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Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jonathan Levine
Joan Cusack as Barb
Fidel Salcido as Beach Bartender
Kim Caramele as Shopper
Luis F. Ramirez as Man with Tray
Moani Hara as Hot Woman
Tom Bateman as James
Amy Schumer as Emily Middleton
Daniel Bess as Front Desk Clerk
Goldie Hawn as Linda Middleton
Randall Park as Michael
Wanda Sykes as Ruth
Ike Barinholtz as Jeffrey Middleton
Storyline: After her boyfriend dumps her on the eve of their exotic vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton persuades her ultra-cautious mother, Linda to travel with her to paradise. Polar opposites, Emily and Linda realize that working through their differences as mother and daughter - in unpredictable, hilarious fashion - is the only way to escape the wildly outrageous jungle adventure they have fallen into.
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Sooooo bad ... Worse than you can imagine!
Comedy (though that's being extremely generous).

Amy Schumer plays the 'usual' character she always plays, she's a selfish individual who gets dumped by her boyfriend just before they're due to go on holiday. The tickets are non-refundable so creating a dilemma, who to go with? So her mum (Goldie Hawn) eventually agrees to go on this exotic holiday.

There's some great mother / daughter chemistry at the start but even that fails to develop further when the adventure element starts, from that point forward it stops being funny and you stop caring what happens! The film is funny up to the abduction and fails after that!

See this if you really must, but when you're drunk and the incoherent plot won't matter!

Nothing compared to 'Train wreck' and certainly nowhere near as good as 'Bridesmaids'.

No out-takes – oh c'mon there must have been loads!

In summary, this film is utter garbage, it'll make you want to poke your eyes out with hot pokers way before the end (sorry).
Don't watch
Just one question that says all: where is the bottom Ms. Schumer? I actually demanded the movie theater crew after 30 min watching it for a refund. That was their and actually my first time. Never done that in my life. My wife likes her, so we went, but she wanted to leave before I. This is not a movie. It is trash. Category C or D... Hope they will not spend any energy to put it on DVD. Please don't support the crew or her by watching it. You will regret. Spend that money on bowling, snooker or air hockey. Much more fun.
I was so excited to see Goldie making it back to the big screen and I do like Amy Schumer despite what some are implying that the bad reviews are insincere and coming from a dislike for Amy. It was very bad acting. So boring and just bad. Would love to see Goldie in something else though. Amy go back to stand up. You just don't have acting in your genes.
Just Doesn't Work
"Snatched" tried to be a likable movie, but it just didn't work on any level. I am a big fan of Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer, but their pairing may have been one of the worst since Warren Beatty and Al Pacino in the ever-so-memorable, "Ishtar."

Emily (Schumer) has scheduled a trip to Ecuador with her boyfriend, only to have her him break up with her right before the trip! Desperate not to have to go ALONE, she finally convinces her mom to accompany her. Ignoring all warnings by her mom NOT to talk to strangers, she finds herself knee deep in sh*t when both mom and daughter are kidnapped and held for ransom.

Unlike Schumer's last movie, the hilarious "Trainwreck," the script here is just too weak (not to mention unfunny) for anything to work. Surrounded by a much more talented cast in "Trainwreck," Schumer is exposed here and the audience realizes very quickly her shtick gets real old real fast. As much as I love Goldie Hawn, she looked bored and uninterested in this entire project.

Rated "R" for violence and constant ribald language, you won't have missed much if you choose to pass on this one.
Mom and daughter survive a mess
After partnering with Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Kurt Russell and Lisa Minelli, you wouldn't think that she would throw her cachet away by partnering with Schumer.

Just like Schumer, this movie has the appeal of day-old oatmeal. Wait for it to come out on Netflix
Funny movie kind of but movie was really poorly orchestrated
It was a horrible movie, actors were awful none of them seemed to know how to act. I feel like the directors of this movie they spent very little on the creation of this movie and story was awful too and stereotypical and racist towards Hispanics. It was not funny either when I know Amy Schumer could have done better as some of her movies other then this one were funny but she did really poorly in this epic failure of a movie.
'Snatched'; an example of why you should not take IMDb user reviews and ratings for face value.
Growing up, I absolutely loved Goldie Hawn's movies; watching her feel good comedies religiously. No doubt was I going to miss the highly anticipated cinematic return of Hollywood's most beloved comedic geniuses, and powerhouse performer who provided years of joy and entertainment through her work. 'Private Benjamin', 'Overboard', 'Protocol', 'Wildcats', 'Housesitter', 'Bird On a Wire', 'Death Becomes Her', 'the First Wives Club'.... So many classics from a living legend who so rarely disappoints, and 'Snatched' is up there with these celebrated classics!

As I do, before seeing any movie, I check the IMDb page to check the rating and user reviews, to get an overall consensus of what the general feeling is of the film. Seeing such a low rating and poor reviews, I was quite shocked, as Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck' was well received, and with the pairing of both Schumer and Hawn, I was expecting a way more favourable rating. Reading through the user reviews, I was skeptical when pretty much all the reviews sounded the same.

Still, I went in with an open mind, and was not left disappointed. 'Snatched' provided the same laughter, suspense, action, thrills, heart and humour as Goldie's classic, 'Bird On a Wire'. Appearances from Wanda Sykes, and Joan Cuscak also had me in tears.

'Snatched' lived up to its expectation of being an entertaining, laugh-out-loud, female- driven comedy action. Throughout the film were also very touching moments of a parent's unconditional love for their child. Absolutely loved every minute of this movie, and can't wait to see it again!
Subtext the movie
When a musician in a movie or series says "my band is taking off, I'm hitting the road so I think we should break up"

Subtext to the audience = He wants to live it up with the groupies and not be tied down with just this one girl.

Well this movie is the subtext, instead of going through the humor to get it through to you with a chuckle they just tell you the subtext and leave out the humor, the chuckle, the charm, any decent performance, the good will.

Amy Schumer isn't even trying. The movie just tells you things and expects that to be funny... for some reason. Well it wasn't, it was just dull witted. Save yourself the agony and skip this one.
Bad movie - but not (just) because of Schumer
There are/will be more people here who would argue this movie is getting bad reviews because people are biased towards Schumer. Don't listen to them. This is simply a bad movie, full stop. Utter drivel without any redeeming qualities. Honestly, I could be a bit more eloquent in this review but I realized by now it's not even worth the time - so I stop wasting bits on this right here. Don't waste your money (nor your time) on this.
Amy Schumer Should Just Quit
People who know me would know that I abhor Amy Schumer. She sucks at acting and comedy. So why did I watch this movie? Well Sam Esmail (creator of Mr Robot which I love) and Emmy Rossum (one of my favorite actresses) both recommended it on Twitter. I decided it might be OK because I couldn't really stop thinking about it. I pirated it because I was afraid that it might be horrible so I didn't bother with spending my money. It was a wise choice. This is an awful movie that is extremely unfunny, predictable, and horribly acted. Amy Schumer really needs to quit. This is not the right job for her. I don't know why I decided to watch this movie. I hated it. Do not waste your time with this piece of sh*t. 2/10
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