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UK, South Africa
Action, War, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Joe Miale
Lee Pace as Bo
Steven Ward as Soldier 2
Noko 'Flow' Mabitsela as Kenyan boy
Alan Santini as Solider 1
Barileng Malebye as Young Kenyan Soldier
Edwin Jay as Soldier
Tom Fairfoot as Lieutenant Smalls
Kenneth Fok as Asian Journalist
Carl Roddam as Soldier
Storyline: The story of humankind's last stand against a cataclysmic alien invasion. In the war-ravaged African countryside, a U.S. soldier and a French foreign aid worker team up to survive the alien onslaught. Their bond will be tested as they search for refuge across a crumbling world.
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War of the Worlds with good actors and not enough money
I enjoyed it, but I wish they had more money for the special effects. They shot the movie in Africa because they had a low budget, but the African landscape only improves things.

I remember similar low budget alien invasion movies such as Alien Outpost (2014) and Monsters (2010). I also remember War of the Worlds (2005). This movie is a combination of the three. It has more the feeling of the first two and it's also the hopeless fight against an unknown and ruthless enemy from the third.

What I like about this alien invasion movie is that human reaction to the events is portrayed realistically. There are few who organized themselves to resist, but most are just scavenging or ambushing fellow humans to survive.
Overall good movie
After watching a couple of bad movies, finally found one that's entertaining enough, but it still has its drawbacks though.

I hate movies that doesn't end properly or have bitter or broken ending, while this movie's ending isn't particularly bad (at least the protagonist or the good guys win) but it still has its sad part and not satisfying enough.

Also it reminds me of other movies with broken ending, not that this one is broken but it triggers me to mention it after watching the whole movie.

I get that life isn't always perfect and movies with ups and downs or a twist mostly win the critics, but I prefer a movie with happy ending.
Proving Sci-Fi is not about effects
I watched this movie with my millennials who, most probably because of me, love Sci-Fi. But being overfed on blended movies, where it's impossible to see where the CGI starts and real stops, it was interesting to note their reaction to the movie. The story is simple but in a good way. It does not over-complicate the plot and does not lose itself in rabbit-holes. It reminds me of a by-line I read on the new Dunkirk movie - "At the point of crisis, at the point of annihilation, survival is victory". I love the tone and the palate of the movie. Shot in South Africa and being from South Africa, I loved the bleakness of the landscape and the grittiness of the scenes. Seasoned the movie well and blended in the feeling rather than the CGI. Don't get me wrong - the effects are good. But it is not the focus. The kids loved it. Even if they thought that Lee Pace was Nicolas Cage! (He could actually play Nicolas. Perhaps better than Nicolas can. :) Overall a good movie. Could even become a cult classic.
Surprisingly good alien invasion film
Two survivors of an alien onslaught join together to survive.

If you enjoyed The Dead (2010) for its setting and location and Skyline (2010) for its aliens, Revolt director Joe Miale presents a similar feel but a on a bigger budget and with slicker camera work as the foreigner aid worker Nadia and American solider Bo journey though alien invaded Africa.

As Bo and Nadia become allies they encounter ruthless military, poachers and robot aliens. With plenty of shootouts and action sequences, notably a segment in a classic car where are chased down by alien hordes. Moon Bloodgood-alike Bérénice Marlohe is impressive as Nadia and grounds the film. Lee Pace does a good job as amnesia suffering soldier Bo. Excellent Jason Flemyng shows up in a brief but plot pivotal role. Played straight the acting is good along with the music on the gritty location settings. The effects are impressive and the robot alien design is quite good.

While there's very few original elements it's the way it's put together is impressive,this is no Syfy channel looking TV offering. While not as hard hitting as Monsters 2, Miale gives us a war-torn road trip story about the human spirit, internal change, sacrifice in the vein of War of the World and District 9.

Overall, worth checking out if you enjoyed the previous mentioned films and serious toned invasion films.
Good plot but largely irritating
The movie has a really good plot,cannot argue with that. What irritates me is how you destroyed our image since the setting of the movie was in Kenya.First of all,the way they spoke our languages(Kikuyu & Swahili) was yuck,you could even try using Kenyan actors for those roles & it would sound more real. Secondly,it's 2017 & Africans are enlightened,we live,work,intermarry with whites and all races from other continents and it's no big deal to see a white guy across the street,that's tarnishing our image to the eyes of the world. Finally,our military has destroyed Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia and finally Somalia restored their government and recently held elections.That should tell you just how top notch they're to be taken out that easily by one guy,it was lame.In short this movie really degrades Africans and for that it sucks.
A soldier with amnesia wakens to a horror alien invasion
This is just great swashbuckling, high-octane, realistic, great special effects, great cinematography science fiction. It has all the grit of great after-the-apocalypse zombie movies, and yet the zombies are great looking and terrifying alien robots. This fantastic movie sits somewhere between Robot Overlords and War of the Worlds, with a bonus that it is set in Kenya. It has something of Battle: Los Angeles in regard to the style of aliens. It's a great against the odds thriller. I am so impressed with new science fiction movies these days. I sincerely hope the trend continues.
Turned out to be a pretty good movie
I wasn't expecting much but since it was filmed in Africa I took that as a good sign that it might art least be gritty and have a good look, and that paid off.

The film is mostly action with above average grades for most everything in it.

This is not a B film but a fairly respectable action Sci-Fi film that is entertaining enough for a watch.
This movie is terrible. We knew going in that this was a B movie but it was supposed to be a good B movie. That is not the case. It was good to see Lee Pace in a movie nonetheless (Halt and Catch Fire) but the movie was terrible. Just a waste of time. Skip this if you can. Don't say we didn't warn you. Give this a miss and save some time to do something else.
Freaking awesome!
After watching this you realize that the plot, and story line, you have seen many times before, however, it was done very well! I could have enjoyed a little more action but it was enough to keep me involved! The word gritty is an understatement! Damn they sure could have used a bath or shower for sure! Now here comes the big spoiler alert! In the end the aliens were disposed of, yet, when the ship crashes, it crashes into, what seems to be, two nuclear reactors!!?? If so then everyone was like, "Alright the aliens are done but OK now we have some nuclear meltdown action, thanks a lot hero"!!! Anyways thought it was an awesome flick!
A suspenseful and entertaining indie sci-fi thriller worth the watch
I was VERY impressed with the directing, cinematography, visual effects, production design and editing in this suspenseful and entertaining indie sci-fi thriller!

All the aforementioned had the makings of a big blockbuster production, and were probably the best I've seen for a B-list indie film and would certainly shame some of the A-list blockbuster productions I have seen lately. Even the alien invaders - a mash-up between District 9 and Transformers makes the robot-like alien creatures spectacular. So huge props to the VFX/CGI teams.

What's even more impressive, is the vision of the seasoned Editor- turned novice Director (this is his first directorial debut for a full-length feature film - also credited for writing) Joe Miale's ability to put together all the stunning visuals, effects, camera angles etc. that made me feel as if I was right there in front of all the combat and action. I'm not sure what the budget for this movie was, but based on the entire production's results, it sure seems like it was huge.

However were this movie does fall short, is in the writing/screenplay. There were many plot holes and dialog fails that I felt could have been avoided.

Both lead actors were OK, considering neither had much major motion picture experience except for Bérénice Marlohe's role in Skyfall and Kill Switch. She was convincing throughout the entire movie, where Lee Pace had some unconvincing moments. But the extras and secondary actors from South Africa were all outstanding and very convincing in their small roles.

I rated this movie based on an indie film and it's associated merits, of which overall where very impressive - much better than I expected, and as such, give this a very deserving 9/10.

If you're a sci-fi/combat-action/thriller fan, grab your popcorn and pop and enjoy the ride!
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