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UK, South Africa
Action, War, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Joe Miale
Lee Pace as Bo
Steven Ward as Soldier 2
Noko 'Flow' Mabitsela as Kenyan boy
Alan Santini as Solider 1
Barileng Malebye as Young Kenyan Soldier
Edwin Jay as Soldier
Tom Fairfoot as Lieutenant Smalls
Kenneth Fok as Asian Journalist
Carl Roddam as Soldier
Storyline: The story of humankind's last stand against a cataclysmic alien invasion. In the war-ravaged African countryside, a U.S. soldier and a French foreign aid worker team up to survive the alien onslaught. Their bond will be tested as they search for refuge across a crumbling world.
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Freaking awesome!
After watching this you realize that the plot, and story line, you have seen many times before, however, it was done very well! I could have enjoyed a little more action but it was enough to keep me involved! The word gritty is an understatement! Damn they sure could have used a bath or shower for sure! Now here comes the big spoiler alert! In the end the aliens were disposed of, yet, when the ship crashes, it crashes into, what seems to be, two nuclear reactors!!?? If so then everyone was like, "Alright the aliens are done but OK now we have some nuclear meltdown action, thanks a lot hero"!!! Anyways thought it was an awesome flick!
Decent Sci-Fi
I'll give it an 8 because if you take the budget into consideration, they did a pretty good job. It's actually impressive how they strategically stretched the budget, and I'm not just talking about filming in Africa, though that saved plenty of money, looking apocalyptic without much staging.

The Story is fine, nothing ground-breaking. The message is simple and repeated a few times in slogan form for our benefit in case we missed it.

There is one minor technical but highly visible plot hole around the end, and they know it - they show that they know it. It's likely they just *couldn't* do it right, but it's really not a big deal. Come to think of it, this movie has fewer holes than most amazingly.

I'd say it's a good ScyFy channel movie + , so if you're OK with that then you're OK with this.
Low Budget you say Huh?
I said i will give it a chance after my great disappointment with some huge budget movies, i told my self it won't hurt watching a movie with not too much anticipation. But it turned to be one of those movies that you won't forget for a long time, the acting is super especially those very very talented African actors, they managed to deliver reality in its true form. the script is smart and straight to the point, lead actor has great potential in him, editing is fantastic, and the story is straight forward with no twists. overall i enjoyed the movie even with some not so perfect CGI. totally recommended.
Good plot but largely irritating
The movie has a really good plot,cannot argue with that. What irritates me is how you destroyed our image since the setting of the movie was in Kenya.First of all,the way they spoke our languages(Kikuyu & Swahili) was yuck,you could even try using Kenyan actors for those roles & it would sound more real. Secondly,it's 2017 & Africans are enlightened,we live,work,intermarry with whites and all races from other continents and it's no big deal to see a white guy across the street,that's tarnishing our image to the eyes of the world. Finally,our military has destroyed Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia and finally Somalia restored their government and recently held elections.That should tell you just how top notch they're to be taken out that easily by one guy,it was lame.In short this movie really degrades Africans and for that it sucks.
Proving Sci-Fi is not about effects
I watched this movie with my millennials who, most probably because of me, love Sci-Fi. But being overfed on blended movies, where it's impossible to see where the CGI starts and real stops, it was interesting to note their reaction to the movie. The story is simple but in a good way. It does not over-complicate the plot and does not lose itself in rabbit-holes. It reminds me of a by-line I read on the new Dunkirk movie - "At the point of crisis, at the point of annihilation, survival is victory". I love the tone and the palate of the movie. Shot in South Africa and being from South Africa, I loved the bleakness of the landscape and the grittiness of the scenes. Seasoned the movie well and blended in the feeling rather than the CGI. Don't get me wrong - the effects are good. But it is not the focus. The kids loved it. Even if they thought that Lee Pace was Nicolas Cage! (He could actually play Nicolas. Perhaps better than Nicolas can. :) Overall a good movie. Could even become a cult classic.
A little Sci-Fi Gem
Not a blockbuster or Hollywood mega movie with all the baggage and expectation, just a really great sci-fi film with everything done well to make sure it delivers. I won't go into details because (at the time of writing) the other five reviews say all that's necessary.

I will simply say, this film is tight. Go and see it.
Low-budget but better than some big budget Hollywood franchises
"To live is to fight. To fight is to live."

Occasionally, I'm lucky enough to discover an unknown movie that, despite its limited budget and lack of global attention and marketing, still surprises and entertains me. And when it's also a movie from my favorite movie genre, I'll turn to bed with such a happy smile. I'll forget about and forgive all ridiculous and extremely bad movies I've seen previously. It's as if it was worth it to endure all the crap and end up discovering such a gem. The last time I had a similar feeling was after watching "The Signal".

Although the aliens that appeared in this film weren't high-tech looking, I was still pleasantly surprised. I have to admit, the way the robot-like creatures disintegrated people, resembled that what you saw during such an alien attack in "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise saving his ass. But the way these aliens were integrated in this African set, was admirable and shows the special effect department knew how to do their job.

I was somewhat confused about Bo (Lee Pace) waking up in a cell without knowing who he was, where he came from and what was going on in the world. It's only in the end everything is clarified and it all starts to make sense. Even the handsome doctor Nadia (Bérénice Marlohe) who was locked in the next cell didn't give a practical explanation immediately. Large part of the film these two leading actors are in the spotlight while heading for an American satellite station. Apparently Bo has something to do with that (a tattoo on its arm points in that direction).

At first sight, these two actors looked familiar to me. Via IMDb I could see why. You might have seen Lee Pace acting in "The Hobbit" as Thranduil (father of Legolas and the Elf who rode on the Giant Deer before "The battle of the five armies"). And the reason why I couldn't remember Bérénice Marlohe right away probably was because I admired her cleavage more while watching the movie "Kill Switch". If I'd looked more closely, than perhaps I would have noticed that she looks a lot like Angelina Jolie. No doubt, she's an attractive woman. All in all, the acting of both major players was of an acceptable level. Their acting-performance as a couple convinced and it certainly wasn't annoying, which usually is the case in other low-budget films.

The mainland of Africa served as a decor. The desolate landscapes, ruins and slums gave the whole an apocalyptic feeling. Even though the story isn't really revolutionary, the fact one was able to deliver such an excellent film with such a low budget, is truly amazing. As said, the acting was far from bad (only some African supporting actors were a bit overly enthusiastic), the special effects looked good and the video editing was proper done. As far as I'm concerned, this movie can be added to the list of big Hollywood block-busters which used the same SciFi subject.

More reviews here :
Another stellar sci-fi movie out of South-Africa, in good company with District 9 and more.
If alien invasion is your thing, you can't go wrong with this one. So much better than you could possibly expect, and running circles around mega-budget turkeys like the horrific, pathetic Independence Day sequel. Gritty realism all the way through and really good efforts from superbly cast actors, some famous, some not. Story line maybe a bit thin in a few places, but how do you change up the basic alien invasion premise that much anyway? I don't know, but these guys had a pretty good idea. Well worth watching if you are into this kind of movie!
A solid film
This is the first film for me to review. I was pleasantly surprised by the story, graphics and direction of this.

Ego was left at the door and in return the director got some brilliant actors and shots. There was some very good cgi for the budget and done in a way that didn't expose you to everything and let your imagination do some thinking.

In retrospect not everything in the film was perfect, but it had a good vibe for the location set and not your typical teen angst running away from the bad aliens type of film

I hope to see more good stuff like this from this director in the future.
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