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Pork Pie
New Zealand
Crime, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Matt Murphy
Ben Mitchell as Motorcycle Cop
Tim Gordon as Older Country Cop
Milo Cawthorne as Hannibal
Rima Te Wiata as Mrs. D
Leon Wadham as Young cop
Matt Whelan as Noah
Scott Wills as Detective Milne
Storyline: Pork Pie tracks the escapades of a trio of accidental outlaws as they travel the length of the New Zealand in a yellow mini, protesting conformity and chasing lost love, with a posse of cops and a media frenzy hot in their pursuit.
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What's not to like? -brilliant!
A must see - 328 locals attended the Regent in Taumarunui on 11th February- for us - a full house. This was a Volunteer Fire Brigade fundraiser for our small town. The creators of this movie would have been proud if they had been sitting in the audience. This is an original Cinema which is breathing fresh life again in to the Cinema experience. The locals laughed, cringed, clapped and so thoroughly enjoyed the movie that it was applauded at the end. Well done creators for once again capturing what makes New Zealand a little bit special.
We are a couple of Brits and have just a fantastic two week holiday in NZ.

On the 31st of January we drove from Queenstown to Invercargill on what is known as the Southern Scenic Route. We shouldn't have bothered - it rained all day and the winds were high. We arrived in Invercargill and checked into our hotel and thought 'why on earth have we come here?'.

We checked out the cinema opposite the hotel and the next day they were showing Lion at 3.15pm. We really wanted to see this.

The next morning was much brighter and we went to the hardware store (no. 1 on Tripadvisor) and to the Botanic Gardens (magnificent). We made our way back to the cinema at 3.15. I said two tickets for Lion please. The lady said, it's not on. I said it's still showing as being on on the schedule on the counter. She said, it's been cancelled - we've cleared the schedules for the premiere of Pork Pie this evening.

We were a bit hacked off by this and we'd never heard of Pork Pie. So we went back to our room and watched the trailer and we decided to see if tickets were available. We had to go to the City Hall for them, but we got two. So we turned up for the red carpet event - rarely seen in Invercargill. It was a great occasion. There were minis everywhere. People had driven from the north of north island all the way to this southern tip of the south island. The stars of the film made brief speeches. And then we settled down to watch it.

We loved it. It's a lot of fun with great humour all the way through. It deserves to do well. My only regret is it's not due for release in the UK - I think it would go down well here. I want to see it again.

We'll always remember it and the city. We took our bl***y hire car to Invercargill!
A must see!!
Brilliant movie. A modern take on an old classic. One of those movies that gets funnier the more times you watch it!! I went into this movie thinking there was no way it could ever be as good as the wrong was I!! This movie had me laughing from start to end. We are taking two classic minis from Kaitaia to Invercargill on the Pork Pie Charity Run over Easter.....hopefully with no dramas like in the movie!!
No plot
So I'm not from NZ and haven't seen the original movie. With this in mind, I totally wasted 2 hours of my life and 10$, because this movie basically has no plot, and "the important moments" are so poor and meaningless. The sceneries are beautiful, but for these you would better watch a documentary about NZ nature. And yeah there's a lot of car pursuit, if that's your thing....
Loved it, a good laugh all the way through
We, my husband and I go to the movies lots now and this was one of the best we have seen for as long time... A great movie for the start to the finish. We both had seen the original movie which was very good..the first one was fabulous for it age/time, and this one was a very fabulous modern day version with a few more twists to it....Good for all ages to see Would go and see it again..
Pork Pie A Must See!!
To be honest i wasn't expecting much because i was a fan of the original Goodbye Pork Pie and not into remakes, to my surprise i actually loved it more!! It's a great fun movie with some real hard case kiwi humour, it's a must see!! and a guaranteed laugh with a bit of romance to spice things up!
poor imitation
I can only echo Janet Parker's review on this page. Plot less, bland and pampering to the teenage market, this film is a very poor imitation of the original Goodbye Pork Pie (1980). The situations and characters of the original tranposed into the twee. The wellington chase is entirely missing from this remake. Holding onto the coat tails of a classic piece of NZ cinema and this is the best they came up with?

3/10, but only for the scenery and stunt work.
Ozzie/Kiwi stunner.

Great warm and chuckling feeling all the way through the film. Great acting and the film work was equally as good.

Just go watch it.

PS about the only unbelievable thing about the film was a mini could go for so long without breaking down......

:) Excellent. 8/10
Fun Kiwi road trip
Such a fun movie! Brilliant cast including Dean O'Gorman(my favorite actor) James Rolleston and Ashleigh. This movie was an amazing road trip through beautiful New Zealand scenery and lots of humor! I was lucky enough to be an extra and had a fantastic time.Thanks so much to the cast and crew for a fun experience. Go see this movie!
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