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Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jonathan Levine
Joan Cusack as Barb
Fidel Salcido as Beach Bartender
Kim Caramele as Shopper
Luis F. Ramirez as Man with Tray
Moani Hara as Hot Woman
Tom Bateman as James
Amy Schumer as Emily Middleton
Daniel Bess as Front Desk Clerk
Goldie Hawn as Linda Middleton
Randall Park as Michael
Wanda Sykes as Ruth
Ike Barinholtz as Jeffrey Middleton
Storyline: After her boyfriend dumps her on the eve of their exotic vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton persuades her ultra-cautious mother, Linda to travel with her to paradise. Polar opposites, Emily and Linda realize that working through their differences as mother and daughter - in unpredictable, hilarious fashion - is the only way to escape the wildly outrageous jungle adventure they have fallen into.
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Funny from start to finish without being too crude
This is the first genuinely funny comedy for some time. And surprise it doesn't rely on crudeness to be funny like most recent comedies. There are some dirty jokes but it's the dialog, situations that are funny and almost all the characters are funny. Wit beats crudeness any time. Really laugh out loud many times.

Things start off funny already so you know you are in for a well written movie from the store to the breakup. Then they go off to Ecuador. The scenery looks authentic considering it was filmed in Hawaii. Blending the cautionary tale of Americans in trouble in South America with adventure that is spontaneous and not slapstick, it's quite a fun adventure through the jungle to rescue.

Goldie Hawn - it's good to have you back. Amy Schumer - she's a good enough comedienne to not to make this movie her vehicle so the jokes speak for themselves and the other actors shine. Supporting cast is funny from the GOT nerd brother to the less annoying than usual Wanda Sykes and the mute special ops played by Joan Cusack to adventurer Chris Meloni. The Ecuadorian and Colombians are funny too even the bad guys.

Highly recommended.
Missed you Goldie, but WHAT THE HELL ???
Why the heck did the wonderful and talented Goldie Hawn come out of semi- retirement for this rubbish ??? I think back to all the great films she's been in, Overboard, Private Benjamin, Wildcats etc. To miss her so much and then see her in this cowplop you'd got to wonder what she was thinking.
Try again
I really wanted to like it more than I actually did. But I don't think it's the worst ever and it might actually attract some viewers when it's released on cable TV.

To me, it just felt like it was edited for time or something. Like if the movie had been 3 hours long, it might have been more humorous. Of course, if it had, there would have been a revolt!

Find another (better) script, Amy and Goldie, and start from scratch. I think you have chemistry, but baking soda and lemon juice can only get you so far.
Equality Does Not Mean Striving For the Sewer
And here we go again...

As a feminist accidentally born with testicles, I am always hopeful when Hollywood attempts to package movies designed for women. As we know, 99 percent of all Hollywood product is aimed at sexually confused 19 year old males. Give Hollywood some credit--in recent years, they've really tried to introduce diversity to their slate of films and that, of course, means movies produced by and for women.

Here's the problem:

Equality does not mean imitating the worst behavior of the worst men. Hollywood seems to think (and has done a great job of convincing a lot of women) that replacing penis jokes with vagina jokes represents some radical evolution in filmmaking. It doesn't. Hollywood has been trying to make Animal House with a female cast for some time and they don't even understand what made Animal House an enduring film. There is, ultimately, a camaraderie amongst the men of the Delta house which allows them to come together at the end of the film and battle the forces of conformity.

Snatched pretends there's warmth between the mother-daughter pairing of Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, but it never feels genuine. This is what has sunk the whole slew of "women behaving badly" movies that started, I believe, with Bridesmaids and has continued through the Ghostbusters reboot and Bad Moms (I'm sure there are a few other, but they slip my mind at the moment).

This is a bit of a tragedy. When Amy Schumer's career began, she was very funny and, in some ways, very radical. She's given in, however, to the pressure to be vulgar for the sake of vulgarity. This is not an attractive trait in any self-respecting woman. It's no different than women solving problems with guns and other phallic symbols in an action movie, as opposed to solving problems with their minds.

This movie will make you yearn for the 30s and 40s, when women in Hollywood were respected and were given roles in films about women negotiating life in an intelligent, realistic manner.

If Hollywood cannot do better than this, the women's movement is doomed.
I was expecting more
I'm going to start by saying I'm a huge fan of both leading ladies, but sadly this was such a waste of time and money. No, they didn't write, edit, or direct it, but unfortunately they are blamed for how terrible it is. In this day and age making ppl of color the bad guys needs to stop already. Why couldn't she have drove across country and ran into some bad ppl America? We do have criminals in this country. It could've been like a national lampoons or something.

This movie really lacks originality, comic timing and as much as Goldie and Amy act like they have chemistry on every talk show on the planet they didn't have it for me in this movie. Goldie seems too sweet to play the character she played in this movie. I'm not going to spoil anything by saying that or try and spoil anything for anyone.

I will end by saying this, not all the bad reviews are from people who hate Amy, so if you choose to spend money and enjoy this movie then good for you and I'm happy you had a great time. I just think with such an established cast it could've been great.
I was so excited to see Goldie making it back to the big screen and I do like Amy Schumer despite what some are implying that the bad reviews are insincere and coming from a dislike for Amy. It was very bad acting. So boring and just bad. Would love to see Goldie in something else though. Amy go back to stand up. You just don't have acting in your genes.
Predictable, Uninspired and Self Defeating
There is absolutely nothing to this film that is unique. No, wait, there was this one shot when two characters leave the boot of a car that was pretty neat and new. Otherwise, there's nothing.

First off, the majorly glaring issue; every shot (except for the previously mentioned one) is flat and boring. The colour palette is awful and generic. The film looks like it was shot in digital and they turned up the saturation a little. The shots look like they're from a sitcom, where it's always a boring background, with a focus on foreground and it maintains one angle for the most part. It hardly deviates from that. Characters and actions are always on the foreground and the background just exists. They could've put a black screen there and nothing would change.

The main part of a comedy movie's funny. This...isn't. We're talking about Amy Schumer here though. The movie is supposed to focus on the Mother/Daughter relationship, but that's under cooked and dumb. Schumer is self absorbed and unlikable and her mum is a dumb person who lets them get kidnapped (when she knows they will) because she wants to read the end of her book (and that's actually in the film). Two unlikable or unrelatable characters with no chemistry. There are one or two good jokes though, however, it feels like one of Schumer's stand up routines with a narrative weaved through. Talking about the narrative...

It's contradictory or dumb. It feels like it's trying to make fun of stereotypes, as it's always like "OH! It's an American Man! Our hero!" and the bad guy is obviously a Southern American and darker skinned. But, it just doesn't. The American, Indiana Jones hero guy seems like a successful satire, but it's just unfunny. The way they deal with him is predictable. Otherwise, the rest are stereotypes that are there in the movie. They don't even acknowledge them or parody another film. It's just there.

Another thing I hated is it lacks energy. Nobody cared about the movie. The writers opened up Final Draft Pro and had preset things which they dragged and dropped into the document. For example, one of the transitions in the movie goes as such:


(to mum)

You're coming to *WHEREVER

THEY GO TO* with me.

CUT TO: EXT. STOCK FOOTAGE - PLANE Plane lands on airstrip. Pop music plays. Text stating location fades on screen.

That's just generic and made me cringe hard in the cinema. And there's many of these tropes used throughout the movie.

Final point, the settings are just places. They're a means for the characters to do stuff. They don't have their own character. There's a forest. What's different about the forest to the Hotel? There's less people around. The forest exists so they go through it. The people in the cafe/bar in the forest speak and understand English perfectly, so there's no new culture or personality developed there. The only one place that's unique is the society they 'find'. Otherwise, every place is bland, boring and generic. The first Alien film is a good study of settings. The ship feels safe at the start, then, with the Xenomorph on board, it immediately feels unsafe. That, alongside Ash, completely changes the dynamic throughout. It turns from accommodating, to claustrophobic. Not saying this film (Snatched) is supposed to do that, but did they even watch the film (Snatched) before releasing it?

In the end, it's just another dumb movie. I recommend you miss it out. If you want to watch this movie, turn on your TV and watch Ghostbusters (2016). Although the characters in that had a semblance of chemistry and they had some cool effects (unlike the tape worm in this film).
Husband and I were dying laughing!!!
Not sure what movie these other reviewers were expecting but my husband and I were laughing out loud so hard we were crying!! Great movie! Lots of fun. Both Amy and Goldie were great and it was funny all the way through. If you like the Hangover or Stepbrothers you will get and love this movie!!
Predictable Story
The story was predictable which was disappointing, but I kept watching for it to get better. It doesn't get much better. In fact it falls flat. I gave it a 3 and those 3 points are for Goldie Hawn. It was really nice to see her again. She is still beautiful. Amy Schumer appeared really dumpy in this movie. I read somewhere this was the best comedy of the year. I really hope not.

I don't see the problem with the film being any of the actor's fault...I think it is the writing and foul language used non-stop.
A mother-daughter road trip film that is a waste of comedic talent
Strong but fractious, the mother-daughter bond is a soft target for sit-coms. Fill it with two female legends of comedy, set them on a road-trip movie through exotic locations, add a kidnapping, some bawdy gags and sketches, and hey presto: a box-office success. Even a solid recipe like this can sometimes fail and it certainly has in Snatched (2017). Where were those missing ingredients, like a plausible script and a coherent storyline?

When her boyfriend dumps Emily (Amy Schumer) she asks her mother Linda (Goldie Hawn) to take his place on a pre-paid dream-of-a-lifetime holiday. The act of asking is a classic but lame skit of desperate lies with the flighty Emily not wanting to go alone and the over-controlling Linda dying to be asked. On their first night in Hawaii, Emily is picked up by a handsome Aussie and soon both are taken on a friendly local tour into the island's primitive interior and straight into a kidnap plot. From here on, it's a repetitive cycle of escape, fleeing, cornered, escape and so on, interrupted only by the kind of body-part one-liners that live stand-up comics can get away with but that never work in a feature movie. Along the way, the girls cause havoc and a few triumphant girl-power casualties. A ransom demand ends up with Linda's moronic but devoted son who tricks the US diplomatic corps into launching a recovery operation. It sounds like a plot, but its only noise.

How could this film be saved? Maybe with less reliance on femo-slapstick lines like "oops, one of my boobs fell out" or characters that an audience might care about or a less repetitive and less predictable storyline. As for that weirdly unpleasant tapeworm skit: it set the bar below the floor. This film is truly a waste of comedic talent.
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