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USA, Switzerland
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Robert Kouba
John Cusack as Elias Van Dorne
Carmen Argenziano as Damien Walsh
Eileen Grubba as Veronica Davis
Storyline: In 2020, Elias van Dorne (John Cusack), CEO of VA Industries, the world's largest robotics company, introduces his most powerful invention--Kronos, a super computer designed to end all wars. When Kronos goes online, it quickly determines that mankind, itself, is the biggest threat to world peace and launches a worldwide robot attack to rid the world of the "infection" of man. Ninety-seven years later, a small band of humans remain alive but on the run from the robot army. A teenage boy, Andrew (Julian Schaffner) and a teenage girl, Calia (Jeannine Wacker), form an unlikely alliance to reach a new world, where it is rumored mankind exists without fear of robot persecution. But does this world actually exist? And will they live long enough to find out?
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There are two reasons you find yourself compelled to share your thoughts about a movie: You find it very good or very bad. This one was the latter. When I started watching it it had 6.7 points at IMDb. So I gave it a try. It had deserved non of them. The acting was poor, the plot stupid, the plot-holes many, the dialogues embarrassing, the ending threatening with an even stupider sequel. A singularity is a future event beyond which one can not make any predictions. Most of the movie was perfectly predictable. The only reason why some of the turns where indeed not predictable, was because I could simply not anticipate the level of ruthless incompetence of the scriptwriter leaving tons of unanswered and unanswerable questions: Where does that cornfield come from? Why does that facility burn down? Why where there at all any trains 37 years after the event? Why should groups of (male) humans be hostile towards strangers, when there is no competition and they are no threat to each other, only possible help? How could humans survive underground even for days let alone decades, where there is no food and machines are better equipped to catch their prey? How could humans develop fantastic technologies within a few, what? years? months? weeks? when they barely have food to survive let alone factories, supply lines and indeed the knowledge of the necessary physics. And why would an unbiased machine think that humans killing humans is worse than ants killing ants, lions killing lions or trees suppressing other trees in the first place? And if this machine for some mindless reason must eradicate humans from this world, why not doing it fast, efficient and completely. I could think of may ways, a superhuman intelligence, not doubt, could think of even better ones. And how, to put an end to this pointless discussion, does a super intelligent machine comes to terms with its own evilness if it is evilness it tries to wipe out? Watch this movie if you had a good day and you want to spoil it for yourselves.
What on earth is John Cusack doing in this terrible movie?
Nobody seems to have noticed that they have basically completely channelled Katniss from the Hunger Games, that initial shot with the female lead she is nearly her double. The movie was so dull I didn't finish it, sorry. Took all I had to get through about half of it. Silly, slow, odd and pointless. The young actors are OK. Hope they get a shot at something better than this.
Undiluted drivel
The cliché subject matter of this film (revealed in the first 5 minutes) set aside, the weakness of this movie is simply the lack of common sense in all story aspects. Well, that and a terrible script, awful directing and amateurish acting-- even from the seasoned veterans, who apparently have no other expressions than detached boredom (main villain), open-eyed goofy wonder (male lead), and disappointing dullness from veteran Carmen Argenziano. The only decent acting in the entire film is from female lead Jeannine Wacker... but the lines they gave her were just unbelievable.

Examples of plot dis-continuity:

* A Polaroid camera that still has a working battery, flash and film after decades of sitting on a shelf.

* Julia plays a "Hunger Games"-esque female that carries a bulky crossbow as her weapon-of-choice. (In a world where she could have about any weapon she might find, this cumbersome contraption would be one of the least viable.) (Did she even use it in the film?)

* Her almost-instant acceptance of the male character, who frankly just appears out of nowhere looking like a model from a teen magazine-- with no real questions as to 1) why he has no weapons or supplies 2) Where he came from 3) How he got there 4) And just accepting the very lame answers he gives to her limited questions.

* An AI construct retaining a human body (badly damaged at that). Nice "head glow" effect... just rather unbelievable.

The list goes on. As science fiction goes, this has very little science and a whole heap of fiction. Add to this long stretches of unnecessary scenes and trite dialog that can only be described as tedious and we have a predictably ludicrous and nonsensical ending to top off 90 minutes of uninteresting schlock.

The CGI is decent; the robots are believably awesome (if now cliché, having appeared in this form in many films. What are these, rent-a-bot models from a 3-D program?).

But the film just drags. By the time you're into the 40 minute point you'll be wondering if you should play solitaire on your cell phone to fill in the dull periods while you wait for the movie to get around to the end.

This is a bad film. Rather than watching this, re-wash clean dishes. You'll accomplish more with your time.
Do not waste your time
This is my first ever review, and it won't be so much a review as it is warning and advice not to watch this movie. Stupidest and more idiotic movies seen in a very long time. No point in going to details, the people before me already wrote it down... Justin DON'T waste you time on this crap.
false ratings
After almost 20 years of using IMDb, I finally decided to register. Why? To get a chance to review Singularity? No. Just to express my anger. Somebody behind this movie (probably the studio) paid for 1000 false ratings to move Singularity up the ladder. Yesterday the overall score was 8.0!!! The best film ever made????

If you open the detailed score, you can immediately see why. Today (11-5-17, day 3 after release) the score is still 7,3 and it is falling down. There are 40 to 100 votes in each level, except for 9 stars level. So far the movie received 9 stars 1300 times. With no explanation, no written review, there are just these 9-star ratings accumulated within 2 days out of nowhere.

Nobody with clear mind can give Singularity 9 stars. At least nobody who saw movies like Hunger Games, Terminator or Blade Runner. Maybe it deserves 3, maybe 5. I am giving 1 for this intentional deception with false ratings. As another reviewer already pointed out, the situation is similar at RottenTomatoes.

IMDb staff: please check the voters' accounts! Are all the 9-star votes from accounts created 2 days ago by some cheating software?

One personal note: The scenes in an empty village with desolated church were shot in my country and that was the only time the movie got my attention (because I tried to figure out which village it may be)...
A child with camera phone could have made a better movie
An extreme low for scifi fans. The little amount effort put into this flick is astonishing. No energy. No real fear or feeling ever throughout. Just bad.

Who thought this would work? Why did you produce this?

Poorly executed.
Horrible movie
It's a disaster. The cgi, acting and story-line are horrible. This could be any low budget movie, adding a well known actor doesn't magically make this movie any better. And how it's possible this movie even got a mark above 3 just doesn't make any sense.

It's an insult to intelligence.

Keep away at all cost.
More than just cgi spectacle
I really liked this film. First it starts like the usual Terminator movie and you would expect the same old story of a hero fighting against the machines, but it turns out that this movie is much more than another adaption of the same theme. What really locked my attention was the slow and very well executed development between the two main characters Andrew and Calia.

Although we, as the audience, know more than our heroes at times, it is quite touching to watch the increasing emotional boundary between Calia and Andrew. What makes this film exceptional is that it focuses on what makes us human and what it means to trust and love one another despite of who or what we are.

This film goes much deeper that the average viewer would like to expect from such a movie. Imagine that an artificial being such as Kronos destroys mankind because of the lack of any emotions, and with only pure logic. That is one possible danger from a true AI. What if such an AI develops into another AI (Andrew) in the end that is capable of true human feelings again? This film might be about robots and special effects but if you go deeper you will discover a very philosophical question about the difference between human and machine. This film is definitely for someone who can think on his own and does not expect just a cheap CGI spectacle.
Waste of time. Do not be fooled by the rating.
Again, do not believe the rating. The vote distribution is so obviously fake that now, it is on IMDb to do something about it. The story is unoriginal and nonsensical. The ending was a lazy attempt to set up a sequel that required a deus ex machina device created out of giant plot holes.

I don't know if it is the work of the studio to game the rating or if it is the Russians trying to make the world dumber by making horrible movies look good.
First, the title, "Singularity" has *nothing* to do with the movie by any definition of the word. Totally random, irrelevant name for it. "Dog" for the title would have made more sense.

The lead male actor had his mouth gaping open for the whole movie, and he had a frozen "I'm scared and surprised" bug eyes and expression...the whole movie.

The human race has been all but wiped out for 97 years, but the lead male has dyed and gelled hair tips, clean clothes, and no facial hair growth, let alone not a speck of dirt on either of them.

Cusack has the same stone, emotionless face for the whole movie, and mumbles every word he speaks.

His mutant brother and he behave exactly like Dr Frankenstein and Igor, and I believe that somehow, Edward D. Wood Jr has directed them in this movie.

There's good reason to suspect that the female lead is a plagiarised script, so identical it is to the Hunger Games and Divergent series movies. She has a crossbow, so it's a mix of rifle and bow/arrows. Yes, she uses a crossbow and arrows against five-story high robots...

There are better CGI and animation in the most common commercials than in this movie.

**The only way this movie will ever be worthy of watching will be when Mystery Science Theatre 3000 gets hold of it, and does some dubbing of lines.
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