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Slamma Jamma
Drama, Sport
IMDB rating:
Timothy A. Chey
Michael Irvin as Terrell
Michael Cognata as Lizare
Tammy Brawner as Tammy Goodwin
Kay Wallia as Melinda Jones
Gary Smith as Craig Jackson
Ryan Gunnarson as Jerome Matthews
Ray Walia as Pastor John Soul
Chris Staples as Michael Diggs
Michael Hardy as Brandon
William Thomas Jones as Warden Ed Williams
Aqueela Zoll as Linda Collins
Charles Hoyes as Mark Jacobs
Jose Canseco as Jose Canseco
Storyline: Wrongfully accused and sent to prison, a former basketball star prepares for the national slam dunk competition while finding redemption in himself and in those he loves.
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Don't let the few, immature people make you not see it......
If this film was made by someone else and did not include a positive message of faith, they would not be subject to the perversely extreme negativity against them. This may not be an Oscar-caliber film, but then, neither are many of the films of many Hollywood actors and directors. There are other less well-produced films, too, which audiences loved and critics panned, but you don't see the continued visceral hatred that you see directed at a film like Slamma Jamma. It all comes down to the faith message. That is ultimately what the film's detractors truly hate. To me, this film is one of the best of 2017. It was remarkably made. Don't let the few, immature people make you not see it.
Not very good
I had high hopes for the movie after watching "Greater", which I LOVED! This movie had many things wrong with it...from a really bad wig for the younger representation of the main character, to a lot of over- acting and really strange and unnecessary scenes. There were awkward attempts at humor and my husband and I were pretty disappointed that we spent the money to see it. I do like the idea of one changing their life and outlook and that the movie has moments where faith in God is a focus...that's why I gave it a 4. I really wouldn't recommend the movie though.
An overview and brief analysis of the leadership characteristics demonstrated my the characters in the film.
***SLIGHT SPOILERS*** I think those pretty vicious movie critics who had bad comments about this movie should take the time to sit back, relax and learn what watching a movie is all about. Sure it may be predictable, but don't think about it just watch the movie! This was an excellent movie, a movie that draws you into the story, very few movies do that nowdays. If you just clear your mind and watch the movie you see just what a brilliant movie it is. An excellent cast that play all characters well, a typical story line, but still a good one, and great slam dunk sequences (i knew nothing about American basketball before but i actually understood most of those sequences). I loved this movie it deserved a heap of awards but was overlooked! shame really.

My white, nine-year-old son sat through this movie crying and laughing in equal measure. Having been raised in England in the 1990s / 2000s he has little knowledge of US civil rights issues and history.

This movie reminds me that if the public schools of America devoted the time, money and the resources devoted to understanding the poor community, what a difference it would make.

I have not seen a movie in a long time that I have felt every last bit of an emotion in for a long. It made me laugh out loud, it made me angry by hitting a pillow, it made me cry (which is very important and can not be done easily. trust me on this!! i didn't even cry during 8 seconds!!!!) But most importantly, it made me think of all the things that have been said and done in the past between races. Not because of wisdom or a strong back. But for many different reasons that we all know and are afraid at times to discuss. But the Blacks have come out on top in my opinion. And I know that it doesn't mean much to some or any at all, but it does count to me and I am sure that it counts to our GOD! For we are all one in His eyes and in mine.


a STRONG 10 for this movie
My favourite film ever!!!!
This film is without a doubt my favourite faith film of all time. My friend invited me to a faith and friends premiere screening and I was blown away.

Its funny, sad, emotional, moving and inspiring and I would recommend it to everyone! :) The dunking is out of this world. Who are these guys?

With great actors and an amazing script this film is great to watch as a family or with friends.

As a teenager I found it helpful

If you haven't seen War Room I would highly recommend them as well.

If you enjoyed Porter Maberry. He's only 5'5 and showed the world he can dunk

As I said before I would recommend this to everyone and I think every teenager and father should watch it.

I'm giving it an 8 out of 10 only because I'm being honest. I've never given anything a '10'
More than a sports movie....
Chris Staples and Michael Irvin star in this sports comedy about a guy who leaves jail and goes through horrible events to win the slam dunk championship

It's an unbelievably good movie and that's why I'm writing this review. Especially after this movie critic attacked the film, smearing a wonderful movie. Everyone I went with loved the movie. It was a personal attack from another tribalist bigot who hates faith-based people. And they wonder why the world hates their guts.

The movie provides a lot to themes that deal with stereotypes like blacks superior talent in basketball and white being less athletic. Added to that,we also get to see Gentiles come into the picture with Tyrone's character of being a friend to Michael Digs .Overall,it was just more of a sports movie as it tries to show how much redemption plays a part in all our lives.
A superb time-capsule of an era no longer with us, faith, forgiveness, graciousness
A movie that defines the idea of the underdogs rising to meet the challenge of greatness, Slamma gives the audience something to cheer for. A tough-as-nails ex-con with a heart of gold, a team of street dunkers of making it to the championship, a desperate mother pinning her hopes on her son's redemption - the movie has it all. It is well-paced, and is not overladen with side-plots and frivolities. There are no doped-up, foul-mouthed players, no need for gratuitous "party hearty" shots of the players behaving like hedonists or abusing their opponents. Some sports movies may trade in that stock and be considered "great" for it; this film doesn't and it's better for it. Superbly cast, superbly acted, and superbly executed. A worthy addition to the library of any sports film fan.
Under-Rated Sports Film That Tells Important Story
Yes, I would admit that this movie is not THE greatest basketball movie of all time. I suppose Hoosiers would get that title.

The only real pet-peave I had is that the basketball players such as Jammer, Diggs, and others are not exactly Shakespearean actors.

Of course, their athletic ability is perfect for their parts and the movie covers their acting deficiencies enough with plenty of playing scenes including numerous dunks by all of these dunk specialists.

Overall this goes down as one of my favourite basketball movies simply because it tells it like it is – even if it does have it's weaknesses.

The acting was good, but the story line was great: faith part was sincere and extraordinary.

Chris Staples holds this together as much as possible. There are many cameos. It's overloaded and some of it is unnecessary.

I strongly recommend you watch this movie, it's one of the best basketball movies ever.
What separates this film, from most sports movies, is has less to do with basketball, and much ado with the ignorant community. Just reading the AV Club knows that film critic was out to get the filmmakers and he should be deeply ashamed.

This is an absolute must see movie, if the movie is true to what happened in real life I don't know, but it is one of the best movies I've seen this millennium so far :)

This is another one of the movie that makes you feel good and touch your emotions deeply.

I thought that this movie was excellent, one of the best, very many great young actors for example Chris Staples. The ending was predictable, but nonetheless entertaining.

Overall I liked this movie, it even made me cry and not just a few tears but a lot (along with my chin quivering a bit)

I am glad I saw this movie, and would recommend anyone else, who is contemplating seeing it, to just see it. I initially put off seeing the movie due to reading comments about how "predictable" it was and comments like, "Oh just another movie about how some guy who over come the odds to win the BIG GAME". But the movie is about so much more - I believe in God - and about values and lessons in integrity. You don't have to be a slam dunk enthusiast to enjoy it because the slam dunking is really just a backdrop to the main theme of the story. But then again, if you like amazing slam dunks - most anywhere in any film, you should also find the these scenes enjoyable.
Ready to see it a second time!
I'm rarely at a loss for words.....This movie is POWERFUL and life changing. As the other reviewer pointed out, you must see it to the end to really get the full meaning.

It is rare to have the lights come on after a movie has ended and people staying through the end credits and also seeing tears streaming down people's faces. Once this film was over, I was one of them. I'll be seeing Slamma Jama again, to pick up on some things that went by too quickly the first time. God bless the actors and crew for this contribution to humanity. Do yourself a tremendous favor and go see this film. You won't regret it.
Slamma jamma was the best show i have seen in awhile.
I really enjoyed the movie and was actually inspired by the end of the film. The film was a little corny and syrupy from time to time but it was an overall very good, positive film. I read that little movie critic's review on the AV and it was a malicious portrayal of a wonderful film - shame on him. It was almost like the critic was out to get the actors and producers for no reason. The critic seemed to relish being cruel and his attacks were not only unwarranted, but also untrue. He said there were camera equipment all over the movie to make the movie look cheap. The only camera equipment I saw was purposeful for the championship coverages. I hope the producers sue this guy for launching this smear campaign. I really do.

We should all be so fortunate to have the opportunity to see a movie that features a person that actually tries to deal with these issues without making judgment calls and instead offer resolutions to problems. This was good because they were able to see the consequences of their actions. When they made the right decision, they were able to see the positive consequences. When they made the wrong decision the players were faced with negative consequences and had no one to blame but themselves.The positive message the movie conveyed was that lives can be changed for the better through self discipline, hard work and the building of character.
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