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Nicole Jones-Dion
Mark Grossman as Lancer
Virginia Coleman as Future Derby
Kelsey Boze as Future Seattle
Nicolle Ashley as Future Paseo
Jim Coates as Derby
Tiana Masaniai as Huntress
Caleb Thomas as Matt
Andrew Bering as Deputy Minister Brewer
Phyllis Spielman as Jessica
Anna Harr as Ava / Seattle
Travis Berens as Cabal Strike Force Commander
Storyline: After a night out of partying and left behind by her friends, Ava wakes up and sneaks back home only to find that she's already safe in bed. But that's not Ava - it's someone who looks just like her. A time-traveling fugitive has stolen Ava's body, her identity, and her life. What's more -- she's not alone. There are others, hiding in the past, secretly living among us, plotting to alter the future. Without her body, Ava is a virtual ghost, silent and invisible to the world. And, so far as she knows, she's the only one who can stop them and put the timeline back on course.
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It's like Travelers but unlike Travelers
hello ...

watched only 10 minutes into it and found it ... OK not the best movie around, a bit like a lot of syfy movies which are easygoing and enjoyable even if plagued often with weird scripts, this one has a nice concept but the actors seemed not to know about it.

could have been better, for this kind of concept I'll stick to travelers ! This one is far from it...

if you have time, check it out, you still will learn something out of it or may even enjoy it.

Stasis, bu when is the rest coming?
I think I must be one of the few who really enjoyed this, even if it is a bit ... obvious, at least at the "almost end". Exiting, good plan, but it left me wondering when or if we will see the end? An interesting time travel plot, and a situation rather over used in so many world disaster style films, although quite well carried out here. Some interesting twists, and a little good action, but I'd like to see a follow up... In all it is worth while watching, despite some slightly pretty middle class acting, although the plot and the story line make up for it. Seen better, but seen far, far worse, so watch, enjoy and bite your nails, just a bit. Sorry, no spoilers, or nothing would be worth the time spent on it. Good SF, world in ruins with rebels on the good side, and the nasty world "rulers" as the baddies, but that does miss a deeper look. Although it's not an action packed war film, it is a war story, quite horribly plausible in its' setting, bearing in mind that we're watching SF, so I, for one, really do hope there will be a "Stasis 2".
The acting sucks
Great concept - but the acting! It sucks like no other movie pretending to be mature. Or any other movie. The characters speak to themselves to underline the storyline. Lines are written as out of a schoolplay. Action is carried out with panting and don't-show-tell teenager one-liners. This movie could have been good.
Swing and a miss
I've seen some terrible movies but this....there are no words. Actors only begin to seem comfortable in their skins at the end of the movie. Plot was good in theory (if you ignore the whole time travel paradox) but missed the mark, left it open to a sequel that I doubt will ever happen. Not much else to say, sorry it's terrible.
This film, absolutely terrible. The idea itself is Brilliant, however actors, terrible, acting is atrocious. I had to turn it off after 45mins, I just couldn't finish it it was so bad I don't get, its good good production value and everything, only thing I can think of is the writer and director must be useless. If you want to watch a good film like this watch 12 monkeys with Bruce willis. Brilliant film, excellent story...basically its same film as this but very good.
Good story spoiled by wooden acting
Like other reviewers here I agree that the story has interesting possibilities, but the acting is so wooden that it's hard to buy in to the movie. The central female character is the best of the bunch, but even she fails to convince. I saw this on Netflix... If you have time to kill then I suppose this might do, but there is far better stuff out there.
Stasis: don't waste your time seeing it!
Stasis is a futuristic movie where your can travel in time. Trying to change the past to avoid the apocalyptic fate, the main characters borrows bodies of newly deceased. The opponents also sends an agent trying to stop them. Sounds familiar? The plot makes you think of Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

To summarize the movie Stasis: extremely poor acting and bad plot since it already was used by the better Terminator. This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Don't waste your time.
Terrible execution of a potentially interesting plot
3/10 feels like a fair rating for this movie. Disclaimer: I only got about 20 minutes in, so my judgment is only based on that.

My husband asked me why I was watching a porno, and why nobody was getting naked in it. So basically that explains the caliber of dialogue and acting you will see if you try to watch this.

The three stars come from the idea behind it, which feels like it *could* have been pretty good under completely different circumstances.
Would be best to find something else on a Sunday night
Truth be told, some parts of the movie had some interest levels, but the quality of acting and random clichés just made it seem cheap. When your inner voice says "it's cheap" you kind of tune out, but I persisted with it. Luckily for me, I was doing some work while watching otherwise I would have wanted my time refunded!

Netflix recommends a lot of movies when they are newly released, but yeah - viewer be warned. The ending is just the kick to the nether regions you'd expect for putting up with the whole thing. The movie just takes a whole turn south the first time "Cabal" is mentioned.
What did I watch!?
The only good thing about this project(?) is that it appears to give employment to people who would normally be cashing an unemployment cheque. You couldn't really call it a film as it's so terrible with it's attempt at cheesy one liners. The acting is so bad I'd swear this was their first attempt at it if I hadn't checked their previous history. Clearly Netflix is padding out their library with rubbish like this. Do yourself a favour and give it a miss.
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