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Alex Ranarivelo
Paul Rodriguez as Francisco Reynoso
Bobby Ysip as Quick Mart Clerk
Rick Silver as Angry Farmer
Isabella Sanchez as Angry Farmer's Wife
George Kosturos as George
Annabelle Stephenson as Emma Gardner
Lidia Porto as Lydia Sanchez
Ali Afshar as The Scorpion
Tyler Jacob Moore as Crash Murphy
James Morrison as Patrick Waring
Jane Seymour as Olivia Gardner
Nicholas Gonzalez as Nico Reynoso
John Ducey as Adam Campbell
Michael Wiseman as Ron Skinner
Storyline: A journalist returns to the California farming community where she was raised only to find it has been ravaged by drought and has become a place ruled by gangs.
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Couldn't watch it all
I'm sorry but this is drivel. It is worse than a high school production of the Lone Ranger - make that Middle School production. Characters are unbelievable and the story line beggars belief.

Who wastes money making these things when there are much better uses for it?
I am supposed to believe that the Californian water crisis has nothing to do with those farmers growing water guzzling alien crops such as cotton, alfalfa or almonds in a dry hot climate. Nope, it is the fault of the environmentalists. Looks like those tough, hard working, common sense farmers are as detached from the land as the City dwellers. After 10 minutes I had to stop watching this nonsense.
Often Spins Into Ridiculous Plot Elements
Set in Central Valley, California, this film often plays like a Made- for-TV or B-movie. Annabelle Stephenson stars here, as Emma, a NYC writer for a fashion magazine, who is returning to her hometown of Bella Canejo, Ca., for her father's funeral.

Soon however, she'll be switching hats from fashion reporter to investigative sleuth, as she tries to get to the bottom of a large conspiracy involving the cutting off of desperately needed water to the local farmers by those who want to force them out and buy their land for pennies on the dollar.

Some of the decisions by the intrepid Emma had me shaking my head in disbelief as they became more and more ridiculous as the movie progressed. There was enough here though to keep me interested and want to know how it would all turn out, and it does have some twists near the end and a poignant finale.

Reading the review of critic Roger Moore, on Rotten Tomatoes outlining where the production of this film was coming from raised a lot of red flags for me, so buyer beware.
Undervalued solid movie
Jane Seymour is worth a few stars for a start. I loved seeing the beautiful Jane Seymour as an older lady, still beautiful and a wonderful actor. The main star is an Aussie although born in England she migrated to Australia as an infant. She is also a solid actor. The male star is also a decent actor. He plays the local sheriff who seems to have no backup but does he? A credible performance from him as well! Was the script original or riveting? Maybe not but it told a story and was not predictable at every stage. I did not want to turn it off or walk away so some reviews are lacking credibility. The themes are timeless but still need to be shown again and again, Relationships and misunderstandings happen all the time but in this case they are fixable. Values such as the land and people's livelihoods and lives are worth preserving. Intimidating the little people has consequences as food must be grown and people must be fed. It could be an afternoon movie to while away the time which may surprise those who take a chance and watch this underrated movie.
Back to the roots is all this is about with a slightly disappointing environmental plot
"Pray for Rain" is an American 90-minute movie that is still very new and fresh as it is a release from this year (2017). the director is French filmmaker Alex Ranarivelo, while the script is by prolific actress Christina Moore, her second writing credit according to IMDb. If you take a look at the film's poster, you may think that this film focuses on Jane Seymour, a former Bond girl and in my opinion actually the most attractive Bond girl of all times, and even in her mid-60s today she still looks really stunning. And she is also first credit here, but in the center of it all is the character played by Annabelle Stephenson, a young lawyer who returns to her home town and finds out about the consequences that lack of water in that area has caused for humans and also greedy corporations. And with the character's legal background that adds a completely new dimension to it. Death and violence also are a consequence to an extent eventually where you wonder if this is really something that could happen in today's America. The answer you will need to find for yourself. I personally would say that yes it is a bit generic in terms of the exact drama and the plot with the investigative actions by the central character in terms of finding out about corruption and what is really happening to the water is a bit shoddy and the parallel between farmers who need the money and a specific fish colony who does is mediocre to say the least. But the film is solid in terms of guessing what may happen next and I found myself actually fairly curious about that. The biggest strength of the movie is probably the "back to the roots" aspect because the way the protagonist takes a journey into her own past again was nicely done in my opinion. Plus Stephenson is not just incredibly easy on the eye, but also gives a performance that would not only have deserved first credit, but also her being included on the poster, even if she may not have a big name like Seymour. And that comes from a Jane Seymout fan as you can see from my comments early on. As a whole, it's not a groundbreaking film or anything you'd consider top5 of the year, but a pretty decent way to spend 1.5 hours. I recommend checking it out.
Really good, worth your time.
This movie touched me and this is what has to happen with a drama movie.

Strong characters, well played, i have no idea what movie the guy above me watched but this was absolutely a good movie.

It was even so good that i had to make a account here just to leave this review to tell you all to watch it when you have the chance.

You wont regret it, the score is definitely to low.
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