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USA, Canada
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Oren Uziel
Rob Corddry as Kurt Biltmore
Matt Landry as Meth Billy
Stephanie Sigman as Steph Burton
Benjamin Walker as Zeke Sikes
Wyatt Russell as Ed Burton
Adam Pally as Reed Ethington
Karl Campbell as Armored Car Man
Adam Saunders as State Trooper
Julie Khaner as Mrs. Dawkins
Angela Vint as Martha Sikes
Ron Livingston as Kyle Walker
John Michael Higgins as Brad Dawkins
Rainn Wilson as Andy Sikes
Mark Rendall as Chris Morrow
Storyline: An inventive crime thriller told backwards -- reversing day by day through a week -- following a local sheriff's quest to unlock the mystery of three small town criminals and a bank heist gone wrong.
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Terrific film; great acting
Very clever use of flash back to fill in the plot. Excellent script with comic touches. The acting is convincing in all the characters--even the little girl is very believable. This is the kind of movie that you can watch more than once in order to catch all the details.

The pacing of the script is fast--no slow moments or unnecessary scenes. The writer's ability to add touches of humor in this drama is especially effective. And the actors deliver the lines with perfect timing. It is no comedy, so pulling this off is a real feat. A film with great writing, acting, directing, and editing is hard to find: Enjoy.
Tone Deaf, Useless Gimmick
This review may contain spoilers.

Here are some notes I took while watching the film in real time. ( / indicates break in time taking notes)

Tone deaf. / Backwards plot, point? Casting? Three comedy actors for a crime drama. / Bad child actor, unrealistic writing for a kid / Stilted acting. / Why weren't there any police/FBI staking out Andy's house if there's a 10 state radius highway check? / He just left the house no problem When did cop get shot, why is he a part of the case if his brother is a key suspect? Conflict of interest. / FBI guys are completely stupid, you have to be smart to be in the FBI I'm pretty sure. / Gloves??? Crime scene?????? / Prediction: Rainn getting shot at the end by someone other than Ed. Brother perhaps? Deputy? One of them is in bed with the Hispanic lady. / Static shots of people talking... but cameras can actually move. / Gay prostitute because it's shocking and weird! Makes the character less sympathetic, cheap trick. Cliché that politician has a gay lover/man ho. / Very stilted acting, writing is not great at all. / When you poop it makes gross farting sounds every time! / Why was there blood pooled at the bottom of the stairs? Nobody tracked any blood, body was upstairs. (blood on bag maybe?) / Guess gay kid had time to wipe from massive dump cause that's a clean booty. / Amazing timing with radio, why didn't they just have the radio on and have them wake up when they hear their names? / There are no stakes/suspense when you know each new character introduced dies. / Is this a comedy or a drama? Jokes don't fit anywhere organically. Everything Stephane says is sarcastic, trying too hard. / Not local, it's a federal crime to rob a bank. If sheriff is so smart, how'd he not know that? Guess they just give up and let him take the case involving HIS OWN BROTHER robbing a bank. / What is the point of putting a mannequin in your bed if you live alone? I guess that's just Chris being dumb. If the highways are all blocked why wouldn't the airports be as well? Getting passports are a wast of time. / How did none of the bullets hit Steph? Was behind a cheap motel wall against 9mm Uzi rounds at the least, .45 ACP at most. / Motivation for an upper middle class prosecutor to rob a bank? Why is Rainn so aggravated with family for no reason? / Prediction: Is it not Ed's kid too? Why is she more upset and claiming he wasn't? Not his kid, affair. / Prediction: The look Steph gave when Rainn was trash talking his brother - they're banging and he is covering for her. Maybe his kid? Possible revenge against Ed/Chris/Rainn/judge for the kid dying. Got confession from Rainn earlier in film in a conversation that had nothing to do with kid dying. / Don't hold a gun like that. / Stilted acting again. / Brain matter? There would be brain matter there in the pool of blood. / Filling in a hole as big as a car would take for-freaking-ever.

No reason for backwards plot besides reveal that Ed died much earlier and they have same tattoo for some reason? Could've concealed the death better while keeping forward moving plot. Some points could be attributed to sheriff controlling where police are, etc. but still does not explain away that THIS IS A FEDERAL CRIME and that the FBI 100% have jurisdiction.

Those particular FBI guys had no reason to be in the film, didn't move plot forward in the slightest. Only were there to frustrate me. Also what is Rainn Wilson's character's motivation for robbing a bank? Seems pretty well off. Great sheriff who murders people for justice. We never had a chance to root for him. Literally called the twist 15- 20 minutes in. Comedic stuff was a waste in a story about a sheriff who had a bastard with his friend's wife taking revenge on the friend, his own brother, a judge, and some idiot for accidentally killing the bastard child, undermining his own job and everything it stands for.
Funny dark comedy.
I'm not sure why this film is considered a crime-drama. It is really a dark comedy and mystery told in reverse chronological order. It's certainly not a serious crime-drama at all. Unlike most comedies of this sort that make local police look like the buffoons and the FBI agents the serious crime fighters. This film spins things around by making the FBI the buffoons. The exception is the sheriff's sidekick who doesn't seem to get a chance to sit shotgun with his partner in the squad car. Almost always relegated to the back seat.

I thought it was creative and funny.
Not bad
This film is really not bad. It was entertaining and interesting from the beginning til the end. The fact that it goes from the end to the beginning of the story makes it even more interesting in a way that you have to remember all the details with hope not to miss anything important and solve the story - like the tattoo arm that killed the guy.

I have to admit that I was surprised by the truth and that adds to the + of this film.

Low budget but the actors were all pretty good. Nice thriller with elements of comedy which I must say I did not find funny at all, but that does not make this film less interesting.

Maybe the back story which triggered all of this - the accident in which a child is killed could have been explored more - though on the 2nd thought - it may not have added anything to the story. But as it is the one thing that started all...

All in all, good way to spend your 90 minutes. 7 from me. Though it is close to 8.
OK, I admit I was wrong about this movie.
**SPOILER? I checked yes as it's borderline, but if you've seen the trailer, then this review should be OK.

For the first time in all my many reviews, this film will be the first to receive two different reviews from me. Confusing? Let me explain.

1) Initial review: 4/10

From the start, and from reading the IMDb summary, I was expecting a Crime, Drama, Mystery. Then I got confused when at least two of the actors are know primarily for comedy, specifically Rob Corddry and Rainn Wilson. So the first flag went up.

The premise of the story, being told in parts going backwards reminded me of one of my favorite films, Memento, so thus I had the same high expectations going into this film.

From the start I was very disappointed. The characters where trying to play off some bad unnecessary humor, and it was, but it also explained why Corddry and Wilson where in it. But it was still bad, I guess bad enough that the Crime, Drama, Mystery classification intentionally left out Comedy.

Then as the film progressed in reverse chapters, I started to hate it even more, thinking I would have enjoyed it more (and rated it higher) if it was simply told in the old fashioned chronological order. From the first 10 minutes forward, the film was predicable. I pretty much nailed every chapter.

As I was watching from the start to about 90% to the end, I had already decided my 4/10 IMDb score with a lousy review cutting up this film to shreds. I couldn't wait for it to finish so I could slam this with negativity.

2) Second/final review: 8/10

So now we're at the last 10% ending of the film. All along I thought I had it figured out, constantly complaining how I would have enjoyed this more had this story been told going forward. Well, I was very pleasantly surprised... and wrong!

The way this was played out (backward chapters) had to be done so, for the ending to have the shock factor it had. My prediction of 'who-dun-it' and 'why' was way off!

It was so well done, my score went from 4/10 to 8/10! Granted, if the comedic actors where replaced by more serious actors, and the dumb humor was omitted from the script, I may have given this a 9/10 and maybe even a 10/10. The ending was that good, especially when I had so much hate for it in the first 90% of the movie!

I'm not sure why the writers/director chose the part-comedy portions but nevertheless, it was their decision and the ending still left a great impact on my final review.

So my final review stands at 8/10 due to the surprisingly and unexpected great ending!
A dime a dozen film that explores nothing.
With very few dark comedy thrillers out there, or thrillers at all for that matter, I had decided to check this little film out. The gimmick is telling the story backwards, which has been done a 1000 times and rarely works. Instead when gimmicks are used, it takes the focus away from the story which is usually ill conceived and predictable, as with this film. When gimmicks are used as a storytelling device, it must be used to enhance the story (Irreversible, Memento are two brilliant ones) not just as a way to tell a story. Putting cohesive stories together within the framework of a gimmick takes precision and this film clearly lacked it.

For anyone that did not get the story from the Thursday (second day) reveal, and I am talking the entire story, you simply were not paying attention. Telling a story backwards has to be more than just a simple delivery method, it must be apart of the story. This film is not that funny, despite the other reviewers, and the moments that are suppose to be funny are forced, because of the abundance exposition. Literally, every character tells you what they are thinking and what they are doing. No one is thinking in this film. It simply is poorly written. The direction is less than as Ron Livingston who is great is just a cog in the oil-less machine. All the comedy is forced down our throat because it is not naturally written or performed and that falls on the director. I found myself bored and playing on my phone. Not to mention, it is a simple revenge story that has no imagination to it. UNLIKE FARGO that someone mentioned in a review, this film has no heart, no sense of what it is and what it wants to say about the subject matter. Very flat.
Pretty Good Crime Thriller with Dark Humor and a Twist
A bank robbery has taken place in a small town. The story is told backwards. So the beginning of the movie starts the next day after the robbery, Friday. By the time you get to the last day, which is Tuesday, it explains what is really going on. It's way more than just a bank robbery.

I actually did figure this out by the middle of the third day. Pay attention to the clues, which includes the history of a certain event, notice the disposition of certain characters, plus it's styled sort of like Fargo.

It's a well told thriller which is nicely layered with dark humor, history, clues, and quirky characters.

If you like Fargo, Momento, Gone Girl, you'll probably really enjoy this.
It starts out pretty well as you settle down for 90 minutes of what promises to be action, excitement and drama.But the clarity is soon engulfed in clouds of confusion and downpours of bad taste. I don't know if anyone has actually clocked the number of times the "F" word was used including to and by a child. There is also graphic, gay sex which I found repulsive. But by the end --- in fact by the middle --- you are totally confused as to who these people are and why they're all shooting each other dead. I give it a big "A". For AWFUL!
What Viewers Have Come To Expect From Taxdollar Movies
Sadly tax dollar movies have become synonymous with really bad movies. What can I say, the government should keep their input out of the arts and allow real artists a competitive chance to survive. Although this film may have been some talented actors this wasn't their finest hour and those people are without a doubt shelving this crappy movie behind grandma's 50 year old Christmas pudding.
interesting dark comedy
"Shimmer Lake" is a very enjoyable dark comedy from Netflix.

The story of a bank robbery is told backwards. When I started watching it, I thought it looked cheap. I don't think it cost a fortune. It concerns the local sheriff and his attempts to bring three bank robbers to justice - one of whom is his brother. The story goes in reverse day by day as we meet the different participants.

I thought the dialogue was funny, the actors were fine, and while it will remind some people of Fargo, it's no Fargo though it is good. And I loved the way it was wrapped up at the end.

Clever, funny, Netflix has redeemed itself after that awful thing Handsome.
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