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Jesse V. Johnson
Keith David as Valentine
Sheena Chou as Samsip-Sam
Juju Chan as Isabelle
William "Will" Daubert as Legionnaire
Cung Le as Boon
Aki Aleong as Tribal Chieftain
Marko Zaror as Rastignac
Vladimir Kulich as Steiner
Esteban Cueto as Fighter
Luke Massy as The Champ
Charles Fathy as Amarillo
Scott Adkins as Martin
Matthew Marsden as Harrison
Storyline: A story set in Indochina in 1959, a land beyond rule and a time without mercy, and the birth of a legend.
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Surprisingly Nice :)
I had expected another standard martial arts flick but was pleasantly surprised to see that the director has put in some effort at character establishment , having some sort of story ...some effort at acting etc , and making the most of whatever little budget he had .... Make no mistake its still a low budget B level movie created mainly for martial arts fans ....but it was a refreshing take to see some effort being made to create a movie what we can call a decent one time watch...

Hope to see more from the Director ....
Not that fantastic but Good for Adkin fans
Lets get the obvious out of the way, is it something that will keep you on the edge of the seat? No. The story was quite OK. The script was barely good. The acting was just decent however as usual when the action and choreography is concerned with Scott Adkins, he is great. This movie is no where close to The Ninja series or the Undisputed Series however if you are Adkins fan , I would suggest you see it. It starts off slow but the action sequences at the end becomes really nice and has couple of strange twists as well which keep your head scratching. All in all good action movie but that's about it.
Had a much bigger potential, but felt short a bit.
This movie had all the potential to be great. Scott Adkins, the best on screen martial artist of this generation against Marko Zaror, a guy just as good as him in term of on screen fighting, and Cung Le, a real former MMA fighter who has proved he can also do excellent on screen fight but had yet to be in a movie with a decent script.

Did it achieve its potential? Not really, but its still decent. This is a really low budget movie and you can see from the start, from the filming location being very limited to some bad cheap CGI blood effect, which are thankfully not too numerous.

The story is good even tough simple, i don't really ask for too much for these type of movies. There is a decent amount of hand to hand action scenes, which is why you watch a Scott Adkins movie, and there very decent but as one guy pointed out, the character played by Adkins is supposed to be more of a brawler and the movie is set in the late 50s, so it reflect on the fighting side. Therefore do not expect a "Boyka vs Dolor 2" cause you are gonna be disappointed, but that does not mean that the fights are not interesting.

I watched this movie with a a good amount of beer and honestly i had a good time. Its not a Ninja or Boyka movie, but its a great effort by Adkins and i had more fun than with Hard Target 2. This is the kind of movie i want to see Adkins in, and i wish more movies like that would be released.
Where is the limit of common sense
In the first place this movie should be illegal and the makers detained. This is such an offense to the art called 'film'.

This movie is so bad that any extra word would just add milliseconds to the time I already wasted watching it.

I would love to have a chat with the director of this movie and try to understand what in the world is his message as an "artist".

This movie indeed is targeted to violent people, feeding them on the hate and murder and blood and so on. It is like feeding hard core porn to a sexually obsessed rapist.

What a shame. Hello, this is 2017.
Great cast, Great action - Adkins rules again
I have to admit I have been looking forward to Savage Dog since I first heard about it getting made. The cast alone will be of great interest to action fans -Adkins, Zaror, Le, Kulich and a very cool Keith David.

As always Scott Adkins leads the cast well, with lots of action and fights to keep the story going. A good mixture of fights and guns to keep everyone content.

Give this film the chance it deserves, enjoy it - I know I did
Scott Adkins once again proves why he's the New Action Star
"Savage Dog" reminds you of the 80's and 90's action movies when the action scene was dominated by real tough heroes like Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Norris, Seagal and Van Damme. Unfortunately, times have changed and we don't see many of those anymore. "Expendables 2" wasn't the first time Adkins worked with his role model Van Damme. Adkins already made some good action movies in the last decade and is best known as Boyka in the "Undisputed" franchise. After the flawed "Hard Target 2" it's nice to see he's back in shape again. "Savage Dog" is very similar to Adkins own "Ninja: Shadow of a Tear" which remains one of his better efforts.

An action movie is as good as his villain is and here we have three ! All excellent actors and/or fighters like Marko Zaror (Undisputed III, Machete Kills, Redeemer). By the way check out "Redeemer" if you never saw it, great martial arts movie ! Than there's Cung Lee (Dragon Eyes). His final fight with Adkins is outstanding.

Which brings us to the action: a lot of breathtaking fight scenes (think of Kickboxer, Savate, Lionheart) but the last half hour is when the real action takes place: a lot of shoot-outs, knife fights and the kills are bloody and brutal. The body count is extremely high. It's "Rambo" or "Commando" of the new millennium.

If you like the titles mentioned above, don't miss out on this one.
Good... but....
This movie is kind of awkward... It seemed like a very good, martial arts, flick to watch, but there's something weird in it.

Well, first thing's first, the casting is awesome. Scott Adkins in the lead role, Marko Zaror as the "strongest villain", and Cung Le as the guards' official. I expected fantastic choreography, from high flying strikes, as well as fast paced combats... but that's the main problem with the movie itself...

This movie has an "In Hell" feeling to it... if you recall, "In Hell", starred by Van Damme, was one of the few where Van Damme didn't showcase his skills, as usual... it had a more "real fight" feeling, into it...

"Savage Dog" has this feeling... Adkins, here, is not a martial artist, but a bare knuckle fighter... and so, his skills are limited to some punching work, and a few loose kicks, here and there.

So anyone, like me, that were expecting the second round of "Undisputed III - Redemption", between Adkins and Zaror, will be a bit disappointed, since both actor limited their skills to knuckle fighting and few kicks, when we would expect high kicks, and flying strikes.

The fight between Cung Le and Adkins was very very strange... first, Le beat the hell out of Adkins... only to throw him to an arms reach of a machine gun, and then, Adkins ended the fight.

OK, it's plausible, that in a real fight, the one being beaten to a pulp, if managing to get a hold on a weapon, would use it, and end the fight... but in a movie, we don't expect this... we expect fighting with honor, man-on-man, hand-on-hand... but that, never happened...

After my first disappointment, I had to re-watch the movie, once more... it felt weird, but no THAT bad... so I re-watched once more... So, the bad part is the limitations regarding the fighting choreography... but the movie itself, is entertaining... it has lots of action, bloody action, to be correct, and a nice story into it.

So, if you are planning to watch it, do it, without expecting spectacular flights, or over-the-top strikes... expect a very nice action movie...

Only that... and you'll be good.
We build our own cages
The film takes place in 1959 Vietnam after the French pulled out and before the Americans arrived. Scott Atkins plays Martin Tillman, expert fighter wanted by MI6. He is imprisoned and is used as a pit fighter. Eventually he is set free. Many kick boxing fights ensue.

The film had a narrator because Scott never talks much. I believe the guy narrating the story died midway through, but that is the magic of Hollywood. The second half has less man on man fighting and more machete and gun fighting. Not much in the way of plot. Just men without shirts pounding each other.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
Savage Dog
What's this? Another martial arts movie starring Scott Adkins and a few of his mates? Well OK, I long as its a little bit differ...oh.

Martin Tillman (Adkins) is an Irishman serving time in Indochina 1959 (for whatever). He is also wanted by the British for his links to the IRA and a terrorist attack. So straight away, am I supposed to be rooting for this guy? Anyway old Martin is a good brawler (who'd of guessed it huh) and makes corrupt prison warden Steiner and his other corrupt mates plenty of money. But unfortunately the British are after Martin and are snooping around Steiner, so he releases Martin. Martin gets himself a little job in a small bar run by Valentine (Keith David). There he falls in love with a girl and starts to feel at home.

Alas Martin quickly lands himself in trouble when he ejects a troublemaker from the bar (beating him up in the process). This troublemaker turns out to be a top fighter for Steiner and his cronies. So Martin is offered the chance to come fight for Steiner, again, to make up for it. Naturally he declines, but Valentine talks him into it for the money. So Martin fights, the money is good and everyone is happy. Eventually Martin is instructed to lose a fight because he's simply too good and no one is betting against him. At the same time Valentine unknowingly bets his bar on Martin to win. So Martin loses the fight and Valentine loses his bar. In his frustration Valentine attacks Steiner's henchmen and gets himself killed. In turn Martin is also taken out despite Steiner not really wanting that. But luckily Martin is only wounded and comes back to exact his revenge.

Yes the plot is initially a different spin on the usual proceedings, they have actually tried to build the characters and give the movie some purpose. But this merely becomes a little convoluted with bits of the plot not really going anywhere and then everything just being reduced to the usual vengeance scenario. The whole 'underground fighting for the bad guys' aspect is so incredibly unoriginal now its not even remotely entertaining. Of course you know Martin will be betrayed eventually, that is a no-brainer. He comes back from the dead, has his little training montage and voila! You couldn't get more clichéd if you tried.

The curious thing about the story is the fact its narrated by Valentine, the movies token black character. Its odd because this character narrates it as though he's telling someone a story from his past, yet he dies. The really odd part is he carries on narrating after his character has been killed! Martin's love interest is in the movie purely for him to have a love interest and sex scene, she is of no real consequence. I think she is actually the daughter of Steiner, I think, but that also went nowhere.

The main henchmen are the real hook for the movie as they are played by other martial arts superstars. Cung Le plays an ex-Vietnamese paratrooper who doesn't really do or say much. Unfortunately this character could be taken out of the movie very easily and you wouldn't notice. He is literally there just for a good fight scene. The second in command henchman apparently fought for the Nazi's and is played by Marko Zaror. This guy actually does have some input into the plot in the sense that he does much of the bad stuff. Both are merely cast for one thing though, and they do deliver when it counts. Each has their own main fight sequence and they are of course very good, well choreographed. But again we are shown another reason not to like the protagonist Martin as he kills Cung Le's character cheaply with a gun after getting beaten in the fight. The movie also has other known fighters dotted throughout who you may or may not recognise.

I think the problem with this Adkins movie, and others, is Adkins himself. This guy just isn't a leading man type guy. He doesn't really have the looks for a leading man, in fact he looks more like a bad guy. And more crucially he can't really act too well, his range is limited. The same can also be said for most of these guys, they work well in the background as stuntmen or minor henchmen with little dialog, but that's it. Give these guys actual acting roles and things tend to fall apart, Zaror being particularly bad in this movie. I know you could say the same about JCVD but he gets a pass because he was the first, he was one of the original 80's action men. So yeah Adkins character in this movie is an IRA terrorist who gets away with his dubious past basically, kinda sh*tty.

Obviously this is a movie made for a specific fanbase and that fanbase I'm sure will enjoy this. If I was back in my teens I reckon I would love this too, but I'm not. With that I can't say that I loved the movie, but its not terrible. You want some solid fights then you will be pleased with this. Nothing spectacular but just solid fight sequences with plenty of blood that do look good. Other than that its just business as usual really, the only quirk being who they can match up in these movies. Problem is there is only so much you can do and you can't keep regurgitating the same spiel over and over.

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