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Kathlene's first adventure on stage was as a flying monkey in her ballet recital. She got to wear bright red lipstick and lace panties. She was four and she was hooked. As a teen, dressed as Suzie Snowflake, she gracefully leapt off the stage and landed on her teacher who was playing the piano. (Lights were off and the stage edge wasn't marked), yet still she continued. But it wasn't all tiaras and tutus, early roles included "the tree" that guarded Jonah and an unloved ragged doll. Then one day, a mini-series was filming at the restaurant where she was working and she accidentally got in a shot. (Bluegrass). The directors tracked her down and gave her money. "Whoa, there might be something in this," she thought. But life intervened. Kids came and grew. Then one day her kid's pastor said "Let's make a movie". (Summer Snow) and she said, "What can I do?" And she did...Now several dozen films later, Kathlene has broadened her horizons to also included directing and other crew positions. Famous people don't bother her, in fact she often doesn't know who they are. Unless your John Travolta. Hugging John Travolta on the set of "The Life and Death of John Gotti" is definitely one of her favorite memories. Thanks, Kelly. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Kathlene Ashcraft
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