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Colin Theys
Cynthia Gibb as Sandy Wilcox
Dylan Marseglia as Extra by Docks
Gillian Rose as Bre Hendricks
Camrus Johnson as Parker Lowe
Luke Slattery as Nick Jordan
Alexis Lariviere as Chloe Wilcox
Arabella Oz as Liz Vaughn
Mason Dye as Bruce Kane
Eddie Resendes as Station Detective
Markley Rizzi as Mrs. Kane
Jessica Alexandra Green as Casey Hempel
Kevin Shea as Mr. Alves
Saxon Sharbino as Laura Wilcox
Storyline: Laura's life is turned upside down when she is attacked by a shark while celebrating her 18th birthday. She's rescued by Bruce, a handsome young man just returned home from college. As she recovers, he becomes a local hero for his bravery. As the dust settles, Bruce seems smitten with his damsel in distress, but Laura is not ready to move past the boyfriend she lost in the attack. Bruce shows up in more and more places in her life, but her friends and family can't see the hints of obsession that she starts picking up from her dreamy rescuer. When she tries to tell him no, she winds up being stalked by a local hero who believes the she owes him her life.
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Once again I get turned off by the looks of the females on their shows. In the first scene we are tortured in watching the two girls flirting with a young man. One with unruly hair down to her ass and the other our leading lady also with this crappy long hair. I would like to know when our leading lady is in the hospital from being attacked by a shark, who applies her lipstick and mascara and why? These young females with their long hair make me change channels as I can't tolerate the look or the way they play with their hair. Almost like a phallic symbol. Boring, boring, boring. GET A HAIRCUT.
Stalker out of control
I thought this film was... average. I felt it was low budget but I did watch the whole thing because I found the story line interesting however wished it was better made.

The obsession aspect of it is very intense and creepy and made me want to check behind doors to make sure nobody was there. It did have a sudden twist which i didn't expect.

Would recommend if you don't mind low budget films.
Another Lifetime movie where the villain is just too villainous
The first of last night's two Lifetime "premiere" movies was "Stalker's Prey," listed on as "Hunter's Cove" (presumably a working title, since Hunter's Cove is the name of the beach town where it takes place). Directed by Colin Theys from a script by John Doolan, it's a pretty typical by-the-numbers Lifetime piece in which high-school senior Laura Wilcox (Saxon Sharbino) and her younger sister Chloe (Alexis Larivere) are being raised by their mom Sandy (Cynthia Gibb) as a single parent. Dad is still alive but he hovers over the action as a sort of irritating non-presence and is never seen as a character, though at one point an argument between Sandy and Laura establishes that it was their father who left their mom, not the other way around. In the opening scene, we see Laura and her boyfriend Nicholas Jordan (Luke Slattery) making out and getting ready to have sex in Nicholas's pickup truck — a real cool restored oldie with a double cab — when mom comes home early from an outing and catches them. She orders Laura into the house and tells her she's not to see Nicholas anymore — it becomes clear she just plain doesn't like him and doesn't regard him as a suitable mate for her daughter — and when she resists, Sandy tells Laura she's grounded for the weekend even though it's her birthday and she was counting on being able to go out to celebrate. Laura duly sneaks out, and equally unsurprisingly her sister Chloe rats her out to mom; where Laura is going is to the local beach with her friend Bre Hendricks (Gillian Rose) — the first name is pronounced "Brie," like the cheese — and the two end up on a boat called "Open Wide" (as in what, Laura's legs?), from which they dive to do a swim in the local cove.

Only there's a shark prowling the water (and director Theys can't resist some vaguely "Jaws"-ish musical themes while this is happening) and it attacks our young lovebirds: Nicholas is killed by the shark (a real pity because we don't want to lose the cutest guy in the film at the end of the first act!) but Laura is rescued by Bruce Kane (Mason Dye), of whom we'd also got some choice man-meat views in swim trunks and nothing else. The gimmick is that once Bruce, the son of a local City Councilmember, sees Laura he's instantly smitten and believes she is THE ONE for him from then on — and this being a stalker story his affections get creepier and creepier, including taking on a job baby-sitting for Laura's sister Chloe and getting a key to their house, ostensibly so he can show up whenever Sandy needs a baby-sitter but really to show up whenever he wants Laura — whom he makes it to bed with once (at a garden party given by his dad to raise money for his re-election campaign — Bruce tricks Laura into going by saying he merely wants an escort but he turns it into a real date, necking with her by the backyard swimming pool to the strains of the 1913 song "You Made Me Love You" (I wasn't sure, but I think the singer was Patsy Cline) and ultimately having sex with her. As the film progresses (like a disease), Bruce's actions get weirder and weirder.

The big problem with "Stalker's Prey" is the big problem with a lot of Lifetime's thrillers: not content to keep Bruce's villainy within reasonable and believable bounds, writer Doolan makes him a figure of almost preternatural evil. At times the moral of this story seems to be, "When your mom grounds you because she doesn't like your boyfriend, listen to her: otherwise, if you sneak out, he's going to be killed by a shark and you'll be rescued by a cute guy who'll become an obsessive stalker and threaten to kill you" — though one part of Doolan's script I liked was the irony that Laura's mom can't stand the nice boy she's dating at the opening and loves the one who turns out to be the demented stalker who nearly kills her. Other than that, "Stalker's Prey" was pretty typical Lifetime fare, blessed with two cute guys we get to see in hot states of undress but preceding along well-traveled routes to a pretty predictable ending.
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