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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Romance
IMDB rating:
Danny Boyle, Loveleen Tandan
Dev Patel as Youngest Jamal
Saurabh Shukla as Sergeant Srinivas
Anil Kapoor as Prem
Jeneva Talwar as Vision Mixer
Freida Pinto as Latika
Irrfan Khan as Police Inspector
Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail as Youngest Salim
Ayush Mahesh Khedekar as Youngest Jamal
Jira Banjara as Airport Security Guard
Sheikh Wali as Airport Security Guard
Sanchita Choudhary as Jamal's Mother
Himanshu Tyagi as Mr Nanda
Storyline: The story of Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to experience the biggest day of his life. With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India's (2000) (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?) But when the show breaks for the night, police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street kid know so much? Desperate to prove his innocence, Jamal tells the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew up, of their adventures together on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangs, and of Latika, the girl he loved and lost. Each chapter of his story reveals the key to the answer to one of the game show's questions. Each chapter of Jamal's increasingly layered story reveals where he learned the answers to the show's seemingly impossible quizzes. But one question remains a mystery: what is this young man with no apparent desire for riches really ...
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What is wrong with the world???
I've lived in Mumbai, India all my life.

Nowhere do they teach Alexander Dumas (Three Musketeers), in fact our education is so bad people don't even have English textbooks. Examinations conducted just ask for essays and comprehension.

The blinding of beggar children is ridiculous... but that couldn't be enough, could it? So we have a beggar child blinded by circumstance familiar with the face on a hundred dollar note. Man! Get a grip. The Prime Minister, President, and Industrialists wont know whose face there is on a hundred dollar note. No no wait... still not enough... Jamal doesn't know whose face it is on the Indian thousand rupee note (after seeing him receive several of them in the movie - one may ask? Dear Jamal? what now has happened of thy photographic memory?)

One should wonder what direction has Danny Boyle done. If you watch any other film of the actors involved in slumdog you'll realize how repetitive and monotonous their performance is.

Dialogues were really poor. Music was the only side that didn't let down. But A R Rahman has composed far better music for films other than this.

The world has seen little of India... that does not give one the liberty to paint a picture so untrue and pathetic. Its poetic license being abused. Abused and how? What is wrong with the world??? and the awards its bagged???

An uneducated orphan makes it to a popular game show and manages to answer all the questions.
First, I'll get out of the way what did work in this film. One, the scenery and cinematography. Two, though cleaned up, the abject squalor one sees in India, even in areas of prosperity. Three, that the audience is shown, for the most part, how Jamal knows the answers for most of the questions. That aspect of the film I really liked, and how his past was revealed through these questions. Otherwise, this film was a mess. First off, I found this movie one of the most boring films I have ever seen. I had no sympathy for any of the characters, even though we get a decent back story on the 3 main characters. None elicited any emotions from me whatsoever. The acting was sluggish, and for the most part, actually quite bad, and by most everyone in the film. I could see why the production company had so much press, even negative, to promote this movie. Another problem I had was that for a lot of the Hindi spoken we did not get subtitles, and some of it was important to the story. And though I noticed that all these uneducated, lower caste people spoke such good English, for some reason this did not bother me. Much. A "smart" street kid would learn a major language; otherwise, how else to survive? Well, that's how I saw it. And I waited a long time (Netflix) to get this movie, only to take 5 hours to get through it. It's a basic love story (for a girl; for one's brother; for one's life), and a story of how even the lowest can "make it" (have to have that happy ending you know), so if you want that, then this is the movie for you.
Wow, I really wasn't expecting what I saw.....
This movie was one of the best movies that I have seen so far at the Toronto International Film Festival. This film is beautifully filmed as Danny Boyle can do. He is a film master. The acting is magnificent as well. Imagine using 3 children under the age of 7 to tell the early part of the story plot. The film uses past tense, and present tense to tell the whole story, which is also seamless. Filming took place in India as well. Their was a question and answer after the showing of this film at TIFF-Toronto International Film Festival. Please go and see this film. This film is has and exceptional cast, and should be seen in the theaters. It was magnificent.
"Slumdog" beautifully bridges life in India and Western film
It doesn't seem like a stretch to suggest that America might now be ready to embrace films in the style of India's Bollywood films. While "Slumdog Millionaire" is far from a Bollywood tragic love story filled with singing and dancing, the way director Danny Boyle will rivet audiences with his film that is authentic to Indian culture while using a distinctly Western style of film-making might be enough proof that there is a profit to be made here.

"Slumdog Millionaire" is a drama exposing the tragic effects of poverty in gigantic Indian cities like Mumbai that is also fused with a modern day Indian fairytale. Jamal Malik is a young man on India's "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" and is a question away from one million dollars when he's arrested on suspicion of cheating. Because Jamal is from the slums of India and has no educational background, it seems entirely improbable if not impossible that Jamal could make it this far, but each question is connected with distinct and sometimes painful memories for Jamal. It's as if he is destined to win, even though he only went on the show to impress a girl he has loved his whole life, Latika.

Danny Boyle ("28 Days Later," "Sunshine") takes us from memory to memory as Jamal advances question by question toward the million dollars. These memories offer vivid insight into poverty in India as well as the lives of Jamal, Latika and Jamal's older brother Salim. As children they are left parentless and taught how to swindle tourists, leading to lives of little fulfillment or even corruption. Despite being separated, Jamal and Latika are reunited several times and in fact Jamal's only motivation in life is his love for her.

While the young, unknown, Indian actors are absolutely amazing in this film, the biggest kudos go to director Boyle, who creates an astonishing film. For Boyle to go from science fiction and zombie thrillers to taking on a project as daring and unusual as "Slumdog Millionaire" proves that he's not only a brave director, but a versatile one. His great success with making this film intense, eye-opening and full of heart all at the same time prove that he's also an incredible one. "Slumdog" is just the beginning for Boyle who might be one of the most progressive and talented directors working today.

It's hard to be completely blown away by a film whose core message is about destiny and leans on the fact that Jamal is simply fated to do this well in explaining what has unfolded, but like any good film ought to, Boyle makes you a fan of the characters and not care as much about the logistics as you might normally do. The fact that this film starts out so dramatic and real makes it hard to embrace the fairytale it blossoms into, but it's the great visual storytelling along the way that makes it so enjoyable.

~Steven C

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Very disappointing
I was SO excited to finally see this Oscar-nominated movie, and actually enjoyed it until about 30 before its ending. Then it shot downhill so badly my heart sunk with disappointment. I like Danny Boyle movies and have never been disappointed in his work until "Slumdog." The movie started out deliciously compelling and dark. The movie ended like silly, fluffy,contrived Hollywood (Bollywood?) schlock with the "perfect" ending, completely ruining the rough edginess of its beginning. Could the ending when Lativa met Jamal at the train station have been any more corny or clichéd? And how realistic that they were the ONLY two people on the platform. What was the deal with the stupid dancing scene during the ending credits? Was I watching a suspenseful drama or a Judd Apatow comedy? What happened to the Danny Boyle that did the masterful Trainspotting? I'd like him back, please.
An energetic, stylish and engaging fairytale that has enough about it to cover the main weaknesses it has while you are watching
This film came to the UK on a wave of Oscar hype and critical praise and I was looking forward to see it even though the reasons "why" it was good seemed a bit vague to me. On one hand it seems to be set in the gritty poverty of India, with descriptions of some very unpleasant scenes but then, on the other hand it was described as being uplifting and the feel-good movie of the year. I was curious how this conflicting information resolves itself within one film without off-balancing it.

The overall sweep of the film is very much a rag-to-riches story with love being the real heart of the film even if "money" (or a game-show for money) is the narrative driver and essentially it is modern day fairytale. In this regard it is an excellent film because you are engaged throughout, are totally on the side of the main characters and ultimately the viewer would give anything if they could only end the film happily. In this way it is uplifting and (ultimately) a really cheering film that is worth seeing with an audience because it is one of those things that unites an audience with a common feeling of cheer and goodwill. The method of delivery really helps the plot work because it is colourful, frantic and stylish.

I really enjoyed the fragmented time structure that uses the re-watching of the Millionaire questions in the police station as a trigger for flashbacks. This means we are gripped by several threads/times rather than it being a straight flow. It is not an amazingly unique device but the manner of it being put together prevents it ever being clumsy or obvious by how it transitions from one time to the other. Speaking of delivery and style, the film is understandably an Oscar contender generally thanks to its upbeat nature (after darker material last year and the current downturn in the world, Oscar probably will look for some feel-good stuff) but the areas I think it stands a great chance are those of cinematography, editing and direction. I say this because visually the film is a treat. It captures the colour of India with great camera work that puts us right in the scene. An example is the early chase through the slum, with a frantic camera, plenty of colour (in terms of palate, places and people) and a great visual style with the sun hitting the camera from above as it moves and other effective devices. With this much movement in the camera throughout the film, the editing is key in making these scenes work and it is excellent throughout – even putting the subtitles in a stylish and arresting fashion which helped sell the use of Hindi but does also match the style of the film more than standard text would have. As director Boyle delivers on all this and his use of music is great as well. It does feel like we have the grit and style of City of God but yet also the warm uplifting story of the very best the "underdog" genre can provide.

That it achieves this is a testament to how well the film is delivered because it does have to overcome the fact that the majority of the film presents us with a terrible world of poverty and suffering and then gradually pulls the main characters out of it. This is a problem that the delivery covers but ultimately the viewer is left with some fairly harrowing realities that haven't gone away by the end of the film. I totally understand those who love the film unquestioningly but I do agree with those that take pause on this issue and note that it is an aspect of the film that really doesn't stand up in the cold light of day. You see, it is gritty and it is unpleasant and, although not based on a true story, this is a reality in our world and to see so much of it in a film that ultimately leaves you feeling good about life and happy that everything worked out alright is not a mix that sat particularly well with me. It isn't helped by the dance number over the end credits, which involved lots of people and pushed the "isn't everything great" idea more than the proper conclusion of the story did. I didn't like this part of the credits for this reason and also it would have been nice to see a film based in India that didn't feel it had to "do" Bollywood.

The cast mostly play to the "fairytale" side of the film more than the grit, although the young children are very impressive in the first sections of the story. Patel took a minute to grow on me but, although not the most charismatic of performers, he is really steady as the underdog who is driven. Kapoor is a great villain, driven by a hate that says a lot about the class system in place. Pinto is stunning and has a much stronger presence than Patel. Khan works the investigation scenes well, which was important as these are where the story is told from. There are no real weak links in the performances – the fairy-tale nature of the tale means everyone has to focus on that side of it but they are still good.

The film is not as perfect as you will hear but it is still very good at what it does. It is a wonderfully stylish and slick romantic fairytale that is cheering and uplifting but of course this does give the slight problem that it is a stylish, slick and uplifting film that features horribly real images of cruelty and poverty. It doesn't manage to reconcile this but it is strong enough to make you ignore this for the vast majority of the time, leaving you tense, hopeful and weepy.
Bad Movie
I frankly don't know why people in my country India were really excited about this movie and of course it won 3 Oscar's but is it worth it?

I think anyone who had not heard Rahman's music before only can applaud for a real stupid like Jai Ho it was not that bad though but an Oscar is really not needed,Rahman is lot better than that in fact he is the maestro.

Coming to the movie there are some real logical mistakes,what kind of a parson working in a call center would ask his peon to do his work which involves speaking in a very formal accent and show me a slum dweller from any part of the world who speaks a formal accent and many more other goofs.

Coming to the performances dev patel acted very badly and he never looked like a person from the slum but the kids and female lead gave good performances the kids were ultimate.

The camera work and the screenplay was good the music was good though the bad song won the Oscar other songs like O Saya,Gansta Blues were good.

Overall this was a bad try of making a movie of the quality of Cidade de deus.For Indians and Asians it is waste of time to watch this movie and others u will get a glimpse of making style of Indian movies.
Most overrated movie of the year
*May contain spoilers*

Granted, the cinematography is decent and the story concept involving the game show is a little different from the usual fare, but the movie is hugely over-rated. It is not quite as "excellent" as critics and movie-goers have been raving about. It is comparable to any Bollywood movie, really. Childhood friendship develops into love and the lovers are separated time and again by villains.

Benegal, Ray and such other Indian directors have been making much better movies for decades but have received very little acclaim in the West for their work. With an American director delving into an Indian story, however, this story now deserves an Oscar. Wonderful!

Boyle should restrict himself to zombie movies.
The most over-rated film in the history of cinema.

A hideously contrived, illogical, unrealistic portrayal of a nation and peoples whose lives are steeped in poverty, made for the consumption and entertainment of the gluttonous morbidity upon which Westernised base morals gorge their stupified mindsets.

The first hour is engaging, fast paced and brilliantly acted by the children, Unfortunately it is done in the manner of a Hollywood action movie, leaving the unpleasant after taste, to those with any sense of discernment, that subsistence and poverty are somehow fun and exciting. However, the emotional bonds between the characters are well defined and at times moving. As they grow up, these bonds remain and the older brother acts as a father figure to his brother and the girl.

It is at this point the plot falls apart as he gets involved in murder, mayhem and the sexual abuse and enslavery of the girl for whom he has spent most of his life protecting beyond his own. He turns against his brother and reinvents himself on the back of an absurd plot line involving a thuggish yet moronic Mafiosa gang.

The unlikely love story then evolves through numerous plot holes regarding the format of the gameshow, the illogical rationale of the host trying to sabotage the 'slumdog' in his quest for the top prize, the impossible logistics of the 'phone a friend' scenario, all culminating in a nauseous 'happy ending' in which we are supposed to feel SO happy for the lucky couple and view the death of the older brother as some kind of twisted victory for good over evil, or love over money.

And yet this film is all about money, consumption and the excess of success. To me the only 'feel good' ending would be for him to have lost the money but got the girl, but for the greed obsessed cinema goer, this wouldn't be enough. He had to have it all, even if by luck, not judgement.

As for the ridiculous dance scene at the end, it was a crass, embarrassing and shameful exploitation of Indian culture dressed up in Hollywodd schmaltz. I came out feeling irritable, annoyed, despising everything about this travesty and the overwhelming human response which somehow is enthused and excited rather than intellectually and morally insulted by this obnoxious filth.
So Overblown
After all of the hype and awards for Slumdog Millionaire, I expected more. The film is really quite average in every way. It has three things going for it: 1) Freida Pinto is drop-dead gorgeous, 2) the ending 'music video' at the train station is fun and invigorating, and 3) Freida Pinto is drop-dead gorgeous. That's about it.

From beginning to end, the story zig-zags around like a snake in a traffic jam. Sensible dialog is lacking much of the time, character development seems like an afterthought, and the film is often ploddingly slow and boring.

The plight of the poor in Mumbai is a topic worth exploring, but Slumdog does a poor job of it. There is little depth to the storyline, aside from the outhouse scene. I have to admit -- that looked pretty deep to me!
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