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Ray has been in and out of show business for many years, but in the last few years has planted his feet firmly, this time to stay. The bug hit him in the early 80's when he played a high school student in the film 'Eddie and the Cruisers' that was filmed in his hometown of Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Although the path of life took him in many directions he always knew whom he was and who he would eventually become. During his ride through life he always kept himself somehow connected to show business whether it was theater, filmmaking, modeling or whatever. Ray is now involved in many facets of the business from, writing and producing to FX make-up and stunt work and much much more. Although his love and his true passion are acting, he knows that the more you can do and the more you know; the further he can get in the business. Ray is also the very proud father of two amazing sons, Ty and John, and is a companion to two amazing dogs, Pepper and Salt.
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