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Pray for Rain
IMDB rating:
Alex Ranarivelo
Paul Rodriguez as Francisco Reynoso
Bobby Ysip as Quick Mart Clerk
Rick Silver as Angry Farmer
Isabella Sanchez as Angry Farmer's Wife
George Kosturos as George
Annabelle Stephenson as Emma Gardner
Lidia Porto as Lydia Sanchez
Ali Afshar as The Scorpion
Tyler Jacob Moore as Crash Murphy
James Morrison as Patrick Waring
Jane Seymour as Olivia Gardner
Nicholas Gonzalez as Nico Reynoso
John Ducey as Adam Campbell
Michael Wiseman as Ron Skinner
Storyline: A journalist returns to the California farming community where she was raised only to find it has been ravaged by drought and has become a place ruled by gangs.
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Really good, worth your time.
This movie touched me and this is what has to happen with a drama movie.

Strong characters, well played, i have no idea what movie the guy above me watched but this was absolutely a good movie.

It was even so good that i had to make a account here just to leave this review to tell you all to watch it when you have the chance.

You wont regret it, the score is definitely to low.
Couldn't watch it all
I'm sorry but this is drivel. It is worse than a high school production of the Lone Ranger - make that Middle School production. Characters are unbelievable and the story line beggars belief.

Who wastes money making these things when there are much better uses for it?
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