives her license to drag out the usual old-person's philosophy.

Because these stereotypical outsiders are so lovable, the audience, who clapped at the end, seemed to forgive them for the flat dialogue and laughed mostly at their gratuitous pratfalls. In the end, nothing was worthy of the belly laughs found in Wedding Crashers or Bridesmaids.

It's the dumping ground time of year for movies, and Table 19 fits the profile of a mediocre film thrown out at the beginning of the year because the suits don't want to chew up valuable space as the year progresses Yet, that heart—you do feel affection for the eccentric characters and pity they have so little to say.

Come to think of it, they are the victims of banal writing and as characters deserve to be at the infamous holding pen for undesirables, a bit like immigrants caught in political maneuvering.

Table 19 is not the worst comedy to be released at this time of year.
could have been fun
the film with that cast - Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson, Toni Revolori being some of my favorites - could really have been fun and truly enjoyable. But a good cast doesn't make a good script. I wonder how tailored each role is for the cast, I'm guessing apart from Anna's role not so much? Not sold on the bulk of the film / the main pairing much so that was particularly not enjoyable for me. However, June Squibb was lovely and Stephen Merchant was a welcome oddball (though the humor overall of the film doesn't really land). Conclusions for other story lines were not really satisfying and there was cheesiness all through out.
Awful, predictable movie.
The movie's poster showed a decent cast... so I thought it was going to be some kind of slapstick Ben Stiller like movie, unfortunately it turned out instead to be a horrible attempt at recreating the breakfast club, and other 80s movies where a bunch of rejects end up finding happiness or something...

The thing is 45 minutes into this movie and I still didn't care about the people sitting at table 19. And even though I didn't care what happened to these obnoxious people, the movie still carried on like the viewers will give a damn about this bunch of unlikable, unlikely people...

This is just one big nothing of a movie... if the main characters have zero charm or charisma, how does the director expect people to care about the stories they have to tell?

So anyway, if you are looking for a coming of age movie, try the breakfast club, but do yourself a favor and give this movie a wide berth...
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