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Alain Desrochers
Ben Kingsley as Charlie
Velimir Velev as Feral
Ivailo Dimitrov as Patrol car cop
Mark Basnight as U.S. Marshall- Shotgun #1
Jiro Wang as Johnny
Mark Rhino Smith as Hood Shooter#1
Liam McIntyre as Vance
Yana Marinova as Female backseat agent 2
Cung Le as Dead Eyes
Chad Lindberg as Mason
Antonio Banderas as Eduardo 'Eddie' Deacon
Shari Watson as Administrator
Storyline: An ex-special services veteran (Antonio Banderas), down on his luck and desperate for work, takes a job as a security guard at a run-down mall in a rough area of town. On his first night on the job, he opens the doors up to a distraught and desperate young girl who has escaped and fled from a hijacking of the Police motorcade that was transporting her to testify as a trial witness in a briefcase. Hot on her heels is psychopathic hijacker (Ben Kingsley), alongside his resourceful henchmen, who will stop at nothing to extract and eliminate their witness.
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Incredible 10/10 action thriller starring the great Antonio Banderas!
For uncounted years Antonio Banderas hasn't had a true hit movie, since around the time of his epic Zoro movie, but this is the comeback film of a lifetime. I just finished watching this and as a Nam combat veteran who is also an author of several military novels I found the acting and the skill set of the director in creating realistic civilian (meaning non-military) combat scenes to be truly excellent. The movie is exciting from beginning to end and has all the elements of greatness that I found in the first two Bruce Willis films starring the character John McClain in Die-hard I and Die-hard II. Antonio is perfect as the former Special Forces captain who served in Afghanistan but now as a civilian has been reduced to looking for work as a security guard. I rarely if ever give ten stars to a movie review I do on IMDb but folks this is the real deal. Buckle up and get ready for true excitement in a GREAT movie!! This is what action movies should be like but most often aren't!!
Movie 1 + Banderas 3 + Sir Ben 3
Honestly, this is more like a Steven Segal direct to disc movie. But I watch it simply because it's got Banderas and Ben Kingsley in there. Almost the entire movie is shot indoor in a studio, but you know, it is simply satisfying to see the old Zoro kicking arses once more.... in a mall.
Does not work that way
Private Contractors, Civilian Security Contractors, Mercenaries learned from their experience at Afghanistan, Iraq, and other Nations.

They would not have attacked the Shopping Mall.

They would have destroyed the Entire Shopping Mall, then entered the wreckage to attempt to get a DNA sample to verify that the witness is dead.

The Security Contractors, Mercenaries, would have hacked the Security Cameras inside the Shopping Mall and would have known the last positions of everybody just before a few 500 pound to 1,000 pound bombs placed on the roof of the Shopping Mall detonated.

Any underground access tunnels or sewers to the Shopping Mall would be known and sealed off, collapsed using explosive charges placed on gas mains if available.

The scene with Veteran's Affairs is near accurate, except the Civilians that never Served the U.S. Military would not do what was done, so the Main Character would have NEVER gotten the Security Job in the First Place.

Most times when a Person of High Value, Witnesses, VIPs, are transported in a Convoy, there is routinely aerial reconnaissance and surveillance. This aerial reconnaissance and surveillance would not allow anybody to get near any Convoy. Aerial reconnaissance and surveillance is not limited to Helicopters being flown at a distance (out of sight from ground) with heavily Armed Law Enforcement, possibly armed drones, reconnaissance and surveillance satellites. Basically, none of the vehicles used to attack the Convoy in this movie would have gotten within a few miles of the Convoy.

On standby (already "Suited Up" and armed) is a Backup Augmentation Force that is minutes away.

Sometimes this kind of Convoy Security is done by a State's National Guards as "Training" (with Live Ammunition). Especially, those U.S. States with State's U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard Special Forces Detachments. Others, State's Air National Guard as U.S. Air Force Special Operations Wing with Special Tactics Teams. U.S. Military Special Warfare Reservists (Counter Terrorism, Anti Domestic Terrorism, Insurgency Warfare, Counter Insurgency Warfare) subject to Recall.

Procedures when Communications Jamming occur. During a Convoy, constant communications is happening, if this stops, on the primary, secondary, tertiary communications, automatically the source of the "Jamming" is pinpointed. Local Law Enforcement is notified, a Helicopter with a Team of about 6 Heavily armed are sent (they remain in the air), a Team of about 24 heavily armed Law Enforcement transported by Helicopter shows up.

Before Any Convoy, the Meteorological Information is obtained, and Contingency Plans are created. Previous training would include Inclimate Weather Training.
Simple plot but incredible execution with impressive performance by Banderas
Simply not a home alone movie but more of a assault on precinct 13 set in a mall. The negative reviews simply don't do this movie justice. I saw this movie after Transformers 5 with my 12 year old and wow it was refreshing and entertaining from start to end the complete opposite of Transformers for which I switched off after 25 minutes and was on the phone searching through eBay adds. Lol.

Great execution by director and an impressive performance by all the cast. Very impressed by Antonio Banderas who shows his worth. He has returned to his roots from when I first saw him in desperado. Again good casting all round and acting was above par.

The story is simple with good pace and execution. Good TV movie that keeps you wanting till the end. I have reviewed this 9/10 just because of the budget and it's really made for TV
Lousy Movie, Pinky Promise
This has got to be THE worst premise for a movie ever!!! Mall security guards vs trained army of assassins??? Mall security guards win??? Are you kidding??? You have Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley, both of which are great actors. They decide to be in this truly awful film??? What were their agents thinking? They are deserving of much better roles in REAL movies. Security is low budget all the way through. Poorly written, ridiculous concept of a script. The sets are laughably cheap. The supposed "Mall" is obviously not a mall at all. All the set design in this film seems cheap and unrealistic. With the exception of Banderas and Kingsley, ALL the other actors are terrible. Like a student film. The characters are weak and one dimensional. The cinematography and editing are good but the story and cheap sets pull the whole thing down. I was actually laughing through this entire film. It starts out bad and ends up totally absurd. I really don't understand how this movie got funded and green lit. You would have to be a complete moron to take this film seriously or care about these characters in peril. Its a joke, a real stinker. Avoid watching this. You will never get the time back and be truly disappointed.
Standoff in the Shopping Mall
In the bonus track to the DVD of "Security," the producers described the film as "'Die Hard' in a shopping mall." Eager to try a throwback film to the potboilers of the 1980s and '90s, this film had uneven results.

Antonio Bandaras was passable as the Bruce Willis superhero. Yet the screenplay never identified much about his past. He was a former army captain who had suffered some traumatic experience. Out of the service, he finds himself out of work. So, he takes a job as a security guard at a shopping mall. His first night on the job turns into a nightmare.

There was seemingly no psychological hangover from his past traumatic experience, as Bandaras takes control of a crisis situation when a young star witness set to testify in a major trial is desperately fleeing her pursuers, who masterminded a hijacking of a high security motorcade protecting the young witness.

Bandaras takes command in the mall in the attempt to outwit his high tech opponents. One problem is that he and his cohorts are unarmed! While there was creative improvisation in the various stores of the mall, the dialogue and the action scenes were not very trilling.

Another disappointment was the villain played by Ben Kingsly with an apparent Scottish accent. It was never explained why he wanted to prevent the witness from testifying or what was his goal other than a big payout as a contract agent.

All around, this film was only average in scripting, acting, directing, pacing, and action.
Pinkie Swear
Eddie (Antonio Banderas) is a vet with issues who takes a job as a night shift mall cop, a mall that needs 5 guys to protect an empty building. Eleven year old Jamie (Katherine de la Rocha) is being hunted by bad guys lead by Ben Kinsley (no surprise there) and looks to our unarmed mall cops to protect her against a small army with automatic weapons. Then we have Hollywood formula.

Banderas does not show his charisma in this film. The role seemed beneath him, yet I would rather see him than Calum Best or Cam Gigandet. Exploding cars, fight scenes sped up, hand to hand, knife play, gun play...and if you crash a vehicle through a door, why do you use the vehicle roof to climb to the top of the building? Nice scene, but seriously at that point, I'm strolling in through the door.

Guide: F-word, No sex or nudity.
Special forces mall cop movie..
I was entertained throughout the movie. The action sequences were pretty good. I thought the ninja who scaled a 50 foot smooth concrete wall only to get immediately taken out in a tiny stairwell was a bit over the top and pointless. I thought the other security guards were kinda stiff or just not the right roles for those actors. My biggest question is... what happened to Banderas's character as a Capt in the military for him to fall on hard times.... Looked a little rough to only be out for a year....and hadn't seen his wife n kids in how long??? Was a watchable movie...
VIEWS ON FILM review of Security
I might be one of the few people who prefers 2005's Assault on Precinct 13 over John Carpenter's original from 1976. Security which is my latest write-up, heavily reminded me of 2005's "Assault" (and slightly reminded me of 2004's Dawn of the Dead). The only difference is that the happenings take place in a mall as opposed to a police station. Also, the target hit isn't Laurence Fishburne's menacing Bishop. Instead, it's a bratty little girl named Jamie (played by an actress who vaguely resembles Curly Sue).

Anyway, Security does have a few moments that could qualify it as a ruthless, loud, and relentlessly violent thriller. However, this film is tense yet disposable at the same time. You have thunder and lightning coming in on cue to add to Security's recycled agitation. Then, you get Rio Bravo being aped multiple times which robs Security of its unmentioned originality. Finally, there's an annoying character named Vance (Liam McIntyre). His opening, head-of-mall-guard monologue almost keeps Security from sustaining any sense of dramatic thrust.

At 88 undermining minutes, Security might evaporate in your mind right after you see it. Yeah it's good to have Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley go head to head as a Marine Captain and a nasty contract killer. But hey, you wonder why they agreed to a screenplay that has some really idiomatic expressions (some of the mall-speak in Security is very difficult to listen to).

In retrospect, director Alain Desrochers (he mostly helms TV series stuff) pulls off bullet-ridden shootouts and some nifty hand-to-hand combat sequences despite the fact that you can't quite view every detail. Hold up though. With minimal gore and a direct-to-video release in the states, Security's budget ($15 million) is half of what Jean-Francois Richet's was in 05'. It shows. In jest, Security lacks the epic tranquility and theatrical stamina of Assault on Precinct 13. Added to that, the acting around its leads (Kingsley and Banderas overshadow the C-list cast) is less than persuasive and not very memorable. Overall, a mixed review from me.
Solid action movie. Enjoy!!
Don't expect A brainy thriller, but do expect an enjoyable action movie. Antonio Banderas is solid in his portrayal of an ex army captain,recovering from PTSD. He takes a job as a mall security where he leads 4 other security officers in fighting the bad guys. Trust me, you will enjoy this action movie. It has heart.
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