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Date of Birth:
18 June 1984
Kent Jude Bernard Jr. was born in 1984 in New Iberia, Louisiana. Kent's was named after his father who played guitar professionally for over forty years and Kent's mother Beth was a painter. Needless to say creativity was no stranger in this home. Kent started drawing steadily from the age of four even selling his drawings on his grade school playground. With his father being a singer/musician Kent unknowingly had a early start on performance training. After hurricane "Andrew" Kent's family home had an unpleasant introduction to an Oak tree and the family moved to his grandmother's home where he got a healthy dose of classical music, and musicals along with the exposure to some of the greatest entertainers in the industry. All this creativity mixed with a childhood of partying and mischief brought Kent to high school where to get out of class he helped start a musical theater department which he followed through his college years performing in near 40 show in under four years constantly trying different "methods" and new philosophies in his performances. He continues to perfect his acting in the film industry.
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