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Drama, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Brendan Muldowney
Eric Godon as Baron de Merville
Tony Condren as Wolfhead (as Anthony Condren)
Diarmuid de Faoite as The Captain
Jean Law as Celtic woman
Peter Cosgrove as Gaelic Warrior
Stanley Weber as The Cistercian - Brother Geraldus
Tom Holland as The Novice - Brother Diarmuid
Richard Armitage as Raymond De Merville
John Lynch as The Herbalist - Brother Ciaran
Rúaidhrí Conroy as Brother Rua
Hugh O'Conor as Brother Cathal
Jon Bernthal as The Mute
Storyline: Ireland, 1209. An island on the edge of the world. A small group of monks begin a reluctant pilgrimage across an island torn between centuries of tribal warfare and the growing power of Norman invaders. Escorting their monastery's holiest relic to Rome, the monks' progress is seen through the eyes of a pious young novice and a mute lay-brother with a violent past. As the true material, political and religious significance of the bejeweled relic becomes dangerously apparent, their path to the east coast becomes increasingly fraught with danger. The monks belatedly realize that in this wild land of ancient superstitions, the faith that binds them together may ultimately lead to their destruction.
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Could be the beginning of a great saga
This film is great, believable action, characters and setting. Good soundtrack, charismatic actors, it's well paced and has decent camera work.

The story has a certain pen and paper role-playing feel to it, we have a party of adventurers going on a quest, and there aren't many movies made like that.

The novelty of it aside, it never gets boring due to its plot twists and realistic looking action.

There is an epic historic novel called "Raptor" which has a similar story, at least the first few pages of it. When "Pilgrimage" ends you can't help but wonder what happens to the young monk going out into the world after being cloistered away for his whole life.
Mostly boring with some decent gory sword fighting
Irish landscape as the backdrop makes for pretty cinematography. Some decent gory sword fighting. But the story is basically about a group of monks literally transporting a rock stored in a golden chest because the faithful believe it contains divine powers. So the Pope in Rome is interested in looking at it. They are transporting this chest on a horse carriage as though it was the Ark of the Covenant. Halfway through their journey, the monks receive protection from French knights. The rest is predictable. If the monks are under the protection of French Knights, then obviously there are others interested in the rock. Add some betrayal along the way and more sword fighting and that's basically the film. Over a rock smh. Unfortunately, the sword fighting scenes are few, so the film is a snore-fest. Basically, the film is about the blind loyalty these monks have to the church and their faith despite a country full of pagans doubters. meh. definitely not in the same realm of storytelling as the Game of Thrones.
Strong , Bold and Mind Provoking ,, Good Adventure through past
I've gone for this movie with no expectations based on its rating ,, but I was really surprised .. This movie is really Powerful that after its end it would make you think for a while about your convictions or the principles of your beliefs . * maybe not going wrong with them but just questioning *

It discusses things not about religion but particularly the way of Religious speech and people who may control the message of religions in general ( Not Christianity in particular ) and how politics also may affect how things work ..

The acting is very good especially that of Jon Bernthal ( The Mute ) .. The music is well played as well as the picture ,, Great Atmosphere of that period of time ( 13th century ) with bloody violent action scenes which were really well performed

This is my first movie of the director Brendan Muldowney and I think it won't be the last .. Great Job

Overall I liked nearly everything about the movie . If you're interested in that period of time and historical movies , Just go for it ..
Strong and compelling medieval adventure-drama
In the early 13th century a group of monks are tasked to transport an ancient holy relic from their remote monastery in Ireland to Rome. They have organised assistance along the way in the form of some French soldiers but events do not pan out in a straightforward way.

This Irish adventure-drama is one which manages to capture its period feel while retaining a contemporary edge. The problem with these types of movies is often the characters spout dialogue which is overly dramatic and false feeling, like a bunch of modern actors pretending to be from medieval times. In this case, it didn't feel like this so much, with performances being universally convincing and understated enough to feel considerably more authentic than is usual. The choice of using different languages of the day assisted in this, with Gaelic, French and English (the latter of which being used as a substitute for Latin, which the film-makers decided could not be spoken naturally nowadays so an artistic compromise was to substitute that for English). The gloomy Irish landscape was very evocative and atmospheric and captured very well cinematically, and like other adventure-dramas like the Amazon films of Werner Herzog, the landscape is to all intents and purposes another character too, given its visual potency. There is an excellent low-key atmospheric score underpinning the imagery and events which serves the tension and drama very well also. The story itself is very minimalistic and straightforward with a quest narrative that actively allows for a variety of different events to unfold, which includes a couple of dynamic action scenes – a brutal and intense ambush in a forest and a finale on a beach. The story is clever enough to allow for a religious interpretation while offering up rationale explanations for all events too. In this way, it has a modern feel to it while playing off the mysteries inherent in the religious side of things. Overall, I found this to be a very compelling bit of work, with a great atmospheric setting and interesting characters. And because it is an Irish production, it does have a more authentically Celtic feel to it, which served the material well.
Not seen but might be good yarn.
Might revisit and change my score.

Yes with all the hoo hah going on about parity of esteem language etc in Northern Ireland this might have been an excuse for a film in Gaelic with subtitles. Oh Yeah I forgot. The 12th Century population surely all had differing little pockets of language. All surely of EQUAL importance. No one has heard of progress but here they want to teach Irish when we know that Urdu, Farsi,Mandarin,not political mandarin speak and Cantonese will be more useful.The Monks of course wold speak the language of God from Rome. Latin. The French interlopers also would have used the language of God as they were exceptionally religious in most things they did. I am sure that the Popes of the day could hardly have been trustworthy individuals according to my reading of the history of the papacy. I cannot see what the reason for taking a Relic to Rome would be unless it was to upgrade its POWER by being in contact with other holy relics. That for some reason just feels unreal as most little churches guarded their relics quite jealously and why would the Norman do anything that might offend the God of them all. Possibly a movie to tell the world what great and true people the Irish were. Some say that if England had tried to force Catholicism on the Irish they would have become Protestants out of spite.

Might be still a decent middle ages yarn as I did enjoy De Niro and Irons in the mission. There is another movie at present title forgotten about monks or priests which is promising. I enjoy period drama when it feels right.
Ancient Ireland: a fierce land of pagan superstition, ardent Christians, and invaders...
The ancient times of Ireland are fascinating, yet rarely represented in cinema. This film offers a glimpse of the burgeoning Christian faith, ancient and mysterious pagan traditions, and military upheaval. These forces characterise Ireland in the 1200s. There are clashes between belief systems and brutal military forces. The film portrays devout faith and a closeness to nature. The hills and valleys are beautiful, and often depicted in a suitably harsh and forbidding manner, while the plot and characters are nicely layered with good action-packed twists and turns.

I recommend this film to anyone with an interest in Ireland, ancient times, or religion.
an essay
about duty and faith and fundamental decisions.dark, cruel, bitter, poetic. for the embroidery of Gaelic, French and English, for landscapes, for a surprising Tom Holland, for memories about films of Herzog using Kinski in not very different films, for the illusion of exploration of XIII century basic traits, for the simplicity of story and the science to not be victim of comfortable clichés. and, maybe, too, for the feeling after its end. a good essay. this is the reasonable definition for "Pilgrimage" who could be appreciated for the fight scenes, for the religious side, for the decent sketch of a period, without ignore the not high historical accuracy, for the use of delicate themes, from the past to the holy relics, in an interesting manner.
Reasonably well-made but boring
First of all, I must say that I primarily enjoy movies for entertainment and elements such as story, script and even acting come second. This movie, although reasonably well-made, falls very short in the entertainment department and I found myself checking the clock many times and wondering when something exciting would happen. After reading another review on here that claimed the gore was gratuitous, well, I wonder if they were watching the same movie because there was very little gore. When I think gore, I think people getting limbs hacked off and blood spurting everywhere. Not much of that going on here so don't watch this movie expecting to see much of that at all. This movie might be worth a watch if you have nothing else to do on a Sunday and can handle watching a movie with very little action.
Its not a Christian movie - deal with it.
Its NOT a "Passion of the Christ", because its not a religious film about bunch of fictional people, its historical film about bunch of fictional people and a piece of iron/magnetic ore, what they presumed as relic, because lightening several times strike in it. And film about real things not a fictional one. This film perfectly tell us how many people can die for literally nothing. And many Christian's gonna see this and - yes - obviously hate this, because its truth. But, its really need to be hated? Or you just go and watch something like fairytale about young Christ, what Anne Rice kindly wrote for you? They even do a movie from it!
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